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Archaeologists excavate a prehistoric settlement in Northern Scotland
14th June 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

The most exciting structural find was a perfectly preserved hearth constructed of orthostats, a base slab and packing stones.

Victory for Native Americans on salmon fishing
14th June 2018 | | Animal Life, Humans

The court tied 4-4 in a case pitting Washington state against the northwestern state’s 21 Native American tribes.

New research unveils true origin of ancient turquoise
14th June 2018 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Geochemical analyses of ancient turquoise artifacts refute long-held claims that it was imported to Mexico from US.

Native Americans fear US-Mexico border wall will destroy ancient culture
14th June 2018 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Tribal leaders fear a border wall as envisioned by Trump will sever access to the Rio Grande river’s water, spoiling religious traditions and ruining ancient culture for the tribes.

Will we ever colonise an asteroid?
14th June 2018 | | Humans, Space, Tech

The asteroid belt is rich with precious metals. There are already plans for asteroid mining but could we ever build a colony on one?

The lives of female scientists in India are being chronicled online
13th June 2018 | | Humans

More than 100 researchers describe their work and the struggles they face, including gender bias and achieving a positive work–life balance.

People who deeply grasp pain or happiness of others, process music differently in brain
13th June 2018 | | Humans

Higher empathy people appear to process music like a pleasurable proxy for a human encounter–in the brain regions for reward, social awareness and regulation of social emotions

LSD and DMT Caused the Brain to Form New Connections in Flies and Rats
13th June 2018 | Humans

The effects of psychedelic drugs on neurite density is a promising sign that they may be useful in treating depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Secrets of the Y Chromosome
11th June 2018 | | Humans

It’s not just what makes males into males. The sex chromosome also influences health in hidden ways, some experts believe, and may even explain why men have shorter life spans.

South America’s Inca civilization was better at skull surgery than Civil War doctors
10th June 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

A study of skulls from pre-Columbian Peru suggests the success rates of surgeons there was up to 80% during the Inca era, compared with just 50% during the American Civil War some 400 years later.

Paulette Jordan may become the first Native American governor in US history: Here’s her story
10th June 2018 | | Humans

Ms Jordan says the values passed down to her from centuries of tradition inform her, as she works to become the governor of Idaho.

Russian Skeletons Show the Bubonic Plague Has Killed People for 4,000 Years
10th June 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

The discovery, published Friday in Nature Communications, pushes back the proposed age of the bubonic plague by 1,000 years.

There’s a Surprising Similarity Between How Animals And Humans Talk to Each Other
8th June 2018 | | Animal Life, Humans

According to a comprehensive new study, many species take turns in their conversations, just like we do.

Cannabis shops set to open in Canada by autumn after Senate approves legalisation
8th June 2018 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

The Cannabis Act will now go back to the House of Commons, which passed the bill in November 2017 but needs to sign off on changes made by the Senate.

Secrets of Orkney’s ancient tombs revealed – in 3D
8th June 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Orkney’s famous chambered cairns have been reconstructed in 3D with viewers able to explore and move around the tombs like never before.

Deadly behavior-modifying weapon identified in insect-world chemical arms race
7th June 2018 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans, Tech, Weird

New research joins the dots between zombie ants, an insect-world arms race and the search for new antibiotics.

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