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Rory Duff is a trained Geologist and a Geobiologist. He started off working in the mining industry as a structural geologist and later switched to petroleum geology before pursuing a career in coaching and training. After that he moved to studying Geobiology and the positive and negative health effects it has on people who live above certain frequencies of sound and what can be done to improve lives. In the last 17 years he has mapped more sound lines than anyone else in the World and he has been teaching people to do the same for the last 12 years. He runs his own competency based courses in the City of Bath in the UK where he has accurately mapped all the different types of energy lines. Rory was also the person who first discovered the presence of the six most powerful & lowest frequency linear concentrations of sound lines in the World – He calls these the Emperor Dragons and he spent the last 8 years mapping these and finding their powerful sacred sites where they intersect one another. His current aim is to follow his vocational path by exploring & following up synchronicities. This has recently taken him on a journey to understand how human consciousness evolves in cycles over time and how we are about to enter its next stage. This is all linked to these Emperor Dragons and the increase in cosmic energy the Earth is now receiving. Mankind is on the cusp of making an amazing evolution into a golden age but only, apparently, if we prepare correctly. His work now seems to be about understanding what this preparation is and what it means and sharing that knowledge with others.

If you would like to know more about my work and attend any of my seminars or courses please visit my website www.roryduff.com . He also has a monthly newsletter that you can sign up to and posts regularly on social media.

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