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How Will Future Archaeologists Judge the Tech We Leave Behind?
28th October 2019 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

The potential to miss things is pretty high when you’re looking at civilisations from thousands of years ago, especially when they were often better at dealing with their waste than we thought.

South Dakota Won’t Enforce Pipeline Protest Law Native American Groups Said Stifled Right to Assemble
28th October 2019 | | Humans
In a win for the ACLU, South Dakota under Gov. Kristi Noem agreed Thursday to not enforce its controversial “Riot Boosting Act,” which faced harsh criticisms.
New Evidence That an Extraterrestrial Collision 12,800 Years Ago Triggered an Abrupt Climate Change for Earth
25th October 2019 | Ancient, Earth, Humans, Space

The evidence is mounting that the cause of the Younger Dryas’ cooling climate came from outer space.

Neanderthal Glue Was a Bigger Deal Than We Thought
25th October 2019 | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Technology seems to have been a routine part of Neanderthal life.

Canadians Were Better at Clamming 3,500 Years Ago
23rd October 2019 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Humans, Tech

New research has found that indigenous clam gardens are more productive than current practices.

Long Stretches of Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA Helped Homo Sapiens Adapt
23rd October 2019 | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Denisovans and Neanderthals passed extra copies of some DNA to modern humans.

Native American Tribe Regains Island Taken After 1860 Massacre
23rd October 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Most of an island off northern California will again belong to the Wiyot Tribe, which was decimated by settlers in 1860.

Ancient City of ‘Mahendraparvata’ Hidden Beneath Cambodian Jungle
23rd October 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Researchers can “definitively” say that the ruins, overgrown by thick vegetation on the mountain of Phnom Kulen, are in fact from that 1,000-year-old city. The ancient city was never really lost, as Cambodians have been making religious pilgrimages to the site for hundreds of years.

We Need to Understand the Culture of Whales So We Can Save Them
21st October 2019 | Animal Life, Humans

As evidence of the existence of culture in animal groups emerges, humans need to rethink what it means to have culture. We must accept that what we have long considered our own might be shared.

Oil Pipeline Fuels Fears in Native American Reservations
21st October 2019 | | Earth, Humans

A judge in North Dakota has granted the tribe a request to intervene in the increased capacity plan, and it will take part in a public hearing scheduled for November 13th.

DNA Research Holds the Keys to Human History – but It’s Being Weaponized by Politicians
21st October 2019 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

As Netanyahu’s attempt to link the Philistines to the Palestinians show, DNA analysis of ancient humans is being harnessed for political purposes.

Archaeologists Look Below the Ocean Surface in Dampier Archipelago for Signs of Ancient Culture
21st October 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans, Tech

The pioneering project is searching for underwater evidence of ancient Indigenous life in the Dampier Archipelago.

More Than 20 Ancient Egyptian Coffins in Pristine Condition Have Just Been Uncovered
21st October 2019 | | Ancient, Humans

The Egyptian government is hailing the discovery of more than 20 wooden coffins as “one of the largest and most important” archaeological finds in the past few years.

Ancient Aztec Records Reveal Unknown Modern Earthquake Risk
17th October 2019 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Scientific examinations of historical accounts suggest that up to 40 percent of Mexico’s population lives along a zone that is more seismically active than suspected.

Early Humans Reached Greek Island 200,000 Years Ago, Changing Picture of Spread From Africa
17th October 2019 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Nobody looked for Neanderthals or early Homo sapiens on islands because it was thought they weren’t seafaring – but back then, the Aegean wasn’t a sea.

Sprawling Ancient Cambodian City Revealed By Jungle-Penetrating Lasers
17th October 2019 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

LiDAR technology in conjunction with ground-based surveys have allowed archaeologists to determine the boundaries of the ancient city of Mahendraparvata dating back more than 1,200 years.

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