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In my previous article ‘’Fukushima: The Genocide of the Human Race’’ I wrote about the law passed in Japan on Dec 6, 2013 which provides 10 years imprisonment to anyone who either leaks or tries to obtain information about the Fukushima nuclear disaster. (1)

It would be bad enough if that would be seen as a separate incident fueled by the madness of unresolved nuclear crises. But apparently an oppressive regime can be seen rising worldwide.

It wasn’t long ago when the American government passed the ‘’The National Defense Authorization Act’’ (NDAA) which allowed American citizens to be indefinitely detained without charge or trial. (2)

This unconstitutional law is now in effect and threatens the ‘’political dissidence’’, a.k.a people who questions authority.

For too long the American people did not want to wake up and get involved, preferring to dream an American dream which now is rapidly turning into a nightmare. A continuous effort, now blatant and obvious, to destroy the U.S. Constitution, a document which articulates the natural rights of the people and is the last block on the road to tyranny is now getting removed.

Another example we see in Australia, where the Liberal National Party government of Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has introduced a new law under which gathering in groups of three or more members in a public places will be declared ‘vicious lawless association’, a crime punishable by 15 years in prison. (3) Sounds liberal indeed!

The law has been introduced under the pretext of fighting crime, but its language is wide open for interpretation, making any group of friends or family who’ve gathered for a picnic seen as ‘’vicious and lawless gang members’’. What a wonderful idea to tackle peaceful demonstration which under the new law will be seen as a criminal act.

But even more madness is seen in the UK, where its government has recently passed ‘’The Anti-Social Behavior, Crime and Policing Bill’’ into law (4) which among other things, grants authorities the power ‘’to bar citizens from assembling lawfully in public spaces’’ (5). Under this bill any behavior can be perceived as ‘causing nuisance or annoyance’ and anyone can be criminally charged merely for an opinion of another person. In layman’s terms not only does that means goodbye to all protests and demonstrations, but it also means that you can be arrested simply because someone didn’t like you and perceived your behavior as being annoying. Considering the recent incident in West Midlands, England, with a 3 year old girl being reported to the police for anti-social behavior for playing outside her home, it’s difficult to see a bright future held within the iron gloves of an increasingly fascist state.

It is incredible to watch the public trustees, a.k.a. politicians, who are hired by the people (and paid six figures every year with tax money taken from the people who actually are working for it) to ensure the infrastructure management and basic functioning of society, are now pursuing the ultimate powers to control it. Should they not be tried for treason for even attempting to enact such dangerous laws? It is hard to imagine what full-spectrum domination will be looking like when only its preface resembles the Nazi regime.

Was it the great Plato who said that: ‘’one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors’’?

This simple yet impervious statement precisely reflects today’s reality. Led by the worse among us (many with obvious psychopathic tendencies), we are forced to sign blank checks and make long term payments for short term corporate and political gain.