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Discovery in 12,000-Year-Old Grave Shows Not All Ancient Fishers Were Men
12th December 2017 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Archaeologists have unearthed the oldest fish hooks found in a grave, and they’re challenging the idea that most of the fishing work in the Indonesian region thousands of years ago was only carried out by men.

Archaeologists Are Using Drones to Map Ancient Venezuelan Rock Art
12th December 2017

Equipped with photogrammetry cameras, the drones were able to create three-dimensional renderings of the carvings. Archaeologists have been studying the carvings in the area for years, but have never before been able to document them with this degree of accuracy.

Genetics preserves traces of ancient resistance to Inca rule
12th December 2017

A new study uses genetic evidence to reveal that despite Inca conquest, the population of Chachapoyas has remained genetically distinct, and not assimilated with that of the Inca heartland.

Tasmanian Tiger Genome May Be First Step Toward De-Extinction
12th December 2017

The newly sequenced genetic blueprint may help scientists clone the predatory marsupial, which was declared extinct in the 1980s.

NASA Just Unveiled Its Plan to Retrieve The First-Ever Samples From Mars
11th December 2017 | | Humans, Space, Tech

NASA has unveiled its plan for its next Mars rover, “Mars 2020”, which will collect samples from the surface of the red planet.

Science Proves Yoga Has An Incredible Impact On Resilience
11th December 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

The results of a long-term study out of the University of Cincinnati point to yet another reason to adopt a regular yoga practice: It can help with positive coping mechanisms and long-term resilience.

11th December 2017 | | Earth, Space, Tech

The Kepler space telescope is operated by Nasa to discover other earths, some of which could support life. And it is has found its latest discovery, one significant enough to bring with it a huge press conference.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Zips Off To Collect Asteroid Sample
10th December 2017 | | Space, Tech

If all goes according to plan, the spacecraft will enter Bennu’s orbit in August 2018 and start surveying the asteroid as well as mapping out potential sampling sites.

Archaeologists discover two ancient tombs in Egypt’s Luxor
10th December 2017 | Ancient, Humans

A cartouche carved on the ceiling bears the name of King Thutmose I of the early 18th dynasty, the ministry said.

Metal From Asteroid That Killed Dinosaurs Can Also Kill Cancer Cells
9th December 2017 | | Humans, Space, Tech

A dense metal found in asteroids called iridium can be used to kill cancer cells without causing any harm to the healthy tissue surrounding it, according to a recent study conducted by researchers.

That interstellar asteroid could be a shard of a shredded planet
9th December 2017 | | Space

Our solar system’s first interstellar visitor may be a shard of a larger planet that got shredded by its star.

World’s scientists turn to Asia and Australia to rewrite human history
8th December 2017 | Ancient, Humans

The speed at which new and astounding discoveries are being made in Australasia has effectively turned the focus of many human evolution researchers from the old bastions of Africa and Eurasia, much further east.

8th December 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

An archaeologist in Turkey, tipped off by rumors of treasure hunting in the country’s east, has found an ancient settlement, perhaps up to 3,000 years old, dating from the days of the ancient Middle Eastern kingdom of Urartu.

8th December 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

“In addition to calling into question the idea that the Natufians originated in one settlement and spread outwards, the study suggests that the hunter- gatherers who lived 15,000 to 12,000 years ago were ingenious and resourceful,” said Boaretto.

A Network of Ancient Caves Was Just Discovered Under Montreal
8th December 2017 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

This week in Montreal, residents discovered a whole new unknown about the world beneath their feet: a vast network of underground tunnels dating back to the ice age, unseen by anyone for thousands of years.

Bizarre, Enormous 16th-Century Map Assembled for First Time
8th December 2017 | Ancient, Humans, Tech

The largest known world map of its time—made of 60 individual sheets—can finally be seen as the mapmaker intended. The map reflects the geographical knowledge (and misconceptions) of its time, but in some ways it’s surprisingly advanced.

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