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Hi, my name is Leonard Wolf and I was born at this spot 58.401306, 15.621024, in a country they call Sweden, in twenty-nine nineteen according to the Berber calendar, twenty-five thirteen according to the Buddhist calendar and nineteen hundred sixty-nine according to the Gregorian, to mention a few. I have never written, or published anything prior to this, except lyrics to my own songs and a poem that made it into the local newspaper. One picture I took as I was working as a skydiving cameraman in Australia has also made it to the newspaper. I have also shot, produced and edited a commercial-spot for Swedish television. Throughout my life I have always been interested in learning new things and to find new angles, scuba diving is yet another. To be just a fork or a knife has never suited me, so I have tried to become more of a Swiss army knife. Some instruments are sharper than others though. The main interests are in the fields of art, music, growing food and the pursuit of truth and freedom. How strange that you have to pursuit freedom. It should be every living organism’s right. Freedom of belief is one of them. After asking priests, and such, of the main religions the same question:
– Does your belief preach that we should be kind to each other and take care of the planet? They all agreed, so I left the Swedish church.I believe there are raisins in all the cakes and that I really do not like cake. Too much sugar that could make you addicted, but the raisins tastes good. We are all living on the same spaceship that takes us around the sun where bed ’n’ breakfast should be included for everyone and that there are no boundaries, except in our minds. That is why I once designed a global flag that looks like this.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the free-spirited people out there that has helped me open my senses to new possibilities. I would also like to give special thanks to: my mothers (Earth and Lillemor – put into it long ago), Ford D2 (my cat and companion), Börje (for insights and facts), Solwarg (for being such a witch), Bjørn-Inge (for putting up with me during this adventure), Micke.D (for lending me the coffee mug), Red Ice creation, TPB, Open source, Word-press, Duck - duck go, all persons appearing on the Ancient aliens-series, Michael Tsarion and a huge one to Gabrielle and Graham Hancock for their work and for presenting this opportunity.

… And, off course, all the animals, plants, herbs, fungi and coffee!

“I’m too short to be boring!” / A. Lifetime -A midget in the vast expanse of history and future.

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