Do you not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is an image of heaven, or, to speak more exactly, in Egypt all the operations of the powers which rule and work in heaven have been transferred to earth below? Nay, it should rather be said that the whole Cosmos dwells in this our land as in its sanctuary.” Trismegistus

Wise words from a wise man. But could it mean that the pattern of our solar system, or the size of its planets, could be represented in the structures at the Giza plateau? The ones who have watched Graham Hancock’s “Ancient Apocalypse” on Netflix or followed Randall Carlson’s journeys into the world of “Hidden Mathematics” might know some of what I am hinting at. There is a sacred geometry and hidden math that could explain much of what the pyramids are all about. I, for one, have only grasped a fraction of how this grand pattern could be sussed out. But let us start with the well-known theory of the Great Pyramid at Giza, first formed by William. R. Fix.

Scaled model of earth

As most of us know, the earth is slightly flattened at the poles and thicker around its waist – the equator. This means that, when it is measured from pole to pole and around the equator, those two results will differ from each other as the circumference of the equator is slightly longer (26.57 miles-42.7km). The funny thing is that this slight variation is recorded in the G1 pyramid; I will refer to the three largest pyramids at the Giza plateau as G1 (Great1), M2 (Medium2) and S3 (Small3). They are called something else by Egyptologists, but as I think it is still an open case about who built them, I would prefer not to attach any names to them. One side of the base of the G1 pyramid equals half a second of the earth’s rotation at the equator, i.e. it moves its own length in half a second. The combined distance from one end to the other would represent one second. Now, there are 43,200 seconds in half a day (rotation). There are four sides to the pyramid, which then gives us a total of 86,400 seconds, which is a complete revolution of our planet. And if we draw a circle around the standing pyramid (i.e. its height, 481.33 ft as radius) and multiply its circumference (RxRxPi) by 43,200, we get the distance around the poles. Including the slight difference between the pole-to-pole/equatorial circumference! Now, isn’t this knowledge a little ahead of its time? But it doesn’t stop there – not by far!

Picture 1

Inspired by this interesting revelation I decided to press on in the footsteps of giants and have formed another theory that might add to the math. Another peculiar phenomenon is happening in the geometry of the pyramids and their surroundings.

The measure of the moon

The first real attempt, that we know of, to estimate the size of the Moon was made somewhere around 310-230 BCE by the Greek Aristarchus of Samos. He worked out that the diameter of the Moon was about 0.32 to 0.40 times the diameter of the Earth. The actual difference is 0.27, i.e. 27% of the size of the Earth. 27 is also the amount of days it takes for the moon to circle around the Earth. I really like those figures that add up to the number nine if added together, 2+7=9. The same with 43,200, 4+3+2=9. These numbers also apply to Earth (diameter: 7,920 miles, 7+9+2=18, 1+8=9) and the Moon (diameter: 2,160 miles, 2+1+6=9). I can recommend the After Skool video on YouTube with Randall Carlson if you really want to get deeper into the world of sacred numbers and measurements. If you are reading this, thank you, Randall, for opening up yet another fantastic world to explore!!! I will do my very best to use the knowledge acquired.

Well, Aristarchus of Samos was very close in his estimates of the size of the Moon, but it looks like the ancient Egyptians beat him to it. This is how I think they would like to relay that knowledge, or tell us that they already knew. If we draw a square around the G1 pyramid and then draw a circle inside it, then draw the profile of the pyramid and put its base at the centre. Then, draw a circle from the tip that is sticking out of the square so that it fits outside the square (Pic.2). There we have the ratio between Earth and the Moon, but that isn’t the only thing speaking for it. Look at the three largest “boat-pits” surrounding it and also the corner of the smaller satellite pyramid – they seem to measure the lunar circle rather nicely. The corner of the wall surrounding the satellite pyramid (green dotted arrow) is exactly 27° off from the center, just as a lunar month and the ratio between Earth and the Moon! Could this be their intent? Do you not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is an image of heaven?

Picture 2

As the theory of the G1 representing the size of the Earth is dismissed by academics and Egyptologists as just a play with numbers, I suspect this one will go down the same drain. But who gives a rats ass? I feel good about keeping an open mind to new ideas (and ancient ones as well), especially if they concern geometry, which is easy for most of us to see and comprehend. And, just to play with more numbers and toy around with geometry, I will present yet another far-out theory.

66.6° the number of the beast

As NASA sets the tilt to 23.4°, I will use this figure as it is a 2+3+4=9 number. It also gives us the number 66.6° for what is left of 90°, which then could represent the Arctic/antarctic circles. Now, this number seems familiar in some way. Yet another demonised entity of the church, apart from others mentioned in my previous article “Ancient Astronomers and Math Magicians”. By the way, 6+6+6=18, 1+8=9 and 6x6x6=216, which is one order of magnitude less than the diameter of the Moon (2160). This might be a coincidence, but it is interesting to see as I study this numerology that the order of magnitude doesn’t seem to bother the ancients. An angle of 21.6° or 216° could easily mean the Moon (or a cube) as far as I am concerned. As I showed in the previous section, the angle of 27° could represent the percentage of the size of the Moon compared to Earth, or the number of days in a Lunar orbit, or both. Well, let’s not dwell on this right now, but let us continue with the craziness.

There are three large pyramids at the plateau, but only one has been used here so far. Why not see if the other ones might fit in somehow? Let’s continue with the pattern established already and add the M2 pyramid, which is slightly smaller than the G1. Let’s put it centred on the Moon (Pic.3). As we can see, the square of M2 perfectly intersects the circle representing Earth. But not only that. It also looks like it is cutting off the circle very close to 66.6° which would then be the arctic/antarctic circles. Could this be right? I was stunned when I first realised that this could be the case. It is sometimes hard to get the exact measures as different surveys of the pyramids produce different results, but I think I have the right proportions.

Picture 3

I have had the suspicion that somehow the pyramids were built as ruins and that not much is missing – they are supposed to look like they do. Just think about it. If there weren’t any casing-stones “missing”, then no one would take two measures into account (which might be relevant). It could be a way to spark our curiosity and imagination – go figure. Also, if they were in perfect condition, they would have dared any one person to do better, which probably would have infuriated any megalomaniacal leader and made him/her order people to tear it all down. Thus, the condition – you have no need to ruin a ruin. Just a thought.

If we then take a look at the M2 from the top and add that to the equation, the result is stunning (Pic.4). If this was the intention or someone just happened to strip it from its casing-stones just enough to be tantalisingly close to this end-result, then so be it. The masonry of the core stones changes at the right spot as well. The green square/line represents the end of the casing-stones and fits the moon perfectly. The purple square/line marks the change of the core masonry, and this happens to correspond with the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. (The picture from the top of M2 does not fit the square due to the fact that the camera wasn’t centred on the pyramid, and therefore the tip was off centre and I had to adjust to that – hence the gap at the top)

Picture 4
Left: kallerna / CCBYSA4.0

In the next picture (Pic.5), I have added two samples of the third pyramid—S3— with its interior structure. As it is half the size of M2, it felt proper to put it on the antarctic circle, and then it measures the distance to the equator. But if we look at the interior (I hope it is close to its true dimensions), the chambers and passageways mark the tropic of Capricorn in both cases (tilted 90°) and also the square/circle around the moon in the right-hand instance. What are the odds for that?

Picture 5

I added the M2 pyramid with its interior to the equation in picture 5:2. The remarkable thing is that the centre chamber looks like it’s just above five degrees off. Why is this remarkable? Well, the inclination to the ecliptic of the Moon is 5.14°, and it is measured from the centre of the circle representing the Moon. If you add the sum of all angles of the slopes of all corners of the G1 pyramid and divide it by four, you get 51.4° (one order of magnitude off). Notice also the pyramids’ slopes; how they match the square of the change in masonry in its own structure (purple and red), which also represents the tropics. Also, check the area where the white arrow is pointing (Pic 5.2). The internal shafts caress the circle, and the bend in the shaft also connects with the tropics (Purple square), and the underground shaft ends at the G1 square.

Picture 5:2


The number 108 is also a sacred number in the family of nine. If you take the diameter of the Moon and multiply it by 108, you get the average distance to Earth. The same goes for the Sun. This relationship in distance contra size ratio is what’s causing the Moon to perfectly match the size of the Sun at a solar eclipse. The ratio is therefore 1:108. The distance between the Moon and the Sun is four hundred times the diameter of the Moon, and the Sun is four hundred times bigger than the Moon, which also adds to this perfect lineup. I fully appreciate the old measures of feet, miles, furlongs and so on, as they represent a universal constant somehow. Now, the M2 pyramid is 216 meters (I found the metric length amusing – why? Well…), it is the diameter of the Moon in one lesser order of magnitude; divide it by two, and you get 108. If we then put two of the S3 pyramids (109 meters) inside the M2 pyramid, they will overlap by two meters. Hmmm… No matter if the metric system just happens to have the exact right figures but the overlap is exactly at a ratio of 2:216 or 1:108 (exaggerated in Pic. 6)

Picture 6

What does this mean? Well, the overlap is exactly the size of the shadow the moon casts on Earth at a solar eclipse, for example. It seems as if it is possible to toy around with the pyramids like a giant puzzle.

Upper chamber G1

No one will enter if he is not a geometer.” – Plato

If the floor of a room is exactly two squares put together and the height is half the diagonal of those two squares (Green line Pic. 6.1), which is the golden ratio, isn’t it fair to assume that someone did this intentionally?

Picture 6.1

What you also get when you draw the diagonal is the golden ratio between the green line and the side of one square. Strangely, this is also incorporated in the placement of the tiles in the chamber. From the floor to the center is a whole length, and from the center to the lower rim of the uppermost tiles, there is the golden ratio as well (1.618). But as I was investigating these relationships in the upper chamber, I couldn’t help checking out the middle chamber again – the one called “the Queens chamber”; or as I would like to call it “the Infinity chamber”. I wrote about it in a previous article (Ancient Astronomers and Math Magicians) and how the seams on the northern wall were lining up to form several pentagrams in different sizes. When I got back to check some measurements, I realised that the difference in size between the two first pentagrams was the golden ratio!

…the whole Cosmos dwells in this our land as in its sanctuary.”

The whole cosmos? Wow, that is quite a bit to chew off – but let’s try that bigger picture!

The Milky Way — the dairy of a madman

As above – so below, micro and macro cosmos and so on. Our whole surrounding is built on the Fibonacci sequence. I believe the ancient Egyptians knew about this as well. They knew about the golden ratio, did they not? This sequence also contains the golden ratio, so they are connected. The Fibonacci sequence was introduced by an Italian named Leonardo Fuzzing in the thirteenth century, but it looks as though the Ancient Egyptians already figured it out. The sequence starts from zero and then one square of one, then zero plus one is one. Now you have two squares of one, and you continue adding the last sum with the previous one. 0+1=1, 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8 (13, 21, 34, 55) and so on into infinity…Then, you draw a quarter circle inside each square, and you get the result shown in the picture below (Pic. 7).

The red arrow is the point of origin.

Picture 7

This also makes me think about the Egyptian creation and of Atum. He started the creation from himself – let’s call him zero. He then masturbated and swallowed his own semen to spit out Tefnut and sneeze out Shu (Achoo! Bless you…). Could those kids then be one plus one — i.e. the start of the Fibonacci sequence? Just another random thought.

Everything around us is built from the Fibonacci pattern; from the smallest seashell to galaxies, which brings us into the machinery of heaven. I will now show a sequence of pictures starting with an empty layout of the pyramids, then I add one Fibonacci pattern, centred over the G1 pyramid, and turn the next one 90° and so on.

Picture 8

Picture 9

Notice in picture 9 how the long vertical line runs exactly in the centre of M2. Now we add another (Pic.10).

Picture 10

Again, a line intersects the M2 right smack in the centre. Well, that could be a coincidence, so let’s add another one (Pic. 11).

Picture 11

In this picture, we see the spiral tangent the corner of S3 and hit one of its three satellite pyramids dead centre. If we look at the satellite pyramids to the right of the G1 pyramid, the line runs along the bottom-most pyramid, and the spiral hits the corner and one of the steps of the centre-most stepped pyramid. I will speculate further about this in a moment, but let’s add the last pattern in the sequence first (Pic. 12).

Picture 12

Now the S3 is run through at the centre by a line that is reaching the satellite pyramid straight on, but turns as it reaches it. Another interesting feature of the G1 pyramid is that it has a niche two thirds up the north eastern corner. The niche happens to fit perfectly with the green spiral inside the circle in picture 12:2. Also the pyramid is actually eight sided which might add to the plausibility of the theory (white cross). Perhaps the interior of the pyramid fits this pattern too? The entrance is at the north side of the pyramid and the cross-section of the descending and the ascending passageways sits right where the yellow and the green lines intersects the, white, vertical line. So there is a major architectural change happening in the interior right at that spot. I will investigate this more closely if I can find a really good scan of the pyramid with as accurate measurements as is needed. Until then…

Picture 12:2
Left: Public Domain

If all this is a coincidence, then I believe everything around us is a coincidence, and therefore, life has no meaning. I can stop paying my bills as there is no plan behind them ending up in my mail—it’s just a coincidence that my name is written on them. Ok, let us come down to earth, or rather, stay firmly in the cosmos.

It all looks a little jotted and jumbled, so why not clean this mess up, remove the supporting lines and see the end result (Pic. 13)?

Does this look familiar? Compare it with the picture to the right of it. It is our galaxy, the Milky Way. Our solar system sits between the third and fourth spiral arm measured from the galactic core (I added that in Picture 13). In picture 12, the line ran right through S3 and up to the porch of the satellite, the same as the yellow spiral is running through – one of three. We are the third planet from the sun. I’m just saying. If this is one of their intentions with the layout of the pyramids at the Giza plateau, then it raises one amongst millions of other questions. Does the middle satellite pyramid to the right of G1 also represent the planet that sits second from the sun in another solar system that is closer to the galactic core? Could this be the birthplace the Mayans talked about and targeted in the 2012 winter solstice? Is there a habitable planet at that spot? Can we look that far (it is at least 27,000 lightyears away)? Is it true what Hermes is saying to Asclepius:

…in Egypt, all the operations of the powers which rule and work in heaven have been transferred to earth below.”

I have so much more to relay on this subject, like how our solar system is incorporated into the structures and how the precessional clock is built into it as well, but that will have to wait until I have finished my book… It is coming along well as I have been writing all winter, but until then – enjoy these snippets I manage to put together. And if anyone has more detailed or scanned data that can either prove or disprove these theories, please leave a comment below…

Be kind to each other and take care of the planet.

Best wishes

Leonard Wolf

Leonard Wolf was born in Jan. 1969 in Sweden and is a traveller, explorer and a hobby archeo-astronomer who has worked as a 3D animation teacher and skydiving instructor. In 2015 he fell into the rabbit-hole of ancient mysteries (without a parachute) and has since then travelled to megalithic sites and temples both in Mexico and Europe in search for clues to our true history - the one that is far more ancient and mysterious than the one we’re taught in school… His research will end up in a book that will be released, hopefully in 2023, but definitely as soon as it is finished.

22 thoughts on “The Giza Puzzle”

  1. One thing says:

    Interesting rabbit hole you have vanished into there, Leonard. I am curious where it will lead you.

    The precision and organic geometry in these “ruins” is beyond coincidence, except to madmen, for what else can we call those who want us to only see chaos in such obviously perfect order?

    I pity the fools.

    Nothing was accidental about any aspect of these structures. Exactly what we should make of them, I have no idea. The notion that they were deliberately meant for us, or for some future people apart from those who built it, to see and study, attractive as it is, seems narcissistic or chauvnistic to me. Possible of course, but somehow I think the builders had present objectives in mind, and what future effects the structures may have upon future peoples, I think, was far less of a priority to them than their direct, contemporaneous, purpose. Whatever the hell that was or is! But it could be literally the reverse case. Either way, both the structures and ourselves are here today. And we ain’t dead yet, so may as well act accordingly.

    Also the supernatural or spiritual dimension, so often read into or out of these measurements, sure. But maybe not as much as is so often said both by mainstream academics as well as hippy new agers. Somehow I think those who made these things did not share our deepest frames of reference, ontologically or linguistically speaking, their conceptual framework likely held riches that transcended the artificial and false division our language forces us into in declaring one set of categories as sacred and another as functional or material or whatever. I do not think religion as an idea in general was what we call religion today, so when ancient structures or measurements are deemed to have that aspect by us, now, I sometimes feel that it takes us further away from noticing the actual purpose or significance or use they may have actually had.

    “Built as ruins” is a cool idea.

    Perhaps they are just a folly by some rich, obsessive eccentric of the Pleistocene.

    1. Leonard Wolf says:

      Yes it is a rabbit hole – and it is very, very deep and I love it. I am quite certain that the way of thinking amongst the ancients was different from ours in many ways. We are square-thinking and boxed in whilst they saw our universe from another frame of mind. Yes, the “built as ruins” idea might be a little UN-orthodox but I have reached this conclusion from temples that is documented to be built as ruins. Some of them has been buried since the time of construction and they have walls around them. No stones are missing from the walls (which are easier to access),so why dig deeper just to find the stones in the temples which have the same kind of stones? After nine years of diving into this rabbit hole I can only say – they want to teach us something important!
      Thanks for your reply – best wishes/LW

      1. Fred says:

        Temples documented to have been built as ruins? Wow. I did not know about this! Which in particular are known to be documented as such? And buried at construction, that is weird as hell! An article on this would be awesome!

        Thank you and best wishes

  2. Nike says:

    There is even MORE math in these pyramids. Check out the books by E. Raymond Capt, Davidson and Aldersmith, and, Lemesurier. Incredible! As stated by Mr. Hancock and others, sometime, long ago, before the Younger Dryas event there was a advanced civilization on this planet that built these pyramids and all the other huge stone (monolithic) structures not only for these “old ones”, but as a message for us here in the last days. Were these “old ones” the nephilim, the fallen “angels” kicked out of heaven? On top of that, these “old ones” left us a date marker: the sphynx. The sphynx has the body of a lion, and the head of a woman. Hmmm, lion = Leo, woman = Virgo. The sphynx is pointed directly east to where the path of the zodiac cuts up from the horizon. The point in the zodiac where Leo and Virgo are marked was approximately 11,500+/- years ago, right in the Younger Dryas time zone. Was the great flood of Noah actually caused by the comet impacts on the European Ice Sheet? And, hence, our time line is a tad longer than we think it is?
    Lastly, investigators have stated that “as in the heavens, so on earth” that the Giza pyramids are an exact representation of the Belt of Orion. If this is a possibility, what happens if a outline of the Orion Constellation, along with Sirius is overlaid on these pyramids? What might be found where the other stars of the Constellation Orion overlay Mizriam?

  3. Leonard Wolf says:

    Yes the idea of Orion matching the pyramids is a brilliant one by Robert Bauval, and it also matches the Sphinx looking east and the Nile as an extension of the Milky way. There are too many unexplained phenomenons, regarding stars and stones, to just sweep under the rug. I love that things are getting seriously older by the minute in these times and to watch the flabbergasted “quackademia” (John Anthony West´s words)run around and try to put a finger into every hole that is appearing in their virtual dam of lies. As the flood myth is so deeply rooted in traditions all over the world we can only suspect that it was a global disaster of biblical proportions…/LW

    1. Nike says:

      Hello Leonard,

      Yes, the flood of Noah may have been a global disaster, but, apparently it didn’t wipe out all life on the planet. Check out what Jesus has to say to his tormentors in St. John 8:44-45 (KJV). I don’t think He is speaking sarcastically or metaphorically. I think He’s calling things as they are. If what Jesus says in these two verses is for real, then it opens some mind boggling possibilities, like, satan banged Eve, creating Cain, and it seems that the descendants of Cain survived the Flood. This tends to let us know that pre-flood knowledge survived and is with us today.

      1. Leonard Wolf says:

        Hi Nike.
        The Bible is very strange, just consider the creation. Let there be light (where did that light come from?). It also separated night and day. Then he created the waters and the plants, and there was evening and morning and the third day.

        Then God commanded, “Let lights appear in the sky to separate day from night and to show the time when days, years, and religious festivals begin; they will shine in the sky to give light to the earth”

        -WHAT??? So there were three days and nights without the sun and the moon, then he creates the trees and water before the sun? No wonder we have glaciers and petrified forests, it must have been zero Kelvin the first three days (how ever it came to be three days without the sun and moon?).

        The serpent in the garden of Eden had a very strange punishment: “upon thy belly shalt thou go”. Now this can’t be a punishment for a serpent as it is already slithering on its belly. Does this indicate that the serpent might have been something else before the punishment? Lillith?

        There is another strange thing concerning the Book of Enoch. There they mention Satans – plural?
        “…those who dwell on the earth that their ruin is accomplished because they have learnt all the secrets of the angels, and all the violence of the Satans…”
        It seems as both the angels and the satans are destructive, maybe different kinds of meteors?
        Well, the pre-flood knowledge is probably hidden in plain site, we just have to evolve enough to be able to understand it…

        1. Nike says:

          Hi Leonard,

          Yup, the Book of Enoch is kinda mind boggling. I’ve got a copy of the Ethiopic version, and besides finning in some of the “gaps” in Genesis, it provides a LOT of other information. Now, as to whether or not it is for real, or just “folklore” is up for debate. The Book of Jasher is also mind boggling as well….

          As for some of the things in the Bible (KJV), there are a considerable number of deliberate mis-translations due to the Church of England’s propensity of burning anybody at the stake if they didn’t go along with the official narrative…. oh, wait! isn’t that happening now, figuratively?

          And, I agree that a lot of that pre-flood knowledge is right in front of us but our eyes aren’t open enough to see it, other than the evil right in our faces.

  4. Hayden Redwood says:

    I think the global flood was a local event that got spread, as most sources of flood myths come from ancient Sumerian and were later copied into later books, so the so called 2000 flood myths really are just copies from one area. Many areas of the earth show no global flood.
    I think this event just effected the northern hemisphere.

    As Flint Dibble pointed out to Graham Hancock in Joe Rogan show, all they find is Hunter gatherer remains no sign of any advanced civilization.

    1. Leonard Wolf says:

      Perhaps the flood was vastly greater than most of us can imagine and therefore there is hardly any discernible trace of any antediluvian civilization left. If it was a local event pre-Columbus, how come it is “copied” globally – and why? We have been “almost” anatomically the same for, at least, two hundred thousand years which would indicate that we’ve probably been capable to have as intelligent thoughts as we have today (or hopefully even more intelligent) for a very long time… Or as Plato puts it: Why do we not possess knowledge hoary with age? Because we had to start over like children; knowing nothing of what happened to us or the ancients. The hunter/gatherers survived in greater numbers because they knew how to survive. Just think of it…almost all capitols today sits by the sea and our most educated people live there, what would be left if there was a global tsunami – random hillbillies and tribes people. Some of them would remember names like Trump or Putin, but not what they did. Exactly as Plato describes it in his dialogues. By the way, there are evidences of an advanced civilization, they just aren’t recognized as such.

      1. Hayden Redwood says:

        the Greeks had many flood myths not just one…Greek mythology describes various great floods throughout ancient history. Differing sources refer to the flood of Ogyges, the flood of Deucalion, and the flood of Dardanus, though often with similar or even contradictory details. Also Hancock talks of this civilization before last ice age, but no signs of it anywhere, even the cave paintings describe no advanced civilization. All they find is Hunter gatherer stuff. No architecture of the sorts like Egypt etc. Again there is evidence the Mayan took the flood myth from when the Spanish arrived 500 years ago, this is what I mean by copy and paste. bible took it flood myth from ancient Sumerian , same with Assyrian’s etc so really this one flood myth has spread. just like how new stone age tech spread.

        What Graham Hancock Gets WRONG about Flood Myths

        I not a full sceptic and not trying to be gullible as both sides have no real evidence and are at a stalemate.

  5. Hayden Redwood says:

    Even Robert Schoch views Japan underwater structures as natural.

    1. Leonard Wolf says:

      Most natural structures have a way of repeating them selves (like columnar basalt) and can be seen on almost all continents. Show me anything that looks just like Yuna Guni and I will consider the fact that it might not be man made. This far it seems like it is a one-off. When you change the way you look at things – things you look at change.

      1. Hayden Redwood says:

        “Perhaps the flood was vastly greater than most of us can imagine and therefore there is hardly any discernible trace of any antediluvian civilization left”

        Geology would find this flood sediment all over the world if it did happen, so your statement is misleading.

        1. Leonard Wolf says:

          Most of the sediment has probably been washed away and sunk out of sight as Plato describes it. Have we explored our oceans enough to be sure? Oil was thought to take millions of years to form according to geology, but proven to be able to form in days given the right conditions. Lava rock from Mount S:t Helen was tested in several different laboratories (erupted 1980) and results came back ranging from 100.000 years to millions of years old, so geology can be wrong. The Younger Dryas hypotheses is ferociously attacked and Wikipedia describes it thusly: “The hypothesis is controversial and not widely accepted by relevant experts”. Who decides what and who is relevant? Anyway…I would prefer to discuss my article and its contents than argue about something that is very far from its topics – even if these our speculations are very interesting, thank you./LW

          1. Hayden Redwood says:

            This what I’m getting at the event YD was more localized to the northern hemisphere. This is why they find no Global flood. and also ice core samples would show sediment deposits when the global flood swept across the earth, Since the ice sheet would have floated away in the event of a global flood, the ice core is strong evidence that there was no global flood any time in the last 110,000 years.

            Africa continent has relatively few flood legends, Flood myths are pervasive across cultures, symbolizing purification or divine wrath. However, several societies lack these narratives, showcasing diverse mythologies and insights into human-nature relationships. Cultures such as the Inuit, Kalahari Bushmen, and some Aboriginal Australian groups do not feature flood myths in their traditional stories, highlighting unique interactions with their environments and distinct cosmological views.

            And yes science can be wrong but so can the Alternative media.

        2. Slaine says:

          “Geology would find this flood sediment all over the world if it did happen, so your statement is misleading.” – no, it would not. Especially if the flood was confined to current ocean floor previously coastlines (incidentally still in flooded status). Inhabited areas, populated areas, centres of civilisation – not wilderness for nomadic hunter gatherers, but civic centres and metropolises would have been the lion’s share of what was lost lost when the waves rolled in and stayed for the next hundred centuries. And counting.

          All over the world? Which one? Most likely, the inhabited one. I.e., the cities, which by default would be in the easiest places to live, on coasts now far out to sea and under hundreds of feet of brine, most likely yes, still under that sediment you mention. It sure covered their world! But not the one we are left with. I think that is the key point – we are not talking about a cartoon image, but making sense of an inherited global sediment of myth that only sticks to human brains. Not random rocks inland everywhere.

          The confidence with which fantasies like this, pure language traps, are cast about as though unquestionable logical inevitabilities, is itself instructive.

        3. Wanda says:

          “And yes science can be wrong but so can the Alternative media.”

          And so can aborigines! (I refer to your comment about them not having flood myths somehow indicating proof it was not a thing).

          People can forget stuff too – just because a culture lacks a record of an event does not prove its non-occurence.

          The genocide by government policy of Australia and Britain of the indigenous population would surely illustrate the obvious fact that nearly all of their knowledge was lost along with their other lore when they were systematically hunted and destroyed, much like was done to the Irish in earlier centuries, by the same government (Britain), and their culture deliberately suppressed by church and state for a century. Who knows how many flood myths they actually did have, only ever passed on in privacy to the utter exclusion of academics and other intrusion? And actually I have to say I am pretty sure there are many Aboriginal flood myths, in fact, on page 191 of Fingerprints of the Gods, it says

          “Several aboriginal Australian peoples, especially those whose traditional
          homelands are along the tropical northern coast, ascribe their origins to a
          great flood which swept away the previous landscape and society.
          Meanwhile, in the origin myths of a number of other tribes, the cosmic
          serpent Yurlunggur (associated with the rainbow) is held responsible for
          the deluge.”

          This is a quote from World Mythology, p. 280, according to the footnote.

          Why bother speaking if you have no idea what you are discussing? What possible motive is there?

        4. Cat says:

          Bayden lol no “Since the ice sheet would have floated away in the event of a global flood, the ice core is strong evidence that there was no global flood any time in the last 110,000 years”

          Um, the ice sheet WAS the flood. Its entry to the ocean, whether in solid and / or liquid form, is what we now call the ocean. What our ancestors called the flood is the ocean. Still flooded. That is kinda the key point Graham has made since the mid nineties.

          Pretty sure that happened exactly at the end of the Younger Dryas, and continued for a long time, and is ongoing today, hence the sea level naturally rising as it currently is and as it has done for millennia.

          So no, the ice sheet would not have floated away harmlessly, it would have flooded away catastrophically.

      2. Hayden Redwood says:

        Nature can produce things that humans like seeing faces in nature mistake for some ancient structure.

  6. Arnaud Ernest says:

    From a novice perspective, the questions is, wWhoever, humans or…??, mathematical correlations tend to always perfectly align ‘space-time’ at various episodes, mainly Solar, everywhere on Earth. Why? By whoever it is, the question remains, why? What is the intended purpose?

    1. Leonard Wolf says:

      Hi Arnaud
      There are many things they could keep track of by studying our cosmos – time is one of them. It also helped them to determine when to sow crops and when to harvest, amongst other things. There are three main movements of the earth:
      1. The spinning along its own axis (24h)
      2. The rotation around the sun (one year)
      3. The precession of the equinoxes (25.920 years)
      The precession is a wobbling of earths axis which slowly rotates backwards (1° in 72 years and there are 360° in a circle so 72×360=25.920)
      This is a very good way to tell time and hide it in myths for us to understand how many thousands of years ago they try to tell us any event in our past happened. If you are interested so check out clips on youtube about the precession. Best regards Leonard Wolf

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