Genetic and Global Cataclysms

Unlocking the Mysterious Kolbrin

Sacred and Scandalous Egypt

Unlocking the Mysterious Kolbrin

Sacred and Scandalous Egypt – released on Amazon 30 September 2021


Is the Kolbrin – a collection of metaphysical Egyptian and Celtic books with no provenance published in 1994 – a forgery, or could it be one of the oldest written records of human life on this planet? Yvonne Whiteman is convinced it is genuine and for the past nine years, she has been investigating the Kolbrin’s historical content in the light of existing ancient writings, archaeological findings and DNA discoveries. Her Kolbrin articles have appeared regularly on Now readers can explore her findings in the ebook series UNLOCKING THE MYSTERIOUS KOLBRIN and decide for themselves whether the Kolbrin is authentic.

Genetic and Global Cataclysms, published in 2020, contains a comprehensive Guide to the Kolbrin for those unfamiliar with this enigmatic book. It goes on to tell where we human beings come from, our turbulent beginnings and the unimaginable global cataclysms which have almost wiped out our species.

Sacred and Scandalous Egypt describes the lost lands whose survivors came to ancient Egypt as refugees, revealing who built the Great Sphinx and why. It chronicles the Exodus story from an Egyptian viewpoint, describes how great Egyptian ships once sailed around the world to Burma and the South China sea, and brings to light the dangerous ‘living resurrection’ ritual. It also contains a dark portrait of the Pharaoh Akhenaten and from this emerges the identity of Tutankhamun’s mother.

Both ebooks are fully illustrated with endnotes.


Excerpts from Sacred and Scandalous Egypt


Immortality: how Egypt regained the Secret of the Ages

A recent, well-publicised example of near-death experience (NDE) closely echoes parts of the Kolbrin description of the Hibsathy near-death experiencer. For over twenty-five years, Dr Eben Alexander worked as an academic neurosurgeon at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, dealing with patients rendered comatose by trauma, brain tumours, ruptured aneurysms, infections or stroke. At that time he maintained that the brain generates consciousness, mind and spirit. In November 2008 he was driven into coma by a rare bacterial meningo-encephalitis. He spent a week on a ventilator, his prospects for survival diminishing rapidly. On the seventh day he woke up. Memories of his life had been completely deleted while in coma, yet he retained vivid memories of a fantastic journey into another realm. His son advised him to write down everything he could remember before reading any records of near-death experiences. Six weeks later, he completed his initial record. Then he started reading—and was astonished by the similarities between his own journey and those reported by other cultures and millennia. His subsequent bestseller, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, maintains that human beings are conscious in spite of their brain and that consciousness survives bodily death.

Compare the following description in the Kolbrin with Alexander’s own memoir:

‘A hundred shining suns whirl above, a whisper rolls around like thunder, lights of manifold hues sway above, like the river reeds in the wind. All things appear to dance in a shimmering haze, then turn over and fold back into themselves, and such beauty is produced that the human tongue cannot describe it. All things take upon themselves shimmering forms through which other forms can be seen. Great melodic music throbs all around, while everything pulsates a soft rhythm. The air is filled with voices of unearthly sweetness, glory and splendour are everywhere.’ From The Kolbrin, Book of the Sons of Fire

‘Higher than the clouds—immeasurably higher—flocks of transparent orbs, shimmering beings arced across the sky, leaving long, streamer-like lines behind them… A sound, huge and booming like a glorious chant, came down from above… The sound was palpable… Seeing and hearing were not separate in this place where I now was. I could hear the visual beauty of the silvery bodies of those scintillating beings above, and I could see the surging, joyful perfection of what they sang… Everything was distinct, yet everything was also a part of everything else, like… a butterfly’s wing.’ From Proof of Heaven: a Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, Eben Alexander (Simon & Schuster, 2012)

The Pharaoh’s Folly at Amarna

‘Akhenaten/Nabihaton disgraced himself by bleeding his priests financially dry; by keeping a mistress at the Temple of Amun; by disclosing to wider circles the secret of ‘the ‘Hibsathy’ – how to penetrate the barrier between life and death; by weakening his perceived divinity by referring to himself in public as ‘mortally blind and frail’; by committing incest with his daughter Meritaten, making her queen in place of Nefertiti and fathering two sons with her; and by the pathological condition of Familial Temporal Epilepsy which dogged his judgement and behaviour throughout his reign.

This, says the Book of Manuscripts, is the secret locked into the North Palace site at Amarna. The residential temple was where, while Akhenaten/Nabitaton and Nefertiti were to all appearances a devoted couple, Akhenaten first cast lustful eyes on his daughter Meritaten at her consecration to the god Aten in the Sun Chapel. The encounter led to an overpowering incestuous relationship with his daughter which, after his queen Nefertiti left him in disgust and went off to live in Abydos, the king made no attempt to hide, and must have continued for some time since it resulted in the birth of two sons, Smenkhkare and Tutankhamun, who were so badly affected by hereditary medical conditions that they died young. Finally, tumultuous events led to Akhenaten’s own death, disgrace and the obliteration of his precious city.

What a story lies in those silent stones! And to think that the Kolbrin—a mysterious set of books with no provenance—provides the key to unlocking the Akhenaten story, stretching back over more than 3,300 years.’

The Three Lost Motherlands of Egypt

‘The Kolbrin’s Egyptian Books, the Edfu Building Texts, Plato, Proclus, James Churchward’s Naacal tablets, Edgar Cayce’s utterances and countless myths weave together an astonishing saga: of Kelathi in the Indian Ocean, ringed by mountains and ruled by a glittering Queen of Light whose priests served the lesser gods in great temples before the land vanished; of age-old Ramukui which shone out in the post-cataclysmic dusk of the Pacific, partially sank, was rebuilt, and disappeared into a fiery abyss; and of Poseida in the Aegean Sea, land of the wise men, obliterated by earthquakes, fire and flood. These, say the Kolbrin, were the lost Motherlands whose combined legacy was to transform the land of Egypt into one of the greatest civilisations of all time.’

Genetic and Global Cataclysms

Unlocking the Mysterious Kolbrin

Sacred and Scandalous Egypt

Unlocking the Mysterious Kolbrin

Yvonne Whiteman is of Welsh, English and Scottish descent with distant Armenian ancestry. Leaving Oxford with an MA in English, she studied at St Martin’s School of Art in London. After several years as a freelance journalist and film critic, she spent two decades creating and editing religious, fine art and children’s classics at Frances Lincoln Publishing. Investigating the Kolbrin is now her quest and her articles on the Kolbrin have been published on

8 thoughts on “Unlocking the Mysterious Kolbrin: Sacred and Scandalous Egypt”

  1. Adam says:

    It’s all well and good to say that the Kolbrin sounds authentic and seems to fill a lot of gaps in history, but anyone can retrospectively weave together explanations on the gaps in history. I’m not saying the Kolbrin isn’t real but where is the evidence that it is, aside from it sounding legit?

    1. Lisanne says:

      I have obtained a PDF copy and read it and the language suggests a single author. I don’t believe it is an authentic ancient manuscript.


    Adam you are soooo funny … look at modern history as presented in the fairy tale history books of our time that are passed off as “fact”. Where is your evidence that man crossed the bearing straight to populate the western hemisphere when great populations existed here far earlier than that … just one example of your fairy tale history that you seem to trust blindly. No one ever claimed that the KOLBRIN was or was meant to be a “complete history book”. Your blind faith In traditional western spun “history” has less credence than the KOLBRIN and the ENTIRE point of these tremendous works by Yvonne Whitemen is that they relate the KOLBRIN to physical locations and major historical events that we know from other sources are real. That is what gives the KOLBRIN its validity and comes shining through as a beacon in the darkness of academic snobbery of traditional interpretations. It replaces a history that could not possibly be true. It is another milestone in finally getting to the true history of the world and especially mankind. Also understand that as the person who introduced the KOLBRIN to the western world (see “Atlantis to Tesla – The Kolbrin Connection” 2003) and saw it immediately absconded with by charlatans and disinformation campaigns sponsored by those front agencies guarding the world elite who live in the background who were equally surprised by its emergence (since it contains the true history of man that they thought was their private information), I know too that the contents of the KOLBRIN are spot on accurate from a scientific point of view. What Yvonne Whiteman has done is epic and everyone should read her studies as the future of knowledge on these topics. Man’s history is filled with devastating events many of which came from worldwide cosmic events (not colliding asteroids as NASA Never A Straight Answer would have you believe) over which the “controllers” have no control and that is their greatest fear … that you the public will learn about this and take their power curtain away just like the Wizard of Oz. Man’s past is one of gradual progression but of progress repeatedly cut short and changed. The KOLBRIN is the most complete history book we have on these events. ALSO beware when searching for a copy of the KOLBRIN … beware of the copy sold on AMAZON by a group of CIA supported imposters whose main goal is to distort it and put all kinds of bizarre twists on the purity of this timeless set of books … be sure to get the original from the Culdian Trust. Also understand that the KOLBRIN is a set of remnants of books from the library of Joseph of Arimathea a wealthy roman business man. The entire learned world of that time knew about this. The history and source of the KOLBRIN is known and is not some fabrication made up as you try to infer (with no knowledge of what you are talking about Adam with no last name). One warning … if you enter this world of information be prepared to spend some time here this is not light reading for the dime store novel crowd. Also be prepared to have your “knowledge base” replaced by something you, like commenter Adam, will have a hard time understanding as you have been programmed with “western knowledge”.

  3. Orgon says:

    Knowing a little about the tumultuous circumstances that bought the Kolbrinto light, I think its fair t say its a collection of ancient texts, whose seeming disparateness is inevitable since it span perhaps as many as four different epochs of mankindshistory,. Things get lost to history, and its left to us to piece things together again with what remains.
    The reason this collection of texts comes across as a coherent piece of work is because what was before it, perhaps somewhere in time, a collection of stored texts from before our modern era, with in all likelihood a much denser hard to understand language being use. . How these all came toeghet er shall perhaps never know, but what is given is what comes across in the notes throughout the book where the translator often writes about the quality of the text being worked on, and in what condition they were found in. In many of the stories you come across ( missing part) and it picks up ,ant tries to weave together stories as best it can, without resorting to invention.
    Nevertheless, call it as you see it, if you somehow manage to read the entire text, understand it, and then wask away none the wiser, it is probably not the texts itself that is the problem, rather your own unwillingness to accept the ramifications of some of the harsher teachings.
    But wisdom is youthful, truth dont get stale, and the Kolbrin attest to that.
    Make of it what you will-.

  4. John says:

    Will either of these books be available in print? Both of the links go to Kindle books. I would definitely purchase them if they were in print. I’ve read Yvonne’s articles on Graham’s site and love her work and think it deserves a print edition.

  5. Steven says:

    I’d like a hard copy too. Thank you for your work, it is absolutely fantastic.

    Also this material seems to be way too deep and interwoven with historical facts about our history we are just now piecing together. There is no way this is a work of fiction. The Kolbrin resonates with me more than any other document written.

    We know there are bloodlines that protect these mystery religions and ancient history. The knowledge is out there and this seems to a piece that escaped their control.

  6. oneno says:

    Reading the Book of Creation, can see similarities in all the scriptural texts to the present time. Completely missing from all the scripture is the fundamental purpose of the Creation that is the evolution of the consciousness with the effect being an ever closer approach to perfection.

    The Billy Meier Contact Report 251 gives a snapshot of the history (past, present, future) and origin of Earth humanity making references to upheavals causing man to lose connection with the ever-same Creational teaching.

    The introduction to the art of script is described in the Billy Meier Contact Report 721. However, un-understanding, misunderstanding, fabulation and fabrication resulted in scripture with no semblance to the ever-same Creational teaching brought to us by the heralds of the Nokodemion lineage.

    That ever-same Creational teaching is now renewed this time by the last and final Prophet himself as the Goblet of the Truth (

    The concept of monotheism was introduced to the Hebrews by the swindler Moses on the command of an extraterrestrial King of falsehood and malice and is captured in Talmud Jmmanuel ch15. pg.250 explanation after verse 30:

    Reference is made here to a purely physical lineage and the not ‘traceable family tree’ relates to the fact that the original Hobranos people – that is the Haibru people – consisted of human beings cobbled together from different countries and was not a real people. Very few people in this society had a real family tree to exhibit, since there was an uncontrolled mixing among the Hebranos.

    An actual typical Hobranoic people – that is a typical Habranoic clan – has never existed. The original primal ancestors of the god-believers first formed a loose community about 12,000 years ago, which was called Hobranos’. It was not around 4500 B Jmmanuel (B.C.) that a more firm community originated from this, from which the so-called Hebrew people eventually arose. According to the Plajaren information, the early forefathers around 12,000 years ago (the Hobranos) were regarded as ‘outcasts’ because they as fallible descendants of the makers of the new human species , did not hold to the given laws. Firstly, the Hobranos were fallible ones brought tohether from many different countries, who also formed themselves into a community, and it was not until thousands of years later, under the rule of Egyptian Pharaoh at the time, that they grouped themselves into a peoples-community, which was then called ‘the Hebrews’, which was then led out of Egypt around 3,350 years ago under Mose (Moses). Mose stood in contact with an extraterrestrial and preached monotheism to the Hebrew community, which he taught by order of the Jschwisch at that time, Jehovah. Somehow, in the course of the first time, the Hebrew community enlarged the Jehovah monotheism – that is Mose monothesim – with the Sun God monotheism cult created by Akhenaten, or Amenhotep IV, to which many of the Hebrew community adhered themselves, but this then fundamentally changed through the strict monotheism of Mose, for they joined themselves to this since he paid strict attention to the fact that only his teachings were of correctness in a belief-based manner and were to be followed. It is still to be said that the family tree-line of Jmmanuel is not a Jewish one, but one that leads back to the extraterrestrial Semjasa, whose teaching was that of the truth, of the spirit, and of the life, and not that of a god.

    Unfortunately, the Jewish chronicle corresponds to a tremendous falsification (as is also given in the Pentateuch), for it in truth concerns a falsified chronicle, which in Christian form is also called ‘The Bible’. It is so tremendously enormous and falsified that hardly anything true is to be found in it. Everything is bent into shape on a supposed national chronicle and has no great value – that is, no chronistic and no historical value whatsoever.

  7. Lucia says:

    This is wonderful to see, would love to read both books! The only problem is the Kindle format, I really don’t like that thing! :-O I have 2 of those devices at home and not using any of them, as it needs constant charging, updating, then synchronising and so on… just tired of that system completely. Would love either a regular hard cover or a pdf. Maybe in the future, when people realise what a treasure Yvonne’s books are, they will be available in fancy hardcover formats. 🙂

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