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Japanese Medical Scientist says that smiling and laughing will save people from radiation

During the 5 min speech by Mr. Syunichi Yamashita, a Japanese medical scientist, professor at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Nagasaki University and Fukushima Radiation Health Risk Advisor, I felt ill and outraged.

In his speech about the Fukushima nuclear radiation he said the following:

‘’As citizens of a democratic nation, we at least have to trust the national policies and the information from the government. However, we don’t have an independent organization to audit and evaluate such information and tell you whether it’s correct or not’’. ‘’The only thing we need to keep an eye on is the amount of exposure of plant workers who are working with a do-or-die resolution‘’. “But we don’t have to worry about the health effects of ordinary people’’. ‘’Every radiation protection safety limit is based on the amount allowable for babies’’. ‘’Adults over 20 years old have very little sensitivity to radiation. Almost zero’’. ‘’You smoke and drink, and worry about radiation? They are much more dangerous. Men don’t have to worry’’. ‘’To tell you the truth, radiation doesn’t affect those who are smiling, but those who are worried. This has clearly been demonstrated by animal studies’’. ‘’Drinking may be bad for your health, but happy drinkers are less affected by radiation, luckily’’. ‘’Im not advising you to drink, but laughter will remove your radiation-phobia’’[1]

I wonder why such a simple measures to battle the nuclear radiation exposure such as smiling or drinking alcohol were not advised and implemented in Chernobyl? Instead, the citizens of the nearby city Pripyat were evacuated within 24 hours after the explosion and a large concrete sarcophagus had been built around the crippled reactor to seal off its content to prevent further release of radiation into the atmosphere. It is said that the cost of the containment and decontamination of Chernobyl disaster had cost the Soviet Union 30 billion rubles, which was at the time equivalent to 30 billion dollars. Would it not be cheaper to supply the people of Pripat with vodka instead?

Just make them drunk and tell them to smile. Sounds like the problem solved. But how would the people of Ukraine feel if told by the officials that radiation exposure has minimal effects on their health and that laughter will remove their radiation-phobia? And even though there has been an attempt to conceal the scale of the disaster by the Soviet government, nevertheless, the measures to halt the crises were taken promptly. It took them 8 months to completely seal the damaged reactor with concrete.

What measures were taken by the TEPCO and the government of Japan to halt the Fukushima nuclear disaster other than drastically increasing the permissible level of radiation exposure? So are we to believe that the worst nuclear disaster in human history has become somehow safer because the safety level was raised? Same thing, by the way, was done in Chernobyl where guidelines for levels of radioiodine in drinking water, were temporarily raised, allowing most water to be reported as safe.

I remember my outrage when I’ve first heard that the American and Canadian government has stop monitoring airborne radiation and had raised the acceptable levels of radiation shortly after Fukushima explosion. In other words, if a certain radiation was said to be deadly for you yesterday, today it has suddenly became safe just because the government has said so. Is this an international nuclear conspiracy or just a standard procedure? And yet we are asked to trust our government even though our government is constantly lying to us.

I was recently asked why did I care for the Fukushima so much if I live far away, high in Peruvian Andes? Can you believe that question? I don’t blame you if you don’t. Because I can’t believe it either, and I was the one who was asked. Well, I guess, I am human enough to care for human suffering as such, and I would care for the people of Japan even if I wouldn’t be affected by Fukushima myself. But I also understand that there is no such a thing as separate oceans on our planet. In reality, there is only one global interconnected and continuous body of water which is called World Ocean.

Thus, contaminating a part of it means contaminating all of it. And it’s only a matter of time when all of the water on our planet will be radioactive. Also, it doesn’t take to be a nuclear physicist to understand that dangerous radioactive isotopes released from the Fukushima damaged reactor are here to stay for billions of years, continuously contaminating our air, our water and our food supply with a deadly radiation forever. We are doomed as human race if we will not stop the Fukushima disaster now.

One morning after reading this article and realizing how Fukushima is killing our planet and our life, I started a simple petition to send to the government of Japan to let them know how the people of the world are feeling about Fukushima nuclear disaster.[2] I didn’t think that I could gather a substantial amount of signature to force the Government of Japan to take real actions, yet, I felt like taking some action is better than taking no action and this petition was my humble attempt to make my voice heard. It took me a minute to create it and it will take you a moment to sign it, if you care.[3]


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