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Here’s The Archaeological Discoveries You Need To Look Out For In 2019
3rd January 2019 | | Ancient

From pyramids to Faberge eggs and the Dead Sea Scrolls, there is plenty to be discovered in 2019.

How ancient DNA may rewrite prehistory in India
2nd January 2019 | | Ancient, Humans

New research using ancient DNA is rewriting prehistory in India – and shows that its civilisation is the result of multiple ancient migrations, writes Tony Joseph.

Fossils suggest flowers originated 50 million years earlier than thought
27th December 2018 | | Ancient, Animal Life

The discovery in China of fossil specimens of a flower called Nanjinganthus from the Early Jurassic shakes up widely accepted theories of plant evolution.

Ancient DNA can help bring Aboriginal Australian ancestors home
21st December 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

Ancient DNA can reliably link Aboriginal ancestors to their living descendants, opening up the possibility of using genetics to proactively return ancient remains to their communities.

Ancient Japanese pottery includes an estimated 500 maize weevils
21st December 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

This extremely rare discovery provides clues on the cultivation and distribution of chestnuts, food in the Jomon era, and the spirituality of ancient Japanese people.

Shark tooth embedded in neck of flying reptile reveals ancient airborne conflict
21st December 2018 | | Ancient, Animal Life

‘We now know sharks were hunting flying animals as long ago as 80 million years’

What A Virtually Untouched 4,400-year-old Ancient Egyptian Tomb Might Reveal
21st December 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

The press release was accompanied by stunning photos of beautiful reliefs and murals, but what lies behind that glamour?

A Scientist Claims The World’s Oldest Pyramid Is Hidden in an Indonesian Mountain
20th December 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

A team of Indonesian scientists presented data to make their case that Gunung Padang is in fact the site of the world’s oldest known pyramid-like structure.

Greenland crater renewed the debate over an ancient climate mystery
19th December 2018 | | Ancient, Earth, Tech

Scientists disagree on what the find means for a controversial comet-impact hypothesis.

This Native American Nation Maintained Canals In The Face Of Flooding For Over 1000 Years
19th December 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

The Hohokam overcame a harsh desert environment along with periodic droughts and floods to settle and farm much of modern Arizona by maintaining an extensive infrastructure of canals.

‘Treasure trove’ of dinosaur footprints found in southern England
17th December 2018 | Ancient, Animal Life

More than 85 well-preserved dinosaur footprints—made by at least seven different species—have been uncovered in East Sussex.

Untouched 4,400-year-old tomb discovered at Saqqara, Egypt
17th December 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

The stunning tomb displays clues to the life of a royal official, with more discoveries likely.

Ancient coloured ‘pencil’ up to 50,000 years old found in Siberia
15th December 2018 | Ancient, Humans, Tech

The pre-historic artists were not Homo sapiens but Denisovans – a long-extinct branch of ancient man – or possibly Neanderthals, another vanished sub-species, believe scientists.

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