It is with great pleasure that we welcome Brian Taylor, our Author of the Month for November, and his poignant study on the holistic nature of the universe, the cyclicality of history, and the human potential to end the consciousness-manipulation of monotheism and the current World Order: Language of the Gods. 

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Language of the Gods

Language of the Gods sets out to challenge the way we see the world, our adopted beliefs and coordinates within World History. It seeks to expose how the potential of a united humanity has been suppressed by various forms of control over thousands of years, elites which have used division and fear as a tool to keep themselves at the helm. We look into the three areas of human consciousness: the focal, sub and higher mind; and see how various mechanisms adopted by the controlling elites have attempted to neutralise the collective human potential, by suppressing our biological and spiritual connection to higher mind consciousness.


Language of the Gods is a journey of discovery into our true relationship within the microcosm and the macrocosm. The first half of the book explores various methods of physical division and those behind the manipulation. The rest of the book shines a light on today’s religious beliefs and spiritual perversions, each drawing in specific monotheistic planetary energies used as mechanisms not only to divide humanity but also to restrict our true potential as a united collective. Just as one raindrop falls away unnoticed on a tin roof, humanity is fast becoming disunited: one million raindrops all resonating at the same frequency have the potential to deafen the occupants below. It is my view that the only way humanity will ever liberate itself from the shackles of enslavement, and truly advance as a species, is to unite together as a collective within higher levels of consciousness, seeing things holistically as opposed to competing within a framework of compartmentalisation, manufactured division and scarcity.

I have suspected for a long time that the real power behind ancient wisdom has been safely guarded by the ruling classes, wisdom which originated from a pre-cataclysmic, advanced civilisation capable of great things, people who understood astronomy and applied it as a practical, holistic, metaphysical science. Anyone studying history, religion, science and philosophy without knowledge of astrology and holistic wisdom can only gain a one dimensional perspective. Everything is connected, interwoven within the whole, within the science of light and synchronicity: 360 degrees of universal wisdom as opposed to one degree of academic knowledge. To sum the book up in a few words would be to describe it as a geopolitical, historical and religious look at how the control system has manipulated the human collective by means of metaphysics and astrology. From a basic knowledge of universal and planetary cycles we are in a better position to make sense of what humanity can expect in the near future.

Language of the Gods explores an alternative to linear historical Darwinism, an assumption that humanity has evolved from a festering pool of primeval slime to the pinnacle of human wisdom and technical achievements, where everything preceding the present was inferior. The alternative is a cyclical version of history, a view seeing our past as having occurred in cycles, just as the zodiac extends itself from the day to the year, and from the year to the Age; and we can extend this to incorporate the Great Year, a perpetual cycle of rising and falling human consciousness over a 25,800 year time period. Some modern scholars like Walter Cruttenden have come to the conclusion that not only do Sirius A and Sirius B form a binary, but the whole Sirius star system also forms a binary with our own solar system, an elliptical binary in which a full cycle takes approximately 25,800 years to complete.(1) This cyclical binary was very important to our ancient ancestors; I believe they went out of their way to build enormous, complicated structures in hope of passing valuable knowledge on to future generations. Sirius is, after all, an important star within the secret order of Freemasonry, and one of the most important star systems within the ancient Egyptian knowledge system.

The book explores the idea that every 25,800 years our solar system and the Sirius star system move closer together, and that the gravitational and electromagnetic influence of the Sirius system on our comparatively small solar system is so profound that it has the potential to cause cataclysms of biblical proportions. Is it possible that the planets, asteroids, meteors and space debris trailing behind the gravitational pull of the Sirius star system collide with our solar system as they pass one another on their elliptical orbits, during which time the possibility of planets being struck by giant asteroids, meteors or whatever else lurks 8.6 light years away is increased. The familiar line up of planets within our solar system could change dramatically, throwing the planets into different orbits by the combined forces of these two gigantic systems passing one another, a potential which could have devastating effects upon life on Earth, increasing the chance of cataclysms and chaos, throwing all types of species into extinction along with sea level rise and Ice Ages. Pockets of humanity have managed to survive previous cataclysms, holding onto remnants of the once advanced civilisations they belonged to, leaving behind some form of knowledge for us to decipher.


Our solar system is coming to the end of the Kali Yuga or Iron Age within the Great Year cycle, a turning point where we begin the 12,900 year ascension towards Sirius.(2) The last time these systems passed each other was approximately 12,000 years ago, a point at which archaeological evidence points towards a global catastrophe.(3)


Our Sun is the energy source behind our physical focal consciousness, our projected reality. Sirius on the other hand is the source of our subconscious, our inner emotions. I believe that the closer we get to Sirius, the greater our connection with the universal subconscious becomes; we essentially become enlightened, spiritual beings, connecting to source and wisdom within a natural elevating cycle. At this moment we are still a long way out, since our base characteristics as collective humanity are still grounded to the physical realm, battling constantly with our animal instincts, wilfully ignorant of higher mind potential within cosmic energy. This will gradually change as we move through the Bronze Age, Dwapara Yuga, towards the Silver, and finally back into the Golden Age of enlightenment, a 25,800 year cycle. Everything in the universe resonates as a symphony of unique frequencies, influencing the mind, body and soul. The closer we get to any one of these sources, the greater the impact. During the day, our Sun energises our focal consciousness. We awake from a sleep in which we appear to be unconscious or deep inside the subconscious mind, and the Sun’s energy helps to pull us back into focal awareness.

This will also be true of Sirius. Our subconscious minds are generally habitual and inaccessible to the majority concerned with focal matters and materialism, but the closer we get to the source of our subconscious, Sirius, the greater our awakening. I believe our ancestors left us clues to this knowledge, if only we were smart enough to understand. I also suspect that highest levels of Freemasonry and various other secret societies understand the significance of Sirius, but generally keep it quiet, leaving it for the eyes and ears of the initiated that have proven themselves worthy of sacred knowledge. Our ancient ancestors also knew the value of astronomy and astrology, the foundation of a system of spirituality and wisdom, only to be perverted throughout the ages by a variety of controlling elites, pulling humanity away from enlightenment and the teachings of the old mystery schools.

Language of the Gods explores the differences between modern religions and the reason behind spiritual rivalry and friction. It all stems from monotheistic planet worship. The law of attraction will manifest a specific reality depending on those frequencies one aligns oneself to and resonates with.(4) Today’s main religions have singled out specific planets, which are at the centre of their respective ideologies and worship, Judaism with Saturn, Christianity with Jupiter, Muslims with Venus and Buddhism with Mercury. The most obvious reference to this is the day each religion chooses as important holy days, for example Judaism on Saturday, Christianity on Sunday and Thursday, and Muslims on Friday. In many cultures, Monday has been adopted as the first day of the week. If we assign that as our benchmark to our planetary order some interesting correlations begin to unfold.

Judaism pays homage to Saturn, the planet of organisation, control and restrictions. Saturn is commonly depicted as a black cube, and as a 6-pointed star, which in turn makes the number 6 an associate. The most important holy day of the week for the Jewish faith is Saturday, the Sabbath, Saturn’s day.


The planet chosen by Islam is Venus; the planet of love and liking, the number associated with Venus is five along with their holy day on Friday. They pray five times a day and adhere to “the five pillars of Islam”. On top of each mosque you will see a crescent moon and a five pointed star. The top of the mosque roof represents the Sun whereas the crescent Moon and five pointed star symboliSe the Moon and Venus.


The Christians are a group associated with Jupiter, the planet ruling Pisces throughout the 2150 year epoch of the two fish. Jupiter was the Roman name for Zeus, which is one explanation for the name Juzeus or Jesus. Aligning one’s community or nation with the expansive energy of Jupiter will in time manifest these traits in reality, contributing to the Christians’ expansive domination around the world. Roman Catholicism has become the wealthiest institution on Earth. The Christian faith expanded to nearly every nook and cranny on the planet, leaving no stone unturned. Sunday became the preferred holy day in the Christian week. Seven being the most highly regarded number, it symbolises completeness and perfection, spiritually and physically. The number 7 appears over 700 times in the Bible and is the foundation of God’s word. Although Christians are associated with Jupiter, they are also equally aligned with the Sun and the Moon, in a triad, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, choosing the day of the Sun to focus on their faith. Thursday, Jupiter’s day is not entirely neglected; Holy Thursday is one of the most important and profound days in the Catholic religion along with Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday in November (Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter). Christians adopted the 4 pointed star, the cross, symbolising Jupiter’s day.


Buddhism emerged from Hinduism. It is a non-theistic religion/philosophy. In the Hindu language Budha with one “d” is the name given to the planet Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication. In Buddhism there is no creator and no supreme God; the only way to salvation is through your own spiritual improvement. The Buddha teaches you to question everything, including the Buddha. Through Buddha’s teachings (Dharma), he will show the “way or path”. It’s up to the individual to decide their own route to Nirvana. The Buddhist also believes in reincarnation, the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Looking at Buddhism from an astrological perspective, we find correlations between Mercury, Wednesday and the number three throughout Buddhist traditions and practices. The number three is a common occurrence in Buddhism:

  • The three precious Jewels ( Buddha (Teacher), Dharma (Teachings), Sangha (Community) )
  • Three poisons ( Ignorance, Attachment, Aversion )
  • The three baskets of the Pali Canon
  • Three aspects of the eightfold path ( Morality, Meditation, Wisdom )
  • At the Buddhist temple, when bowing one makes three prostrations with three sticks of incense.
  • When making a ceremonial procession around a temple or tomb it is done three times.


Although each religion along with its planet worship has admirable qualities, these various forms of monotheism, concentrating on different planets, are divisive to the greater harmony of humanity. In the ancient world polytheism was the adopted form of worship, drawing in a balanced spectrum of planetary energies, a pantheon of Gods, as opposed to only one. Limiting your exposure to planetary energies will also limit your conscious expression and thus your reality. It is my view that monotheism was encouraged as an attempt to divide, restrict and control humanity.

Language of the Gods is now available on Amazon, both paperback and Kindle.

I have also produced a selection of short promotional videos which try to explain various topics and ideas discussed in the book.


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Brian Taylor was born into a working class family in Nottingham, England during the late 1960’s. After graduating with BSc (Hons) from Leeds Polytechnic in 1992 he spent most of his time working as an engineer. While attending to the mundane world of business his free time was spent researching astrology, history, geopolitics and the occult. After many years this culminated into his first book, Language of the Gods. An inquisitive individual with a spiritual core, he now lives in East Asia, in the heart of the Buddhist world, where he continuously travels, thinks, meditates and writes.

14 thoughts on “Language of the Gods”

  1. William B Stoecker says:

    It is extremely unlikely that Sirius and our own Sun affect each other to any measurable degree. Despite its greater mass, Sirius is almost nine light years away, and its gravitational effect on us would be so slight as to be almost impossible to detect. Alpha Centauri A, though less massive, is just over four light years away, and its effect on us would be greater…though still nearly infinitesimal.

    1. brian taylor says:

      Every body in the universe has a physical and a spiritual aspect, the yin and yang. Gravity is only a part of the puzzle concerning the focal physical consciousness.

  2. G Benard says:

    Very interesting reading, thanks

    1. brian taylor says:

      Your welcome, hope you like the rest of my work.

  3. Jenny Miner says:

    Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.
    Ecclesiates 7:29

    1. brian taylor says:

      I’m of the opinion that there is more than one God, there are many, they are called the planets and the universe.

  4. Julian Gallegos says:

    Plan to grab a copy as soon as I have the funds! Will definitely watch your videos to begin to grasp more and more of your teachings. I’m interested to know if you have looked into the Kolbrin at all and if you have any thoughts to tie into this?

    1. brt says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback, Im not familiar with Kolbrin, but have just googled him and it looks very interesting. Thanks so much for the info. Regards Brian

  5. Noel says:

    Hi, you present some really interesting ideas, but lose me a bit when you say “Although each religion along with its planet worship has admirable qualities, these various forms of monotheism…” and you include Buddhism among these (earlier you seem to be aware that “Buddhism is a non-theistic religion/philosophy”)… non-theistic means non-theistic. It is a wrong (Western?) misconception to think Buddha is a god…if there were the supposed Golden Age ever, then (Zen) Buddhism seem to be the purest and closest remnant of it, and not an isolated aspect of a misunderstood/conspired against, and forgotten whole. Also pls do not forget the much more ancient Paganism and Animism. Also if Planets are so pivotal, what about planet Earth, how does She come into the picture, no religion for her? =) Namaste!

    1. brt says:

      In my view the planets which each religion/organised philosophy adopt are the Gods. The word Budha with one “d” is Hindu for the planet Mercury, this is the God i’m referring to. Likewise Jupiter is the God of Christianity, Saturn the God of Judaism and Venus the God of Islam. As far as the Earth is concerned, more research needs to be done on that matter.

  6. Bethany says:

    Very interesting article! I’m afraid I’m going to have to buy the book now — it’s something I’ll no doubt reference again and again. I also note Noel’s comment, and had a similar question about Buddhism, but then realized that the religions are just the earthly manifestations of the planetary influences; in other words, the separatism of planetary worship/identification came first. Then the religion. So, Buddhism does still contribute to the spread of monotheism that’s brought us to this point… Anyway, excellent work and lots of footnotes, which I always enjoy! Thanks!

    1. brt says:

      Thanks Bethany for your kind words. hope you get as much out of the book as i got from writing it.

  7. Tulasi Dass says:

    So finally Western people are beginning to accept that Hinduism is the most scientific and best religion (dharma). But still West degenerate Hinduism as superstitious and fund Christian conversations. So basically you people help church to Understand how native religions work and help church to destroy the native religions. for this purpose only Western scholars are funded. Whatever research you people do. it’s only for conversion of non believers that’s all.

    1. brt says:

      Good point, well said.

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