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Nearly 100 Cities Are Considering Decriminalizing Psychedelics, Map Shows
2nd December 2019 | marijuanamoment.net | Misc.

The movement to decriminalize psychedelics has spread so rapidly this year that it can be hard to keep track.

Meet three female philosophers you have probably never heard of in the field of big consciousness
2nd December 2019 scroll.in | Humans, Misc.

Mary Calkins, May Sinclair, and Hilda Oakeley. They each defended “idealism” – the idea that consciousness composes, or somehow pervades, the universe we live in.

Scientists Have a Fascinating New Map of the Human Brain on DMT
29th November 2019 | vice.com | Misc.

Taking DMT is like putting your brain through a jet engine and getting your consciousness blown out the other side. You’re just kind of everywhere, surrounded by colours, fractals & aliens that look a bit like elves.

Cannabis legalisation: Does it lead to harder drug use?
26th November 2019 | bbc.co.uk | Misc.

Some 33 states have legalised medical cannabis, while 11 states and Washington DC have also legalised recreational use. But cannabis use remains illegal at the federal level.

FDA Calls Psychedelic Psilocybin a ‘Breakthrough Therapy’ for Severe Depression
26th November 2019 | livescience.com | Misc.

The FDA is helping to speed up the process of researching and approving psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance in magic mushrooms, to treat major depressive disorder.

House Panel Approves Marijuana Decriminalization Bill
21st November 2019 | forbes.com | Humans, Misc.

A Congressional committee approved a landmark bill on Wednesday that would decriminalize and tax marijuana on the federal level⁠.

Sorry, Congress Probably Isn’t Going To Legalize Marijuana This Year
20th November 2019 | forbes.com | Humans, Misc.

If you stick your head out the window and listen carefully, you will hear the shrieks, screams and howls of the cannabis community.

Thailand Will Soon Allow Its Citizens To Grow Cannabis At Home To Sell To The Government
18th November 2019 | Humans, Misc.

Thailand is ramping up medical marijuana legalization efforts that will soon allow all Thais to cultivate six cannabis plants in their homes and sell their harvest to the government, to turn into medical marijuana.

Vote To Federally Legalize Marijuana Planned In Congress
18th November 2019 | forbes.com | Humans, Misc.

A key congressional committee plans to hold a historic vote on a bill to end the federal prohibition of marijuana next week, two sources with knowledge of the soon-to-be-announced action said.

Ayahuasca Compound Changes Brainwaves to vivid “Waking Dream” State
18th November 2019 | hippocraticpost.com | Humans, Misc.

DMT is one of the main psychoactive constituents in ayahuasca. In the latest study researchers compare its powerful effects to ‘dreaming while awake’.

Egypt Officially Criminalizes Climbing the Pyramids
17th November 2019 hyperallergic.com | Humans, Misc.

Under new articles in the country’s antiquities protection law, climbing monuments and smuggling antiquities out of the country will result in high fines and jail sentences.

Britons who legally smoke cannabis in the US ‘risk being deported’
17th November 2019 | theguardian.com | Misc.

A legal expert has warned British tourists and employees that if they smoke marijuana in the US, even in states where it has been legalised, they risk being barred from the country for life.

The continuing UK ban on cannabis-based painkillers is absurd and inhumane
12th November 2019 | theguardian.com | Misc.

That the government will allow a few to get cannabidiol medicine is good news. That is all that can be said. Once more a decision emerges  that reveals the evils of a politicised, centralised, deadened health service.

Consider How the Plants Feel! Will Plant Cognition be the Next Big Scientific Discovery?
12th November 2019 universityobserver.ie | Misc.

Is it possible that plants have feelings too and if so what proof is there? With the controversial field of plant neurobiology igniting opinions, Jade Norton leafs you wondering what the future may hold for plant cognitive research.

What is Psychedelic Microdosing?
11th November 2019 | news-medical.net | Misc.

Psychedelic microdosing has gained recent popularity after claims that microdosing lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) can have a beneficial effect on creativity and cognition.

First cannabis-based medicines approved for use on NHS
11th November 2019 | theguardian.com | Humans, Misc.

Charities welcome epilepsy and MS drugs but say thousands of people have been left in limbo.

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