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“The human mind is restricted to the logical world and thus can only interpret and understand occurrences according to their physical appearances”
-Emmanuel Kant

The real problem with Darwinism is that it is purely materialist. It seems that Darwin never asked himself a simple question: who is looking? Who is actually looking at the phenomenal world? That of course would be a question for the mystic – not the scientist – and that is the difference between the two. Darwin’s attention was never directed inwards, always outwards, focused on the physiology of man as though it were only an assemblage of muscles and bones. While working hard to prove his theory of evolution, he was looking at the anatomical resemblances between a man and the anthropomorphic apes, while completely ignoring that which actually makes all the difference: the idea of consciousness, which is fiercely rejected by the scientific world. Consciousness is the elephant in the room that our “luminaries of science” cannot find under the microscope, not realizing that what they are looking for is who they actually are, behind the microscope. That, of course, has been understood for millennia in the East by the mystics, sages, yogis, Sufis, Daoists and Buddhists – all of whom Darwin viewed as savages and brutes.

He viewed ancient shamanic traditions in a similar way. He speaks about the spiritual perception of the world as though a delusion of the primitive people. Here is what Darwin had to say about it:

“The tendency in savages to imagine that natural objects and agencies are animated by spiritual or living essences, is perhaps illustrated by a little fact which I once noticed: my dog, a full-grown and very sensible animal, was lying on the lawn during a hot and still day; but at a little distance a slight breeze occasionally moved an open parasol, which would have been wholly disregarded by the dog, had any one stood near it. As it was, every time that the parasol slightly moved, the dog growled fiercely and barked. He must, I think, have reasoned to himself in a rapid and unconscious manner, that movement without any apparent cause indicated the presence of some strange living agent, and that no stranger had a right to be on his territory.”

The Descent of Man, Charles Darwin

This quote shows us Darwin belittling the spiritual perception of the world by comparing it to a dog’s defensive reflex. The metaphysical, spiritual realm, which cannot be measured by science, and yet can be experienced and observed by all, is completely absent in the Darwinian materialist worldview, whose representatives would deserve compassion if they weren’t so arrogant.

The question arises: can these people be cured?

The answer is yes, but only if they are willing to take a stiff drink of mind-blowing and soul-shaking medicines such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro or Peyote, all of which have the capacity to shake the materialist paradigm so profoundly that a shift will follow. Perhaps then, we could sit down and have a mature discussion about the war on consciousness, alternative medicine and spirituality which has been silently waged by the inquisitory scientific establishment, run by people who are in fact in denial of their own conscious existence.
I wish that Charles had searched for the link in physics between mind and matter with the same enthusiasm with which he searched for the connecting link between the man and apes. And I also wish he had realized, while looking for this link, that the act of looking itself was more important than anything he could ever find.

One thought on “What was the one and most important question Charles Darwin never asked?”

  1. Curtis says:

    Maybe there is no mystery about consciousness. Maybe it is simply what switches off when we fall asleep or go under anaesthetic. That is, consciousness is simply being conscious.
    I would advise people against taking Ayahuasca, San Pedro or Peyote. I have seen what drugs do to people.

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