Yamil Luum - Cancun by Mauro I. Barea G. CCBYSA3.0

Mayan Calculations Down to a Tenth of a Second

That the Mayans were phenomenal in astronomy is no secret. They have calculated the leap-year down to four decimals, so close to perfection that we start to question our atomic clocks. Perhaps we have underestimated them? A couple of years ago I went to Mexico to do some research, for my upcoming book, and the first temple I visited was Yamil Luum. A small building situated eleven meters above the sea on the shores of Cancun. It is almost impossible to get to as it is crammed in between all-inclusive resorts and hotels.

Most people don’t think it is worth the effort to find it as it isn’t very large or spectacular… But maybe there is more to this cute little temple than meets the eye. Archaeologists estimate that it was built in the late post-classic period, around 1200-1551 C.E (common era) and it is called “The Scorpio temple” because of the remains of a scorpion sculpture found in one of the walls. What on earth could this temple have in common with a scorpion? Well, of course, it isn’t a scorpion made out of flesh and blood, but rather a celestial being. Namely the constellation of Scorpio. The Mayan calendar end-date during the winter solstice two-thousand-twelve (21-12-2012) is a very rare occasion as the sun sits in the centre of the Milky Way. It only happens every 25,920th year due to the precession of the equinoxes. As I have come to understand, there is more to it than that. What else happens up in the heavens as the sun rises in the east? To see that I have used a very nice App “Stellarium” which is free to download and use.

Sunrise at the Scorpio temple – Winter solstice 2012 C.E

In this picture, we see the horizon (green line) and the black rift in the Milky Way right behind it. The sun sits on the horizon and looks just like the omega-sign “Ω” which could be found in many temples around the world. Opposite the sun at the right-hand side, we see the constellation of Scorpio (Scorpius) with its star “the stinger” Lesath sitting right at the horizon. How precise is this alignment? As we can see from the below sequences – pictures A-C (please ignore the time G.M.T but, look at the seconds) it is down to mere tenths of a second. At eleven seconds the sun is slightly below the horizon. At twelve seconds it needs just a couple of tenths more but the Mayans seems to have been more precise than it is possible to be in Stellarium as it doesn’t show the tenth of a second. At thirteen seconds – Elvis has left the building.

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

The same issue occurs with the “Stinger” Lesath – see pictures D-F

Picture D

Picture E

Picture F

I believe the stinger should be measured from the centre, just like a “bulls-eye” and the sun should be measured from when it sits right on the horizon like the omega-sign. This perfect synchronisation does not happen at any other temple and definitely not at any “Scorpio temple”! Is it possible that this temple was built five to eight hundred years ago to sync this moment within a couple of tenths of a second at the winter solstice two-thousand and twelve? If so, then this would be proof of their marvellous knowledge in astronomy; and by incorporating this knowledge into their architecture they give us archaeoastronomy.

Inconvenient Discoveries

Our history is preserved in our temples” – Critias by Plato

Perhaps, our history is not only in the temples but also in their location. As above so below! Archaeoastronomy will probably give us our true history as it is written in the stars and stars do not change their history as easy as mankind do… Speaking of which. The main institute for archaeology and antiquity would be the Smithsonian institute and is supposed to be a protector of ancient knowledge and a source of information for those who seek it. I read their book ‘History year by year – The history of the world, from the stone age to the digital age’ a very colourful and perfectly straight forward interpretation of our timeline, easy to grasp. This edition was released in two thousand thirteen, so one would think that they would mention Göbekli Tepe – Turkey as it was discovered in nineteen ninety-seven by the German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt, but no. As a matter of fact, there is no reference to it at all sixteen years after its discovery!

The most important thing that happened in ninety-seven, that the Smithsonian opted to report to mankind, is that Brazil won the World Cup in soccer for the fourth time. Isn’t that odd? The greatest archaeological discovery of our lifetime not even mentioned. It is mindboggling, to say the least. Göbekli Tepe is dated to be around eleven thousand six hundred years old and is therefore twice as old as our mainstream dating of the Sphinx at Giza – and we all know the argument about that dating.  The monument of Göbekli completely shatters our perception of history as we ‘know it’ as it predates even the hunter/gatherer societies by four thousand years and therein lies the problem. Perhaps, the Smithsonian had to avoid mentioning Göbekli as it would render the rest of the book obsolete. ‘Our history is based on a foundation of sand’ as Hancock puts it.

I try to ask people I meet, no matter their age or background, the same question: ‘Do you know what Stonehenge is?’ and almost everyone answers –yes. Then I go on and ask them about Göbekli Tepe and they go – ‘huh?’ They don’t even teach the kids at school about this eighth wonder of the world. Twenty-four years after its discovery! Imagine we found the pyramids twenty-four years ago and no-one knew about it – impossible. How can it be that this find after all those years hasn’t even made it to the history books? It is fifty times bigger than Stonehenge and, according to mainstream dating, at least twice as old and the high-relief carvings are outstanding (pun intended) but nothing of this seems to be more important than soccer according to the Smithsonian Institute. Archaeology is all about the details and fine print, so, again, how could this great institution forget to mention Göbekli Tepe? And this is where Occam’s razor might be a good analogy. It doesn’t even have to be very sharp to get to the core of the problem. I mentioned before, that the monument in Göbekli shatters our nicely laid out timeline and blows it all to smithereens. It sits like a sore thumb in the eye of ‘whoever’ has monopolised the perfect model of man-kinds cultural/technological evolution.

‘Stuff keeps getting older’ is another of Graham’s favourite expressions and every time someone discovers something that is older than the previous find they always have to proclaim: ‘the first humans’ or first anything, instead of saying the oldest found. No – the ‘first’. Like, this is it, let’s go home and write the final essay and close this matter once and for all. The problem is – that before the ink on their final report has dried someone else digs up something even older and more ‘first’.

The Universe Speaks Through Numbers

My interest in this ‘universe’ piqued six years ago and one thing I have found out is that there seems to be a need for mavericks and open-minded spirits to oppose the old dogma that is covering the whole field of archaeology like a wet blanket. One of those mavericks, who got me into this ‘mess’ was the free-spirited Egyptologist and late John Anthony West (West in peace). The ancient Egyptians did not have a word for death but rather called it westing like the sun goes down in the west to be born again in the east at dawn as they believed in reincarnation. The ancient Egyptians were, of course, very interested in astronomy which brings me back to the subject of archaeoastronomy. Here I can mention another of those brilliant minds who opened up my eyes. Robert Bauval, who introduced the theory of the pyramids at Giza lining up to Orion’s belt and also the correlation between the Sphinx and the constellation of Leo. I assume most of you reading this is familiar with the concept of precession, so I won’t go into the whole mechanics of it here. If you feel you need to know more about it – check out this link.

From precession, we get numbers like 36, 54, 72 and108. The number 72 is like the heartbeat as it is like seconds on the clock of which we have 43,200 in half a day. The key to all these numbers is that they all if added together, end up in the sum of 9. 7+2=9 and so on. Even the precessional year with its total of 25,920 ends up in the sum of nine. 2+5+9+2=18 and 1+8=9. It is almost like the universe can be broken down to its least common denominator which in the end would be three but let’s stick with the number nine. The precessional numbers show up in lots of ancient writings and myths, such as the Hindu Veda texts, The Edda, Egyptian myths like Osiris who was killed by seventy-two conspirators and Jesus who had twelve disciples (like the zodiac) but he also had seventy-two apostles. What a strange and even number. How come it shows up in a book that has nothing to do with astronomy?

Here we have another institution that has had a great influence on the way we look at history – The Church, which has demonised certain numbers and symbols and called them the work of the devil – witchcraft and the like. The number 666 is one of them. I mention it because the number also adds up to a sum of nine.

The pentagram is also associated with sorcery and evil. Perhaps the answer to this lies in the numerology it contains as each angle matches all the numbers I mentioned before. The most acute angle being 18° then 36°, 54, 72 and 108. If we draw a circle around it, which is 360° (also the sum of nine) and divide it by five we get the number seventy-two. If we then take seventy-two times three hundred and sixty, we get 25,920. How’s that for a coincidence? As all these numbers and symbols keep showing up all around the world, wouldn’t it be fair to assume that people had the same knowledge all over our globe? This is also something that is a big no-no to mention – that we must have been connected long before Columbus ‘discovered’ the ‘new’ world. That the pyramids were built without knowledge in advanced mathematics is also one thing we are lead to believe, and that the pyramids were tombs even though they haven’t found any mummies in them. With that form of rhetoric, they must have been garages for motorbikes because we haven’t found any motorbikes either.

Why I mentioned the pentagram, apart from its mathematical qualities, is that I think I have discovered something very odd inside The Great Pyramid in what is referred to as the ‘queens’ chamber- as they haven’t found any queens in it. If what I now will present is accurate, I think I would prefer to call it the ‘Star-chamber’. Assuming that the original measurements of the northern wall in the ‘Star-chamber’ are correct then there could be a pentagram hidden in the geometry of the seams.

What we see in picture 1 is the entrance to the right and then the small black hole is the ‘ventilation shaft’. On the wall, there are tiles placed in a very precise pattern. The tiles to the left all seem to have the precessional numbers in them and has a sequence suggesting that the number 54 should be the next on both the top and bottom. The blue lines form two symmetrical triangles with an angle of 36°. The vertical green dotted line matches the only three seams that line up on the wall and also where the thirty-six-degree red lines converge. The black dotted lines show that other seams also match the pattern. Then we have the perfect pentagram with all its angles correct as seen in picture 2. But that is not all. Far from it.

Picture 1

Picture 2

It is now possible to scale the pentagram and it will fit the seams rather nicely (see picture3). From there it is possible to make all sorts of measurements which includes almost all seams on the wall (see picture 4) except two of them marked with purple.

Picture 3

Picture 4

This could possibly be explained by moving the smaller pentagram to the left (see picture 5). Those two purple lines give us the spot where we can start a repeating pattern, just like a Mandelbrot fractal. Perhaps, therefore, it should be called the ‘Infinity-chamber’?

Picture 5

Picture 6

If we then measure the angle of the end result, I think we have the answer to why the numerical pattern on the left-hand side should have 54 on the next row both on top as well as the bottom (see picture 6). For those blessed with mathematical genius, there is probably much more to read out from this. Perhaps the whole room speaks volumes? If my calculations are right, then this is further evidence that we have massively underestimated the ancients and by doing so, we have failed to look for the answers in the right places… Remember that the pyramids at the Giza plateau were built long before the time of Pythagoras and Archimedes. Did advanced mathematics just get older too? No, I am not the first to make such a claim as many bright mathematicians already have figured out that the Great Pyramid is lined up to true north within a fraction of a degree; also, that it measures the circumference of the earth and perhaps even the speed of light. So, if I am correct in this, it will just be yet another fact that will not make it to the history books. Even-so I am happy to have joined this family of truth-seekers as it gives my life meaning and purpose… The truth is out there – above and below. Written in the stars and stone.

Be kind to each other – take care of the planet.

Leonard Wolf was born in Jan. 1969 in Sweden and is a traveller, explorer and a hobby archeo-astronomer who has worked as a 3D animation teacher and skydiving instructor. In 2015 he fell into the rabbit-hole of ancient mysteries (without a parachute) and has since then travelled to megalithic sites and temples both in Mexico and Europe in search for clues to our true history - the one that is far more ancient and mysterious than the one we’re taught in school… His research will end up in a book that will be released, hopefully in 2023, but definitely as soon as it is finished.

20 thoughts on “Ancient Astronomers and Math-Magicians”

  1. Edmond+Furter says:

    Popular anthropology views of ‘evolution’ open a basket of ironies: “Gobekli shatters our perception of history.” Ironic that some archaeologists (including David Lewis-Williams) agree with that (“Gobekli changes everything”), while they recoil from popular methods and conclusions, such as the supposed ancient super species or civilisation that supposedly ironically devolved. Ironic that some archaeologists had to remind others that similar contemporary structures all over the region have been known for decades.
    Ironic that “Gobekli predates hunter-gatherer societies by 4000 years,” and that Stone Age cultures and Iron Age civilisations place the same core content in, and make the same socio-political uses of, their art, calendar, myth, icons and rituals. Unless you study physical mutations, technology maturity curves, and cultural behaviour without conflating them into the eternal common sense and egotistic assumption of supposed continuous cognitive ‘evolution’. A father of science, Democritus of Abdera, emphasised subjectivity and the limitation of perception, but his thumb and brain correlation was misunderstood, like Darwin was mis-applied. Like Plato’s Cave analogy and archetypes remain misunderstood as something that we supposedly ‘create and evolve’. The ”obsolete” aspect of history is the popular anthropology paradigm, sponsored and sustained in the human sciences. See my article on conflicting paradigms about Gobekli at https://stoneprintjournal.wordpress.com/2017/06/08/gobekli-tepe-art-is-not-a-zodiac/

  2. Randy Hammonds says:

    Great article Mr. Wolf! Your article reinforces my strong inner beliefs that there is much more precise natural mathematical laws to be discovered with the monuments on the Giza Plateau, which just so happens to be the greatest stone monuments in our known world. I take a-lot my inspirations with my beliefs from Adrian Gilbert’s and Robert Bauval’s book the “The Orion Mystery” and Bauval’s/Graham Hancock’s book “The Message of the Sphinx.” There is no doubt in my mind after reading these two books that Giza is representing a Precessional Clock with much more undiscovered details about precise mathematical natural laws dealing with TIME itself measured from a precise beginning point in TIME. I look forward to your new book Mr. Wolf.

    1. Leonard Wolf says:

      Thank you Randy. I am glad you enjoyed it. Who knows what is lurking around the corner?/Wolf

  3. Aloys Eiling says:

    Highly interesting analysis. Well done! The articles supports the thesis that we hardly know a fraction of prehistoric math, science and technology. To me, scholar historians don’t look at the right places and ask the right questions. Too often, they are confined in the barriers of an incremental thinking and are afraid of the reproach to be considerered a conspiracist – which ends any perspective to achieve a tenure position. For real progress, as you propose, a radical out of the box view is mandatory.

    1. Leonard Wolf says:

      Thank you so much. ‘Curiosity is awakened in a childs sense of wonder…’ And there are so many boxes; play with them, throw them, toss them around – but you can’t do it from inside./Wolf

  4. Kennan says:

    Fascinating and interesting. I look forward to hearing more!

    1. Leonard Wolf says:

      Thank you Kennan. Hopefuly I will be able to finish writing my book this fall. Best wishes/Wolf

  5. Russ Miles says:

    Great article! Love reading about ancient civilizations but it looks like I need to take mathematics and astronomy if I’m ever going to keep up. Keep these articles coming!

    1. Leonard Wolf says:

      I am very happy to hear you enjoyed it. Yes, there is a lot of new ‘skills’ involved in this diverse universe. Zodiac – cardinal signs – precession math – constellations – ecliptic – geometry – compare ancient writings – numerology – geology – astrology…the list is long, but if you want to open the door – you have to have a key. Thankfully we have the internet today. I hope I will be able to finish my book later this year…meanwhile I will try to publish some more articles. Thank you/ Wolf

  6. hayden says:

    6 X 6 x 6 = 216.
    times this by ten you have 2160 which is how long it takes for sun to move through a zodiac sign.
    I was mulling over this in my head few years ago.

    1. Aloys Eiling says:

      The Platonic year lasts 25,729, so the deviation to your number is 17%. Playing with numbers usually means nothing, here it doesn’t even result in coincidence.

      1. Aloys Eiling says:

        I am in error regarding the percentage of deviation. To assign a natural number to the pull of the Moon and the Sun on Earth’s bulge is a problem in itself.

    2. Leonard Wolf says:

      Interesting math, never looked at it that way, but it matches. As I mention in the article – somehow the ancients have broken down everything to its least common denominator, in this case nine. 6x6x6x=216 and 2+1+6 equals nine. As seventy-two years in the big year isn’t seventy-two but rather 71.7 or even 71.6 I belive they rounded it up to match some sort of universal matrix as everything around us is math. Like the fibonacci-sequence is incorporated into everything. The precessional wobble is eliptic which makes it hard to calculate as it speeds up at the tight corners and slows down when it is more straight, so depending on where you are when you measure it you can get all sorts of number of years from 24,000 up to 26,000. But 25,920 is some kind of round-off that puts it in the ball-park of the play with the number nine. Keep on mulling!/Wolf

      1. hayden says:

        Yes that is what i have also read, that the ancients rounded it up.
        Also Religions have dumbed down the original message or its original meanings, or have been manipulated or lost.

        1. hayden says:

          Remember though 666 its the devil to some religions, that’s how stupid its become with these false thought constructs of so called knowledge. lol The ancients must be rolling in there graves at some of our stupidity.

  7. Séamus+Casey says:

    Great article Mr. Wolf.
    Say no more. But please do, lol.
    Just as the influence of the Church’s dogma has lasted way beyond its actual power, it is certain that we will continue to call the world’s ancient stone structures & chambers ‘tombs’ and ‘temples’ whether they were or not, because the past is basically ‘dead’ to our contemporaries, and it is heresy to infer that our ancestors were just as intelligent, if not more so, then our pundits today.

    I am reminded of Martin Brennan’s trailblazing 1983 work The Stars and the Stones about Brugh na Boyne or Newgrange in the Boyne Valley in Ireland & its astronomical significance.

    Mr Brennan was almost overwhelmed on many levels by the ignorant & condescending beliefs systems and dogma from all sides, sciences & areas, as Graham was with his Fingerprints book. How dare they question the great authotities? His astronomer mentors were also impacted by the slug-like speed of new insights or theories being introduced, and the creaking network of ‘don’t offend the Church & all those politically & economically impacted by it ‘Do-Nothings.’

    Martin’s astronomical insights & ideas were besprinkled about in pre-web news articles with Loch Ness Bigfoot enthusiasm & sarcasm, new agey SciFi interpretations of ancient myths & jealous academic, sectarian religious & of course academic sci-speciality politics.
    And of course, armchair scientific dismissals were rampant, as grant application papers spilled about the floor amidst the flotsam & jetsam of university exams, awaiting the sages’ judgements.

    He also used his artistic talents to give exhaustive illustrated interpretations of all the dots, spirals, lozenges and wave form stone carvings, in relation to our surrounding heavens, before there were readily available computer apps in astronomy, spending years on sight & in grey dust mite speckled libraries.

    And he made valuable contributions to our attempts to understand our ancestors, and their knowledge of the heavens and the Earth. I hope he’s doing well and survives our Masked Apocalypse.

    I also stuck some articles from various publications in the book. That was a gas. Just reading them in the light of today’s ‘fake news’ is a chuckle. Seems as if there hasn’t been much improvement with all of our Tech evolution, baby souls are still put in charge of our 3D Virtual Simulation, perhaps having a higher dimensional pedigree of sorts. You know what they say: “If it ain’t got an app it can’t be real.”

    The articles vary from the mythical Shining Ones, the Tuatha de Daanan, being immigrants from the Pleiades & documenting their voyage to Earth in stone, to mainstream archeologists dismissing all the star stuff as merely Stone Age doodles by unruly headed layabouts hired by their privileged overlords to give the locals(especially those grumbling Hunter Gatherers idolaters whose forests were raised to grow wheat) busy work & prevent any Mesolithic boredom or uprising from occurring.

    You can just see the ancient local Boyne Valley Drive-In where everyone laid on their backs at night staring up at the sky and were so thrilled by their evening show that they woke up early & said:

    “Let’s pick up some rocks and build a massive tomb where we can carve constellations so our future descendants can see our handiwork of what the sky looked like back in the day, lol.”

    I’d walk a megalithic mile to see a smug academic eat the institutional mythos he calls Scientific fact. And at the same time, sit down with the Bigfoot aficionado & explain to him he is really made of eternal star stuff.

    Reminds me of a short poem I wrote in June 1976 about what my Casey ancestors were accused of: “…going beyond every road before them.”

    A Leap of Faith(c)

    Pearly fogs of effusive light,
    Mists thicker than centuries,
    Cliffs above the abyss,
    Depths of eternity….
    Over these
    The young sphinx
    Leaped like
    A gazelle.

    You will keep up the good work because that is why you came here. All the best.

  8. EQ says:

    Excellent, just mind blowing article Mr. Wolf! What a great discovery you made regarding the “Infiniti Chamber” in the Great Pyramid. No doubt I will be reading your book.

    Have you read the work of R.L. Poole? He published a short book, The Leedskalnin Codex:
    Breakthroughs In Understanding The Coral Castle, about how Leedskalnin built the megalithic Coral Castle single handed, using the secrets of the Egyptians. The reason I bring it up, is because Leedskalnin also incorporated archeoastronomy into his monument.

    “Indeed, the sixteen alignments carved on the East Wall represent September 10th, 1923 at approximately 6:08 PM EDT. This was the date and time of a total solar eclipse; the day of a four-point syzygy, a rare alignment in which Venus, the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth are all in perfect alignment; the day of the Autumnal Equinox; and, of course, the year Ed built the Coral Castle.”



    1. Leonard Wolf says:

      Nice to hear you enjoyed it. Interesting man Leedskalnin and his coral castle. Graham often use the Hoover dam as an example in how to incorporate precession into art and architecture. Autumnal equinox the 10th? In 1929 it was September the 23:rd… Anyway, I will do my very best to finish writing the book and if you liked my article – just wait for it…and you will get a heads up right here! /Wolf

  9. Edmond+Furter says:

    Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle or Rock Gate is an inspired ‘campus’, unique only because few built sites are planned, built and developed by one person. I demonstrated the universal subconscious archetypal structure in that site, and reviewd some problems in Poole’s interpretation of the conscious astronomy layer:
    Mexican temple fields and city centres are probably all planned by team of priest-architects, with the usual engineering compromises during construction. They are unique for many layers of over-building,probably not planned in advance. I demonstrate the universal structure in Izapa, an Izapa carving, La Venta, Monte Alban double imprint, Coba, Uxmal, Chichen Itza, a Chichen mural, Teotihuacan, a Teotihuacan mural, El Tajin, Palenque, and the Palenque lid, in the book Stoneprint (2016). I had to stop there to allow built sites of the Ice Age (including Skara Brae, Gobekli Tepe, etc), Babylonia, Egypt, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the rest of the Americas, their fair share. Conscious, semi-conscious or symbolic, and subconscious or archetypal motivations and patterns are identical worldwide. Cosmology and other cultural content is innate in space, time, perception, myth, calendar, ritual and built site. Cosmology does not ‘come from’ they sky, it is also in the sky. Myth imprinted on the sky partly illustrates or dramatises myth and calendar. Myth does not ‘come from’ the sky, it is also in the sky.

  10. Bokka du Toit says:

    Can one imagine the Romans in Kmt (Egypt) trying to comprehend this mathematical and abstract cosmological ‘truth’. No wonder that the ‘divide and rule’ principle applied to everything, dividing masculine and feminine in the physical bodies (patriarchy), dividing humans from Nature and then separating the heavens from earth and creating a God (masculine force) to be loved through fear. Reducing the cosmological wonders into a story format, personality cult (Horus/Jesus) = perhaps the most important drive in consciousness is to find our cosmic connection. Thanks for the article. Bokka du Toit (South Africa)

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