DMT & My Occult Mind

Investigation of Occult Realities Using the Spirit Molecule

DMT & My Occult Mind II

Investigation of Occult Realities Using the Spirit Molecule

We warmly welcome Dick Khan, author of DMT & My Occult Mind, as our featured author for November. Dick Khan has conducted extensive research into the mind-manifesting mysteries found in the mystical DMT experience. Through his investigation, Dick Khan attempts to understand what lies beyond the veil and considers the possibility that this powerful substance may open the door to a parallel occult kingdom. His books offer an account of his experimental exploration, discovery and learnings.

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The world is comprehensively mapped and measured, leaving little opportunity for the spirited explorer to chart new frontiers – unless of course, one is able to plumb the watery depths as an oceanographic submariner, or leave the planet as an astronaut in pursuance of sublunar space exploration. Alas! Such adventurous paths are few and far between. Nature, however, is full of secrets and surprises. One particularly eye-opening surprise is that nature has hidden within herself the means by which we can investigate her hidden side. The chemical substance Dimethyltryptaminei (DMT) is a particularly magical molecule in that regard, for its molecular structure is similar to the neurotransmitter serotonin, and is therefore able to be consumed by the brain as a particularly remarkable drug, better known as the Spirit Molecule. Ubiquitous throughout the plant and animal kingdom, this potent psychedelic substance can be exacted from the roots of certain trees in a form that enables the user to introduce the molecules into the brain in a variety of ways – including inhalation, when the waxy extract is transformed into a vaporous state. With a sufficient dose, the experience manifests rapidly and powerfully upon one’s perception as an ontologically shocking imposition of unimaginable otherworldliness. It is without doubt, a life-changing experience. But why? How? What’s at play?

Hidden Nature is Occult Nature

The world’s myths, legends, folklores and religions speak of mysterious otherworldly beings. In the modern age, we have the UFO enigma and the so-called alien abduction phenomenon. Science theorises about parallel worlds and parallel universes; certain sub-genres of fiction and science fiction exercise such otherworldly suppositions for our entertainment and pleasure. But in actual fact, is anything otherworldly really concealed from our sight? Are presently unrecognised lifeforms or strange conscious agencies invisibly occupying hidden kingdoms – other realms of nature that have hitherto eluded modern man? According to esoteric lore and occult doctrine, that is most certainly the case. Occult remains a somewhat taboo word. In its lite guise, occult merely means hidden, secret, concealed, obscured, difficult to see, shut off from view. But of course, its wider meaning takes us into mystical, magical and metaphysical realms and philosophies, with concepts that are not only at odds with physicalism-cum-materialism and traditional scientific inquiry, but are also regarded as implausible, occasionally nefarious and potentially dangerous. If only there was a reliable method by which an inquiring mind could investigate those hidden realities, in order to determine the truth of the matter to one’s own satisfaction.

Heeding DMT’s Call

I was operating on something quite like that mindset when I first experimented with DMT. However, months before the pipe first reached my lips, my introduction to DMT came about quite by chance. Staying up late one Saturday evening, under the influence of a then legally purchasable research chemical, I chanced upon the eye-opening documentary, DMT: The Spirit Moleculeii, showcasing Dr Rick Strassman’s game-changing government-sanctioned research into the effects of the drug on his cohort of research volunteers. My attention was arrested from the beginning and remained that way until the very end. But midway through, when the research volunteers began describing their incredible experiences under the influence of DMT, I became thrilled with goosebumps. I simply knew that I absolutely must experience the Spirit Molecule. The promise of direct experience with a spiritual realm strongly beckoned. It was almost as though the DMT experience I had yet to experience was calling to me, enticingly. And I was all ears!

Ontological Shock

As a consequence of that calling, I spent several months doing my homework by reading numerous online reports from those who had ventured before me. I then obtained the necessary raw material to procure the powerful substance and diligently followed the extraction procedure, whilst being mindful possession of said substance was not in accordance with the law of the land. After successfully retesting my psychedelic navigation skills with a good dose of fresh psilocybin magic truffles delivered from the Netherlands – on the basis many years had elapsed since I had experienced strong psychedelics – I was good to go. And yet, despite all that careful preparation, and despite holding preconceived opinions about occult realities, the sheer power and ineffable magical beauty of the DMT experience was more than sufficient to throw all that out of the window, as I succumbed to the inevitable ontological shock. The thrust of most DMT reports is that the user exits his or her physical body and enters another world, another realm, another universe – in what is commonly referred to as a breakthrough experience. And indeed, my breakthrough experiences really did make it appear that I was miraculously accessing another reality, occupied by strange humanlike entities, showing off impossible objects, all within a very highly active environment that somehow appeared far more real than ordinary everyday terrestrial reality. It was like nothing that I could have imagined. Most unexpectedly, and far more often than not, my sense of self and rational cognisance was completely maintained. But the level of astonishment at what I witnessed went completely off the scale.

Non-Physical Entities

The more and more I experimented with DMT, the more and more I wanted to understand the causal nature of the experience after inhaling the potent vapour. This translated into a very determined mindset, which ultimately resulted in me making the decision to embark upon my very own research programme – not only documenting and analysing my experiences, but consciously adopting a very keenly perceptive and investigatory frame of mind, each and every time I decided to introduce the powerful mind manifesting molecules into my brain. Despite having to overcome terrifically heightened levels of anxiety, concomitant with commitment to this bizarre drug, I pursued several hundred experiments over a three-year period in both an indoor and outdoor setting. I began with a completely open mind – absolutely unclear as to how, after inhaling the potent vapour, I would suddenly find myself within an overwhelmingly bizarre otherworldly environment. The ensuing research was absolutely remarkable because, not only did the experiences change slowly but significantly over time, but gradually, the truth of the matter – to my mind at least – slowly began to reveal itself. I was being engaged on a one-to-one basis with powerful non-physical lifeformsiii presently outside the ken and the cataloguing of life as we know it.

Bizarre in The Extreme

But from the outset, that simply was not evident. Instead, it genuinely did appear that after inhaling a sufficient volume of the potent vapour, I would suddenly somehow find myself in an unfamiliar otherworldly setting; oftentimes occupied with humanlike entities who all seemed genuinely interested in me, and were able to provide an experience that was astonishingly playful and entertaining in the extreme. I was induced into outbursts of gleeful childlike laughter; became an experiencer of extreme ecstasy; was astonished by circus acts presenting impossible performances; observed bizarre reality bending optical effects; and experienced convincing illusions of mobility. And all the while, the one thing that was slowly but surely becoming increasingly evident, was that these experiences were being powerfully imposed upon my perception by powerful non-physical entities exhibiting remarkable capacities. Aside from completely engulfing me in an immersive world of very highly defined morphing visual splendour – wherein seemingly autonomous anthropomorphic characters fussed over my presence – the non-physical entities creating those wonderfully visual immersive experiences began to impose themselves upon me invasively, and even quasi-physically, as well as regularly exhibiting capacity to methodically elicit a sequence of fast-paced emotions from me, in a manner suggesting my psyche was being expertly puppeteered by something that understand the terrain and the mechanics of human consciousness.

Dick Khan DMT Machine Elf – Image credit: Warren Lewis

Invasive Encounters

My first invasive encounter came after a series of visually impressive immersive experiences, wherein smiling humanlike entities eyeballed me whilst moving around me in a most peculiar manner. Those experiences were extremely entertaining. But after three consecutive such encounters, I foolishly considered that perhaps DMT had little else to offer. My next experience was markedly different. From the outset, the very same playful humanlike entities were present and fussing over me, but there was something else. The energy from the non-physical entity imposing that mesmerising hallucinatory scenery was far more intense, and as the palpable and audible frequency of its constitutional power rose ever higher and higher, it reached an almost unbearable pitch, in conjunction with which one of the humanlike entities suddenly dived into the midst of my chest. The experience immediately changed. It was all too evident a portion of the non-physical entity was now invested throughout my larynx, where it was palpably active in a quasi-physical capacity. The evident yet unexpected intrusion caused me to cry out loud in surprise and disbelief, whereupon my voice sounded so bizarrely modulated that I felt compelled to vocalise again and again, simply in order to marvel at the unusual acoustic qualities characterising my voice. The conclusion of that experience resulted in an outburst of tears resulting from the shock of the incursion. Nevertheless, I was willing to place my trust in those beings imposing the bizarre experiences, which became progressively strange and occasionally, exceedingly challenging.

Quasi-Physical Operations

The quasi-physical invasive element became a regular feature of the experiences. I endured entities rummaging around inside my abdomen; countenanced strange manipulations within my brain; experienced activity focussed around the posterior of my left eyeball; succumbed to a bizarre and prolonged dental examination; enjoyed a cerebral massage; endured deep tissue operations in my arms and my back; and quite unbelievably, suffered the progressive obstruction of my trachea, as the quasi-physical substance slowly stymied my capacity to breathe until, on the verge of submission to frenzied panic, the initiating entity suddenly vanished in the blink of an eye. On one occasion in the garden, a powerful entity thoroughly roughhoused me before departing in a very rapid manner, which evidently punched a temporary circular hole in the continuous cloud cover. I watched in awe as the hole slowly closed whilst still coming to terms with the actions of my tormentor. Despite such challenging experiences, I had to force myself to go further, by ignoring the very vocal appeals emanating from my ego, pleading with me to refrain from inhaling the potent vapour. The bizarre machinations of the powerful non-physical entities sometimes proved difficult to write about. For example, having my mouth and nostrils temporarily closed with an insuperable quasi-physical seal, effectively trapping a diminishing breath within my lungs, until the experience reached a tremendous crescendo in tandem with my requirement to draw in much needed breath. Once, a particularly powerful non-physical entity plunged into my bedroom, in a manner that made the wooden floorboards audibly creak and groan. The entity then rapidly ramped up its tremendous otherworldly strength, imposing itself against the aged lathe and plaster bedroom walls, causing those walls to audibly flex under the phenomenal force. Then, having secured its bizarre otherworldly purchase upon the bedroom, the entity proceeded to shake the room, duly transmitting audible and perceptible vibrations to the house, rendering me both startled and terrified.

Powerfully Projecting Mind-Stuff

The more I progressed, the more my suppositions became confirmed – inhalation of DMT in the vaporous state rapidly, readily and reliably promoted profound engagement with a species of non-physical entity on a one-to-one basis. How that could possibly occur was one of the very many questions at the forefront of my mind. Psychedelic, from ‘psyche’ meaning ‘mind’ and ‘delos’ meaning ‘manifesting’, literally translates as ‘mind manifesting’. It’s a completely apt term, because that is essentially what occurs when one’s brain greedily gobbles up the DMT molecules introduced into the body. The initial effect is as remarkable as it is rapid. Users of psychedelics will understand and appreciate the importance of the terms ‘set and setting’, with the former referring to one’s state of mind and the latter referring to the environment where one actually pursues the psychedelic experience. Upon inhaling the potent vapour, DMT’s capacity to very powerfully and very rapidly manifest one’s mind-stuff from a baseline state is absolutely incredible, and is especially appreciable in an outdoor setting in good daylight or twilight conditions. Within an indoor setting, that strange projection may appear as an exceptionally crystal-clear medium filling the volume of the room; or with a greater dose, as a uniformly turbulent mass of seething energy giving the room a distinctive underwater appearance.


By mind-stuff, I mean that peculiar intangible medium that evidently emerges rapidly and expansively from one’s being in response to the effect of DMT upon the pineal region of the brain. This is the exceptionally crystal-clear medium that gives a remarkable and characteristic tryptamine sharpness and straight-edged clarity to one’s surroundings. This is what caused the late legendary psychonaut Terence McKenna to observe, upon taking a first toke of DMT: “…there is a sense as though all the air in the room has been sucked out.”iv Moving one’s hand through this uncommon medium typically results in the user observing a long line of distinct tracer trails behind the direction of movement, suggesting qualities markedly different to ordinary air. Mind-stuff is suggested nomenclature. We could label this otherwise unfamiliar output as expanded consciousness, psycho-spiritual substance or the astral fluid of esotericism – an essential yet intangible aspect of our being; one that exhibits expansiveness and fluidity in response to inhalation of DMT vapour, while also displaying properties in close accord with elasticity, as the uncommon medium visibly and perceptibly, yet slowly, returns to its baseline state. Observing that projection bountifully filling the local sky as one lays supine having inhaled a sufficient dose of DMT is an absolutely remarkable sight, and one that can only serve to convince the observer that their composition comprises far more than blood, flesh, skin and bone alone. It’s an out-there supposition, but perhaps that extraordinary output is a microcosmic example of the mysterious and elusive macrocosmic dark matter?

Signalling Hidden Lifeforms

Even without considering non-physical lifeforms and interaction with said beings, this initial effect of DMT upon the individual is phenomenally interesting. But the really important consideration here is that this strange and powerful outpouring significantly alters one’s setting, as an expansive mass of one’s own mind-stuff rapidly projects in a bubblelike manner from one’s being. Even more significant, however, is that bizarre and bountiful output essentially serves as signal that is attractive to certain species of non-physical lifeforms. Typically, one such entity will rapidly emerge within the DMT users significantly altered setting and will mesmerically overpower the DMT user; whereupon it can then impose untold visual, invasive or psychically manipulative feats and wonders. Possibly that mesmeric overpowering of one’s will by the powerful non-physical entity is what was originally and anecdotally referenced as the DMT Flash, rather than the DMT experience proceeding from that initial overpowering occurrence? Given that mesmeric overpowering commences within mere seconds, or the very instant one exhales the final vaporous inhalation, makes observation of those esoteric mechanics exceptionally challenging without committing oneself to repeated experiences. The observation that those powerful non-physical entities are evidently composed of the very same mind-stuff that projects from the DMT researcher is, I suggest, ontologically fascinating.

Investigating the Immeasurable

Taking my research into an outdoor setting – a small suburban garden – really helped my observations and enabled me to develop the aforementioned esoteric hypothesis. But that’s not the whole story, because a frequent occurrence at the conclusion of some outdoor experiments was the presence of what ufologists would term black orb UFO’s, earth lights, and other unidentified aerial phenomena, slowly transiting the local sky. Making such an argument really should excite those with an avid interest in that field, because such sightings not only lend themselves to the esoteric hypotheses arguing for the actuality of such agency, but actually point to a possible method for signalling and engaging with said phenomenon. For me, however, the most rewarding aspect of my outdoor research by far, was observing a non-physical entity manifest above me in otherwise consensus reality. Rather than powerfully and mesmerically impose itself upon me in the manner I have outlined, an entity would sometimes simply emerge above me, inside the field of my expansively manifested mind-stuff, and thereby reveal itself – evident as a dense and yet completely transparent mass, configured something like an improbably oversized multifaceted gemstone, displaying beautiful symmetrical geometry and perceptibly exuding tremendous power. Those sightings in particular were truly life-changing, principally because they gave subjectively irrefutable evidence of the existence of powerful non-physical lifeforms, presently unrecognised by science.

Arcane Arguments

These arcane arguments – if they have any basis in truth or even attract consensus agreement among adherents – must surely pose something of a challenge for science; because whilst such observations are singularly subjective, can science really ignore the notion that nature has a parrel occult kingdom; one that is evidently occupied and beckoning to be explored through utilisation of nature’s very own mind manifesting technology? It genuinely does appear that nature has hidden within herself the means by which we can explore her hidden side. One could argue that for science to remain true to its roots, it will eventually have to venture into these unchartered territories, in order to pursue the acquisition of a knowledge that presently appears immeasurable. That is also to propose, the implications of the DMT experience are of such extraordinary magnitude that its potential to provoke significant sociocultural change is enormous. Could the DMT experience invoke an ontological revolution – one that wrestles against spirit-deadening materialist values, promotes revivification of gnostic and esoteric inquiry, induces radical sea change in human consciousness; and ultimately peddles a new mythic dimension into the unfolding human story? I believe so. Isn’t that revolution already quietly underway?

Denizens of Strange Nature

Inhaling phenomenally potent mind manifesting vapour is not the only route for administering the Spirit Molecule. Ayahuascav – a traditional entheogenic brew imbibed ceremonially by indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin – contains orally active DMT. The potent concoction generally provides a significantly longer, and to some degree, less intense experience. However, the principles remain the same: one’s mind-stuff becomes expansively aroused from a baseline state, thereby attracting the attention of powerful non-physical lifeforms from occult nature, which duly exhibit remarkable capacities to profoundly interact with the user. That DMT readily and reliably promotes such a life-changing interaction with something not normally accessible to our eyes – lifeforms that seem quite alien relative to our human condition but are arguably denizens of strange nature with mysterious relation to our earthy existence – begs question after question after question. For example: what can we learn from interacting with non-physical entities? And why is such research important?

Wilfully Subduing Ego

Based on my research, I found the battle of wilfully subduing my ego in order to overcome anxieties borne of committing myself to inhaling the potent vapour, rapidly developed my emotional intelligence – enabling me to become far more mindful of my interactions with people that I know and with strangers; as well as fostering a greater awareness of positive and adverse influences upon my psyche. That’s not to say my encounters with non-physical entities were not edifying, but the real change came from within, by virtue of forcibly overriding my ego simply in order to further my research. By contrast, some of my ayahuasca experiences with non-physical entities have allowed me to clearly analyse, assess and then comfortably incorporate into conscious acceptance darker historical episodes from my life; being able to observe myself from a non-judgemental third person perspective, within improbably hypervivid scenery has proved to be a wonderful strategy for dealing with historically troublesome memories. In one ayahuasca ceremony, I was subtly and humorously invited to face my own soul, which ultimately proved to be a far more jarring encounter, and from which the strong yet unspoken suggestion to break from unhealthy habits was made stark. Based on my experiences with Ayahuasca, I am forced to conclude this exceptional human experience promotes genuine opportunity for the individual to make positive improvements in self-awareness and self-development. That these experiences are helpful and healthful by virtue of interaction with powerful non-physical lifeforms really should foster much wider scientific and philosophical interest in the benefits derived from partaking in these traditional ceremonies.

DMT: Data Collection and Occult Mechanics

Not everyone subscribes to the view that these experiences are based on interaction with non-physical lifeforms. Very generally speaking, adherents of the DMT experience are divided between those who ascribe the experience solely to the machinations of their own mind, and those who, like me, attest to powerful otherworldly entities being central to the experience. In my self-published research, I document the experiences that gradually led me toward that conclusion, as well as the ongoing experiences that served to further reinforce my certainty and gave me much wider appreciation of their incredible power and remarkable diverse capacities. My research arguably contributes to the early stages of data collection into this profound mystery, as well as proposing a hypothesis into the occult mechanics behind these truly bizarre otherworldly interactions. I must consider that my choice to approach this profound mystery open-eyed and in daylight conditions, or within an illuminated setting, greatly assisted my investigations; as opposed to experimenting closed-eyed, in darkness or dimly lit conditions. Nevertheless, despite all the phenomenal and insightful experiences witnessed, the fact that a sufficient dose of DMT promotes the emergence of a powerful non-physical entity into one’s setting, and effectively gives it licence to impose a very powerful and life-changing interaction upon the brave user, still seems like science fiction or fantasy. But in actual fact, what a truly wonderful and highly mysterious aspect of nature this is – the spirited risk-taking adventurer, able to utilise a potent mind manifesting substance extracted from nature, in order to assist in the exploration of that which is otherwise hidden from sight, within and without. How wonderful that these life-changing experiences strongly inspire individual creativity and promote greater self-awareness and drive for self-development. Can we suppose that nature had forethought to hardwire into her design a failsafe against humanity losing capacity for direct spiritual experience?


By way of introduction to my initial publication, I considered it apt to provide brief but relevant background information about myself, pertaining to: altered states of consciousness in my earlier years, which included classic out-of-body experiences; a bizarre encounter with a radiant sun-like orb; and persistent high-pitched tinnitus – which remains with me to this day. I go on to explain how I became introduced into esoteric and occult literature, with particular regard to the theosophical works of H. P. Blavatsky – which had huge influence upon my early adult ontological outlook. My books reference Wikipedia articles in order to provide broad introduction to individuals such as Dr Rick Strassman, Terence McKenna, and Jacques Vallée; as well as subject matter such as: Pseudoscience, New Age, Cymatics, Corpora Arenacea, Ascended Master, Will (philosophy). More obscure esoteric literature is referenced where quotes were found to complement or give substance to my analysis. Secondary intentions behind publishing DMT & My Occult Mind was to contribute to the early stages of data collection arising from these deeply mystical and mysterious experiences, but also to advance the discussion by suggesting a scientifically incisive understanding of the occult-mechanics behind these life-changing encounters with powerful non-physical lifeforms.


36 thoughts on “DMT – Investigation of Occult Realities Using the Spirit Molecule”

  1. Alana says:

    People who take copious amounts of DMT, ketamine and other hallucinogens’ in order to experience altered states seem to all be lacking understanding of what they are encountering from an energetic awareness.

    Without actively grounding your energy and protecting yourself before launching into an astral journey you will open yourselves up to MANY entities that will only be there to f*ck with you and hinder your true awakening process.

    I have seen this play out again and again and I find it VERY concerning at how many people that are seeking enlightenment take the path of substances to blow open there kundalini and 3rd eye.

    We are seeing a massive delusion take hold and it is very concerning.

    1. dick.khan says:

      It’s arguable that ignorance of nature’s hidden kingdoms and the wide-ranging denizens therein, relative to humankind, is also a massive delusion. One is forced to ask why nature has hidden within herself mind manifesting keys such as DMT that enable otherworldly exploration. We can suspect these altered states are slowly changing the paradigm to knowledge of unseen realms and their occupants. Humans are always susceptible to higher and lower entities depending on qualities of character, thought and action.

      It is of course possible that the DMT experience in its fullness actually promotes an encounter with an entity from the devachanic plane, rather than the astral plane.

      You are correct in saying people lack understanding of what they are encountering (at least initially) and your arguments about protection and grounding have validity. Having one’s wits about oneself coupled with the will to commit to the experience are absolute prerequisites. I suspect one’s karmic balance is also a relevant factor.

      Using DMT likely does change the pristine normalcy of the pineal gland. In some individuals that may be favourable and in others it may prove unfavourable.

      That all users are seeking enlightenment has to be an assumption. I was not seeking enlightenment. I began with curiosity, felt obliged to make several positive lifestyle changes – which remain to this day – and ultimately concluded that nature has some wonderful hidden secrets – such as very powerful beings that have influenced me to greater self-awareness and positive self-development.

      I won’t pretend I haven’t had some scrapes and some troubles. But those too have been edifying and rewarding in terms of me better appreciating my psyche.

  2. Echan Deravy says:

    The article read and the youtube viewed I would like to commend the author and Graham for presenting such truly important material. Personally it was a great relief to know that the ‘noise’ in the head described was shared by another person. It has long been my suspicion that this constant hum in the centre of the brain I have had for sixty years had some kind of connection to the dimension DMT reveals to us including the entire gamut of apparent UFO appearances and related synchronicities. Somehow it seems that this electronic-like hum (which is not present in altered states of consciousness or in dreams strangely enough) acts like a sonar gateway to that vast realm we spend most of our lives ignoring, or even worse perhaps, denying. Could it be like a brain signal that constantly reminds us that what we see as reality is only a miniscule fraction of deeper worlds?

    1. dick.khan says:

      Thanks very much for your commendation – that’s welcome and encouraging.

  3. tossy says:

    i expeienced similar over a 10 year period, and came to the conclusion that dmt is a powerful hallucinogen and nothing more. The so called entities do not exist outside the mind, however much one hubristically imagines them to.

    1. dick.khan says:

      Thanks for sharing. I’m not going to try and change your mind, except to say this difference of opinion between DMT users really does fascinate me. The pro-entity argument can look to the esoteric and occult philosophies as well as theology to argue for the actuality of otherworldly agency. The argument against entities concedes that mind exists, but mind must be incarnate in flesh?

  4. Elmer says:

    I did a Tarot redeading on DMT,and Died Twice from Opietes.

    1. dick.khan says:

      Tarot scares me more than DMT. True story!

  5. Jon-Lennart Aasenden says:

    I find this really interesting, but I am having difficulties buying the book. Amazon for some reason dont accept paypal, and thats what most people use up here in Norway. At least consider making it available for Android users via Google Store.

    1. dick.khan says:

      I really appreciate your interest in DMT & My Occult Mind. Self-publishing through Amazon ties me to Amazon but if you’re having difficulties hmu through social media and perhaps we can take it from there?

  6. Chris says:

    Real or not real, I found the article fascinating and appreciate the experienced shared by the author and those who are commenting here.

    1. dick.khan says:

      Taking the time to express that is worth more than you think. Thanks – very much appreciated!

  7. Matheus Pastorini says:

    I’m shocked by your research!!It put in words the exactly feeling I felt the times i used DMT by inhaling (i smoked in a joint mixed with herbs, what we call “Tchanga” here in Brazil). My experience happend in a music festival here in Brazil where i guess i used 4 times in a space of 4 months. I truly felt the presence of very chill and beautiufl beings interested in me, welcoming me and wanting to know me in some way. I felt the most genuine and exciting feeling, it seemed like the most happy I’ve ever been. Also felt like going through a medical cirurgy and an examination of my stomach and a cut in my 3d eye location. I’m living in London now and I haven’t got the chance to use it since my last time in Fabruary but it was a life changing experience that opened my mind to a state of well-being and spiritual connection I could never imagine. I’m also very happy and grateful for having come across your research, I believe it’s something so so beautiful and meaningful what you’re doing and I hope it just grows more and more to the world, thank you so much, can’t wait to get the chance to buy your book!! Also you seems like a very nice person that is doing some great things to this world so thanks again. <3

    1. dick.khan says:

      That’s a tremendously welcome and encouraging message, Matheus! Thank you for the kind comments and for your interest in by research and my books. I have to say, I enjoyed hearing an outline of your experiences. The commonalties expressed by many different users really point towards an opportunity for us to better understand these experiences, and who knows, in the fullness of time, science itself may attest to the actuality on non-physical beings. All good wishes 🙂

  8. Enrique P. Fenoll says:

    Great article! I thank the author for his publication, it is an intellectual challenge that will make me think about it for a long time. Although English is not my native language, I think I’m going to read the books mentioned at the beginning of this article to learn more about this topic.
    Thank you!

    1. dick.khan says:

      Thank you, Enrique – I really appreciate your message and your interest in my research and my books.

  9. David P. Crews says:

    I enjoyed reading your article and your thoughts on this. I’m encouraged to see the approach taken of an explorer. I’ve been thinking in this mode for more than 15 years, since I first encountered ayahuasca in the Amazon and had a personal audience with the non-human entity known as Mother Ayahuasca. The experience of meeting and communicating with her in person and gaining from her an unexpected gift of the heart – a soul renewal – was enough to convince me of her independent reality existing within a separate yet close-by dimension. I’ve seen myself and others who have an interest in ontology as being true explorers of an alien land, emerging ashore with no information, no maps, no human guide to help us understand what is going on. It is a personal effort and risk, but one I think is worth our efforts as we begin to make sense of it and to eventually get to ask those other beings the most important question: “Why?”
    I’m 66 years old and I would like to know what is really going on before I make that irreversible transition out of this realm and, perhaps, into that other one. And, so, I shall continue to explore.

    1. dick.khan says:

      Thanks for your message, David. I enjoyed reading that and I especially appreciated your comment “… enough to convince me of her independent reality existing within a separate yet close-by dimension.” I hope your continuing explorations prove to be insightful and rewarding.

  10. Justin says:

    I have studied the esoteric and specifically Hermeticism now for some time, and found that it states something extremely similar to what you are suggesting. That is that when we consider our full being, it is not just made up of one conscious self sufficient part, but actually six… among which we are the little guy. So it does not surprise me at all that these encounters are both recurring and fascinating. You also were hitting on the role of these higher parts of our self which is to structure our reality and provide us lessons for growth. Cheers man great read.

    1. dick.khan says:

      Much appreciated, Justin. Don’t be surprised if you find me using your Hermetically-minded line “…among which we are the little guy,” in a future literary project.

  11. Jason says:

    Excellent article! For me I have to believe the experience is quite real. I had the most terrible yet most life changing experience on DMT. I actually found my dead father and was explained things that happened before I was born and my mind could never have made up and if that wasn’t real, I don’t know what is!

    1. dick.khan says:

      I really appreciate your kind response to the article, Jason. Your DMT account is one of those truly mind-blowing experiences that show just how profoundly mysterious these states are. Despite my own investigations, I’m certain I haven’t even scratched the surface of where this can take us.

  12. Jay Springgay says:

    Hi Dick, interesting Article & excellent podcast.I also read you’re pdf ‘the faces of peolpe seemed to be masks’ which makes some interesting points.It seems like however self prepared you are,mesmerism prevents critical dialogue with such entities,(Something i know very well ,I’ve had an interest in the Occult for many years with questions & subsequent experiences very simolar to yours). Answer’s to your question may be found elsewhere, Near death experiences with for example questions parallel to yours ‘life after life, by Raymond Moody lists testemony of patients brught back from the dead travelling through a tunnel & describing a feeling ‘realer than real’… some Shamic breathing techniques & manic dancing moves are discussed with Tim booth(from the group JAMES-london real podcast) incidently (the NETFLIX series ‘the AO’ (Fiction) covers both subjects, The release of dmt on death seems to be it’s primary function it’s wider application sounds fascinating,i have also experienced these visions with self sustaining entities but never taken DMT, thanks for the info hope you find the answer you are looking for.Kind regards

    1. dick.khan says:

      Thanks Jay! Fascinating comment. Am grateful for the research pointers. I once had a ticket to see JAMES at the Manchester GMex. Sadly, a few feet of snow landing on the moors put paid to that. Thanks again 😊

  13. Jill says:


    This is my experience and thoughts, having never taken psychedelics, etc.

    Like another person above, I worry that people don’t understand there are many kinds of beings, each with their own life. Not every being has a good intent towards others and some beings might do harm by accident because we are very different from each other. Other beings have an amazing good will and many beings like to have fun!

    I feel it is important to discern who one is dealing with and act accordingly.

    1. dick.khan says:

      Hi Jill

      Thanks for sharing this. My experience concurs with your viewpoint – discernment in these dealings is of paramount importance. Thankfully, the vast majority of my encounters have been with non-physical beings whose manner of interaction has proven them to be trustworthy – to my sensibilities, at least. However, I can’t pretend I haven’t had occasional admonishment from them, or haven’t been ignored by them without due cause. Conversely, I have had a few interactions with non-physical entities who were qualitatively of a very different order, and have therein found myself fearful for my life and fearful my mental health. There have been instances I wanted to vacate the room, but found myself unable to do so; and occasions where I have faced away from the entity in order to convey (rightly or wrongly), my mistrust in the attending entity. Having one’s wits on high alert is a prerequisite mindset in these inquiries.

      1. Jill says:

        Hi Dick,

        Have you noticed an increase in encounters with evil/cruel entities for the last few months? The reason I ask is that people have been really having a go at bringing truly evil beings into this beautiful earth.

        People who want to save this earth and all living things have to redouble efforts towards that which is good, courageous and just.

        1. dick.khan says:

          Hi Jill,

          Not from my own experiences with freebase DMT and 5Meo-DMT, nor from my ayahuasca experiences. I should concede my research has been far more literary and much less practical this year. Nevertheless, my experiences this year have been with that familiar class of entities that I came to refer to as Occult Masters (except for the 5MeoDMT experience which was phenomenal but had no sense of entity interaction).

          I have heard a few others refer to such negative experiences this year and ask the same question.

          [quote]The reason I ask is that people have been really having a go at bringing truly evil beings into this beautiful earth.[/quote]

          Are you able to provide more information on that?


  14. Jill says:

    Hi Dick,

    Did you see Marina Abramovic’s ads for Microsoft? I have heard her speak and she means to commit evil. She appears well connected/works with a group of people who mean to do this earth and its lifeforms great harm.

    I also know of a group doing this. I don’t know of any papers on this subject to refer you to. Sorry, I know personal experience is only one person speaking.

    I have heard others say this as well.

    1. dick.khan says:

      Hi Jill,
      I had previously heard of this supposedly Satanically-inspired artist and just gave myself a brief refresher of her works via YouTube. The Microsoft ad is pretty innocuous, but some of her other works have a high shock factor. I can’t determine whether this is art designed to shock for the sake of shocking or whether there is genuine nefarious intent within her. Must say though, you’ve captured my attention with this. Not least because I have a friend in the USA who (long story short), operates on a mindset that perceives these darker occult forces within society far more readily than perhaps I choose to, or dare to. What you suggest correlates with his views. I guess I have to say: I see what you mean! I’m grateful to you for pointing this out to me. Very interesting indeed! Let me see if I can rouse my friend into getting active on this debate.

      1. Jill says:

        Hi Dick,

        I’d like to hear your friend’s thoughts. If they have time to write I’d like to read!



        1. dick.khan says:

          Hi Jill,
          Me too! I’ve prompted him again in response to this request but he’s more a speaker than a writer. My original invitation for him to sign-up and share his thoughts here upon Marina Abramovic resulted in a brief acknowledgment in accordance with what you had expressed and an interesting image of Marina Abramović posing with Jacob Rothschild in front of ‘Satan summoning his Legions’, 1796-1797
          Check DM also
          Best wishes

        2. Paul says:

          Hey Jill,
          There is no doubt left my mind that there is an ancient order of highly informed families who are manipulating the human experience. They have an unbelievable understanding of how our subconscious minds work which enables them to strongly influence the thoughts, desires and behaviours of the masses.
          Although, my journeys and visions during ayahuasca ceremonies have confirmed to me that they have given up their capacity to feel love in exchange for temporary material gain. As they commit more evil they invite the anti-nature energy of wetiko (this is what the indigenous North American tribes names it), and become possessed by an uncontrollable urge to take the energy of those who love, like energy vampires..
          A subject to research I recommend is the sabbatean-franks, an order that rose up when the intelligence of wetiko realised that it had to go deeper underground and could only continue is evil doing through stealth and mass deception of the people.
          Ultimately, wetiko was brought into the human experience to tempt separation from our soul/true nature, which inflames our sense of separation (ego), leading to ignorance and acts of extreme control and evil, and these are the lessons of the Kali age, soul school.

          There’s going to be be a new faculty quite soon though,
          The stars are aligning 😉

          In lak’ech
          Paul x

          1. Jill says:

            Dear Dick and Paul,

            Dick, thank you so much for asking your friend to comment. Paul thank you very much for commenting, especially as this isn’t your preferred way of doing things. I appreciate both of your kindness! I apologize for my late response. Dick, I don’t know how to DM but please feel free to contact me at my e-mail below.

            Paul, I really agree that there is a group which has amazing knowledge of how to confuse, control and use both the best and worst instincts in others so that they can gain power and act with extraordinary cruelty. They use it on each other, even at the highest levels. It involves physical/spiritual/emotional/mindbody torture techniques to gain control.

            If they have given up love, which I agree they have, they still crave it. I believe they are trying to extract love because they are completely empty. It would be dangerous, but I think love is a possible way to reach them (if that is still possible). Clearly, every action they impose on us is trying to kill loving kindness and connection.

            They are utterly trying to destroy children. To do this, they first need to destroy functioning adults who would normally protect them. Drosten and company even wrote it was vitally important to make children feel like they had or would be killing older people through the “contagion” of human connection. Vicious.

            This cult has been sucking meaning from themselves and others for a long time. They are replacing it with obedience and cruelty. I am glad that your visions show new knowledge coming. This is a real relief to me. I will look up what you wrote about. I very much want to understand. What both you and Dick wrote helps out a lot.

            In Blessing and Gratitude,


            P.S. I feel they are definitely coming out now. They still use a great deal of deceit but at the same time, everything is out front in ways I have never seen before.

  15. Theodore Kaczynski was right. says:

    One of the interesting aspects of this is when Horgan published his book “Rational Mysticism”, where he covered part of Strassman’s work involving the evidence of practitioners of theurgy (routine sacrificial devotion) having higher trace amounts of dimethyltryptamine in their blood and urine. Newman briefly mentions this in his book “Alchemically Stoned: The Psychedelic Secret of Freemasonry” and his mention of the sprig of acacia in one of his literary pieces on the reality sandwich website.

    Some Greeks believed that theurgy was an art and science that allowed the individual practitioner’s consciousness (the microcosm) to further unify with the fundamental totality of all things (the macrocosm); they called this “henosis”; this coincides with their belief of the “Monad”. (This seems like another way to interpret an “ego-death”.) The CIA kind of did a study on this involving the “Gateway Process” where they describe the practitioner being able to reach a state of mind through theurgical practices to where they can make a change in what we perceive as reality. The CIA called this “patterning”. However, the description of this phenomena seems not very different than what practitioners of magic in western mystery schools such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn or even Ordo Templi Orientis describe.

    1. dick.khan says:

      Thanks for sharing this and for introducing me to Horgan’s work. I’ll be taking a look at Rational Mysticism. I’m a big fan of Newman’s work and have had the rare pleasure of reviewing the MS for his pending follow-up to Alchemically Stoned.

      [quote] Some Greeks believed that theurgy was an art and science that allowed the individual practitioner’s consciousness (the microcosm) to further unify with the fundamental totality of all things (the macrocosm)…[quote]

      Theurgy as Art and Science. I was reading along those very same lines only moments ago, in the phenomenally titled tome by the late Mary Anne Atwood: ‘A suggestive inquiry into the hermetic mystery with a dissertation on the more celebrated of the alchemical philosophers being an attempt towards the recovery of the ancient experiment of nature.’

      Initially published anonymously in 1850, before been withdrawn (out of concern it disclosed too many Hermetic secrets), until being reissued in 1918. Exercising theurgical practice to change what we perceive as reality is, as you say, not very different what practitioners of magic describe. Crowley’s definition of magic (magick) in that respect arguably takes first prize: “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will.”

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