Fukushima evacuation zones. Image Source: Wikimedia

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Living and dying under the fascist nuclear regime

Three years have passed since the explosion at the Fukushima Daiihi nuclear plant in Japan. What has been done to halt the nuclear crisis since then?

As we speak, there are 400 tons of radioactive water dumped daily into the Pacific Ocean plus unmeasurable amount of radiation continuously released into the air spreading particles of death around the globe.

For any thinking person it would be unthinkable to remain silent in the face of this horrendous nuclear disaster. Personally speaking, I cannot fully express my outrage even if I were to use all four languages I speak, simply because it goes beyond words.

Yesterday, after watching the following video (1) I had to take a long walk in the mountains to breathe cool air in order to prevent my blood from boiling thinking about Fukushima. Seeing the threat of extinction of the human race and annihilation of all organic life on Earth while realizing my inability to stop it myself was quite painful.

Of course it would take a combined effort of millions of people around the world to put enough pressure on their governments and thru them to force the nuclear industry to stop the human holocaust. I believe it would be possible despite the fact that governments are mostly representing industries, not people. Nonetheless, they still are facing re-elections and can be forced to act in our favor under major pressure.

But since there isn’t a coordinated worldwide movement against the Fukushima nuclear fiasco, no measures are being taken to tackle the crisis.

In fact, it gets worse. Not only were no measures taken to stop the nuclear catastrophe by the government of Japan, a bill has been enacted into law on December 6th, 2013, called the State Secrecy Law which provides 10 years imprisonment to anyone ‘’leaking a sensitive or embarrassing information in the public interest, and journalists from trying to obtain it.’’ (2)

Under this bill any type of information concerning Fukushima can be classified as ‘’sensitive’’ thus making an inquiry into it to be a criminal act.

Thinking about the insanity of such a bill becoming a law, I felt outraged beyond description.

Before going further, let’s take a moment to examine the possibility of this law itself being a crime.

The most common definition of crime is ‘’an act harmful not only to some individual, but also to the community or the state. Such acts are forbidden and punishable by law.’’ (3)

In other words that means that any harmful action done to another person, group of people or nation, is considered being a crime. Let’s take a look at the Secrecy Law according to which any concerned citizen who lives in Tokyo, for example, just 150 miles away from the worst nuclear emergency in human history would be trying to contact anyone who could have truthful information about the scale or/and the status of the Fukushima nuclear accident which if it were made public, would save lives by encouraging evacuation from the wider radiation-infected zones or to take other preventive measure to avoid serious harm, would find himself in prison essentially for being sane, responsible and good individual who above all, wants to see his children alive.

Would it be a crime to prevent this person from intending to obtain information which could potentially protect him, his family and other people from harm?

Thus, according to this simple logic the law itself is a crime and in fact an act of State terrorism since it is designed to threaten and intimidate investigative journalism. ‘’Terror’’ from Latin means ‘’great fear’’ and ‘’terrere’’ means ‘’to scare’’ (4). Naturally, a terrorist is one who imposes that fear on others. Consequently, politicians who have enacted this law are terrorists by definition.

It doesn’t take being a rocket scientist to see the path Japan is taking, which would be bad enough if it was a local issue, but since Japan’s destructive polices are directly effecting the whole world, an international intervention is necessary.

Considering the enactment of the Secrecy Law it becomes clear that there is no more time to be wasted. Japan is on the path of destruction and so is the world if global pressure will not be put on the Japanese government now. It is urgent that the Fukushima case will reach an international court and that criminal investigation begins with full transparency.

And even though the intent to commit genocide of the human race might be harder to prove, the complicity in genocide is present and clearly defined in the Article 3 of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. (5)

After all, involuntary manslaughter is still a murder.