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Why Did Ancient People Keep Skulls Around the House?
17th October 2017 | Ancient, Humans

Article is direct link to watch the first episode of Ancient People Did Stuff video series is about skull cults, a term for rituals of Neolithic human skull decoration and transformation in the West between 9,000 and 4,000 years ago.

Russian Arctic Ice Maiden Mummy
17th October 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

At a medieval necropolis in the Russian High Arctic, researchers have excavated the naturally mummified remains of a woman who lived some 800 years ago.

Adventures in Ayahuasca: a Ceremony of Transformation and a Subculture of Spiritual Healing
16th October 2017 | Earth, Humans

The many roads that lead to ayahuasca—an ancient Amazonian plant medicine that’s ritualistically ingested for its purported psychospiritual properties—are distinct, if convergent. For many centuries, ayahuasca’s mysteries were hidden away from the world at large, confined to the depths of the Amazon, where shamans from indigenous tribes served as gatekeepers to the plant’s psychoactive and seemingly otherworldly realm.

Apple Smart Watch Notification Helps Save Man’s Life
16th October 2017 | Humans, Tech

An Apple Watch notification from the HeartWatch App helped save man’s life in New York after it alerted him to needing immediate medical attention for a blood clot in his lungs.  Some doctors are now recommending both the watch and the app to their patients.

First Nations Seek to Raise Canada’s Rent After 150 years of $4 Payments
16th October 2017 | | Humans

Queen Victoria promised an annuity to each indigenous person around Lake Huron to use their territory. Now a legal case seeks to bring that treaty up to date.  Twenty-one First Nations representing about 30,000 people, have taken the Canadian Federal and Ontario governments to court, accusing them of failing to uphold the deal hashed out with their ancestors.

What Did Neolithic Man Eat at Stonehenge? Sweet Pork and Rich Cheese
15th October 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

Analysis of bones and pottery fragments shows evidence that special foods were consumed at feasts at the ancient site of Stonehenge.  On top of their prowess in constructing great monolith structures, Britons’ stone age ancestors were also apparently adept at staging first-rate parties. Roast honey-sweetened pork consumed with a range of rich dairy products including cheese, yogurt, and butter appear to have been commonplace fare.

After 400 Years, an Ancient Polynesian Tradition Returns to the Sea
15th October 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

For nearly 400 years, the seafaring traditions of the ancient Polynesians were forgotten, lost to colonialism and technology and the blurry passage of time. That is until a small group of modern voyagers set out to connect the dots. This article from Vogue magazine, chock full of imagery and embedded videos, tells the story of being aboard the Hōkūleʻa Canoe on her historic wayfinding-navigated voyage around the world back to Hawaii ~ a trip meant to prove that the Polynesians were, in fact, the original masters of the sea.

English Cathedrals Hope Apprenticeship Schemes Will Save Ancient Skills
15th October 2017 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Cathedrals in England are attempting to save ancient crafts by training apprentices in bell repair, stone masonry, and needlework. The skills have seen a revival in the past three years as new funding allowed cathedrals to expand their works yards and hire more apprentices.

First Vegan Mylk Man Doorstep Delivery Service Launches in UK
15th October 2017 | | Humans, Misc.

Mylk Man offers home delivery of a wide range of different vegan mylks in the UK, ranging from classics like almond and cashew to more diverse flavours such as sweet chai, turmeric, and pistachio. Just like the classic old school milkman, you simply leave your empty glass bottles outside your doorstep for the mylk men to collect and leave fresh ones.

Ghost Talkers and Puma Men: Adena Totemism and Shamans of the Early Woodland Period
14th October 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

The people of the Adena Moundbuilder Culture are widely regarded as the first builders of mounds and earthworks in the Ohio Valley.  By conventional dating, the culture spans the period of 1000 BC to around 300 AD.

Did Paleolithic Man in Siberia Weaponise Woolly Mammoth Ivory to Kill Woolly Mammoths?
14th October 2017 | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

Ancient mammoth tusk spears were dug from a known permafrost layer in the Arctic area of Yakutia, which suggests they originate from the Upper Paleolithic time period. In other words, the mammoth tusk spears appear to have been used in an ambush attack by ancient man on a woolly mammoth at the time the creatures were veering towards obliteration. The beast probably lumbered on but eventually expired with the spear still piercing its rib cage to be found by modern-day tusk hunters.

Tribal Hospital in Alaska Serves Traditional Foods to Indigenous Patients
14th October 2017 | | Humans

A unique program in the Arctic tundra finds a way around federal regulation to put traditional foods on the hospital menu. They can now offer seal, caribou, and salmon to indigenous elders in longterm care.

Magic Mushrooms “Reboot” Brain in Depressed People
14th October 2017 | | Earth, Humans

Patients unresponsive to conventional treatments benefit when treated with natural psychoactive compound, but researchers warn against self medication.  Magic mushrooms may effectively reset the activity of key brain circuits known to play a role in depression, the latest study to highlight the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics suggests.

Stone Stackers at Ancient UK Sites Could Face Jail Time
14th October 2017 | | Humans

Historic England, the public body responsible for looking after some of England’s most historic places, has issued a stern warning to people who indulge the art of stone stacking in protected spots.  In some circumstances people who balance or stack stones may be breaking vandalism laws and could even face a prison sentence.

The Mysterious Tribe of Blue Eyed Native Americans
13th October 2017 | Ancient, Humans

History holds many oddities that we may never fully understand, either through incomplete documentation, disinterest at the time, or simply a big question mark that hangs over all. Among these are mysterious tribes of people that have been encountered and confronted in all corners of the globe, often vanishing before we really understand them and leaving us perplexed at just who they were or where their origins lie. One such tribe was a mysterious group of Native Americans who appeared to explorers as something quite European in nature, although their ways and beginnings have always been cloaked in shadows. Known mostly from historical accounts, their origins remain murky, their lineage uncertain, and they are a historical curiosity we may never fully understand.

DNA Study: South Americans Did Not Populate Easter Island
13th October 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

Researchers from UC Santa Cruz analysed bone fragments from the ancient skeletal remains of five people, which were excavated in the 1980s,to make their discovery.

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