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Born in Essex in the UK, Andrew Collins is a science and history writer and the author of over 15 books that challenge the way we think about the past. Among these are From the Ashes of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race (1996), which showed that the Watchers, Nephilim and Anunnaki of legend are memories of a powerful shamanic elite behind the foundation of civilization in southeastern Turkey at the end of the last ice age; Göbekli Tepe Genesis of the Gods (2014), which showed that Gobekli Tepe was ground zero for the Neolithic revolution as much as 11,500 years following a comet impact that devastated the northern hemisphere and led to a huge reduction in human population; and Denisovan Origins (2020, co-authored with Greg L. Little), which demonstrates that the earliest human advances at the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic age were the legacy of a lost population of giant stature known as the Denisovans.

In 2008 Andrew was the co-discoverer of a massive cave underworld beneath the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt today known as Collins Cave. It is the subject of his book Beneath the Pyramids (2009). His latest book, Origins of the Gods (2022), co-authored with Greg L. Little, demonstrates that human advancements since the very beginning are the result of communication with transdimensional intelligences he calls n-beings (short for n-dimensional beings). Andrew is a field investigator on TV shows such as Ancient Aliens and UnXplained with William Shatner, and appears regularly also on Gaia shows including Ancient Civilizations and Deep Space.

Greg is the author of more than 30 books, including Denisovan Origins coauthored with Andrew Collins. His research has been featured on the National Geographic Channel, MSNBC, Discovery, and the History Channel. He lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

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