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Ancient helium leaking from core offers clues of Earth’s formation
31st March 2022 | Ancient, Earth, Space

Helium-3, a rare isotope of helium gas, is leaking out of Earth’s core, a new study reports. Because almost all helium-3 is from the Big Bang, the gas leak adds evidence that Earth formed inside a solar nebula, which has long been debated.

Assam: ‘Mysterious’ giant stone jars found in India
31st March 2022 | | Ancient, Humans

Researchers have uncovered giant “mysterious” jars in India that may have been used for ancient human burial practices.

People Are Experimenting With ‘Digital Drugs’ Delivered Via Sound… And It’s Weird
31st March 2022 | | Humans, Tech, Weird

In a new study, researchers examined a relatively new way to alter minds, which makes use of digital sounds to feed conflicting frequencies into each ear. By tuning in to these ‘binaural beats‘, some people report they can drop out, reduce pain, enhance memory, and ease anxiety and depression.

Pluto’s peaks are ice volcanoes, scientists conclude
30th March 2022 | | Humans, Space, Tech

Existence of volcanoes makes idea that dwarf planet is inert ball of ice look increasingly improbable.

An Ancient Part of The Milky Way Is Much Older Than We Ever Knew
30th March 2022 | | Ancient, Space

The Milky Way is older than astronomers thought, or part of it is. A newly-published study shows that part of the disk is two billion years older than we thought.

Strange new type of solar wave defies physics
29th March 2022 | | Space, Weird

Scientists have detected a strange new type of high-frequency wave on the sun’s surface, and the waves are moving three times faster than scientists thought was possible.

Asteroid Ryugu harbors life’s building blocks
29th March 2022 | Ancient, Space, Tech

That’s according to researchers in Japan, who detailed their findings in two new papers presented at the 53rd annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Texas, March 7 to 11, 2022.

2,500-year-old burial mound found in Siberia’s ‘Valley of the Kings’
29th March 2022 | | Ancient, Humans

The ancient tomb holds the remains of five people, including those of a woman and toddler who were buried with an array of grave goods, such as a crescent moon-shaped pendant, bronze mirror and gold earrings.

Built by an Unknown Culture, This Is The Oldest Sun Observatory in The Americas
29th March 2022 | | Ancient, Humans

Long before the Incas rose to power in Peru and began to celebrate their sun god, a little known civilization was building the earliest known astronomical observatory in the Americas.

Testing the Dark Emu hypothesis
26th March 2022 | Ancient, Humans

One of the most interesting things going on in Australian archaeology is the idea that Aboriginal food production systems may have involved domestication of some plant species. Was there some level of food production going on in Aboriginal groups that goes well beyond hunter-gathering?

1,000-year-old oaks used to create ‘super forest’
26th March 2022 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Humans

“They’ve lived for so long; just think what they’ve seen.” Forester Nick Baimbridge is gazing fondly at a majestic oak that has stood for more than a thousand years. On this wintry afternoon, birds sing from lichen-covered branches and a deer runs through the undergrowth.

Whoa! Another asteroid whizzes past Earth hours after discovery
26th March 2022 | Earth, Humans, Space

Overnight on March 24-25, 2022, another small asteroid raced toward Earth, unseen until hours before its closest approach.

Digital Data Could Be Altering Earth’s Mass Just a Tiny Bit, Claims Physicist
26th March 2022 | | Earth, Humans, Weird

According to calculations made a few years ago by University of Portsmouth physicist Melvin Vopson, this literal mass of visual imagery – along with half a billion tweets, countless texts, billions of WhatsApp messages, and every other bit and byte of information we’ve created – could be making our planet a touch heavier.

Rewriting the history books: Why the Vikings left Greenland
24th March 2022 | Ancient, Humans

One of the great mysteries of late medieval history is why did the Norse, who had established successful settlements in southern Greenland in 985, abandon them in the early 15th century?

Machu Picchu: Inca site ‘has gone by wrong name for over 100 years’
24th March 2022 | | Ancient, Humans

Peruvian historian and US archaeologist say the pre-Columbian town was called Huayna Picchu by the Inca people.

Mysterious Pictish Symbols Discovered in Scotland Are The ‘Find of a Lifetime’
24th March 2022 | | Ancient, Humans

Archaeologists in Scotland shed “genuine tears” upon discovering a stone covered with geometric carvings that the Picts, the Indigenous people of the region, designed about 1,500 years ago.

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