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Consciousness Activism 127  14  EvelynRysdyk  15-Jan-19 12:26 
Last Post by greengirl5
From your article... 108  Poster Boy  15-Jan-19 02:02 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Re: the article by Evelyn rysdyk 214  20  Susan Doris  12-Jan-19 18:36 
Last Post by Susan Doris
Welcome to Evelyn Rysdyk our Author of the Month for January 2019 148  Graham Hancock  10-Jan-19 17:30 
Last Post by EvelynRysdyk
Carl, I am wholly with you on magico-anthropology.... 333  Itatw70s  01-Jan-19 20:30 
Last Post by Itatw70s
What is a good lecture? 378  carlabrahamsson  21-Dec-18 01:34 
Last Post by Itatw70s
Magico-anthropology 468  carlabrahamsson  21-Dec-18 01:11 
Last Post by Itatw70s
Desecration almost rhymes with desacralization 475  10  carlabrahamsson  21-Dec-18 00:47 
Last Post by Itatw70s
Welcome to Carl Abrahamsson Author of the Month for December 2018 454  Graham Hancock  11-Dec-18 09:35 
Last Post by carlabrahamsson
A convenient untruth 811  cliffrover  28-Nov-18 18:37 
Last Post by Wheeler
The Red Paint People 574  cliffrover  27-Nov-18 05:39 
Last Post by cliffrover
Welcome to my good friend Glenn Kreisberg, our features author for November 2018 1,000  Graham Hancock  15-Nov-18 08:08 
Last Post by dwm
Welcome to Dr. Gabor Maté, our Author of the Month for September 2018 1,281  Graham Hancock  12-Nov-18 12:19 
Last Post by trace1
This topic has been moved.: Where is all the lost sunken stone works of Egypt at the bottom of the Nile River? ConfusedAboutEgypt  11-Nov-18 01:34 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Who were the first? 772  cliffrover  10-Nov-18 03:26 
Last Post by cliffrover
Weather or not... 763  cliffrover  06-Nov-18 02:47 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Give me a reason... 833  cliffrover  05-Nov-18 15:11 
Last Post by Poster Boy
What gives? 1,113  Poster Boy  01-Nov-18 00:45 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Addiction: disease or something else? 1,159  Itatw70s  27-Oct-18 19:24 
Last Post by andy_mac_27
Commonalities of pygmy and fairy traditions with the Maori 1,413  12  Laird Scranton  23-Oct-18 19:29 
Last Post by michael seabrook
Can anyone get off the wheel of life? 1,165  Eddie Larry  05-Oct-18 18:45 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
The V word 1,327  seanoffshotgun  21-Sep-18 10:57 
Last Post by seanoffshotgun
Is Graham Hancock writing a sequel to Entangled? 5,069  22  DNA  21-Sep-18 09:23 
Last Post by Esther369
Dravidian connections 1,476  Sirius7237  17-Sep-18 04:25 
Last Post by Laird Scranton
The mythical Wharekura school 1,470  Laird Scranton  14-Sep-18 19:37 
Last Post by michael seabrook
Symbolic Reversals and Concepts of the Underworld 1,385  Laird Scranton  09-Sep-18 19:39 
Last Post by Laird Scranton
Welcome to Laird Scranton our author of the month for September 2018 1,514  Graham Hancock  09-Sep-18 17:35 
Last Post by cladking
Maori esoteric tradition 1,430  Laird Scranton  04-Sep-18 14:00 
Last Post by Laird Scranton
Welcome to Hugh Newman our author of the month for August 2018 1,968  12  Graham Hancock  28-Aug-18 10:09 
Last Post by Robert Jameson
Stone circles 1,551  Susan Doris  15-Aug-18 20:51 
Last Post by michael seabrook
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