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What do hallucinations, angels, aliens, dreams, and near death experiences all have in common?

Your brain on DMT! I believe that it would be hard to disprove the connection between all those words, above in bold print, and the chemical DMT produced within each of our brains – as the mysterious link at the center of so many misunderstood moments in human history! Simply stated, our brain functions differently in reaction to any chemical. There is no doubt that it’s reaction to any external form of DMT (either smoked or injected for a shorter but extremely effective result, or drank as a simple but serendipitous concoction in the form of an ancient Amazonian brew known as ayahuasca) allows for your brain to explode into other realms of consciousness while your heart beats, and your body stays piled in it’s seat.

There is also no doubt that our bodies produce the chemical dimethyltryptamine: DMT Dr. Rick Strassman’s almost exclusive, yet extensive work has shown the effects of a DMT “trip”, to be most likened to reports of near death experiences, alien abductions, encounters with spiritual beings, or feeling wide awake in the most incredible of dreams. Indeed, our bodies take a required, daily physical and mental break from our reality that we accept as sleep. During which, I believe there is a mechanism that releases the appropriate amount of DMT required for your mind to peacefully enjoy whatever hallucination it can conjure – dreaming in REM. (Does the pineal gland produce or simply regulate the chemical, seems to be the final wrangling point for science…

With the acceptance that there is no other reasonable definition for what a dream is; save a hallucination while your body lays incapacitated – which is the exact state induced by a DMT or ayahuasca “trip”. One is left to realize, that while we not only don’t understand the reasons humans are born equipped to access a naturally available, nightly neurocarpet ride, we seem to be ignoring the answer as to how we sail uninhibited in dreamscapes unmappable; all from the comfort of our down pillow. Recently, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to listen in on first hand, graphic re-tellings of more than a handful of hallucinations a few rare cases of “bipolar 1 with psychotic features” patients have had to endure. More importantly, of these brave souls trying to survive within the midst of the never ending wake of confusion and fear these prolonged parallels of perception leave behind. It was during one of these sessions that I truly had that ah-ha moment, in which I was flooded with the obvious connections in all of their stories, and the work Graham Hancock had clearly laid out here, in “Elves Angles and Ayahuasca

There was one fact that every story shared, but every patient would naturally gloss over, that struck me as most important. They uncannily would occur at night, during a period of high anxiety or manic induced insomnia; or during an unusually difficult night of sleep, nonetheless – eerily similar to the narratives in the relatively recent flux of “alien abductions”, and the equally unexplainable “breaks from reality” that medicine currently classifies as “schizophrenia”. The resulting altered realities experienced, share strikingly similar reports of geometric shapes, animals, or creatures that have humanoid features that usually share animal features, or have “other worldly” characteristics, knowledge, and settings that are far more powerful and/or frightening than that moment of confusion right before you awake – when you can’t quite put your finger on the fact that you’re still dreaming. Let’s not forget the peculiar pastime as old as man itself, for those rare individuals with a “more close relationship with God” who have been able to have face to face, seemingly flesh encounters with Angels, or conversations with God Himself, or put into words divinely inspired wisdom. The vast majority of these people, have indeed, induced altered states of consciousness through meditation, fasting by deprivation of sleep, food or water, severe stress or trauma, ate or drank “spiritual sustenance”; or are otherwise deemed to be “special” or “touched”.


What makes these human beings enter into states that they perceive to be “not our shared reality”? I purpose it to be quite simple. It is the altering or malfunctioning of the natural mechanisms we all use to dream while asleep; and for our soul to escape the body upon it’s demise. I won’t go into my thoughts as to why we are intended and readily equipped to enter into a dream state every single night, or why DMT is released at the moment the brain believes the body is dying – here. What I want to get across, is that indeed, things that cannot be explained, have a remarkable way of being connected! Whatever the trigger; be it REM sleep, lack of sleep, extreme anxiety, a malfunctioning of our brain’s internal regulator, lack of food and water, purposeful deprivation and meditation, or the introduction of external DMT or psilocybin – the result is the same. Our brains use all their naturally equipped, necessary physical pathways to produce alternate states of perceived realities. How can we begin to understand our true purpose here on this planet; with a dualism as perverse as a fleeting mortal body, carrying within it a super computer of soft membrane encased in fluid, firing on electricity and chemicals in ways we’d rather ignore than embrace?

Would it be the end of the world as we know it…..?

If we all had the culturally taught knowledge (freely and religiously practiced in the Americas from antiquity until the bloody Spanish conquests of the 16th century, and surely the lost key used by the ancient Middle Eastern, Indian, and Far Eastern religious originators) of using either plants, chemicals, or fasting and meditation methods of encountering spiritual realms previously either feared or deemed to be worthy of only prophets or sick minds – would anything on this earth, be the same? I don’t know, but I presume such a worldwide movement to be the awakening, rebirth, revival or revelation so many have feared or foreseen.

As the ever churning motor of science’s boat, keeps us moving forward in an unfathomable ocean of physics and chemistry, mysticism and magnetism, and the light of life and the dark of matter; the only thing changing is the make and model of the engine and the perception of the brain instantly analyzing the images taken in by the eye peering into the scope placed firmly on “our reality” That is to say, wake up! The future is arriving at an exponentially escalating rate. The shift in understanding necessary, to realize that we have the keys to answer spiritual, religious, esoteric, theosophic and all other philosophical questions and ideas with scientific proofs; will be as mute in it’s infancy as Christ’s death on a cross. Just as it took some 300 years for One man’s death in the desert to show it’s value in the manifestation of His messianic cult based following, becoming His executioner’s mandated orthodox; it will take time to relearn what has been oppressed and forgotten to the point of near spiritual extinction. While they don’t draw fish in the sand, perhaps there are enough brave souls making rifts in the newly (re)constructed? and ever evolving web of consciousness that bring whoever you are now, and whoever I was when I wrote this, together in a fulfilling reality in which we embrace each other for what we are. Star crossed souls, blessed with the chance to experience everything our brain and soul have the ability to access – while knowing love, pain, gain, loss, sharing and caring in the miraculous manipulation of matter that is our only chance at this physical life. One with a transparent glass ceiling; might as well start looking.

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