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Archaeologists Discover Ancient Peach Pits In Japan That Have Been In Existence Since The Time Of Queen Himiko
21st May 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

The ancient peach pits were found at the Japanese site of Makimuku and the peaches are estimated to have been grown between 135 and 230 AD.

This is earth’s real first line of defense against asteroid strikes
21st May 2018 | | Earth, Humans, Space, Tech

The B612 Foundation is dedicated to all planetary defense issues. This group of physicists, astronomers, engineers, and astronauts is looking out for you – and are motivated to do it.

Our Bodies Aren’t Built to Have Babies on Mars – So Let’s Alter our DNA
21st May 2018 | Humans, Space

For now, reproduction remains just one of the many issues we’ll need to deal with before Mars colonization is within our grasp.

One of world’s most endangered forests originally planted by ancient South Americans, discover archaeologists
21st May 2018 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Indigenous population of Chile, Brazil and Argentina cultivated monkey puzzle trees which are now threatened by modern farming.

Arctic ice brings an understanding of ancient Europe’s economy
18th May 2018 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans, Tech

Researchers have tracked economic activity in Europe and the Mediterranean over the centuries by measuring variations in the amount of lead in a core of Greenlandic ice.

How South Africa’s ‘Cradle of Humankind’ got the title
18th May 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

The theory of evolution by natural selection is barely 150 years old. The first evidence than humans evolved in Africa is less than 100. The world has believed it for barely 70.

How rice farming may have spread across the ancient world
18th May 2018 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans, Tech

A study of 4000-year-old DNA—a rare find in this region—suggests that rice farming came with farmers migrating from China, where it originated.

Critically endangered South American forests were man made
17th May 2018 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Critically endangered South American forests thought to be the result of climate change were actually spread by ancient communities, archaeologists have found.

17th May 2018 | Ancient, Humans

The University of Melbourne’s anatomy museum features fossil models from an entirely fictional early human; a forgery that derailed the study of our evolution for decades.

Researchers develop faster test for cannabis quality
17th May 2018 | Earth, Humans

A new method of measuring phytocannabinoids—the primary bioactive molecules in cannabis—will lead to faster, safer and more accurate information for producers, regulators and consumers alike.

Maria Agnesi, the Greatest Female Mathematician You’ve Never Heard Of
16th May 2018 | | Humans

Born 300 years ago this month, Agnesi was the first woman to write a mathematics textbook and to be appointed to a university chair in math.

Earliest Version of Our Alphabet Possibly Discovered
16th May 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

The earliest example of our alphabet—a possible mnemonic phrase to remember “ABCD”—has been discovered on a 3,400-year-old inscribed piece of pottery from ancient Egypt, a scholar believes.

Was Science Wrong About Being Right?
16th May 2018 | Ancient, Humans

As researchers have refined methods and unearthed new evidence, it seems much of what we thought we knew about handedness was anything but right.

Homo Naledi, Newly Discovered Species –“Maybe We’ve Had the Story of Human Evolution Wrong the Whole Time”
16th May 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

These findings draw further into question the long-held belief that human evolution was an inevitable march towards bigger, more complex brains.

Maria Reiche: Who was the German governess who devoted her life to Peru’s mysterious Nazca Lines?
16th May 2018 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

‘Lady of the Lines’ theorised strange drawings of birds and animals carved into desert plains were part of ancient astronomical calendar and was crucial to securing their preservation.

Mysterious ancient humans with brains like modern people prompt rethink of early evolution
15th May 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

An ancient species of human with a brain no larger than an orange may have possessed intelligence to rival that of our own species.

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