Denisovan Origins

Hybrid Humans, Göbekli Tepe, and the Genesis of the Giants of Ancient America

Origins of the Gods

Qesem Cave, Skinwalkers, and Contact with Transdimensional Intelligences

It is our pleasure to welcome Andrew Collins and Gregory L. Little, authors of Origins of the Gods, as our featured authors for June.

In their book, Andrew and Gregory delve into the intertwined worlds of shamanism and higher dimensional beings, examining how this ancient communication triggered the advancement of human civilisation.

From Göbekli Tepe in Turkey to the Egyptian pyramids, from the stone circles of Europe to the mound complexes of the Americas, Andrew and Gregory show how our ancestors built permanent sites of ceremonial activity where geomagnetic and gravitational anomalies have been recorded. They investigate how the earliest forms of animism and shamanism began at sites like the Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains of Siberia and Qesem Cave in Israel more than 400,000 years ago. They explain how shamanic rituals and altered states of consciousness combine with the earth’s natural forces to create portals for contact with otherworldly realms—in other words, the gods of our ancestors were the result of an interaction between human consciousness and transdimensional intelligence.

Their article here explores the mystery behind the UFO phenomenon and the deeper levels of existence that this phenomenon manifests.

Interact with Andrew and Gregory on our AoM Forum here.

When you think about UFOs what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it spaceships and aliens? Contact with extraterrestrials? Military cover ups, whistleblowers, and full public disclosure? Most obviously the answer is going to be yes, based on the sheer fact that ever since the first appearance of strange objects in our skies in the modern era the go to explanation for their appearance has always been to assume they are space vehicles piloted by highly evolved biological entities from other star systems. In addition to this we often describe UFOs as “flying,” “hovering,” “stationary” or “landing,” compounding the idea that they are space hardware.

Figure 1. An alleged flying saucer that appeared above Passaic, New Jersey, in 1952 (Wiki Commons Agreement 2022, public domain.)

Unconscious Bias

As a prolific UFO investigator during the 1970s I went into the subject believing that genuine UFOs were either scout craft dispatched to earth from an orbiting mother ship or, if too small to be manned, I saw them as controlled devices, probes perhaps, sent out to monitor the actions of human beings on earth.

Very soon, however, I realized that something was wrong with this mechanistic approach to the UFO phenomenon. Witnesses to some of the best cases where objects were seen at close quarters had previously experienced either paranormal activity of some sort (ghosts, poltergeist, the feeling of presences, etc.) and/or they saw themselves as particularly psychic in nature. How could this be? Did the ufonauts single out certain types of people to show themselves, or were all these people simply liars or afflicted with some sort of mental illness? An even bigger problem was the fact that some witnesses spoke of UFOs seen at close quarters as responding to their thoughts, almost as if the UFO was sentient in some manner. This made no sense whatsoever since if you witness a Boeing 747 cross the sky it doesn’t alter its course or come to a halt simply because you are watching it, but some UFOs did just that.

Inspired by reading pulp paperbacks by insightful ufologists like Jacques Vallee and John Keel I started to realize that the UFO phenomenon was not as straight forward as I had been led to believe. In fact after seven intense years of UFO investigation, most of it on behalf of the UFO Investigators Network (UFOIN), run jointly by the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) and the magazine Flying Saucer Review, I became disillusioned by the ET hypothesis to UFOs. In fact, I began to think the whole subject made no sense whatsoever. So I gave up UFO investigations and began focusing my attention on other types of ancient and more modern mysteries.

Earth Lights

It was then, however, that I picked up a book that changed everything. This was Earth Lights by Paul Devereux, published in 1982.i He was at the time editor of The Ley Hunter magazine and in this extraordinary book he ably demonstrated that the appearance of mysterious lights and more structured objects (I nearly used the biased term “craft”) were generated for the most part by electromagnetic activity associated with intense geological factors such as fault lines, tectonic plates, and large deposits of certain minerals such as quartz and metal ores. This was due to the fact that some rocks have the ability, when put under pressure, to release sub-atomic particles called electrons that on reaching the open air become manifested light forms.

Devereux, in Earth Lights, refers to the manner these objects of light, which, in all honesty account for the vast majority of UFO sightings, are able to respond to human consciousness interaction. He even cites an example where an amorphous object seen in the sky when he was a student transformed before his eyes almost as if it was doing so for his sake alone.

Both in Earth Lights and in its follow up Earth Lights Revelations,ii Devereux presented ample evidence that most modern-day UFOs are simply variations of a worldwide phenomena that has haunted human kind for hundreds if not thousands of years, and may even have inspired the ancients to build sacred places at locations where strange lights would appear on a regular basis.

Plasma Constructs

Such ideas revolutionized my ideas of UFOs, and over the next three decades I took the subject in new directions in an attempt to better understand the true nature of the phenomenon. Many UFOs, I concluded, were likely constructed from a nebulous substance called plasma, this being the fourth state of matter in the universe beyond solids, liquids and gases; indeed, it is from plasma that all other physical matter comes into existence. Plasma can be created through the excitation of gas, which causes electrons to split away from their nuclei. They knock into other atoms, forcing them to lose some of their own electrons. This creates a chain reaction where whole environments of freed up electrons exist within self-generated electromagnetic fields.

At the same this is happening the electrons produce millions of tiny photons of light, which act like a light bulb being switched on to reveal the presence of a shimmering object known to science as a plasmoid. They can remain visible for anything between a few microseconds to several minutes at a time; sometimes even longer. Plasmoids can be tiny, or they can be many meters across. Some are even larger. They can manifest individually or in clusters. In appearance they can be balls or ovals or light of different colors, or they can manifest as strange glowing fogs or as apparently solid structures, like classic UFOs. They can split in two, combine, vanish only to reappear, or they can rapidly disappear out of sight. They can manifest during the day or at nighttime. Those who get too close to plasma environments can expect to experience electrostatic effects, electromagnetic interference, the draining of electrical equipment, nausea and vertigo, and even transformative experiences akin to visions, day dreams or moments of epiphany.

How exactly plasmoids sustain their existence once created is still a mystery to science. What we do know is that plasma makes up around 99 percent of the physical universe and is the key to understanding everything from nuclear fusion within stars, to neutron stars, black holes, white holes, the formation of lightning, solar flares, the northern lights, and even how your smart TV works!

Figure 2. Reconstruction showing two balls of plasma light that danced in front of witnesses in the Dovedale Valley, England, during March 1993.

Beyond Space-time

Physicists often refer to plasma simply as ionized gas, although this does it a great disservice since it is a highly unique state of existence that has been shown to display qualities suggesting that it can act in a sentient fashion as if it is alive, something often reported in association with UFOs.iii Just as significant is the fact that plasma would appear to be able to harbor multidimensional environments.

What this means is that instead of operating in three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, plasma environments are now thought to utilize four dimensions of space.iv If so, then it means that plasmoids might act as points of access to higher dimensional space, which suggests they could produce minor distortions in the fabric of space-time.

Bubble Universes

It was these ideas I explored in books such as Alien Energy (1994) and particularly in LightQuest (2012).v I proposed that some UFO abductions or missing time episodes might perhaps be the result of the percipients involved with such experiences entering heavily charged electromagnetic environments created by plasma constructs. In doing so they are taken outside of normal space-time into what I theorized was a four- or multiple dimensional environment, a kind of bubble universe, that is able to overlay our physical universe on a temporary Two-way interaction between the phenomenon and the human mind creates the impression that the person or persons involved has entered a realm that adheres to their expectances of what they genuinely believe is going on, whether this be entry into an extraterrestrial vehicle, or the abode of the fairies (as was the case in medieval times), or, if a person is particularly religious, the kingdom of heaven. Such experiences inside these temporary realities will be “real.” Then, on exiting the bubble universe and reentering normal space-time hours, days, weeks and even, in some rare historical cases, years will have been found to have passed in the outside world.

Figure 3. Reconstruction of a plasma UFO emitting electromagnetic fields strong enough to distort space-time.

Origins of the Gods

Many of these ideas are extended still further in new book Origins of the Gods, co-authored by Greg L. Little (with a foreword by Erich von Däniken),vii in which we conclude that the intelligences seen in association with plasma constructs or plasmoids, in other words most (although not all) genuine UFOs, could in fact be the outer manifestation of transdimensional intelligences able to occupy plasma environments.

The Realm of Pre-Space

Thus plasma environments are not alive in themselves, they simply express the presence within them of so-called “proto intelligences” that theoretical physicist David Bohm suspected could emerge from some deeper level of existence to manifest within plasma.viii So in many ways plasma acts like a conduit providing a step down process for transdimensional intelligences coming from four or multiple dimensional environments into our own physical reality made up of three dimensions of space and one of time. This deeper level of existence spoken of by Bohm has been seen as a kind of non-local medium (in other words, one without a direct connection in normal space-time) that Bohm’s colleague and occasional co-author Basil Hiley referred to as the realm of pre-space.ix

N-Dimensional Beings

The suspected intelligences associated with plasma environments we have come to see as n-dimensional beings, with the n standing for the number of dimensions involved in this process, which currently remains unclear. It could be four dimensions of space, or five, or eleven, or a higher number still, we just don’t know; hence the term n-dimensional beings, or n-beings for short. These then become the best candidates for the light intelligences behind manifesting UFOs. As to where they might exist when not manifesting into our physical universe we’ll leave until later in this article.

Figure 4. No one can predict what an n-being might look like since they are four-dimensional in nature, but this certainly is how they have appeared to people during so-called abduction experiences. Here we see an artist’s impression of one of the entities from the Allagash incident, which took place at Allagash, Maine, in August 1976 (credit: Yuri Leitch).

Visitors from Space

None of this is to say that all genuine UFOs are plasma constructs into which n-dimensional consciousness can manifest. As early as 1963 American cosmologist, astronomer and NASA consultant Carl Sagan wrote a paper in which he concluded that it was inevitable that the earth had played host to extraterrestrial visitors on countless occasions since the birth of humanity.x He even advocated looking toward the literature of ancient Mesopotamia for clues regarding these visitations.

Thus we can conclude that some objects that appear in our skies could be extraterrestrial hardware, although it would be very wrong to assume that the vast majority of them can be explained in this way. The greater percentage of all genuine UFOs are almost certainly intelligently controlled plasma constructs that can interact with us on various levels, and even provide multidimensional interfaces through into four or multiple dimensional environments where direct communication with n-dimensional consciousness becomes possible.

The Rise of Civilization

The greater question regarding all these possibilities that science still struggles to understand is what impact n-dimensional beings, should they exist, have had on human evolution. Is it possible that in addition to the ancient astronauts predicted by UFO writers such as Erich von Däniken in his worldwide bestseller Chariots of the Gods,xi there has been something else going on in connection with the rise of civilization? Could it be possible that transdimensional intelligences have been responsible for sudden advancements in innovation and technology since the emergence of humanity in Africa’s Great Rift Valley as much as 2 million years ago?

The Qesem Cave

One showcase site important to this study is the Qesem Cave near Tel Aviv in modern-day Israel where, recently, the oldest evidence of shamanism anywhere in the world was unearthed in a layer dating back almost 400,000 years. It takes the form of a swan wing bone that was deliberately removed from the bird’s carcass and sequestered for use in cultic practices.xii

This alone would be enough for us to start focusing our attentions on the proto-modern human community responsible for this activity, and indeed it inspired me to go to Israel and speak with the archaeologists currently excavating the Qesem Cave to better understand the exact nature of the shamanism going on there as much as 400,000 years ago. This is the story presented in the first chapters of my contribution to Origins of the Gods, which shows also that its inhabitants were using multifaceted stone balls as points of contact with otherworldly realms.

School of Rock

At the same time, however, that all this was going on, the Qesem community were on the way to becoming the smartest people on the planet. Evidence has emerged there of extraordinary and quite innovative technological firsts for humanity. They include the earliest “canned food,” a unique means of preserving the precious and highly nutritious marrow inside deer leg bones; the earliest “freezers,” a novel method of utilizing fire ash to store fresh food and animal hides for extended periods of time; the earliest known mass production of precision-made blade tools; the first sustained use of fire within a permanent hearth; the earliest use of fire to temper and soften stone materials, and even a “school of rock” where pupils would be taught the art of stone knapping and tool manufacture.xiii

It cannot be coincidence that these innovations were occurring at the same time that the Qesem people were writing the book on how to make contact with otherworldly intelligences, who at the time might well have been providing valuable new insights into human innovation and technology.

Figure 5. A shaman at work in the Qesem Cave as much as 400,000 years ago. Note the use of multifaceted stone balls. (credit: Russell M. Hossain).

Mountain of God

The reader at this point will be saying: yes, but what has any of this to do with UFOs and aliens? Or even ancient astronauts of the type thought to have influenced the rise of civilization? The answer is that just a short distance away from the Qesem cave is a mountain that was extremely important to the development of the much later Israelite peoples. Its name is Mount Gerizim, and it was considered the original dwelling place of God in the Hebrew Bible.xiv More significantly, according to the Samaritans who live on the mountain and claim to be the true descendents of the original Israelites, God’s presence on Mount Gerizim would take the form of the Shekinah, a divine light often mentioned in Hebrew and Aramaic religious commentaries in connection with the Ark of the Covenant. It will come as no surprise then to find out that the mountain, which towers above the nearby city of Nablus (ancient Shechem) in the Palestinian Territories, is well known for the appearance of mysterious lights. Its intense geology, similar to that predicted by the likes of Paul Devereux and his colleagues as conducive to the manifestation of plasma lights, makes Gerizim a very likely place where such phenomena will have appeared across an extended period of time.

Figure 6. Painting by American-born artist Benjamin West (1738–1820) showing Joshua and the Israelite tribes entering Shechem with the Ark of the Covenant.

Angels of God

On a visit to Mount Gerizim in 2019, described in the book, I was told by one of the Samaritans’ most senior priests that these lights are regularly seen today, and that most commonly they are green in colour. When asked what the Samaritans considered them to be I was told they are mal‘akh, which means angels. In other words, for this strict religious community the manifestation locally of UFOs is viewed as evidence of God’s presence on the mountain.

Figure 7. Angels move between heaven and earth as Jacob sleeps at Bethel, the dwelling place of God, originally identified as Mount Gerizim.

Can we dare to suggest that the same strange lights interpreted as the light of God by the Children of Israel were visible also to the Qesem people as much as 400,000 years ago? Were they drawn to the lights as well, and if so can this help explain the manner they would appear to have invented shamanism and become among the smartest people on the planet virtually overnight (well, certainly in evolutionary terms)? Did they use ritual practices to make contact with the light intelligences, which perhaps interacted with them in a manner similar to UFO encounters today?

Such ideas might seem far fetched, although it should be noted that a particular type of Eocene age flint used in the production of stone tools inside the Qesem Cave, as well as at the nearby open air site of Jaljulia, would seem to have been procured from the slopes of Mount Gerizim; this being despite the fact that much closer sources of good quality flint were available. So did the Lower Paleolithic peoples of these sites come to believe there was some special power in rock taken from the mountain where strange lights would appear on a regular basis? Is it possible that these rocks, and the stone tools made from them, were used to aid communication with the otherworldly intelligences associated with the lights? If all this is true, and n-beings do utilize plasma environments as an interface between multidimensional environments and mundane reality, then how is any of this even possible?

Figure 8. One of the 400,000-year-old multifaceted stone balls found in the Qesem Cave and thought to have been used to make with the ancestors (credit: Ran Barkai)

Quantum Entanglement

The answer is quantum entanglement. This is the ability of twinned particles to be able to retain a direct and instantaneous link no matter how far away they get from one another. Whole systems of entangled particles can create patterns of activity at one location that are repeated at a quite separate location without any kind of direct connection existing between the two. In other words, entanglement must work by utilizing a non-local medium of the type first proposed by David Bohm and christened the pre-space realm by his colleague Basil Hiley. It would be through this medium that the proto-intelligences that Bohm envisaged as being able to emerge into plasma environments came from in the first place, meaning that the same primary mechanism that allows entanglement to occur also becomes the mechanism through which n-dimensional beings are able to manifest in this world via plasma environments.

Figure 9. Theoretical physicist Davd Bohm (1917-1992) who came to realize that plasma environments could be inhabited by “proto intelligences” that came from a deeper level of existence (Credit: Wiki Commons Agreement 2022).

Black Holes and Worm Holes

Understanding these facts about entanglement allows us to predict the nature of everything from black holes and wormholes to the power of the mind. Quantum entanglement, until recently only thought to exist on a microcosmic level, is today known to have an impact on the macrocosmic world as well.xv

Thus entanglement can affect the world we live in, which could therefore help explain how the brain of one person might become entangled with that of another individual. Indeed, it tells us that on some level all minds must be entangled creating a kind of collective unconscious network that we can become aware of through mystical practices, dreams, visions, or the attainment of altered states of consciousness like those achieved by shamans.

What all this implies is that the existence of similar quantum states might well be responsible for the transfer of information between the higher dimensional intelligences associated with manifesting plasma constructs and human individuals who come into contact with them. This then would explain why some people claim they can make lights alter their form or get them to change course simply by observing them. All this becomes possible through the presence of shared entangled states, something that might well have been occurring as much as 400,000 years ago at places like Israel’s Qesem Cave. Such connections through both observation and purposeful ritual might well be able to trigger sudden leaps forward in innovation, as well as presumably insights into cosmology or ontology, in other words: who we are, where we come from, and why we are here.

So if n-dimensional beings have been affecting human advancement since the beginning, and continue to be in contact with us today through UFO experiences and altered states of consciousness, then where do they come from? Where do the n-beings live when they are not interacting with us?

The Bulk

The answer to these questions can perhaps be provided by the science of string theory, or more correctly theories relating to the allied subject of supergravity and superstrings, particularly something called M-theory. These predict that although the physical universe operates using three dimensions of space (made up of length, width and height) and one dimension of time, this is merely the manifestation of a much greater, and indeed infinite, four-dimensional realm of space referred to as the bulk that additionally harbors six further dimensions, which, with the addition of a time dimension, make eleven in total. The six extra dimensions are thought to exist in what is described as a compactified form (envisaged pictorially as so-called Calabi-Yau Manifolds—see accompanying illustration). This implies that to interact with four-dimensional environments of space these additional dimensions must first be made to unfurl from their apparently dormant state of existence. What impact they have on the bulk or on physical reality remains unclear, although one possibility is that they might relate to the nature of consciousness on all levels, especially in the knowledge that the Blue Brain Project of Switzerland has determined that the human brain is “full of multi-dimensional geometrical structures operating in as many as 11 dimensions.”xvi So in many ways our brains are hard wired to interact with multidimensional environments if and when they become available to us (a bit like smartphone handsets being made 5G ready in anticipation of the introduction of 5G phone networks).

Figure 10. Artist’s impression of a Calabi-Yau manifold, the compatified state of existence of the six extra dimensions in superstring theory (Credit: Wiki Commons Agreement 2022).

Brane Worlds

M-theory also predicts that universes (in plural) come into existence through a type of bleeding process involving white holes. Being the opposite to black holes, white holes are thought to spew out plasma into the physical universe that quickly transforms into three-dimensional matter (a kind of alternative idea to the Big Bang Theory). The expansion of a physical universe might be compared to a balloon in a vacuum slowly being filled with air that is coming in from somewhere lying outside normal space-time. M-theorists refer to these universes as branes or brane worlds. Any number of them can exist, with our own universe being just one example. Some brane worlds could be so close they actually touch while others might well overlap with their neighbours. Whether large or small, each brane would be its own self-contained universe with its own laws of physics.

Gateways and Portals

The question then becomes whether or not the bulk, which might be described in terms of a cosmic motherboard behind all physical existence, harbors intelligence or consciousness, and if so whether this might be seen as a single entity or as the source of individualised intelligences such as the proposed n-dimensional beings under discussion here. Do n-beings operate from within the bulk? If this is their realm, then are they able to step down from their inherent four- or multidimensional environments into three-dimensional space using plasma as gateways or portals and entanglement as a means of communicating with and even manipulating life forms on earth? Remember, it is locations that exhibit intense geology that become the most common sites where plasma constructs, or UFOs, appear, making such places the most obvious points of contact with transdimensional intelligences.

Skinwalker Ranch

There are many so-called portal locations across the globe, with the highest profile example in the world right now being Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. High strangeness paranormal activity including the manifestation of UFOs has been occurring there in one form or another for at least 150 years. It will thus come as no surprise to learn that the ranch’s northern mesa, where much of the activity seems to center around, contains a geological fault that could well utilize the high quartz content of the local sandstone rock to create an environment perfect for the manifestation of plasma, and through this the production of electromagnetic anomalies. These might be registered either by electrical equipment or by people suffering from allied effects on the body, most obviously nausea, dizziness and otherworldly experiences.

Figure 11. The ruin known as Homestead #2 at Skinwalker Ranch, Utah, behind which is seen the northern mesa that is focus of so much paranormal and UFO activity.

Just like at the Qesem Cave in Israel, Skinwalker Ranch has been the site of intense ritualistic activity across an extended period of time.xvii The Uintah Basin in which it sits has long been seen as sacred land by the Ute and Navajo First Nations who occupy the region. The term “skinwalker” is used to describe the supernatural form adopted by Navajo “witches” (actually shamans) when they wish to travel in animal form during intense rituals, which are often performed to curse enemies. According to Ute First Nations representatives the ranch’s northern mesa is called the “path of the skinwalker” due to the regular appearance of supernatural creatures interpreted as skinwalkers. These sightings continue today with the appearance of cryptids such as outsized wolves (wolves themselves are not native to the region) and lycaons, that is, dog-headed bipedal creatures.xviii

Do such intense geological environments make it easy for transdimensional beings to step down into our world if only on a temporary basis? If so then in all likelihood the original ancient aliens were, and always have been, the inhabitants of the bulk; they were never exclusively visitors from other planets. Most likely the existence of n-beings also helps us better understand the origins of the gods of the ancients, who were seen to be able to affect not only the world in which they lived, but also their place in it.

Figure 12. Skinwalker Ranch showing key locations including the northern mesa. Note the presence of the geological fault at its western end.

The Outside

The term bulk is not a good one. Many people don’t like it. If you wanted an alternative name for this multidimensional realm you could call it the Outside, in other words that which lies outside of normal space-time, with the manifesting intelligences intruding into our reality being classed simply as Other. Why Other? Because at this time we do not know enough about them to label them further, or even break down their individual nature. What is more we are unlikely to know any time soon because they exist in a higher dimensional state. Three-dimensional beings like us are unable to truly perceive a four- or multiple- dimensional being in the same way that a hypothetical two-dimensional being, a Flatlander to borrow a term, would never be able to perceive the true nature of a three-dimensional being.

It is for this reason that when we see UFOs we see only lights, or the outline of constructs, or at best objects that stay within the limitations of our current mechanistic vision of otherworldly visitations. So then to us the intelligences in question are always going to be defined as planetary visitors, something predicted in connection with the human approach to these modern-day otherworldly visitations by Carl Jung as early as 1959 in his groundbreaking book Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky.xix

This is not to say that the world got it entirely wrong when in the late 1940s we started interpreting the first flying saucers to appear in our skies as the spaceships of aliens who in evolutionary terms appear little different from ourselves, only that we need to broaden our horizons if we are to truly understand the full nature of the intelligences behind manifesting UFOs. Don’t just see them as examples of alien hardware, consider them also as the constructs of transdimensional beings that are able to interact with human kind on multiple levels. See them as having arrived in our world not necessarily from some distant galaxy, but from the Outside, the multidimensional realm of the bulk that is around us all the time.


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Denisovan Origins

Hybrid Humans, Göbekli Tepe, and the Genesis of the Giants of Ancient America

Origins of the Gods

Qesem Cave, Skinwalkers, and Contact with Transdimensional Intelligences

Born in Essex in the UK, Andrew Collins is a science and history writer and the author of over 15 books that challenge the way we think about the past. Among these are From the Ashes of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race (1996), which showed that the Watchers, Nephilim and Anunnaki of legend are memories of a powerful shamanic elite behind the foundation of civilization in southeastern Turkey at the end of the last ice age; Göbekli Tepe Genesis of the Gods (2014), which showed that Gobekli Tepe was ground zero for the Neolithic revolution as much as 11,500 years following a comet impact that devastated the northern hemisphere and led to a huge reduction in human population; and Denisovan Origins (2020, co-authored with Greg L. Little), which demonstrates that the earliest human advances at the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic age were the legacy of a lost population of giant stature known as the Denisovans.

In 2008 Andrew was the co-discoverer of a massive cave underworld beneath the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt today known as Collins Cave. It is the subject of his book Beneath the Pyramids (2009). His latest book, Origins of the Gods (2022), co-authored with Greg L. Little, demonstrates that human advancements since the very beginning are the result of communication with transdimensional intelligences he calls n-beings (short for n-dimensional beings). Andrew is a field investigator on TV shows such as Ancient Aliens and UnXplained with William Shatner, and appears regularly also on Gaia shows including Ancient Civilizations and Deep Space.

Greg is the author of more than 30 books, including Denisovan Origins coauthored with Andrew Collins. His research has been featured on the National Geographic Channel, MSNBC, Discovery, and the History Channel. He lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

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  1. Scott Creighton says:

    Hi Andrew and Greg – a great article which touches upon some of the things I’ve been mulling over for a very long time but of which I have come to no real consensus. One of the things I have considered is the ‘Rare Earth’ hypothesis in conjunction with the Drake Equation.

    The Drake equation suggests the universe (including our own small section of it) is teaming with life, some of it intelligent and capable of interstellar communication and possibly even physical travel. On the other hand, however, the Rare Earth hypothesis suggests that the Universe is too young to have evolved enough interstellar civilisations and that any that have evolved are simply to distant apart in the universe for any contact to have been made since the Earth first formed.

    So if some of these sightings reported by thousands of witnesses over decades (and even far back into humanity’s history) are physical crafts and physical beings, then who are they if they cannot have come from another world?

    My own view is that they are possibly an evolutionary branch of hominid that has evolved here on Earth but far sooner than Homo Sapien Sapien – possibly tens of thousands or even millions of years older than us. (I call them Intra-Terrestrials although that might not be the best description for this highly advanced species of Earth hominid). Many of the ancient ooparts found around the world may have belonged to this species of advanced Earth hominid during their early development. They may even have created us.

    Just thought I’d through this into the mix. Very best of luck with the new book.

    1. Jean Ascher says:

      Interesting article, all the way through…..To expand our awareness, consciousness of intergalatic communication, permit me in humbleness to suggest you all take a deep read of the Urantia Book.
      I need not write much more, the book itself will be quite explainable in its revelation of cosmic contact.

  2. Anthony Wynands says:

    Hi Andrew and Greg,

    I grew up near a US Air Force station alongside a large geographical hill. A centennial celebration of the town back in the mid-19th century produced a book to document the occurrence, just like most of all 18th-century New England royal charters did. But in this book there were recollections of the strange lights see above the hill in a poem form–this from an occupant which later she and her family were chased out of the town because her mill caught on fire, burned down the entire village, while oddly her structure remained untouched. Throughout the years many have claimed to have seen these lights; I too have seen them from miles away. However, on approach, could never continue observation because they vanished. Something that has always stimulated interest, but hadn’t considered possible origins until now. Just downloaded the Kindle version of your book. Thanks for a compelling article!

  3. Josh C says:

    The Nunnehi are a race of immortal spirit people in Cherokee mythology. In the Cherokee language, Nunnehi literally means “The People Who Live Anywhere”, but it is often translated into English as “The People Who Live Forever”, or simply “The Immortals”. The Cherokee believed the Nunnehi to be a type of supernatural human being, completely distinct from ghosts and nature spirits, as well as from gods.

    According to Cherokee folklore, the Nunnehi had many underground townhouses throughout the southern Appalachian Mountains, and they were particularly fond of high mountain peaks where no timber ever grew. Hunters would often hear the Nunnehi in the mountains, singing and dancing and beating drums, but when they would go toward the sound, it would shift about and suddenly seem to be coming from behind them or from some other direction, so that the person hearing the sound would never be able to find where it was coming from.

    The Nunnehi only appeared to humans when they allowed themselves to be seen. When they did appear, they looked and acted just like other Cherokee.

    1. Jean Ascher says:

      Perhaps the The Nunnehi are the Midwayers. You may find more precise information in the Urantia Book about celestial contact with humans.

      1. Jean Ascher says:

        From The Urantia Book:

        The gap between the material and spiritual worlds is perfectly bridged by the serial association of mortal man, secondary midwayer, primary midwayer, morontia cherubim, mid-phase cherubim, and seraphim. In the personal experience of an individual mortal these diverse levels are undoubtedly more or less unified and made personally meaningful by the unobserved and mysterious operations of the divine Thought Adjuster.
        —Although their ability to traverse the energy circuits makes planetary departure feasible to any midwayer, they have individually pledged themselves not to leave the planet prior to their sometime release by the universe authorities. Midwayers are anchored on a planet until the ages of settled light and life. With the exception of 1-2 -3 the first, no loyal midway creatures have ever departed from Urantia. (Urantia is the name of earth)

  4. Josh C says:

    Robert E. Howard’s short story “The Shadow Kingdom” from Weird Tales magazine in 1929 is the origin of both the sword and sorcery subgenre of fantasy fiction and the conspiracy theory concerning a hidden species of advanced reptilian beings disguised among us while covertly controlling the levers of power, which has been a recurring theme in fiction and conspiracy since the story’s publication.

    The story starts shortly after Kull, a barbarian from Atlantis, has conquered Valusia and become its King. Kull is invited to a feast by the Pictish ambassador for Valusia, Ka-nu the Ancient. Despite the fact that the Picts are ancient enemies of the Atlanteans, Ka-nu confides in Kull and tells him to expect the arrival of Brule the Spear-Slayer around sunset.

    Brule reveals that the Serpent Men, an ancient pre-human race who had founded Valusia but were almost extinct, rule from the shadows, using their Snake Cult religion and ability to disguise themselves with magic. They intended on replacing Kull with a disguised Serpent Man, just as they had done with his predecessors.

  5. Ulf Staflund says:

    Great theor on a difficult subject. I just read nine books by Vallee and Keel and agree that UFO:s are terrestrial but wants us to belive they herald from space. My own concern is whether they are benevolent or destructive. Creatures seen in Ayahuasca-visions seem benevolent but people who interact with UFO:s often go crazy and meet ill fortune. And it seems a religion like Christianity is inspired by this phenomena — a religion which have maimed and killed humans, animals and the earth for two thousand years now. The schamanistic cultures lived in harmony with nature. I personally believe they are different phenomenas: something is corrupting and altering the earth — perhaps to become a place native to another dimension. I write fiction and in my story man was corrupted by an invisible parasite in ancient times and this visitor have made us weak and powerless

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