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People in South East may be descended from Romans as study suggests invaders may have stayed in Britain
12th April 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

A recent study by Harvard University found a strange genetic disparity emerged in south-east England around the Iron Age and Roman Period.

Have Archaeologists Discovered the Tomb of King Tut’s Wife? Maybe.
12th April 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

The deposits are located near the tomb of Ay (who reigned from 1327 B.C. to 1323 B.C.), a pharaoh who succeeded Tutankhamun (who reigned from 1336 B.C. to 1327 B.C.)

The evolutionary advantage of having eyebrows
10th April 2018 | Humans

While eyebrows help to prevent debris, sweat, and water from falling into the eye socket, they serve another important function too – and it’s all to do with how they move and human connection.

Native Americans Fighting Fossil Fuels
10th April 2018 | Ancient, Humans

Indigenous people are rejecting oil, coal and gas extraction in favor of renewable energy to save their land, increase employment and fight global warming.

First human migration out of Africa much more geographically widespread than previously thought
10th April 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

The first Homo sapiens fossil discovery from Saudi Arabia dates to 90,000 years ago during a time when the region’s deserts were replaced by grasslands.

Africa’s unsung scientists finally get their own journal to spread research
10th April 2018 | | Humans

Scientific African will be the first “mega-journal” in Africa. The first issue is scheduled to be published at the end of the summer.

Gender gap in academic medicine has negative impact, but there are simple solutions
10th April 2018 | | Humans

Interviews with frontline staff uncovered that the gender gap in academic medicine has a negative impact.

An Archaeologist Says Parts of Stonehenge Were There Long Before Any Humans
10th April 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

If Heel Stone and Stone 16 were already placed, pointing at the solstice Sun, that could have given the site its significance for the people who lived nearby thousands of years ago.

Origin of Mysterious 2,700-Year-Old Gold Treasure Revealed
10th April 2018 | Ancient, Humans

“Some people think that the Carambolo Treasure comes from the East, from the Phoenicians,” says Ana Navarro, the director of the Archaeological Museum of Seville and one of the authors of a recent studyof the treasure published in the Journal of Archaeological Science. “With this work, we know that the gold was taken from mines in Spain.”

Barriers to Scientific Research Are Holding Back Innovation
10th April 2018 | Humans

If 10 million researchers spend an hour per year trying to navigate clunky paywalls and university login pages just to read a few articles, that equates to 10 million hours per year of wasted time that could be better used in conducting research.

David Reich: ‘Neanderthals were perhaps capable of many modern human behaviours’
8th April 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

In recent years, genome sequencing has changed everything we thought about our origins and how we relate to early human species.

Science Is Getting Closer to Understanding What Goes on Inside The Mind When We Dream
8th April 2018 | | Humans

Here are some common questions answered about the nighttime hallucinations we call dreams.

Two asteroid missions will help shape the economy of the 21st century
8th April 2018 | Humans, Space, Tech

Two separate space missions will help to determine the composition the asteroids and test technology for retrieving their potential riches.

‘Lost city’ discovery: Kansas site sheds new light on Native American history
7th April 2018 | Ancient, Humans

Archaeologists have found incredible evidence of a huge Wichita Indian town in Kansas that was once home to 20,000 people.

Newly Discovered Nazca Lines Predate the Nazca Culture
7th April 2018 | Ancient, Humans, Tech

“This means that it is a tradition of over a thousand years that precedes the famous geoglyphs of the Nasca culture, which opens the door to new hypotheses about its function and meaning.”

Rights of the dead and the living clash when scientists extract DNA from human remains
7th April 2018 | Ancient, Humans

“As an archaeologist, I share the excitement around how technology and techniques to study DNA are leaping ahead. But the “bone rush” to make new genetic discoveries has set off an ethical crisis.”

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