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Historic Statues Rebuilt with Careful Hands
28th August 2017 | Humans

Striking aboriginal statues that have kept watch over Warriu Park in Western Australia’s majestic Kimberley for 28 years are being carefully restored to their former glory after being vandalized and damaged by fire over time.  The restoration is expected to cost about $10,000 [AU].

Rare and Elusive White Moose Seen in Sweden
28th August 2017 | | Animal Life

Hans Nilsson has spent three years trying to spot an elusive white moose in the town of Eda, in western Sweden. He got lucky and crossed paths with the ghost-colored herbivore two days in a row.  Although this moose has made international headlines, it probably has never taken a moment to appreciate its rare color. Moose are colorblind.

Elephants Help Rescue Tourists Stranded by Nepal Floods
28th August 2017 | | Animal Life, Earth

In Nepal, elephants were sent by local hotels to rescue stranded tourists in the Chitwan district after a nearby river burst its banks and cut power to 100,000 people. Reuters reports that some 300 people were evacuated from a popular jungle safari park with the help of elephants and tractor trailers. Article contains a link to video footage.

City of the Dead on Russia’s River Chegem
28th August 2017 | | Ancient

Eltyubyu, an ancient Balkarian settlement located in the Caucasus mountains of Russia, is a very picturesque place.  It became known because of the monument of antiquity, located near the village and called “City of the Dead”.  It is located in the picturesque Chegem gorge, through which many years ago one avenue of The Great Silk Road passed.

The Eerie World of Bigfoot Sound Recordings
28th August 2017 | Weird

Perhaps one of the more intriguing, and eerier forms of Bigfoot evidence is the auditory kind, wherein recordings have been put forward alleging to capture the sounds of the elusive creatures. Here we have spooky vocalizations of purported Bigfoot that not only capture the imagination, but also serve to create an unsettling feeling with their unearthly howls, whistles, wails, and even speech. Whatever the origins of these weird sounds may be, they are certainly not something that one would want to hear while camping out alone in the boondocks at night.

Ancient Man too Ancient for Creationists to Comprehend
28th August 2017 | | Ancient

Human history goes back almost 10,000 years. Which might seem like a long time, but it’s nothing compared to our prehistory that stretches back to the earliest known modern humans who lived ~195,000 years ago. We are an ancient species. So ancient, in fact, that creationists seem to have difficulty comprehending just how old we are.

New Research Explains What People Feel During Near Death Experience
27th August 2017 | | Tech, Weird

A new study conducted on the near death experiences discovered that not all the people who go through it experience the steps it in the same order. This gives the researchers some hints about the complex relationship between culture and neurology in one’s almost-final moments.

Homo Naledi More Human Than Expected
27th August 2017 | | Ancient

Homo naledi is the newest member of the human family we’ve discovered, living around 300,000 years ago, with a mixture of archaic and more derived traits. New research has found that there are even more modern-like traits than we thought.

Global Oceanic Dead Zones Persisted for 50,000 Years After End-Triassic Extinction Event
27th August 2017 | Ancient, Earth

Extremely low oxygen levels in Earth’s oceans could be responsible for extending the effects of a mass extinction that wiped out millions of species on Earth around 200 million years ago, according to a new study. It took about 50,000 years for ocean oxygen levels to return to what they were before the extinction event, and it may have taken as long as 250,000 years for coral reefs around the globe to fully recover, according to the study.

Unicorns Were Real, Lived With Humans, and Weren’t All That Cute
27th August 2017 | | Ancient, Animal Life

The beautiful nickname “Siberian unicorn” belongs to Elasmotherium sibiricum, an ancient Siberian rhinoceros which was thought to have died out 350,000 years ago.  Recently, however, researchers determined that this “unicorn” had found its last refuge 29,000 years ago in western Kazakhstan. This mean that these mammals were most definitely on the Earth at the same time as prehistoric man.

New Brunswick First Nation Celebrates Return of 60,000 Artifacts
27th August 2017 | | Ancient

A special repatriation ceremony will take place this weekend to mark the return of thousands of artifacts to Metepenagiag First Nation from provincial facilities across New Brunswick. The artifacts include stone tools, spear points, stone plates, heavy axes, sharp stone knives, strings of small and large copper beads, with preserved threaded materials.  Over several decades, about 60,000 artifacts, which are about 3,000 years old, were discovered on the shores near the community, formerly known as Red Bank.  “The artifacts are a direct link to the community’s sacred path,” said Claude DeGrâce, chair of the Metepenagiag Heritage Park.

Building the Perfect Skywatching House
27th August 2017 | | Tech

The Brewsters in Oregon often host star parties at their dream house, with guests from a nearby university, complete with slideshows of the pictures they’ve taken of the distant universe, and a chance to do some real-time observing. They planned and scouted for years to find the perfect construction spot, even meeting the realtors at night to investigate local views of the Milky Way.  For the recent eclipse, the house’s main dome photographed the corona; another set-up with a drone captured the moon’s shadow flying towards them as well as flares, shadow bands, atmospheric effects. The house’s astronomy equipment can be programmed to capture even spectacular images even when the homeowners are fast asleep.

AWAKE: A Dream From Standing Rock ~ Documentary about North Dakota Native-Led Peaceful Environmental Resistance
27th August 2017 | Earth, Humans

This is a feature-length documentary directed by Academy Award nominated filmmaker and activist Josh Fox, Academy Award nominated filmmaker James Spione, and indigenous filmmaker and Digital Smoke Signals  media founder Myron Dewey, written by Floris White Bull.   Awake premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City this past April. Standing Rock, North Dakota, became one of the most watched places on Earth, and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe captured world attention through their peaceful resistance.  Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock, captures the story of Native-led defiance that forever changed how we fight for our environment and the future of our planet.  Go here for info and screenings.  Article contains a link to the film’s official trailer video.

Poppy Seed Oil Treatment Can Boost Female Fertility
27th August 2017 | | Humans, Tech

For 100 years, doctors have used poppy seed oil to check for blockages in women’s reproductive systems. The oil is used because it contains iodine, which glows white in scans to show whether the tubes are clear. But doctors noticed that when they swapped it for water mixed with iodine, fewer became pregnant – indicating that the poppy oil boosted patients’ fertility. Scientists at the University of Adelaide found that 40% of women whose fallopian tubes were flushed with poppy seed oil became pregnant within six months.

Lost City of Z: New Film about Lost Ancient Amazon Civilization Researcher
27th August 2017 | | Ancient

In the 1920s, British military vet Percy Fawcett and his teenage son vanished while mapping an ancient civilization in the Amazon. Director James Grey tells Fawcett’s (Charlie Hunnam) story with nature’s compelling power and the need to preserve one’s legacy. Lush greens crackle, World War I battle sequences glide by, and fragile family drama anchors The Lost City of Z.  “Who are the Savages and the Civilized?” gets asked, and recent studies about Amazonian stonehenges and the research behind the best-selling book, “1491”, may prove the premise correct about hidden and lost Amazonian civilizations. From the book written by David Grann, who also wrote “Killers of the Flower Moon”, about the Osage murders for oil money. Article provides a link to the film’s official trailer video based on the true story.

Christopher Columbus Replica Ships Confronted by Native Iroquois Canoeists
27th August 2017 | Humans

As part of a several month educational tour along the east coast of the US in 2017, two Christopher Columbus’ replica 1492 sailing vessels, the Nina and Pinta, arrived at the Albany Yacht Club in New York, on July 15th. Upon their arrival, a group of 20 Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) canoeists, including Chief Jake Edwards of the Onondaga Nation, met with the captain of the vessels to discuss the impact of Christopher Columbus on Indigenous Peoples.  Chief Jake Edwards of Onondaga Nation told Captain Sanger, “What we’re after is for you to acknowledge the Doctrine of Discovery and talk about the terrible actions that happened.”  “This type of ship shouldn’t be traveling on along the river because of the cultural genocide that comes with it,” said Jay Ohcee, a Mohawk from Akwesasne who was at the event. “They are only telling half-truths. They should show the reality of it.”

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