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Untouched nature was almost as rare 12,000 years ago as it is now
21st April 2021 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Humans

As early as 12,000 years ago, nearly three-quarters of land on Earth was inhabited and shaped by human societies, suggesting global biodiversity loss in recent years may have been driven primarily by an intensification of land use rather than by the destruction of previously untouched nature.

Psychedelics are transforming the way we understand depression and its treatment
21st April 2021 | | Humans, Misc.

Psychiatry has long failed to explain depression. Our research into psilocybin suggests a new approach could offer answers

Andean glaciers are melting, reshaping centuries-old Indigenous rituals
21st April 2021 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

At night, believers would use the reflection from the moon that cascaded atop snow-capped peaks as a guide to make their way up the sacred Colque Punku glacier.

Image from: Hugo Pedel (Wiki Commons)

How the laws of physics constrain the size of alien raindrops
19th April 2021 | | Earth, Space

Whether they’re made of methane on Saturn’s moon Titan or iron on the exoplanet WASP 78b, alien raindrops behave similarly across the Milky Way. They are always close to the same size, regardless of the liquid they’re made of or the atmosphere they fall in, according to the first generalized physical model of alien rain.

Prehistoric cannibal victim found in death cave ID’ed as a young girl
19th April 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

About 800,000 years ago in what is now Spain, cannibals devoured an early human child who became known as “The Boy of Gran Dolina.” But new analysis of these ancient remains has revealed a surprising twist: the child was a girl.

Archaeologists discover mysterious monument hidden in plain sight
19th April 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

New find pries open an enduring question: why two ancient superpowers abruptly turned from diplomacy to brutality.

Image from: Tikal Central Acropolis (Wiki Commons)

Neanderthals weren’t just smart – they might have taught humans a thing or two
19th April 2021 | Ancient, Humans

In little more than a decade our understanding of the recent period of human evolution has been revolutionised. New excavations and the application of exciting scientific methods are yielding extraordinary insights to our ancient past and overturning previously-held truths.

Image from: Cro-Magnons Conquered Europe, but Left Neanderthals Alone (Wiki Commons)

DNA from cave dirt tells tale of how some Neanderthals disappeared
19th April 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

Estatuas cave in northern Spain was a hive of activity 105,000 years ago. Artifacts show its Neanderthal inhabitants hafted stone tools, butchered red deer, and may have made fires.

Psilocybin: Magic mushroom compound ‘promising’ for depression
19th April 2021 | | Humans, Misc.

Psychedelic drug psilocybin, found in magic mushrooms, is as good at reducing symptoms of depression as conventional treatment, a small, early-stage study has suggested.But when it comes to actively improving people’s well-being and ability to feel pleasure, the psychedelic drug may have had a more powerful effect.

NZ to launch world-first climate change rules
15th April 2021 | | Animal Life, Earth, Humans

New Zealand is to become the world’s first country to bring in a law forcing its financial firms to report on the effects of climate change.

Ancient pottery reveals the first evidence for honey hunting in prehistoric West Africa
15th April 2021 | Ancient, Humans

A team of scientists, led by the University of Bristol, with colleagues from Goethe University, Frankfurt, has found the first evidence for ancient honey hunting, locked inside pottery fragments from prehistoric West Africa, dating back some 3,500 years ago

Pentagon Confirms ‘Pyramid-Shaped’ UFO Video Footage Is Authentic
15th April 2021 | | Humans, Weird

A series of newly surfaced images and videos of unidentified flying objects filmed by the US Navy have now been confirmed as authentic by the Pentagon.

Study cements age and location of hotly debated skull from early human Homo erectus
15th April 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

A new study verifies the age and origin of one of the oldest specimens of Homo erectus–a very successful early human who roamed the world for nearly 2 million years.

A Push to Move the Golf Course Atop a Native American ‘Stonehenge’
15th April 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

Historians hoping to preserve the ancient Octagon Earthworks in Newark, Ohio, as a UNESCO World Heritage site face a problem: the golf club that leases the property.

Image from: Eric Ewing (Wiki Commons)

‘Dark sirens’ could solve one of the greatest mysteries in cosmology
13th April 2021 | | Humans, Space

In recent years, cosmologists have been faced with a crisis: The universe is expanding, but no one can agree on how fast it’s moving away from us.

Ancient history sheds new light on connection between weather and war
13th April 2021 | Ancient, Humans

Data extracted from the oldest surviving document recording Korean history shows a strong correlation between extreme weather events and war.

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