About Dick Khan

Dick Khan is a practical investigator of the DMT experience, promoting an esoteric interpretation and analysis of his interactions with otherworldly agency through self-publishing: DMT & My Occult Mind – Lite and, DMT & My Occult Mind II.

Pursuing several hundred such experiences in an unsanctioned research capacity, Khan’s longstanding interest in theosophy and his employment as a public health professional provide a platform for pioneering and original insight into the deeply mysterious DMT experience.

From working class roots in the north of England, his early childhood and spirited adventuring domestically and overseas were always indicative of a life less ordinary.

Proving a popular podcast interviewee, sharing insight upon the increasingly popular DMT topic, Khan prefers to promote the substance and the significance of the experience above himself.

Happily married, Khan is always resolute that he qualifies as the world’s best husband and father.

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