It is our pleasure to welcome Rory Duff, author of Grail Found, as our featured author for April.

For almost two decades, Rory, a trained Geologist and a Geobiologist, has conducted remarkable research mapping the Earth’s sound lines – powerful vibrations that seem to emanate from the Earth’s inner core. During his research Rory observed that many sacred sites are found where these sound lines intersect and it was this discovery that took him on a journey, leading to the unravelling and decoding of ancient Templar secrets and the legend of the Grail.

Books by Rory Duff

Grail Found How the Templar Grail was found

There are Knights Templar buildings all around Europe and the Middle East that contain enigmatic symbols. Some of these sites only seem to be known about by a few local people. Experts, some of whom live not that far away, are oblivious to their existence and completely unaware of the potential knowledge that deciphering these symbols might bring.

There are ancient sacred sites all around the world that are still unknown about today, with many containing discoveries still waiting to emerge. These too will possibly provide much needed information that could be very helpful to us during these current changing times.

Fortunately, as a result of recent research, we now have a new way of finding these long lost sacred sites but many more people are needed to help look for them because it is a huge task. What makes this research different from anything done before is my discovery of a way to differentiate between different frequencies of Earth sounds.

I never set out to look for the Grail. My interest was in Geobiology, the study of how the Earth affects life on this planet. What this led to, was a strategy that came from finding a connection between very low frequency sounds and ancient sacred sites.

My Geobiological research led to a new hypothesis for how the Earth’s inner core is causing spherical standing waves of powerful Earth vibrations.

These sounds appear on the surface as linear, high pressure concentration zones that go right round the world. In doing so, they cross over one another. Some of these crossings are very special intersections. These were ones that have much greater numbers of these linear zones crossing over each other in one place and also ones which have the lowest frequency vibrations.

A model of the linear high pressure zones going around the Earth with their intersections

I developed a strategy of following certain specific linear features in order to find these special intersections and this led to the discovery that well-known sacred sites were found on them.

Following this strategy led me to come across two, almost unknown Templar sites in Europe. When looking elsewhere in the world, several famous archaeological sites were also found on these sound lines and their large intersections. One example here is the Chinese pyramids to the North of Xianyang. Some people certainly know about these but very few realise that they are found on a line over 100kms in length and that is exactly where one of the Earth’s major sound lines can be found. You can search for pyramids to the North and South of this line and you will not find any.

[See image here of Chinese pyramids]

Google Earth satellite image with markers showing pyramid locations and an image of one of them
Image ©2020 Maxar technologies

Many more of these sacred sites are still waiting to be discovered as there are many of these powerful lines and therefore there are plenty of intersections.

The Knights Templar

Through synchronicity, two sets of nearly identical early Hebrew Alchemical texts were brought to my attention. (Patai1)

Examples of two of these similar Heiroglyphic figures that also show their differences

The differences between these sets of Heiroglyphic figures, as well as their different symbols and texts, all seemed to indicate just what a small group of Knights had been looking for in the tunnels under Temple mount in Jerusalem back in 1118AD. My research into them revealed that they must have discovered a similar strategy to the one I had been using to find these sound energy intersections. The linear energy concentrations in these figures were being symbolised as streams and the sacred sites were being represented as mounds and rose gardens. In 1128AD these early Knights then went on to form the Knights Templar order that went on to build the great Gothic cathedrals like the ones at Chartres & Amiens. I found that all these are located on special sound intersections. It now seems that, in understanding these texts, these Knights had identified exactly how, and where, to find special sacred sites and this was why they then wanted to build their cathedrals on them.

The Templars were a diverse group who encouraged multi-faith worship and they invited people from many different races to join them. Their order was formed for many reasons but the main one was to safeguard pilgrims on their journey to and from the holy land. It seems that one small group of them though were looking to do something very special and this appears to be linked to the texts and drawings that the original Knights had found in Jerusalem. It is now thought that they were looking for the most sacred site of them all.

When looking at where they built their commanderies and their chapels, one can see that they had to have known about these lines and their intersections. As their order grew, they kept on building more of them on these locations and it began to look to me as though they were looking for the most powerful intersection of them all. These were the ones with the lines that have the lowest frequencies of them all. Unfortunately for them, they seem to have failed to find it and it was their most Southernmost site in Spain, at Caravaca de la Cruz, that revealed how close they came.


Caravaca de la Cruz

Back in those times though, Chretien de Troyes had not even written his tale about a Grail. His story was the very first one in which the Grail word was used. What this means is that the Templars were searching for something that they weren’t even calling a Grail. They were just looking for sacred places and the most sacred place they could find. That one place could be more sacred than another one was perhaps  not fully understood back then. Now though, we seem to have found out the reason why.

The Hidden Messages

This biggest and most powerful sound intersection was something a group of us had only recently located back in 2012. What we found peculiar at the time was that it was also the site of the largest Bronze Age city on mainland Europe. This is a place called La Bas Tida and it sits on a small conical shaped hill near to the town of Totana in Murcia. As a geologist I can tell you that this hill is not a man-made pyramid, but the shape must have been significant because their most sacred place was built right at the top.

La Bas Tida – with the Archaeological offices bottom right

The onsite Archaeologists were slightly confused to find the site where it was situated because it was not on a natural trade route, nor was it on the highest and most defendable ground, furthermore it was not even on a waterway. What also made them curious was that they found tools there that were the same, in style and fashion, as ones that could also be found over 2000 miles away at the other end of the Mediterranean Sea. This was in contrast to other Bronze Age sites in Spain that seem to have had tools that had been made locally.

Spanish linear high pressure zones of low frequency sounds
(First published here in this article)

It looked as though the Argaric people who had lived at La Bas Tida, had embarked on a great migration along one of these major linear features and ended up building their city in this part of Spain at this major intersection. This practice of great migrations along sacred paths across Europe was known to have happened in Celtic times from research done by Graham Robb2. It is now possible that this practice was a continuation from an earlier one that started in the Bronze Age and possibly before that too. Just why people would do this is something we are only beginning to understand.

Having found this major intersection near Totana, we tracked a pair of these linear features to the North East. It was then that we found the nearest most powerful intersection at Caravaca de la Cruz. To the locals, this is a place of pilgrimage. Outside of the region hardly anyone knows that it is one of the Christian world’s top five most holy places according to the Pope. The reason for this is that it appears to be known for its miracles. What is even less well known is that for a short time period in its past, the Knights Templar were there and they left behind something that is quite extraordinary. Just after their order was banned they filled in a round window high up in the chapel and then surrounded it with a sequence of mysterious symbols.

The Apparition/Templar window with it symbols

Deciphering some of these led to finding the encoded date of 1313 that had been hidden with a Cistercian number cipher. No one in the past had produced any satisfactory interpretation of the symbols and the legend in the town said that if the message were to ever be decoded, it would change the world for good. Around the corners of this chapel are four wall murals, each with a brief Latin inscription. However, it was not until I found the next Templar site that a clue emerged that would allow the full message of the four murals and these symbols to be revealed.

The Movement of Sound and its Shapes

Having tracked a pair of these linear features up into France, I found that they ran through the tiny chapel in the village of Montsaunes just South of Toulouse.

Montsaunes Chapel

It is only open for two hours in the afternoon three days a week. You have to also go and get the keys yourself. According to the key holders, hardly anyone has visited this place and most people who live outside of this region have no idea that this place exists. It was built in 1280AD when the Templars were at the height of their power and only a few years before Chretien would write his story about the Grail. The walls and high ceiling show a huge number of enigmatic symbols that had never before been interpreted. Some were obviously ‘flower of life’ symbols but now these were also shown as part of a sequence of what looked like changing shapes.

In the middle of this sequence is a four petal ‘flower of life’ symbol and this has to now be one of the earliest ever recorded designs of the original Templar cross that is still in existence.

Ceiling symbols with the sequence and the 4 petal flower of life Templar sign

It was only because I had been studying the 3D shape and movement of sound at these intersections that I now realised that some of these symbols resembled these changing 3D shapes when looking at them from the top down.

3D representation of the double torus and vortex sound energy shapes

Some of the more regular patterns had double circles with vortex and torus designs in the middle. These now seemed to resemble the annulus region of a containment field within which a vortex could build and grow in just the same way they do in water.

Some of the symbols at Caravaca de la Cruz now also looked to represent similar Vortex and Torus shapes but this time from a cross sectional view from the side and not one from above.

Not long after this discovery I was introduced to the Grail story of Perlesvaus and it was here that I came across the Grail being described as being invisible but, it was something that could only be seen by spiritual people. It was also said to change its shape and that one of its shapes was a cup (or perhaps a vortex?). It seemed that the Cistercian writer was trying to make the Grail into something that described what they knew to be a natural phenomenon. Back then many writers of the Grail stories each wanted to portray the Grail as something that fitted their own desired narrative. In this case it seems that the Grail was being represented as these special shapes of sound found at these intersections. This would now mean that there would be lots of places where these Grail shapes could form, but it would also mean that the biggest and most powerful Grail shape would be found at the most powerful intersections and there are very few of these around – so few in fact that the only one in Europe was in La Bas Tida in Spain.

Invisible sound shapes are all very well, but what I now found of interest was not these Grail shapes, but the Grail properties that were supposedly associated with it and how these connected with human consciousness. The murals in the Templar chapel at Caravaca, and the now decoded symbols, were all describing what this special place could do for people. Spiritual Healing, incubatory travelling & enlightenment are all indicated. If this was true, this would mean that these spiritual states might all be the result of a resonant interaction between human consciousness and these low frequency sounds, which might further be enhanced if a certain meditative state of mind was achieved.

Knowledge of The Grail Properties

Because of the dates of when these symbols were originally drawn, this now meant that the Grail properties were something that had to be much older than the Grail word itself. Chretien de Troyes said that the Grail was just a shallow bowl and that it had no magical properties at all, so we have to consider that all these older, special properties were added to the later Grail stories.

On further investigation in regard to where else these properties were said to exist, other items from stories in other parts of the world were found. There was a ‘Gral’ stone in the Middle East and a Cauldron in the Far East as well the Cauldrons found in the Arthurian Grail legends.

In my book, Grail Found, I go into all these aspects in more detail in order to show their connections. What seems to be clear now is that these natural intersections of low frequency, linear, high pressure zones seem to be related to instances of spiritual healing, manifestation, incubatory travelling and enlightenment. Some people might even call some of these things miracles.

This knowledge was something that the early Hebrews seemed to have known about and passed down through the generations by word of mouth. This seems to have continued until someone was the first to draw these secret Heiroglyphic figures and to write some text to go with them it in order to help their younger generations to learn and understand them as well. This was done to record the words of a man called Abramelin the Mage who lived during the time that was over 100 years after the Knights were in Jerusalem. This means that the Knights could not have possibly seen and read these images & texts. It is for this possible reason that references to Abramelin’s work would have been ignored before now in regards to what the Knights were looking for. However, the texts contained knowledge that had been handed down for over a thousand years and this included knowledge of where and how to find certain secrets. These were directions to a special place in a tunnel under Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This just happened to be exactly where the Knights had been looking. So it now seems very possible that these Knights had heard about this special place and had set out to find it. It is no accident here that this is also where there is a major intersection of these low frequency lines of sound energy. What is perhaps less well known is that Temple Mount is actually a very ancient area of high ground where there are several large well carved Master stones under the South Western foundations of King Solomon’s temple. The heaviest, which is called the Western stone, is around 660 tons in weight. The sides of these stones have been made so flat that no cement was needed. When comparing similar masonry to that found in other locations around the world, it is now highly likely that these were set in position over 12,000 years ago and therefore long before King Solomon. Solomon would have had no other option but to build his temple on top of them because he could not move them. He would have been also compelled to build his temple there because he too would have known that it was an immensley sacred place.

Master stones in the foundations of Temple Mount in Jerusalem

If we now return to these hieroglyphic figures and their Alchemical texts, it was later discovered that in the 14th century they had been deliberately changed in order to stop people finding out the original truth. One factor that may have motivated these changes was the idea that one place being seen as more sacred than another was almost certainly becoming highly problematical to those in power who ran the large religious organisations. In that century there is now good evidence to show that these changes were deliberately done by a man called Nicolas Flamel. This very real person is the same one that is supposed to have created the mythical Philosopher’s stone and it is perhaps no coincidence that this too has been called the Holy Grail.

This knowledge of the Earth’s natural intersections, and the special properties that could be found there, had to have come from a much earlier time, and it was not just the Templars who came across this. Later on, the Rosicrucians seem to have also rediscovered part of it and, even today, it would seem that some of this early knowledge is being kept by certain secret societies.

Throughout history many secrets of great importance have been handed down by word of mouth and this relies much on the ability to memorise and to hear things accurately. When communication happens between people it is well known that deletion, distortion and generalisation can occur. The message itself, because of that, can change over time and its accuracy is then lost. It is far better, when possible, to do scientific research and that is now being carried out in the field of Geobiology. More specifically here, this has been done through the mapping of large areas of the world in order to find all the different linear concentrations of sound and their different frequencies. What arose from this work showed that these frequencies appear in groups and some of these groups of lines are much more common than others.

Finding the Harmony

For nearly 17 years I have been mapping these linear features, learning more about the different frequencies of vibration and the benefits and dangers that come from some of these lines. Natural movement, with cycles and rhythms, have been found and all these lines have been found to come together in harmony four times a year. That is to say that their natural side to side movement, which dictates their fundamental frequency, all come together in unison at one particular frequency. This one harmony frequency also changes over time in cycles and rhythms over the years. The graph below shows the side to side movement of one of these energy lines over time. The time it takes to move one way and then back again determines its frequency. As you can see this can take several hours when measured in hertz and it is actually now measured in microhertz. Eigenmodes (a set of natural vibrations that are all the same, or very similar) of these frequencies were found and this is what determines the different groupings. The exception to this though is found on these four harmony times in the year as these are the occasions when all the lines adapt and begin to move at the same frequency. Graphically speaking all the lines would then overlay each other with their peaks and troughs matching. A new hypothesis on how this happens and where the energy comes from before it gets to the Earth’s inner core, is something that has only recently been worked out.

Side to side movement of these linear zones of sound over time (Y axis in centimetres)

With the unison that occurs on these harmony times, toroidal energy shapes appear with vortexes in the middle of them at the centres of these sacred intersections. What is interesting is that these four times, when the harmony occurs, coincide with the day before the Solstices and the Equinoxes.

For years this confounded me until further synchronicity brought me knowledge about the Tekufah. These were the original Hebrew Holy days and they were on the last day of the Sun’s cycle. The first day of the Sun’s new cycle was the day of celebration and it was these days that naturally got remembered as this was when there were feasts – like the St. John’s day feast on the Summer Solstice. It seems that a few of the Templars had discovered this and evidence of them knowing about it can be found hidden within their designs inside Chartres Cathedral. That Chartres Cathedral was a great solar observatory is becoming increasingly more well-known. What is clear is that the Templars were able to exactly determine the Sun’s cycles and they would have known, to the very day, when the old holy day was coming around. They also built their labyrinth with its central sacred space exactly on the intersection of these sound lines.

Since 2012, and finding the most powerful intersection in Spain, my research continued and the largest and most powerful linear concentrations of sound have now been tracked all around the world. There are six pairs of these lines. They are in pairs because the sounds move outward and back to the inner core as standing waves. When constructing a sacred monument standing waves are both important and significant when it comes to chamber size dimensions. The precision here allowed for a specific resonant sound to be sustained during chanting. When they got the sound right, the frequencies have been found to be an exact higher harmonic match with the basal beat frequencies of the sound lines running though that chamber. This resonance makes every single cell in one’s body vibrate. This is not something that is easy to achieve for a variety of reasons, but when it happens, it is an amazing experience.

It is quite likely now that our early ancestors knew about these sound lines and the powerful effects that can come from this form of resonance. Possible evidence for this can be found by some of the types of sites we find on the lines. For example, a pair of powerful lines runs from the intersection near Totana all the way across Southern Spain to Cadiz where it then heads across the Atlantic & into Brazil and beyond. Near to Cadiz we find that one of the pairs of lines runs through the ‘Sun and the Moon’ Hypogeum at the Archaeological site of Doña Blanca. Hypogeums like this, and the one found at the Hal Saflieni in Malta, have been found to have unique acoustic properties. It is this acoustic connection with these sound lines that perhaps explains why these caves were either dug out where they were, or why those particular caves were chosen to be used. These ancient people almost certainly understood that some places on the Earth were more favourable and beneficial to them than others.

This now takes us back to where these low frequency vibrations are coming from and how they arise. The Earth’s inner core is solid iron and nickel and it sits within a liquid outer core. Iron and nickel are known to be excellent transducers. Transducers convert one form of energy into another and we find them in microphones and loudspeakers turning electricity into sound and vice versa. One of the initial sources of the energy is the Earth’s natural electromagnetism which is now hypothesised to be converted by the inner core into these sub audible sounds. This conversion makes the inner core slowly expand and contract and, as it does, it sends out these spherical vibratory waves. All these inner core expansions and contractions is rather like our Earth having its own beating heart.

Ordinarily what emanates from the centre of the Earth are Eigenmodes of different vibrations – a bit like a loudspeaker playing several sounds at once. When the high pressure element, within the field of these spherical standing waves, reaches the surface, we find this showing up as many linear high pressure features that go right around the Earth. It is at the intersections of the lower frequency groups of lines that we find the major sacred sites. It is then at these places that, four times a year, we find the Grail shape sound formations occurring with the torus that contains the vortex in the middle. It is this invisible sound shape that would now seem to be offering us certain benefits if we can bring our minds and bodies to resonate with the base frequency. This appears to be possible if we can meditate, pray, play & chant the right sound in the right place at the right time. It would now seem that the locations for where this could be done were also what a small group of Knights Templar was searching for. In doing this, they also seemed to have been looking for the most powerful Grail site of them all.

The Grail stories about the Knights and their journey in life to become better, more spiritual, people now all makes much more sense when understood in this context. It now seems clear as to why they were going from one Grail castle to another, overcoming the challenges they found on their way, and why they were praying at the chapels at each of these castles. They seemed to have been doing this to finally reach a point in their life where they could attain spiritual enlightenment. They even recognised this point by saying that this would be when they could eventually see this invisible Holy Grail.

All this information still leaves plenty of room for further Geobiological research and it is hoped that more people around the world will want to start tracking these low frequency linear features where they live in order to find nearby lost sacred sites.

The sequel to my book Grail Found is called Grail Bound and this goes on to explore the link between Geobiology & the Grail with well-known universal prophecies and our changing human consciousness. This has raised a new question about a link between these low frequency vibrations and the universal consciousness itself.

Advances in Geobiology, along with knowledge learned from deciphering symbols that come from finding other lost sacred sites, could one day help provide us with some answers to these major questions.

Thanks for reading this article.

References given in the article:-

1 The Jewish Alchemist: A history and source book by Raphael Patai 1994

2 The Ancient Paths by Graham Robb

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Grail Found How the Templar Grail was found

Rory Duff is a trained Geologist and a Geobiologist. He started off working in the mining industry as a structural geologist and later switched to petroleum geology before pursuing a career in coaching and training. After that he moved to studying Geobiology and the positive and negative health effects it has on people who live above certain frequencies of sound and what can be done to improve lives. In the last 17 years he has mapped more sound lines than anyone else in the World and he has been teaching people to do the same for the last 12 years. He runs his own competency based courses in the City of Bath in the UK where he has accurately mapped all the different types of energy lines. Rory was also the person who first discovered the presence of the six most powerful & lowest frequency linear concentrations of sound lines in the World – He calls these the Emperor Dragons and he spent the last 8 years mapping these and finding their powerful sacred sites where they intersect one another. His current aim is to follow his vocational path by exploring & following up synchronicities. This has recently taken him on a journey to understand how human consciousness evolves in cycles over time and how we are about to enter its next stage. This is all linked to these Emperor Dragons and the increase in cosmic energy the Earth is now receiving. Mankind is on the cusp of making an amazing evolution into a golden age but only, apparently, if we prepare correctly. His work now seems to be about understanding what this preparation is and what it means and sharing that knowledge with others.

If you would like to know more about my work and attend any of my seminars or courses please visit my website . He also has a monthly newsletter that you can sign up to and posts regularly on social media.

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  1. Terry says:

    Hello. I am a radio telecommunications technician and would very much like to explore for these resonant areas here in New Zealand. Can you please advise what equipment is needed and how to proceed. Many thanks.

    1. henry balfour says:

      research Bruce Cathie

    2. Rory Duff says:

      Transducers and Castle Hill South Island

  2. Tony Foster says:

    Very interesting and as a member of a couple of societies with such interests it is something I would like to investigate further. I would certainly be very interested in what equipment would be needed to measure these waves.

    1. Rory Duff says:

      Transducers – Research starts from Louis Rota’s original work

  3. henry balfour says:

    “these low frequency lines of sound energy.” Research the published theories of Bruce Cathie, a New Zealand pilot….

    1. Rory Duff says:

      Yes there is a basic link but these are much lower frequencies and differentiated

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    Please provide a map of Australia’s lines

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      A map of Australia’s type 5 lines will be coming out either later in the year or next year. The rainbow snake is one pair of these lines.

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    That’s truly fascinating and window opeaner. This finding is certainly an answer to always bewildering thoughts that, why so many ancient structures built on unusual places and heights ! Praise and respect to thy author for this enlightenment.

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      Thanks Rocky

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    Thank you for this. Although his theories are not scientific, Matias de stefano and his series ‘initiation’ on Gaia tv has good info on the torus and how it relates to universal existence.

    I’m curious about what you said here – “This appears to be possible if we can meditate, pray, play & chant the right sound in the right place at the right time”

    Do you have any resources on how one can utilise these methods in personal spiritual practice?

    Many thanks

    1. Rory Duff says:

      The resources are being developed by a group of people and they will be available via online courses nearer the end of this year. Join my newsletter on my website (contact page) and you will get details nearer the time. Website

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    I always thought Graham Robb had identified how Pythagorean principles had been used to map the UK and most of Europe and possible the world. I wasn’t aware his work linked into telluric currents or ultra low frequency electromagnetic grids
    If so then the stone circles and other ancient places across the UK are also nodes for low frequencies and if so has any work been done to identify this? Also, recent papers suggest some humans still possess the ability to key into the earths magnetic grid as some species of animals do. Is it possible humans can also recognise the low frequency grid biologically vi the brain or another organ?

    1. Rory Duff says:

      Hi Chris. This is a large subject so I will have to direct you to read my books as much of my research covers your questions. A point of differentiation here is that there are electromagnetic lines (Benker/ Hartmann Curry grid lines and these are thought to form as a result of the Birkeland currents leading to the Ground induction currents/ Telluric currents. These are different from the low frequency sound lines that emanate from the inner core.

  8. Daniel Gunderson says:

    Rory Duff, where can I find the Google Earth “model of the linear high pressure zones going around the Earth with their intersections”? I would like to explore it further in relation to my own research. Thank you.

    1. Rory Duff says:

      Those maps are not available to the general public just yet. They are being distributed locally to people on the ground near to these lines and their intersections so they can prepare local group meditations there. This is the most important thing to do right now. So please bear with me, more detailed maps will be available but not probably until the end of 2021

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        Is there information or a contact I can connect with to participate in the local meditations and/or find one near me. Also thank you for your article and research!

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    How does connect to ley lines, if at all?

    1. Rory Duff says:

      True Leys/Leylines/Alignments do show a connection to these sound lines but the former is a man made construct, whilst the latter is part of a natural phenomenon.

  10. An Anonymous Nerd says:

    Well, for a start….A couple of random points.

    Regarding the Knights Templar practicing multiple religions and valuing religious pluralism….

    Your exact quote was: “The Templars were a diverse group who encouraged multi-faith worship.”

    Everything I’ve read, however, (see some citations below) suggests that they were the Knights of the Roman Catholic Church, with a deeply religious mission. I’m aware of only three things that would even come close to claiming them for religious pluralism. One was stuff they said under torture (that they supposedly “admitted” to worshiping a severed head and some kind of horned god), and that shouldn’t count. Torture doesn’t result in reliable information (again, see below for a reference). The other was the fact that they made friends with some Muslims, most-famously Usamah Ibn Munqidh, who was allowed to pray in the Temple that gave the Templars their name. In context this shouldn’t seem like religious pluralism but rather like smart diplomacy or personal friendship in the midst of an overall hostile relationship. Very chivalric to them, but strange to us given their nature, and mission.

    And finally….Well I’ve read someplace that the Knights Templar once defended a group of heretics that were being persecuted but that “someplace” I read that was “Holy Blood, Holy Grail,” which isn’t reliable, and which I haven’t put in my references below. There’s also a fictional show on the History Channel that had the Templars defending Jewish people from persecution but again, that hasn’t come up anyplace else I’ve read or seen. (And neither instance necessarily would equate to the encouragement of multi-faith worship. Just a group of Knights trying to behave what they saw as chivalricly.)

    So….Where does the statement about them encouraging multi-faith worship come from? What are you referring to?

    2 – Your puzzlement as to the placement of the Bronze Age site at La Batista.

    Your exact quote is:

    “The onsite Archaeologists were slightly confused to find the site where it was situated because it was not on a natural trade route, nor was it on the highest and most defendable ground, furthermore it was not even on a waterway. What also made them curious was that they found tools there that were the same, in style and fashion, as ones that could also be found over 2000 miles away at the other end of the Mediterranean Sea.”

    Based on an article I found, it actually seems to be pretty-well suited to be a military fortification for the day, so perhaps your information is out-of-date? (See below.) If you provided a citation we could get into this more and see what the source of the confusion you discuss is.

    Further there are any number of reasons why a culture might build at a given location which were obvious to them but not to us. On a related point the same is true of the symbolism of older cultures: Stuff that was obvious to them has been lost to time. See below for some references to difficulties in interpreting Mayan symbols and sites for another example. I mention this latter point because you have some symbology in this article as well. Symbols that to us are mysterious weren’t always so to those who etched or wrote them.

    Like many analyses found on this site, yours relies on things being mysterious or inexplicable except using the explanation you offer. And relies on certain premises that are in effect different interpretations that require explanation and defense.

    But other explanations, requiring fewer assumptions and more-commonly-accepted by those who study this stuff, often are available. And the premises offered sometimes, likewise, are belied by other premises hat require further assumptions, and are more-commonly-accepted by those who study this stuff.

    -An Anonymous Nerd

    Excerpt from Usamah Ibn Munqidh’s writings:

    Regarding the Templars:
    Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade by James Reston. 2007.

    Knights in History and Legend by Constance Bouchard et al. 2009.

    Knights Templar win heresy reprieve after 700 years (Reuters news story) by Philip Pullella. 2007.

    God’s Battalions: The Case for the Crusades by Rodney Stark. 2009.

    The Templars: The Secret History Revealed by Barbara Frale. 2004.

    Regarding the difficulties in understanding ancient symbols, sites, and documents (mostly using the Maya as examples):
    Breaking the Maya Code by Michael Coe. 2002.

    Pacal’s Rocket by Chris White. undated web posting.

    The Palenque Sarcophagus Lid of King Pakal. undated web posting.

    (Be warned that the last two sources are religious, biased as Hell, and do not pretend otherwise. BUT they provide many good references.)

    Regarding the lack of reliability of torture:
    “Educing Information” by the National Defense Intelligence College. 2006.

    “We’ve Known for 400 Years That Torture Doesn’t Work” by Michael Shermer. 2007.

    Regarding La Batisda:

    La Bastida unearths 4,200-year-old fortification, unique in continental Europe no author listed. 2012.

    1. Rory Duff says:

      With regards to the Templars multi religious tolerance read the Templar rule Articles 8,9 and 18 and you will see what their own orders say about this.

    2. Rory Duff says:

      With regards to La Bas Tida. I have spent time at the site speaking with the Archaeologists about this location. I have not got links to their papers and as I say in my introduction to my book Grail Found it was never written for submission to a scientific journal. That though does not make it any less accurate.

    3. Rory Duff says:

      If you want to know more about the symbols in the article, but the book Grail Found and read how they were deciphered

    4. Rory Duff says:

      With regards to your La Bas Tida link, I quote Vicente Lull, one of the researchers mentioned, in my book Grail Found. I am not quite sure why you posted that link anyway as it does not contradict anything I have written about the site.

    5. An Anonymous Nerd says:

      Sorry for the delay. Let’s see here….

      I linked to the article because your notions require the site to be more-mysterious than that article suggests it is. As to the Templars and their alleged religious pluralism, I guess I’ll have to wait for a University to reopen before I can examine this claim because I am unable to purchase the most-widely-available edition of “The Templar Rule,” and it would be difficult to justify the expense if I could. It’s funny though that none of the secondary literature I’ve absorbed has pointed to religious pluralism here. You’ve offered no commentary or secondary literature saying different — rather you’ve gone straight to a primary source, but given that this is well outside of your area of expertise, the secondary literature would seem a more-appropriate place to begin. (I wouldn’t, for example, pick up a rock, and expect to understand it without reference to Geology texts.)

      Finally with regard to the symbols: You have claimed that symbology from hundreds of years ago and a mindset very different from ours refers to sound vortices with quasi-magic properties, that the fictional motif of a cup that was used to hold the blood of Jesus referred to these vortices, and the citation you offered to support your rather modern interpretation of these symbols is…..Another one of your books. Again, I am reminded of the interpretation of Mayan symbology to refer to science fiction concepts.

      -An Anonymous Nerd

  11. James Woods says:

    Hi very interesting stuff, I have a few ideas I am working on and would very much like to share them.regards James

    1. Rory Duff says:

      Hi James. Please do feel free to contact me via my website or my Facebook page

  12. Edmond Furter says:

    The general ‘alternative’ quasi-canonical assumption I want to discuss, is the issue of dating: “Comparing similar masonry to that found in other locations around the world, it is now highly likely that these were set in position over 12,000 years ago and therefore long before King Solomon.”
    BC 10 000? The archaeological dating of megalithic buildings is more likely to be correct. Gobekli Tepe is about BC 8000, perhaps BC 6000 if the older Stone Age debris and mud is understood as such (an issue that I discuss in Stoneprint, and in one of my other posts). The weather, ecology and population density required to build megaliths and pyramids, such as the Temple Mount platform, are probably from BC 3500 onward, late Copper and early Bronze Age (I discuss the issue of mis-dating of Stonehenge, in Stoneprint, and in an extract in another post).
    Solomon’s exploits were of an Egyptian or Babylonian king, recorded in exile in Babylonia. All archaeologists working in Jerusalem, except those funded by religious groups, agree there is no trace of Solomon in Jerusalem. Which does not diminish the Bible, but helps to open its interpretation as a product of Egyptian v Babylonian politics, with some Canaanite, Arabian and perhaps Ethiopian interpolations.
    Regarding site selection motivations, many Late Stone Age, Copper Age, and Early Bronze Age sites were sited near animal migration routes. Gobekli, for example, is explained by one of the animal paths to and from the Haran plain. If some of the large stone vats and bedrock cisterns were for brewing beer, to grace seasonal feasts, then immediate access to running water becomes less important.

    1. Rory Duff says:

      Thank you Edmund. I agree that the 12,000 years age that I put in the article in regards to the possible date of the large megalithic stonework is not likely to be exact. It may even be older. There is though loads of similar stonework that can be found around the World that is far more advanced that stone age construction of the likes of Stonehenge and Avebury. There are also stone Age civilisations far older than Gobleki Tepi. I have been constantly surprised at how much people are overlooking the Arata monuments in Ukraine just the other side of the Black Sea. These appear to be far older. So the 12,000 years was arrived at through my own conclusions in regards to the dating of the Pyramids in Giza and the Valley Temple, both of which show similar stone craftsmanship and, to my mind, were erected when the Sahara was not a desert but a green paradise. The higher water levels back then would have massively assisted the building of these. They are obviously pre dynastic work. The question is how far back you have to go to put a date on them and how much you have to accept that a catastrophe event occurred in the past that wiped out much of the evidence of earlier civilisations. I am not a fan of the comet theory, although comets can do damage and may have even occurred at the end of the Dyras. A comet is not a repeating event though. Although comets are cyclical, when the hit, they don’t tend come back again in anything like the same size. However a regular solar event is far more possible and there is some evidence for a solar cycle of around 12000 years so on that basis, I have suggested that these stonework remains have been there since before the last catastrophe.

  13. kari says:

    thank you for sharing this! I´m currently living in Spain and this article makes me really want to go to La Bastida!

    1. Rory Duff says:

      You should go but check with the Totana tourist board for times of tours. I would also go to Caravaca de la Cruz which is not far away as well. I am running a tour there in December of this year too All the best Rory

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