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We warmly welcome RL Poole, author of The Key of Leedskalnin: The Complete Decryption of “A Book in Every Home”, as our featured author for November. RL Poole has spent over a decade researching, investigating and decoding the mystery of Coral Castle, a modern megalith in Florida. The equally enigmatic Ed Leedskalnin, who constructed Coral Castle, puzzled researchers over how he achieved such a feat. Leedskalnin claimed he knew the secrets of the Pyramids. Coral Castle was embedded with riddles, as was an encoded book Ed Leedskalnin wrote and left behind in its museum — A Book in Every Home. After years of researchRL Poole has finally decoded this mysterious book. Poole’s book offers readers the key that unlocks Leedskalnin’s decryptions and shines a light on the fascinating backstory that led to its discovery. 

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 “’Ed was, after all, a shy man, a quiet man, a loner who had no close friends or family in the United States with whom he kept in touch, a man who was not a member of any organizations and owned no property outside of Florida. He was never part of an immigrant community and didn’t leave much behind after his death.’”

-From Coral Castle: The Mystery of Ed Leedskalnin and His American Stonehenge, by Rusty McClure and Jack Heffron

(Rusty McClure September 9, 2009)

A bit about RL

RL Poole is an independent researcher, author and speaker who has spent the past decade and a half scrutinizing the cryptic written works and mysterious monuments left to us by the late Edward Leedskalnin.

The Key of Leedskalnin: The Complete Decryption of “A Book in Every Home” is his second book about the Coral Castle, this time focusing more on decoding the writings of its enigmatic builder, Edward Leedskalnin, and one which may prove to open as many doors into mystery as it closes, based on his relentless observation, and investigation. Poole is a high-functioning autistic person and a Life Member of American Mensa, an organization whose only requirement for membership is to have an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) in the top 2% of the population. In early standardized scholastic testing, Poole was ranked in the 99th percentile, and, as an adult, pronounced ‘untestable’ in his highest scoring areas: Deductive Reasoning, Memorization, Pattern Recognition, and Communication. In other words, the test could not find limitations in these categories.

These have been the natural tools that Poole has used to make his unique breakthroughs in this field of research.

Untitled Self Portrait, 2020 (Poole 2020)

A revised bit about Ed

Here is what the official story reported by the general authorship, and common folklore say about Ed Leedskalnin, builder of the Coral Castle, taken from my last article (AoM March 2020):

Born in Latvia on January 12, 1887, Edward (Ed) Leedskalnin was a self-taught engineer who single-handedly built the Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, after emigrating to the USA in 1912. We know little about his childhood, apart from that his parents weren’t wealthy, and that he was only formally educated until the age of nine or ten. It’s suggested that Ed loved reading, and that he learned stonemasonry skills from his father. We know that by the time Ed was in his twenties, he could read, write and probably speak at least three languages.

At the age of 26, Ed was engaged to marry. The name and age of his fiancé is up for debate, for while Ed himself said he was jilted at the altar by his ‘Sweet Sixteen’—16-year-old Agnes Skuvst—Latvian historians have on record a different name and age for her—Hermine Luse, who wasn’t sixteen, but just two years younger than Ed. Ed’s main motivation for moving to the US was reportedly heartbreak, though extreme political unrest in Latvia will have served as motivation—some have said he left because of fear or retribution by the Tsar’s policeii(Rusty McClure September 9, 2009)

Between Ed’s arrivals in New York in 1912 and in Florida City in 1923, he moved often, spending time living in the Pacific Northwest and in Washington, among other places. At some point during the winter of 1922-1923, an estate agent called Ruben Moser found Ed lying in a heap on the side of the road. Moser helped Ed into the car and drove him home. Ed was seriously ill with a respiratory disease and was on the verge of dying. It has been suggested by eyewitness statements that Ed had been wandering around with a ‘witching rod’, capable of determining the presence of water or ‘energy’ in the earth. One eyewitness claimed that when asked what the rod was for, Ed just said, ‘when I find it, I’ll know it.’iii

Moser and his wife fixed a room in their tool shed for Ed and nursed him until he recovered.

It’s believed Ed had tuberculosis, which wasn’t curable in 1923, so his full recovery is usually described as a miracle. Some speculate that Ed cured himself using his unique knowledge of electromagnetism and ultraviolet rays from the sun.

By the end of winter 1922, Ed bought a section of land from Moser upon which he single-handedly built Rock Gate, also known as the Coral Castle. Then, in 1937, with barely any help, Ed moved his Coral Castle to a new location in Homestead, Florida. Ed died from a kidney infection in December 1951.” iv

And this is exactly what I reported in my last article. It is the accepted folklore, and the biographical information which seems to fit with the cultural narrative. Ed was simply a strange guy. Smart, but anti-social and shy.

However, it was upon the writing of this new book, and the discovery of the explosive subjects which prompted it that gave an entirely different story than the one we may already believe about who Ed Leedskalnin really was, and what he may have been really doing throughout his life.

Consider the quote at the start of this article, and ask yourself if the totalities of these behaviors strike you as normal in any way. The more one learns about the enormous amounts of odd behavior, combined with the new facts which have recently come to light, and then engages with those critical facts, the more one cannot help but begin to suspect the true motive and impetus for  Edward Leedskalnin’s bizarre actions.

The Key of Leedskalnin: The Complete Decryption of “A Book in Every Home” is a brand-new insight into what was previously believed, even assumed, about Edward Leedskalnin, and for the first time, discovers a previously unknown part of his history. However, this does not just involve Edward Leedskalnin. It also, surprisingly, involves Doris Duke, who was famously the heir to the Duke Tobacco Fortune, and called, “The richest girl in the world,” at that time. You see, Ed Leedskalnin had a secret pen pal.

And her name was Doris Duke.

Edward Leedskalnin’s immigration photo. He came to New York the same year that Doris Duke was born…in New York. (Wikipedia 2022, PD0)

Photo of Doris Duke, heir to the Duke Tobacco Fortune. (Duke University Library) (COLLINS 2013)

Someone’s built a candy castle
For my sweet sixteen
Someone took that candy girl
And drew her in”

Lyrics to, “Sweet Sixteen” by Billy Idol – 1986

A bit about Doris Duke

Doris Duke is not yet done being the center of attention, after all.

While she may not be a household name, these days, there was a time when everything Doris Duke did was a headline in a major newspaper in the ‘40’s, and even before. The “World’s richest girl” was the heir to the Duke Tobacco Fortune, left to her by her late father James Buchanan Duke. It is said that his last words to her, knowing she would be overwhelmed with those who would seek her money, were, “Trust no one.” This had to make a strong impression on a 12-year-old girl who had just inherited such an unbelievably large estate, and an even more unbelievable degree of responsibility which accompanies such a burden. Her father’s words were borne out as valid when Doris, still a child, had to sue her own mother for control of the estate which she was left, and successfully defended the fortune her father had left her. (Lance 2020)

While there are many facets of Doris Duke’s life which are fascinating, and there are undoubtedly many biographies which outline in detail the events of her life which unfolded, there is still one last chapter to be written about Doris Duke, and it involves her work as a spy for the OSS during WWII.

“During a tumultuous period in the world, she applied at the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the CIA, where she was hired as a spy based in Caserta, Italy. After OSS, she worked as a news correspondent for the International News Service. We have a small selection of the pieces she wrote, along with the Baby Hermes typewriter she used. It is also said that during World War II, she worked in a canteen for sailors in Egypt, taking a salary of one dollar a year. After the war, she moved to Paris and wrote for the magazine Harper’s Bazaar for $50 per week.” (Week 2022)

Doris Duke was a brilliant person in her own right, spoke fluent French, was well-travelled and highly cultured. Behind those sad, pretty eyes lay the mind of a lonely genius. Just like Edward Leedskalnin. But how are they connected?

On a cold, dark morning in March 2020, the most amazing thing happened. An encryption was broken. It was the encryption to Ed Leedskalnin’s most curious written work, the famed “A Book in Every Home”. Much has been made of this book, but nothing has been discovered. Suddenly, once the encryption had been broken, many secrets began spilling out of the text. But that was not the connection. No, the crucial point was how the connection could be proven. 

While watching an old DVD sold by the Coral Castle Museum gift shop, an interview was featured on what is otherwise an unwatchable piece of tourist tripe. This DVD held a clue which was later researched, and then confirmed by the author. The tape featured a person named Marilyn Hicks —‚the daughter of the man who was the Mayor of Coral Gables and also Ed Leedskalnin’s personal attorney. This was all verified after contacting and subsequently interviewing Marilyn, who proved to be an especially important witness.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it turned out to be the missing piece of an extremely exciting puzzle that no one knew needed solving. It was just a hunch, but as it turned out, a good one, with implications that could rewrite the history of both Ed Leedskalnin, and Doris Duke.

An exclusive excerpt from, The Key of Leedskalnin: The Complete Decryption of “A Book in Every Home”:

Marilyn: “The first thing we found was this whole stack of letters addressed to Doris Duke, you know who that is?”

RL: “I do, she was the heiress to the Duke Tobacco fortune, right?”

Marilyn: “That’s right. Well Ed had written her a whole pile of letters, and there was also a stack of these cut out comic strips from this one comic that was in the paper called Doris, and he thought she was answering him in the comic strips.”

RL: “Ok, hold on a second Marilyn, let me try to understand something here. Ed Leedskalnin, our shy little Ed, was writing to Doris Duke, the world’s richest woman, and he thought she was answering him back through a comic strip?”

Marilyn: “That’s right.”

RL: “Wow, ok. May I ask how you know that is what he was thinking when he wrote the letters?”

Marilyn: “We read them!” (laughing)

Contained in Ed Leedskalnin’s personal effects, as stated by Mrs. Hicks, who went through them as a teenager, were letters written by Edward to Doris, as well as several clippings from a comic strip. While it was colloquially called “Doris”, by most who read it, after the main character, who looked amazingly like Doris Duke, it was actually called, “The Daily’s,” and was written and drawn by Stanley Link. It was published in Harper’s Bazaar during the time Doris Duke worked for Harper’s Bazaar after WWII. (Week 2022)

The teenage Marilyn simply thought that Ed Leedskalnin was in love with Doris Duke and was having an imaginary relationship with her. She said the contents of the letters were extremely romantic, to the point of making her blush. She also stated that Ed referred to passages from the comic strip in the letters he was writing back to her. That’s very curious, isn’t it? If he were writing her letters, and sending them to her, why would he still be in possession of them? A more convincing argument can be made that this is most likely a sign of organized communication. When one talks in code, it is good to keep track of your conversations.

The Chase for Evidence

Without breaking the encryption for A Book in Every Home, it would have been impossible to prove the connection between Ed Leedskalnin, and Doris Duke. With no way of seeing their true communication, the facts as they sit could lead one to believe that Ed was simply a lonely guy, perhaps even delusional, and was imagining some fanciful, romantic correspondence with the world’s richest girl. In fact, this has been the established, boiler-plate folklore about Ed Leedskalnin for decades, but there is no corroborating evidence which would support the idea that he was in any way a delusional person; conversely, all evidence points to quite the opposite.

After the interview with Marilyn Hicks, it became apparent that the tell-tale traces of secret communication were present, but how could that be proven? The letters seemed to be a copy, or transcript, of his side of the conversation, while the comic strips were Doris’ response to them. What appeared to be fanciful to others could now be seen in a new light — as a highly organized, and secret communication. To facilitate the indulgence of a theory, a comic strip of “The Daily’s” was chosen as a test sample, from when Doris Duke was working for Harper’s Bazaar, and Ed was working at the Coral Castle. The comic strip chosen was from a critical time: August 1945. Without knowing the date of the letters which were found, the next best course of the investigation was to study the timeline of both people involved and settle on a time when the conditions would have been perfect for this type of covert communication on both sides.

This comic strip is featured in The Key of Leedskalnin and is a compelling piece of evidence which starts to fill in some missing pieces while widening the eyes to a much larger game.

Doris Duke (unknown 1940 PD0)

Edward Leedskalnin circa 1910 (Wikipedia 2022, PD0)

The Daily’s by Stanley Link 1957 (LAMBIEK 2021)

Upon seeing the characters shown and explored in the book, one will immediately notice how much shorter the man (Dan) is than Doris in the comic. Doris was six feet tall, and the man opposite Doris in this cartoon looks to be about what Ed’s height would have been standing next to her. She is literally a head taller than him in the comic strip, as she would be in real life. It seems to be another visual clue. Ed is even seen wearing the same suit as the character “Dan” in a photograph. Also, anyone even half paying attention will have to admit that Doris from The Daily’s has an uncanny resemblance to Doris Duke.

If one looks at this face sculpted by Ed Leedskalnin at the Coral Castle, could it be his sculpture of “Dan” from the Daily’s? Is something hiding behind this sculpture?
Face sculpted by Edward Leedskalnin (Poole 2013)

However, the real evidence finally emerges from the comic strip shown in this article, as it produces a mathematically verifiable message using the same encryption applied by the author, which has been successfully used to decipher, “A Book in Every Home.” And that encryption is Enigma Code.

The author discovered, and then proves, in The Key of Leedskalnin: The Complete Decryption of “A Book in Every Home” that the key to the encryption had been hidden in plain sight at the Coral Castle for many years. This first decryption key was in the form of a book code, which, when used correctly, then gave the settings for the Enigma Code, and then surprisingly included instructions for the authentication of messages. The author asserts that there is a veritable, and quite possibly, literal, treasure trove of information encoded into the cryptic text. It is additionally claimed by the author that Ed Leedskalnin also hints in the decrypted books messages that there is even an Enigma Machine hidden on the premises so that you may use it. Part of the book cipher’s decrypted and mathematically authenticated text states: “By the pool, behind the hedgehog, and there it is…” This all makes perfect sense, especially since Ed Leedskalnin was just discovered to be communicating with a known spy using Enigma Code, and he would have needed his own machine to encode messages. All the pieces are starting to come together.

Enigma Machine (FBI)

However, these days, one does not have to locate an Enigma Machine to break Enigma Code. Now, it is simply an app. What is needed, more than anything is knowing what type of machine, and what settings to use. If either of those elements is wrong, even a little bit, there will be no successful decryption. These specifics were given by Ed through his instructions which not only explain how to set up the Enigma Machine but also encrypt, using the book code, and how to authenticate the messages you are getting and will be getting in future decryptions. The author states that Ed tells the reader, using the book code, “Use Chi Square” in perfect Chinese. When someone decodes an encryption and includes in the message instructions for how to mathematically authenticate the message, this appears to be an undeniable sign of success. Edward Leedskalnin was a man who left nothing to chance.

This is what Ed Leedskalnin left as instructions to use for message authentication, encoded in the book cipher:

The Chi Square is a mathematical formula for determining the validity or authenticity of specific events in comparison to random sampling. In other words, does your decryption key produce messages which are too specific and correct to be mere coincidence or random chance? To use the correct math parlance, the message must fail the Null Hypothesis, and therefore pass the Chi Square with a P Value of .5 or less. When one inputs the information which has been decoded using the cipher cracked by the author, the Null Hypothesis fails, and the messages come out with a P Value of 0.0. This means that there is 0.0 chance that the messages could be anything but authentic, and therefore one may proceed with the cipher. (Computing 2019)

More than that, let us look at some other very odd alignments between Ed Leedskalnin, and Doris Duke, as it applies to dates. Ed arrives in New York in 1912, the same year Doris Duke is born. He has a picture of himself beside a large obelisk in Coral Castle, which has the date 1928, and he is pointing at that date with his finger. This is the year Doris Duke turned 16. Remember his obsession with his “Sweet Sixteen”? Then, the Polaris Telescope was raised in 1940. This was the year that Doris Duke lost her first, and only child, Arden. These are the only two stones in the entire Coral Castle with dates. Is this all coincidence? Ed Leedskalnin’s arrival in the United States just so happens to coincide with the same city, and the same year of Doris Duke’s birth. His monument just so happens to coincide with the year of her “sweet sixteen”. The only other dated monument happens to coincide with the year of her greatest sorrow. Additionally, Ed just so happens to coincidentally think that he is communicating with Doris Duke, later in life, through a comic strip.

The goal of The Key of Leedskalnin: The Complete Decryption of “A Book in Every Home” is to prove all of these things are indeed not a coincidence but an unrecognized proof of a connection. At a certain point, coincidence must give way to reality when a preponderance of the evidence is taken into consideration. However, what is needed to tie these loose threads together, is that one inarguable piece of evidence which cements, without a doubt, the secret connection between these two legendary figures. For instance, if one were to correctly intercept, decrypt, and translate a message being sent from one party to another, it would not be possible to argue against it. Once it is authenticated using the Chi Square, it now simply becomes fact.

Knowing the settings for the Enigma Machine, which were given by Ed, and learning from Ed how to authenticate any messages which were broken out of their encryption, the author decided to use this exact decryption on the comic strip shown in the article, “The Daily’s” from August 1945, and incredibly, it works! The first panel of dialogue has been decrypted. The translated message fails the Null Hypothesis, and passes the Chis Square with a P Value of 0.0, which means what you are about to see for the first time, is the intercepted and authenticated communication between Doris Duke, and Edward Leedskalnin, using Enigma Code, and foreign languages to hide their secret relationship.

Excerpt from:

The Key of Leedskalnin: The Complete Decryption of, “A Book in Every Home”

The Daily’s Comic Strip by Stanley Link from August 31st, 1945






Same letters spaced correctly for translation and language detection









Translation in Arabic:

Measure the level of your succession or

slowdown in the future of the next generation”

Consider that this is not only an authentic message but that it is also in a foreign language, which is very tricky to detect. The drawback of the Enigma Machine was that it could not encode a message into the same language as the plaintext. (Source) Since the comic strip and “A Book in Every Home” are written in English, then the decrypted message must be in another language, and this is exactly how it works out. Yet another major supporting fact verifying these findings. Despite the jumble of letters which it may initially seem, the Chi Square takes into account the unambiguous nature of the message. The mathematical chances of this being a fluke are 0.0. As unbelievable as it seems, this is an encrypted, intercepted, decrypted, and authenticated message passed between Doris Duke, and Edward Leedskalnin.

It appears that Ed, seemingly as the character Dan, could be advising Doris Duke on matters related to her assets or her estate. Included in The Key of Leedskalnin is the decryption key for this comic strip; the rest of the comic strip’s message is decrypted, and this awaits translation and authentication by the reader. This message intercepted by the author is both evidence, and example, simultaneously. The Key of Leedskalnin was written in such a way as to leave the ending up to the reader to discover for themselves, and thus give everyone a fair chance at discovering history together.

Image of Ed’s famous cover (Poole 2022)

Reader, if for any reason you do not like the things I say in this little book, I left just as much space as I used, so you can write your own opinion opposite it and see if you can do better.

The Author” 

From, A Book in Every Home by Edward Leedskalnin

And that is precisely what he did. He invites the reader of his little book, which only has twenty-odd pages, to take up their pen, and write something opposite his writings. And, in this case, it is the book cipher for the encryption which Ed has cleverly given us by clues he leaves at the Coral Castle, and which are revealed for the first time in The Key of Leedskalnin: The Complete Decryption of “A Book in Every Home”. It was upon the breaking of the encryption which revealed the cryptic meaning behind the title of the book: After discovering up to 26 different languages encoded in the text of “A Book in Every Home”, this was meant to be a book which could be decoded and read in every home. Ed seems to have set up a game where if you notice the clues, and put them together, you get the book cipher, which leads to the Enigma Machine settings, and also to what appears to be directions to finding an Enigma Machine hidden on the premises. Only then does one gain access to the decoded messages contained within the text, after which Leedskalnin demonstrates that the Enigma encoded messages must be translated into their intended language and leaves instructions on how to authenticate said messages. This was a brilliant man who was playing spy games, and was playing them with a spy.

But for what reason? For that, we must look at the first ever correctly decrypted, and authenticated Enigma encoded messages by the author, using the discovered cipher applied to the first text from A Book in Every Home:

Text Encoded: (English)

A Book in Every Home

Containing Three Subjects

Eds Sweet Sixteen

Domestic and Political views

Text decoded using Key of Leedskalnin:






Key Translation of decrypted text: (Russian, Estonian, Baltic languages)

The State Central Committee of the Central Bank of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (The Bank Service Bureau of the National Bank of Republic of Kazakhstan)

The State Central Committee of the Central Bank of the Central Bank of the Republic of Karelia and the Khanty-Mansi Republic”

The State Central Committee of the Central Bank of the Central Bank of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic”

The State Central Committee of the Central bank of the Central bank of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug KhRMZ”

If we allow ourselves to bask in the moment of this great revelation, we may miss some key details, even beyond the use of the Chi Square technique, which may further authenticate these messages.

Firstly, let’s examine the composition of the messages. These are the long-form official titles of each organization being addressed, and furthermore, he begins the message by addressing who the messages are intended for correctly. Just like how one would begin any letter by addressing the name of the person it is intended for, so has Ed Leedskalnin named the intended recipients of his messages. However, further analysis is required.

A key question to consider is whether all of these places, and organizations named in the decrypted messages exist.

Not only did they exist during Ed Leedskalnin’s time, but they still currently do, albeit with minor name changes accurate to the period. Furthermore, the organizations named fit within the historical and geographical accuracy of the time period in which the book was encoded by Edward Leedskalnin.

There is your smoking gun.

When messages have been decoded, mathematically validated, and then those messages specifically correlate to the linguistic, geographic and political time period in which they were written, from a researcher’s standpoint, that’s the ballgame.

Even more importantly, from a geopolitical bent, are the questions we are left with regarding why Edward Leedskalnin, someone who has been proven to be functioning as a spy in collusion with the world’s richest woman, would be addressing the regulatory committees of the central banks of all of these countries? And, if one is even more perceptive, it can be noticed by even a casual observer that these are all Eastern European countries that speak Russian but are not actually a part of Russia. Edward Leedskalnin was known, as was asserted by Rusty McClure’s and Jack Heffron’s biography, to be staunchly against Russia, and fled his homeland after he resisted their occupation of Latvia. (Rusty McClure September 9, 2009)

Based on the findings, this may be one of the most spectacular real-life spy stories ever uncovered, and the potential for further discovery is extended to the reader.

These messages translate into perfect Russian, and other Baltic languages, and each translation fails the Null Hypothesis of the Chi Square with a P Value of 0.0. This means that these messages are authentic, and intentional. This should demand the attention of serious researchers, and biographers to investigate, and integrate whatever added information we find with what we already know.

In addition, Poole has written an extremely unique book which is meant to act as a living vault, containing a series of intellectual challenges to accompany the answers given. The reader is being instructed in the use of these ciphers and techniques through an exciting real-time series of challenges, in the tradition of Edward Leedskalnin, while also having their perception, and deductive reasoning put to the test. This is intentional. The author generously includes the complete Enigma code cipher, the book cipher, examples of decryption, translation, etc., as well as the complete decryption of the encoded text, with a blank page opposite it (just as Leedskalnin did) to work out your translation on the opposite page. While many secrets are laid bare by this newest book, the road to acquiring them relies on the reader solving a series of clever puzzles, both hidden and overt, which are meant to serve as an obstacle to the lesser motivated, and as an instructional aid to those up to the challenge, as this is a homage to the construction of, A Book in Every Home. While there is no guarantee that you will be able to solve all of the riddles, the answers have been built into the work itself. The puzzles have been deliberately created in such a way so that when one is solved, the reader will come away with the correct answer while simultaneously learning how to verify their own results. This is in keeping with Ed Leedskalnin’s historically proven teaching method. While this may very well be the most controversial book ever written about Edward Leedskalnin, it has the potential to fascinate any interested researcher for years to come. The most exciting part, perhaps, is that the author has left the ending of the story up to the reader, and not himself. Truly, paying it forward. There is an untold amount of brand-new information which can be learned by applying these discoveries outward, and expanding the search for further evidence, using the new tools discovered and revealed in The Key of Leedskalnin. While there is an enormous amount of historic and scientific information to still be uncovered, the reader has been handed the tools to access this unique historical opportunity. The solving of this single riddle could very well lead the charge into an entirely new world of discovery based on the potential information contained within the Enigma encoded message in a bottle we have finally received from Mr. Edward Leedskalnin.


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RL Poole, self-portrait 2020

Edward Leedskalnin,_circa_1910_(cropped).jpg

Edward Leedskalnin

A Book in Every Home, front cover, copyright 1945 Edward Leedskalnin – Image of cover provided by RL Poole

Doris Duke

The Daily’s by Stanley Link

Sculpture of face at the Coral Castle – image by RL Poole, 2013

Search media – Wikimedia Commons

File:Enigma-Machine.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Khanty-Mansi Federal State Map

The Key of Leedskalnin

The Complete Decryption of 'A Book in Every Home'

The Leedskalnin Codex

Breakthroughs In Understanding The Coral Castle

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    “It is so and it is not so,” said G. “The man who showed it to you either did not know or did not want to say. It was not a piece of bone but a particular bone formation which some people get round the neck in the form of a necklace as a result of special exercises. Have you heard the expression ‘Buddha’s necklace’?”
    “Yes,” I said, “but this means something quite different. The chain of Buddha’s reincarnation is called ‘Buddha’s necklace.'”
    “Yes,” said G., “that is one meaning of the expression, but I am speaking of another meaning. This necklace of bones which encircles the neck beneath the skin is directly connected with what is called the ‘astral body.’ The ‘astral body’ is, so to speak, attached to it, or, to be more accurate, this ‘necklace’ connects the physical body to the astral. Now if the ‘astral body’ continues to live after the death of the physical body, the person possessing a bone of this ‘necklace’ can always communicate with the ‘astral body’ of the dead man. This is magic. But they never speak of it openly. You are right about their having magic and this is an instance of it. It does not follow, of course, that the bone you saw was a real one. You will find these bones in almost every house; but I am telling you of the belief which lies at the bottom of this custom.”
    And again I had to admit that I had never before met with such an explanation.
    G. drew a small sketch for me showing the position of the small bones under the skin; they went in a semicircle round the back of the neck, beginning a little in front of the ears.
    This sketch at once reminded me of an ordinary diagrammatic representation of the lymphatic glands in the neck, such as can be seen in anatomical charts. But I could learn nothing else about it.

    – In Search of the Miraculous, PD Ouspensky

    1. RLPoole says:

      Nice of you to comment. How is that related to this topic? I enjoyed reading it.

    2. RLPoole says:

      The bees can fly, too
      The drones can leave but not her
      The Queen is their slave

      1. Josh C says:

        1 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:
        2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.
        3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
        4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
        5 And upon her forehead was a name written,
        6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

        1. RLPoole says:

          54 68 65 20 4E 69 67 68 74 6D 61 72 65 20 42 65 66 6F 72 65 20 43 68 72 69 73 74 6D 61 73 2E 20 49 27 6D 20 4A 61 63 6B 2C 20 74 68 65 20 50 75 6D 70 6B 69 6E 20 4B 69 6E 67 2E 20 45 6D 61 69 6C 20 6D 65 20 61 74 3A 20 74 61 6C 6B 69 6E 67 74 6F 6C 65 65 64 73 6B 61 6C 6E 69 6E 2E 63 6F 6D

          1. Josh C says:

            stay useful, buddy

          2. RLPoole says:

            Thank you, I will! It’s always nice to meet a fan of my work.

            By the way, when you crack that code, be sure to relay its message to me for a prize 🙂

        2. jon says:

          reading Josh C, comments promote these thoughts

          Could this be referring to SATAN [REX-MUNDI][7] and ISIS [ISHTAR][8][pentagonal, 5 pointed star] and possibly a reference to the ‘Baphomet’ of the Templars.

          If the innumerable beliefs of the world had been left to their own devices, it would now be possible to trace the remnants of the original knowledge and to recompose it. History, however, decided otherwise. Constantine created a conglomerate religion for the sake of unity and into the boiling-pot of compromise went most of the old knowledge, and by the time it came out it was unrecognisable. Those parts which escaped the ‘pot’ were hunted down, reconstructed or destroyed to ensure that power remained in the hands of the few . . .

  2. RLPoole says:

    I don’t think thats a fair criticism since you haven’t researched the information. However, since you asked, I have personally found 26 different languages encoded in Enigma Code. Interestingly, that is the same number of pages in the book. Perhaps if your criticism were directed specifically at something else I might answer for you? I have tried to make this information as accurate as possible.Thank you.

    1. RLPoole says:

      I’m a bit stunned at the arrogance it takes to dismiss a subject of which you have not properly studied. Clearly, reading an article about a book is not the same as reading the book, itself. It’s meant to leave some gaps. If you are intellectually uncurious, then so be it, but it is not based on my research, only a lack of your own. It’s mathematically verified, and verifiable. Ed’s own decoded and translated messages actually taught me how to do that, so how do you explain that? I even leave enough clues in the article so that smart people can actually work some things out for themselves. Strange you didn’t pick up on that…master codebreaker.

      Yes there are 26 letters in the alphabet. However that is not related to the subject. It’s nothing more than a lazy non-sequitor used as a false analogy in a logically flawed attempt to discredit research that you havent even read. The fact that I have detected 26 languages, and there are 26 pages of text, may be related. It doesn’t mean they are, but it’s an interesting correlation.

      No offense, anonymous comment maker, but I trust Graham’s opinion of my work over yours, or of the tragic, abusive internet trolls who try to steal the joy of others through their poorly spelled, grammatically challenged know-it-all diatribes.

      “I’ve glanced at this subject and determined you are wrong…”

      Of course you did, lol It never gets old 🙂

      Comment sections have never disproven my work, or won an award, or reached #1 on the Amazon Best Seller list in the Physics of Gravity, or gotten anyone into Mensa. Producers at Prometheus didnt read a comment I made in a thread, and said “Thats it, thats our Coral Castle expert”No, it was..Work. Thats what gets you there. These kinds of unsupported comments made by the unscientifically skeptical are so lazy that they are honestly laughable.

      I’m not trying to convince you of anything, merely inform you of it. Dont believe me. You don’t have to believe in the Sun to get burned, do you?

      I hope you have a wonderful day, and that you are much less unfairly cynical of others as you are being of my work.

      Also, thanks for reading my work. It’s always nice to meet a fan!

      1. RLPoole says:

        You must have an extensive library of all of the books you have read, by simply looking at their covers. Yikes.

        While it is true that Google translate does sometimes have false results. Perhaps you have heard of the Chi Square, which is a formula used to mathematically confirm or deny the validity of decoded messages. Perhaps if one checked the historical, geographical, and linguistic accuracy of the data to see if what is being said actually matches up with the time period, you know, the organizations specifically mentioned… oh wait, I did that. But it’s in the book you don’t need to read. That’s okay with me. Based on the caliber of the comments you have made, I honestly don’t think you would get it.

        We live in a day and an age where everyone has Google for a brain instead of doing their own thinking and research. Thats not how I work, and that’s why I am the Author of the Month for the second time in as many books, and you are not.

        Sounds like sour grapes to me. I hope that dark cloud leaves you, and your best self can shine through, one day. Today was not that day.

    2. RLPoole says:

      This guy: Your book is wrong.

      Same guy: please send me your book.


      1. RLPoole says:

        Maybe there is a communication issue. Based on your replies it seems English is your second language. My apologies.

        My book is written in English, as is my article, and while you do understand most words, you dont understand how they go together, so maybe there is a comprehension problem on your end? Either way, no I will not send you a copy of my book.

        And neither will the Observer.

        I love these baby- brained conspiracy theories that when two decent people show up in the middle of a troll dominated message board, one must be an imposter. Tells me a lot about the people who heavily troll these things. Cynical, empty, hollow things that you are.

        Can’t wait until your book comes ou….oh thats right. What will be the title again? “Me Think Good”, by Some Anonymous Troll? Is Herschel Walker going to write the Foreward? Because I have to tell you, I cracked Enigma Code with a pencil, and rediscovered how the Earth actually goes the Sun,and I still can’t correct your grammar enough to make an intelligible statement out of it.

        You read a lot? Like what, the backs of cereal boxes, warning labels, stuff like that? If you read so much, then why do you express yourself with all of the class and verve of an angry 8th grade boy? Seems like you would get more out of a book if you ate the damn thing. Reading doesn’t seem to be working out.

        What it seems to me is that there a ton of “information leeches” who hang around these boards, unemployed, looking for a handout. You want me to include all the information you need to prove this for yourself in an article you dont have to pay for. It’s funny how just $30, literally the cost of pizza night, turns you jackals, and bottom feeders into caterwauling wackaloons. You think challenging my ego, or any type of manipulation is going to get the secret told to you on a message board??? If so, then youre sorely mistaken. Time to grow up, guys. The article was well-written, since it has you bottom feeders and deadbeats who can’t afford a $30 dollar book so foaming at the mouth for the answers. This bodes well for the future success of the book, and it’s readership.

        You have given me some amazing feedback, and again, so great meeting a fan of my stuff.

      2. RLPoole says:

        Ihre unangebrachte Wut wird Ihnen direkt schaden.

        Gut Nacht

      3. o'connor says:

        Hi – pls. help I bought your Book, but i can’t make sense of the adjustments of the enigma machine

  3. RLPoole says:

    Doris Duke spoke several languages, and was fluent in French. Ed was always at the local library, and I think his time was spent studying how to say things in many different languages.

  4. RLPoole says:

    I have certainly not, nor ever would insinuate any such thing, and I resent even the implication.

    Thanks for the “hint”. I will keep that in mind.

  5. The observer says:

    It’s a bad look for that this kind of horse shit reply by Axel foly, and others, are allowed to remain posted. 1 out of 5 stars for GHMB here.

    1. RLPoole says:

      You’re very nice to say something, the people commenting are being so weird and hostile it’s hard to rationally fathom.

      Much different experience than the last time.

      However, they don’t need to remove anything on my behalf. Words on a screen have no power over me. They may wish to do it on their own behalf, though, so that future potential AOMs don’t see this type of abuse and run. I worked my tuchus off to get here and when I arrive I am met with the entire Who’s Who in Mental Illness…yikes. Glad I am not the only one who thinks it’s pretty crazy. Take care.

      1. the observer says:

        Dear Mr. Poole.

        Your restraint is commendable. But really, what if you were to invite me over to dinner, and I allowed a group of uncivil, rude and semi-retarded brats to come over and hound you from the time you entered the door until you left. What would you think of me as a host if I didn’t make them leave?

        Forget any pretense of defendign freedom of speak, RL. This garbage is only allowed to continue because the host of this board is not willing to defend civility.

        1. RLPoole says:

          I’m really disappointed in the people who have behaved this way. However, it is not unexpected. People can be sad, and tragic creatures sometimes, and they want to take others with them. It is rude, and stupid, and thoroughly unhelpful. I came here to discuss things about my work, not be attacked by the semi-literate. It’s funny to me that the people who are loudly denouncing my work on decoding Enigma Code and translating different languages haven’t studied the subject at all, and seemingly can’t even communicate a grammatically correct message in their own language. Its okay. Armchair experts have never made a single difference in this world, and thats not going to start now. I stand by my work, even if others don’t understand it. Time will prove me wise.

          Good on you for standing up and speaking about the abusive disrespect. Class is in short supply on this message board. Apparently you have all of it.

        2. The observer says:

          Whichever course you choose, Mr Poole, remain mindful that this site relies on the continued presence of people like you, in order to promote itself as an author friendly site. This disconnect is really disgraceful. Keep up the good work, and as you continue to evolve, well, don’t let these ill-mannered fools take up a second of time that you might find better spent doing something else.

          Check that, we should not be surprised if the blathering is from one very lonely, bothered person who has chosen the Low Road and can’t understand why that makes for an unhappy existence.

          I’m outta here.


        3. RLPoole says:

          Fare thee well, Keen Observer, youre taking all the class in this joint with you.

          *rolls up sleeves* you go ahead, I can handle this lot 🙂

      2. RLPoole says:

        Always nice to meet a fan. Take care.

    2. the observer says:

      You do NOT deserve a seat at the table just because you can bang your empty head on a keyboard.

      Your definition of freedom of expression is freedom of SHIT. And that’s what this message board is, SHIT, when WIMPS allow fools like yourself to spew ignorance in threads that are ostensibly dedicated to guests who think AND act civil.

      1. RLPoole says:

        It’s Deadpool, not Spiderman.

        RL Poole – Deadpool get it?

        WOW…hahaha hahaha Yet another fine research job done on your part.

        Thanks for glancing at my YouTube page. You know for people who want to attack me so much, you certainly are unhealthily obsessed with me…and primarily illiterate.

        You remind me of my ex-wife in that way.

        Sheesh, winning an argument in this comment section is like beating up 3rd graders….I mean sure, it’s easy, but it still somehow feels wrong.

        You know what, you super happy people have a good day. Recess is over. Imma go do my thang, and I will be back soon to check on you little rascals.

        Spiderman….ffs lmao

    3. RLPoole says:

      You think Graham Hancock doesn’t want to scam people. I agree.

      That’s exactly why he made me AOM. I have a history of producing good work, and have made countless breakthroughs, just like the man, himself.

      You can’t say on one hand that Graham doesn’t want scam people, and then accusing him of promoting a person who is scamming you.

      You make absolutely no sense. Everything you are saying is just mean, and stupid, and the worst sin of all, poorly written.

      So which is it, Slingblade? No, no, you want to go all Peanut Butter Falcon on this thread, then make up your mind:

      You think Graham is promoting a scammer, or not? Can’t have it both ways, chief.

      Can’t wait to hear you try to wriggle out of that question.

      So if I am a scammer, then you are saying that Graham is promoting a scammer.

      You said Graham doesn’t want to scam people, and he is the one who named me as AOM.

      I hear a bird….it’s call is magical.

      It’s going, “cuckoo, cuckoo” 👆

      You make no sense.

  6. RLPoole says:

    Then I suspect you may have a learning disability.

    1. RLPoole says:

      You write a stroke victim.

      1. RLPoole says:

        You write like a stroke victim.

  7. RLPoole says:

    Witty. Seriously, my sides hurt.

    No, all I did was score in the top 2% on an accepted IQ test, and produced the results.

    And thats why I joined. Because you can’t buy your way in. You can’t use your clout. You can’t know a guy who knows a guy to network your way in. It is incorruptible, and absolute. Your score is your score, and your results are your results. You either make it in, or you learn about yourself.

    Based on your comment, it would seem that I certainly don’t have to worry about running into you at the meetings.

    That is, unless maybe youre doing the catering.

    Thanks for playing. Always nice to meet a fan.

  8. RLPoole says:

    Observe closer, my little Alex Jones of the comment section. Even I know the Observer isn’t me. You really did your research there. I am only on this board when I receive recognition from Graham, for a month. Pretty sure the Observer lives here, year round. I remember that name from my last stint here when people had some class and some manners and werent rabid monkeys throwing theur poop at the zoo. Check previous posts. You know, do your homework, Inspector Clouseau. Additionally, I honestly don’t care enough about the opinion of barely literate, unpublished internet trolls to set up a VPN just to create a different account to talk to myself on here. Yeah, you think far too much of yourself on that one.

    Sounds like you are the one doing that. Perhaps you need an Imax screen for all the projection you are doing…?

    ANYWAY, thank you for your participation. It is always great to meet a fan of my work.

    1. RLPoole says:

      Firstly, it’s Deadpool, not Spiderman.

      Secondly, it’s “wasting” not “waisting”

      Thirdly, you do not write like a genius. You write like a stroke victim high on PCP.

      How in the world did Mensa overlook you? Lmfao

      This made my day.

  9. RLPoole says:

    My job isn’t to convince you I am right so you will buy the book. My job is to do the research, compile it, publish the results, and afford you the opportunity to prove it to yourself. I have done that. The article informs you that the research is there, and all the tools are provided in the book.

    I did prove I am right. I just did it in a book that you must pay for, as to opposed to giving away everything for free in an article that you did not.

    “The real question is not what you are looking at, but what you actually see.” Henry David Thoreau

    Perhaps you should look more closely. Thats all I will say.

    1. RLPoole says:

      Thank you, thank you *bowing*

    2. RLPoole says:

      Yeah, the Chi Square and then research the history, the grammar, the offices, subjects, etc.that are mentioned.

      It checks out the message fails the Null Hypothesis with a P Value of 0.0 which means that mathematically there is 0 percent chance of it being a coincidence, and then the messages completely accurately correspond to the time they were written. The offices he names were called by those names back then. The geography, the language, it’s all spot on correct. Just because you don’t get the whole thing plopped in your lap in an article doesn’t mean I didn’t do my homework.

      Youre the one who has some catching up to do to get up to speed, not me buddy boy, so you can turn that nonsense down, and get allllllll the way up off my back about it. If you’re not smart enough to see what I said are proven facts, then it’s lost on you anyway.

      Do you also leave bad movie reviews just from seeing the trailer, too? Ffs man 😂 you people are ponderously stubborn in your refusal to hear facts,

      By the way, I sold a s#!$ ton of books last night, so whatever you’re doing and saying, keep it up! 🥰

  10. RLPoole says:

    You’ve gotten all you’re going to get. If it is not adequate, then please save your money, and my time.

    I did such a good job on that article…look at you guys begging me for more. It feels…..delicious 🙂
    That was the goal, and all I can say is NAILED IT 🙂


  11. RLPoole says:

    I appreciate the offer, but I’m just not interested in an online relationship right now.

    I hope you find the “naughty boy” you are looking for, but as for me, I’m sorry it’s just not going to happen.

    I feel it is only right to let you down easy. I’m spoken for.

    Best of luck on your quest.

  12. RLPoole says:

    Use the Chi Square. When a message fails the Null Hypothesis with a score of .5 or less, the message, whether you like it or not, is authentic to a mathematical certainty which precedes your imaginary intellect. Use the same mathematical formula, and do it correctly, you will get the same result. It can be no other way.

    You can do that, can’t you? Simply run the numbers. You’re a mega genius, so you know how the Chi Square works right? I mean you have researched this for 7 years, so you must have had to use it to authenticate your own work. You have produced your own work, haven’t you? Where are you published? You have a link where I can see your work, or are you just words? Do you actually back any of your statements up with tangible work? I’m betting, not.

    Do you have a book on the AOM section of this site for your amazing breakthrough research?

    No? Then maybe you’re not exactly the guy to listen to.

    Mein Deutsch ist besser als dein Englisch lol

  13. RLPoole says:

    A book you have not bought, or read, is nonsense. Mmmmkay.

    Trolls gotta troll,yo

    Wow I have rarely encountered someone so triggered by a book they haven’t read since I hosted Flatearthers at an astronomy convention. What a wonderful reception to Graham’s Author of The Month club.

    If it makes you feel any better, you’re in my Troll of the Month club 🙂

    Use my book to heat your oven in Winter? I mean you even talk like you’re an actual troll under a bridge somewhere.

    I think you want to burn my book because you can’t write one of your own. It’s sad to see what people become, sometimes.

    You cannot steal my joy, or influence anyone. How truly impotent your actions are. Just the poop flinging frustration of a middle aged man who has accomplished nothing, and wants to take it out on others. You see me getting some hard won attention, and it hurts you inside. I can feel your anger.

    Bitter, resentful, and morose.

    Me? Honestly I couldn’t be doing any better right now. I’m the monkey in charge of the bananas, baby. Walking on sunshine, and I feel sorry that you are so unhappy. But, I cannot join you.

    It’s so great to talk to a fan of my work. Really, you know…connecting with people. That’s my passion. Thanks for being a part of that. Youre the worst part, but still a part.

  14. RLPoole says:

    You should start living indoors. We have electricity now.

    Now you can read those books like a big boy, instead of burning them huddled under your tarp for warmth.

    Come on in, it’s nice inside 🙂

  15. RLPoole says:

    You are beclowning yourself, and don’t even realize it.

  16. RLPoole says:

    Sorry, the only theater I participate in is a One Man Show. I’m sure the theaters you frequent are much different in that way. Regardless, I certainly don’t need help from anyone, real or imaginary, to deal with a few bags of trash.

    You’re a nerf gun that thinks it shoots real bullets.


    PEW PEW 🔫

  17. Leila says:

    Apologies for the recent activity under the article. We have reviewed and removed inappropriate and irrelevant content. The commentor responsible for this has now been blocked. We will endevour to keep this a constructive place for discussion.

    1. RLPoole says:

      You are awesome. Much obliged.

  18. Leila says:

    Unfortunately, all replies to the deleted comments have been deleted by default.

    1. RLPoole says:

      I know, some of them were hilarious 😂

  19. Peter says:

    As this current cycle comes to an end, we learn (hopefully not too late) that the mysteries and wonders of the world are but a natural part of our humanity. The ignorant, selfish and petulant that try to rule over this existence, without knowing their own reality, are doomed to repeat the foolishness that they represent. That all those with minds to understand, souls to appreciate and spirits to enquire be enabled by such lofty works as this. Many thanks.

    1. RLPoole says:

      Thats very kind, thank you so much. The world is full of colossal mysteries, and we must embrace that uncertainty in order to find the answers.

      Once we find those answers, we must recognize, appreciate, and preserve them for future generations.

  20. Anthony Wynands says:

    Mr. Poole,
    Have you read Percy Seymour’s work? Unfortunately, as Kp Index/geomagnetic storm data is only available 1932 and forward, we don’t have information on the significance the Coral Castle Leedskalnin 9/10/1923 1808 EST Homestead, FL moment. But, based on any heliocentric astrological chart that demonstrated certain planetary aspects (0, 90, 180 degrees) that may have triggered CME and solar flare response, I seriously doubt there was no geomagnetic activity around that time. The Venus-Earth/Uranus opposition is standard Kp increase geomagnetically. Also, based on the Moon’s placement and Lagrangian points L4 and L5 for the Earth in a geocentric chart, this moment is indeed significant for the clarity of EM activity based on what you describe in your first book. I wrote about this in my Part III post using Cixin Liu’s trilogy as comparison. I believe there’s more to Leedskalnin’s interest in this direction.

    1. RLPoole says:

      What a detailed and educated comment! Also, thank you for reading, and studying my work.

      To boil down more simply the idea of geomagnetic activity caused by the alignment of celestial bodies, consider the trigger mechanism of a Gauss rifle, and replace the ball bearings with planets, and the large neodymium magnet with the Sun. When you do, you see the exact alignment shown on the constellation wall, and the one which occurs on Sept 10 1923. Venus in occult phase, the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth, with their equators aligned at a single point. I sincerely believe this causes a cyclical geomagnetic effect in a localized area for a short amount of time, and that this explains the concept of Ley Lines which accompany megalithic structures in many cases.

      I have a video on my YT Channel, @talkingtoleedskalnin called The Celestial Gauss Effect which explains my theory based on the discoveries aforementioned.

      I will have to check out Percy Seymour, thank you for mentioning it to me.

      1. The Observer says:

        “What a detailed and educated comment!”


      2. Anthony Wynands says:

        Thanks! No problem, love these mysteries! It’s incredibly interesting! Seymour too offers insights in his “Astrology: The Evidence of Science” and expansions in “The Scientific Basis of Astrology” that may allow continuations and/or forks in the path for alternative ideas in geomagnetism and possibly ley lines. His astrophysicist education is a breath of fresh air in interpretive subject like this. Do you think Leedskalnin may have been aligned, whether consciously or subconscious, with Aleister Crowley’s 93 Current? Specifically, Leedskalnin’s September 1923 date is the same time Crowley was drafting his “D Comment,” where the working occurred that May after Mussolini kicked him out of Italy, he went to Tunisia, and wrote that autumn what ended up becoming his published magical diaries. Seems in Autumn 1923 a very ominous occult event occurred that was kept unpublished: “The first two chapters of the Book describe Ideas without limit; the third concerns a fixed Event due to one union of them, namely the coming of HERU-RA-HA.” You think that date has anything to do with that?

        1. RLPoole says:

          While I am acquainted with Aleister Crowley, I do not have a detailed knowledge of his practices. However, some parallels are evident.

          I have long held the philosophy that astrology and astronomy are two sides of a single coin. The Earth, the solar system, the Universe itself, behaves in patterns, and these patterns repeat. That our celestial positioning can possibly dictate,or at the very least influence, circumstances. We have recognized these patterns in astrology, but have simply been unable to explain them, so we are told that they are meaningless. I don’t think that, at all. I think the patterns themselves are the evidence. If you look up the astrology for that day, it’s an extremely unique and distinct pattern, which indicates a time of great power, a time of Magick. This power, whatever you want to call it, is literally Universal, therefore, it has universal applications. Aleister Crowley used it his way, and Ed used it in his. I think that’s a valid idea.

          My theory is that the reason you are a Virgo (if you are), and I am a Gemini, for example, has to do with the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun, and other celestial objects, and the magnetic influence they place on the exact pinpoint in SpaceTime where we were spontaneously conceived. This “recipe” repeats, so it can be categorized, predicted, and even tracked backwards. Astronomy tracks these patterns of movement, but sees no influence.
          Astrologers see the influence of these patterns, and cannot explain them. It’s quite the conundrum.

          Good stuff.

          1. Anthony Wynands says:

            I certainly agree. And spot-on with the astrology reading. My rising sign is in the same degree of the apex point that was opposite the Piscean Uranus in the Coral Castle chart on September 10, 1923, where the new moon in Virgo was. It’s about 7 degrees away from the descendent. Moon’s not far off either. I think part of the recipe too is aligning subtly with the current of these cosmic regions should one’s birth chart exhibit placements there. I’m writing a book on New England true crime and creative people, very much like the three posts Leila let me submit, but an expansion by giving analyses and comparisons to eyeing these cases with the understanding of archetypal cosmology. I’m really trying to make it approachable like an ESL teacher would for a student, but easier said than done. But other than the occult Spica patterns, what I’m finding most is the solar storms occurring not only when major conjunctions, squares, and oppositions are occurring heliocentrically, but when planetary positions are also conjunct fixed stars like Spica, Antares, Fomalhaut, Algol, Aldebaran, Sirius, and Regulus, specifically. I came in like a skeptic, but the data doesn’t lie, and reading occultists saying the same thing really reinforces the data, naturally. I’m very excited to read your book. I put it on my Christmas list (my wife got it for me!).

          2. t he obServer says:

            RL Poole says

            “My theory is that the reason you are a Virgo (if you are), and I am a Gemini, for example, has to do with the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun, and other celestial objects, and the magnetic influence they place on the exact pinpoint in SpaceTime where we were spontaneously conceived. This “recipe” repeats, so it can be categorized, predicted, and even tracked backwards. Astronomy tracks these patterns of movement, but sees no influence.
            Astrologers see the influence of these patterns, and cannot explain them. It’s quite the conundrum.”

            Hi again. I am curious as to how this conclusion may apply to you having an untestable level of Pattern Recognition ability. By default, this would exceed my own abilities in this area. On that note, I’ll respectfully offer up my own interpretation and ask you to explain how it weighs against your own.

            My personal view is that non-random meaning can be and is sometimes legitimately conveyed by astronomical positions, astrologically, in other words. However, I see that the astrologer overreaches far too often, when trying to make generalizations about personalities and positions that rely on planetary aspects etc, relative to stars that hover around the eliptic. To me, such generalizing is like trying to describe the neural machinations of the human brain when one’s perception is limited to a small portion of the thing they are trying to fully describe. The astrologers’ findings may point to correctly to such a higher order. But is far too early to claim this, as astrologers often do, especially when they claim or infer that astrology is somehow ‘scientific.’ It is not, in any meaningful sense. Astronomy is, when it comes to the matter of predictions.

            I would be very interested to hear how you might respond to this, and have no problem with having my own views corrected. just so you know.

            For whatever its worth, my own view is that astrology can fit in, legitimately, as a synchronisitic effect whose affect is much broader in scope and tied to or enriched by a certain kind of ‘serious’ focussing. The astrologer sees evidence of how synchronicity plays out against the otherwise impersonal rules of astronomy. One can see how this may have begun in ancient times, based on our ancestors’ need to know the positions of stars and planets. When true synchronicity occurs relative to astrology, the impersonal rules of astronomy seem to bend in a way that delivers clear and resoundingly non-random ways. A very similar thing occurs with individuals, and the variety of such experiences tell us that other mundane rules are similarly affected.

          3. Anthony Wynands says:

            Thank you for your continual supportive responses to queries posed by interested fans! One last thing I want to add to this forum. Between the astronomical patterns you described in your previous book for Coral Castle and the very nature of the astrological grand-kite pattern on this very date and time Leedskalnin found undoubtedly important, kite patterns as I have found for event dates and birth charts seem to signify epic proportions of the event/individual in question, especially if the Moon is the apex planet geocentrically, making the sextile aspects rather than the opposing the planet that is making them (or simply involved in the sextile-trine-sextile small talent triangle). In my opinion, these are the conditions that bring about opportunities for applied environmental manipulation by particularly sensitive individuals. The harmonic circuit of spheres in the transit chart depending on the correspondence to the individual’s birth chart seems to recreate, if applicable, certain abilities certain individuals are been blessed (or cursed) with in their lives. You can see pertinent examples of kites in Edgar Cayce’s heliocentric birth chart, as well has small talent triangle with the Moon in the geocentric birth chart; H. P. Lovecraft and even David Berkowitz’s, too, are prime examples. The kite seems to keep coming up as an archetypal pattern, so there must be something to this.

        2. Anthony Wynands says:

          Or perhaps the 1923 date has something to do with the discoveries of Sir Charles Leonard Woolley and the ziggurat of Ur? That may be an interesting investigation as well…

          1. RLPoole says:

            What I think we will find is that the discoveries made about the Coral Castle will answer many questions about ancient structures. The astronomy alone, which I showcase in my first book, and on my YT Channel, totally reframes the context of these astronomy based megaliths, and I think is modestly the greatest discovery of our generation. Not mine, Ed’s.

            While I have been classified as Untestable in pattern recognition, I can be just as helpless as anyone else at explaining the patterns I may perceive. This is why it has taken me about 16 years to make these connections in provable ways. First, notice the pattern, then explain the pattern in a way that agrees with science.

            I think we see this with astrology. It’s really an esoteric form of astronomy. Like the constellations themselves, we associate the patterns to things we can wrap our minds around. In an eternal and overwhelming universe, we wish to impose order over chaos. Where Astrologers have an edge, is that they base their intuitive calculations on the idea that the interaction of celestial objects affect the conditions of life in a repeating cycle. I find that the scientific basis of astrology is sound. Counter-intuitive to be sure, however the science is there. They acknowledge a recurring application of change precipitated by the interaction of celestial bodies. Any way you slice it, that is science. And, it is those kinds of patterns which I recognize without bias that leads to higher discoveries. I have another book currently in the works which simply takes on Physics and Astronomy in a way which I hope will be profound, and revelatory to finally cement Edward Leedskalnins legacy as one of the greatest minds of all time.
            Thank you for the kind words, I sincerely appreciate your time and attention. I found your thoughts to be similar to mine in many ways.

          2. Anthony Wynands says:

            Response for “The Observer” (I apologize for not responding previously): Astrology has a long history of charlatanism, of course. However, by learning methodologies, one is able to identify the “cracks” in the methods that have been repeated as norms again and again. It’s truly one of those disciplines where being current with trends is more important than understanding them epistemologically. There have been principles in timing, comparing, and contemplating astronomical movements with the state of an ancient city-state, but there have also been modifications to methods that are only effective as upholding cultural traditions–nothing more. Reading Michel Gauquelin’s research as Percy Seymour did is essential to hinting at a causal mechanism. Overlaying these observations with how Rudolph Steiner, C. G. Jung, James Hillman, Stanislav Grof, Richard Tarnas, and Shelley Renee Joye. Reducing synchronicities and archetypes, while the equivalent of a snake chasing his own tail, is an impossible feat, but that doesn’t mean we cannot observe thousands of these occurrences and sidt through the details and specificities to identify subtle differences and comparisons. I’m attempting this with identifying archetypal cosmological comparisons in the birth and transit charts of creative and criminal individuals, and the more examples observed, the more patterns reveal themselves for expansions of understanding. Honestly, I believe Philip K. Dick’s “precogs” in his “Minority Report,” in Dick’s mind, operated in a manner like this.

          3. T. Observer says:

            Hello Anthony and RL Poole

            First of all, Anthony, thank you for your service. I onlly just learned about your work after noting that you had responded to me directly. As far as astrology goes, I would prefer to confine the focus here to authentic astrologers, and leave aside all charlatans and those who simply accept western astrology on faith. Your writing style indicates to me that you don’t belong in either camp, and I would say tha same thing about Mr. Poole, for whatever that is worth.

            To keep things brief, I will comment on one of your comments each:

            Anthony says, “Reducing synchronicities and archetypes, while the equivalent of a snake chasing his own tail, is an impossible feat, but that doesn’t mean we cannot observe thousands of these occurrences and sidt through the details and specificities to identify subtle differences and comparisons.”

            to – While I agree with both of your points, one question I would ask is how an ‘authentic’ astrologer using a system other than the Western one would view natal charts or episodes that you refer to through his or her own lens? I would expect to see direct contradictions at times, in terms of what both systems predict. The question then becomes, Can this likely observation somehow overcome the very reasonable conclusion that these kind of disparities suggest that your correlations are confirmation bias? Personally, I would say that the answer is most likely yes. But one can only get there by first staring down the disparity, rather than pretending it doesn’t exist, as non-authentic astrologers would do by definition. I will respond to you also through my comments below…

            RL Poole said, to Anthony “While I have been classified as Untestable in pattern recognition, I can be just as helpless as anyone else at explaining the patterns I may perceive. This is why it has taken me about 16 years to make these connections in provable ways. First, notice the pattern, then explain the pattern in a way that agrees with science.”

            to – If I can jump in here, let me begin by saying that I don’t doubt that you will produce a work that agrees with science. However, my prediction is that the empirically grounded results will be less about validating western astrology as a science that compares with astronomy, but rather than what your ‘authentic’ approach brings combined with your own unique point of view. The key, I opine, has more to do with this kind of approach, where you say, “Where Astrologers have an edge, is that they base their intuitive calculations on the idea that the interaction of celestial objects affect the conditions of life in a repeating cycle. I find that the scientific basis of astrology is sound. Counter-intuitive to be sure, however the science is there. They acknowledge a recurring application of change precipitated by the interaction of celestial bodies. Any way you slice it, that is science.”

            In my opinion, the governing variables are more likely the ‘edge’ and ‘intuition’ you speak of, rather than planets, aspects, constellations and so on. When the student is truly sincere, driven, and wise enough to acknowledge ‘helplessness’, we have a recipe for true dialogue, which imo is how the edge tends to manifest. This is eye of the Needle stuff, and part of our Learning curve entails being tested in all three areas. The question becomes, how can one admit one’s errors and continue to move forward, with Drive, rather than give up? Too many people in the spirituality business have a hard time acknowledging their inherently limited understandings of things in general. Those who can’t get a big fat F and must remain in Metaphysics 101 until they act otherwise.

            Personaally, I’m guessing that your astrological-astronomical findings will have something to do with you and EdL working off the same Self-validating template, Western astrology. But how can your findings address the likely scenario that “authentic” astrologers using other systems, like the Mayan Tzolkin would find your own conclusions wrong, based on their own validation experience within that system? There must be some way of reconcilling these differings in an ‘authentic’ way, if only because we live in a pluralistic world where people must learn life’s lessons in entirely different settings.

            My guess, is that you are on the right track but really looking in the direction of a governing third cause, where in your case astrology and astronomy are validated through a very particular approach that has something to do with an appreciation or awareness of a greater and dynamic metaphysical reality, true seriousness about one’s targetted subject matter, and an extremely important ongoing willingness to self-correct. This “edge” has more to do with these things than any one setting within the human experience, such as astrology, tarot, runes and whatnot. These are interfaces that some people take seriously for the right reasons. When correct intelligence is applied to a given template with that disposition, a higher level cause-and-effect begins to manifest and can in a dialogic manner.

            All of this points to what I have suggested may be our reality’s pliability in general, or much greater pliability than we currently think.

            Best wishes to you both, Anthony and RL, and keep up the Great Work!

          4. Anthony Wynands says:

            These are definitely great questions and thank you for the compliment! I guess a good place to focus a response is on the usage of a western model. There are many different methods that have evolved, but it’s important to understand that after Alexander the Great tore down those national boundaries the Chaldean ecliptic, Egyptian decans, and Greek heroes formed the Hellenistic astrology we call traditional today. However, when medieval Mesopotamia translated the Greek literature on this subject, and the Latin tradition translated the Arabic, then English, etc., a lot of modern methods evolved from these certain literary traditions as they strayed much from the Greek or previous traditions. Project Hindsight itself has discovered much of this, which also can be compared with Greek-inspired jyotish with local astrological traditions (nakshatras). Nothing is really authentic, and dualities in methodologies are nonexistent. Different lenses allow different interpretations, that’s all. While we can look at fixed stars, etc., with infrared, x-ray, etc., filters, we’re still looking at the same thing but in different qualities. I’ve come to find that while I had felt when I was learning that traditional delineations were more authentic than other western methods, I’ve learned more today that using the quantum-mechanics model is more effective. But even using that overlay allows for many different schools of thought. What I’ve found that makes my mind attempt to fathom the macro and microcosms in an astrological way is the concept of Leibniz’s monads given David Bohm’s and Karl Pribram’s theories via Fourier Transforms. These theories are why electromagnetic devices like phones, etc., actually function today. And that would mean repurposing traditional astrological principles through these lenses.

          5. Anthony Wynands says:

            Hi Mr. Poole,

            I’ve been doing some research and I believe I have a research topic for a book involving your Leedskalnin. Would love to chat about it with you! If you get a chance, DM me:

  21. Douglas J. Thelen says:

    Author –

    I respect your evidence-based approach to Ed’s historical life facts. I can fully decipher most all of ABIEH with a simple acknowledgment, understanding, and perspective based on an open mind. I would love to share a section of my translation with you very soon and, hopefully, get your thoughts. I assure you it will be worth your time. It’s not as complicated to simply decipher as many would think when using the English language metaphorically, and given the understandings of how an enigma machine works, exactly. But, think conceptually when reading EDL. Think metaphorically when reading EDL. It’s why Jesus spoke in parables. As Led Zeppelin said, “you know sometimes
    words have two meanings.” The whole process of human communication is representative, conceptually speaking, of an enigma machine. We take words from an initiator’s mind, filter our understanding of that information (mouth noises/language) through our limiting beliefs, past trauma, etc., and only after assigning our own sense of value to the initial information, and converting it to a different value through our own (largely unpredictable and ever-changing/evolving) encoding filters, only then can meaning be understood. That process mirrors the process, metaphorically, or even functionally, of the steps of the functioning of an enigma machine. The brain is it’s own enigma machine. “ Like I said, I appreciate the work of you and everyone working with Graham in any capacity, and should you even have an inkling of curiosity in fully exploring ABIEH in a, I truly believe, revolutionary and expanding way, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Oh, and just to clarify, I’m not contending you’re conclusions and experiences in decoding his work with an actual physical enigma machine are wrong, or off. What I am saying is there’s more than one way to skin a cat. You have your interests with deciphering through code, mine lie in understanding his manipulation of the English language to confuse and bewilder. I contend he was a master of both. Cheers.

    1. RLPoole says:

      You could quite possibly be correct. He could have used the encoded English to metaphorically describe things. I think it to be possible, but unlikely. Many dogs have barked up that tree. I’ve never seen anything provocative come out of that. One of the big problems is that there is no scientific way to establish if what you believe you found is indeed a true message. I find that one of the pitfalls people fall prey to is in looking far too esoterically at what they see. If I have proven anything in my career, it is that Ed was a person who didn’t believe in ambiguity.

      For instance, when I cracked his book code, literally one of the first messages I received was Ed telling me to, “Use the Chi Square” so that I might mathematically authenticate and verify the messages I was getting from the text. He doesn’t leave things open to chance, or open to interpretation. I think this is something many people miss, and want to go the “spooky” route because that way they can never be proven wrong, whilst simultaneously painting themselves into a corner in which they can never be proven right, either.

      Have you tested these messages against the Chi Square statistic? Are they specific messages which name people places or things which can be authenticated, or confirmed through other means? These are the standards which I used when decrypting and translating the messages which are featured in the book.

      Finding something provocative is not the end, it’s the beginning. However it is in the due diligence of establishing the evidence which either supports or denies these findings that is the most important part of the research, and the one in which most people fail miserably.

      If you have found something worthwhile, you should publish your findings, and your supporting evidence, so that everyone can see it, and judge it for themselves against the scientific method. Cheers.

      1. o'connor says:

        pls tell that to me how can i reach you?
        Kind Regards

        1. RLPoole says:

          I would rather not. I MEAN, just because you buy Graham’s book doesnt mean that you now get to email him whenever you want, does it?

          At least that’s the way he explained it to ME 🤣🤣

          There is no customer support line for the book. Sink or swim, matey.

          Also, just a guess, but it sounds a lot like you DIDNT buy the book, and have been fishing for free information, and have hit a wall, so you thought maybe you would email me so you can try to weasel the rest of it out of me somehow.

          Either way, I simply cant. I’m pretty busy these days, and have to schedule my time efficiently.

          All the best. Take care.

  22. o'connor says:

    Hi Pls help i cant make sense of the adjustments of the Enigma Machine

    1. RLPoole says:

      Have you bought the book and read the directions it gives?

      1. o'connor says:

        Yes i’ve bought it and read them but there even are different types of Enigma Machines..
        Kind Regards

        1. RLPoole says:

          Yes, but you must not have read my book very far, because I give you the exact Enigma Machine to use, and the exact settings for it. I’m confused at where you are having a problem…?

          1. o'connor says:

            why’s illusory anyway

          2. o'connor says:

            so can youi tell how to adjust the machine

        2. to says:

          o’connor wrote

          “Yes i’ve bought it and read them but there even are different types of Enigma Machines..
          why’s illusory anyway

          Kind Regards”

          O’connor. You so very much want to be taken seriously. Here’s a suggestion: Why don’t you copy from text from inside the book you say that you purhased, something towards the end of the book, so we can all know that you are not copying from a publicly available introduction.

          A second observation, your writing style is like ‘curious’.

          curious wrote
          “i dont want to be harsh, but i experienced such kind of behavior with insane people
          This exactly bahavior are insane people using…
          blah blah blah
          Kind Regards”

          Your bahavior is, to! And yes, actually, you do want to sound harsh.

  23. o'connor says:

    @ Douglas j. Thelen
    pls tell that to me how can i reach you?
    Kind Regards

  24. felipephotons says:

    Thank you!!! 🙏

  25. Francisco Ricardo, PhD says:

    Excellent scholarship, deeply researched, and methodologically presented such that subsequent scholarship can follow your work.

    Leedskalnin was as much an enigma as the machine he utilized for encoding his communications. One should think that, of greater import to the future than his intelligence activities (about which the only doubt is that, being secluded, he was not geographically “in the field,” for which reason anyone engaged in spy work should not have been speaking with him, but rather Washington), the real secret to reveal, perhaps you’ll agree, is the means by which the enormous coral blocks were levitated and cut. One visitor is said to have been asked by Leedskalnin to look away for a few moments, but he peeked, and saw Ed levitating a huge block of coral with his forearms. I’ve visited the museum and find it incredible that power tools weren’t used in its construction, or that it could have been built by one person in so short a time. The coral structures at the site bear no markings of sharp cutting or grasping tools.

    Can it really be that Leedskalnin did not see fit to document this superhuman technique? Or could there be more to decode which might potentially lead to a personal explanation by him of his levitation methods?

    1. RLPoole says:

      Thank you for the kind words regarding my article. You state the fact of the matter astutely. I firmly believe that the secret to his scientific breakthroughs are fully documented, and were hidden until after his death. I believe there is a humanitarian treasure trove locked within the decoded text which not only exposes a better form of science, but treasure from the Doris Duke Estate to finance its study. That is my firm belief based on what I have personally decoded and translated from the text. I have completed enough to get a sense of the agenda, and to pass it on as intended.

      He names Academies of Sciences, and Central Banks. My theory is that these documents are stored in a vault with some jewelry from the Duke Estate, and the Academies of Sciences are meant to have the documents to study.

      I believe that I have caught two spies, red-handed, in a conspiracy for Good. What an amazing concept. Anyway, thank you for the thoughts.

      1. The observer says:

        RL Poole wrote – “To use the correct math parlance, the message must fail the Null Hypothesis, and therefore pass the Chi Square with a P Value of .5 or less. When one inputs the information which has been decoded using the cipher cracked by the author, the Null Hypothesis fails, and the messages come out with a P Value of 0.0. This means that there is 0.0 chance that the messages could be anything but authentic, and therefore one may proceed with the cipher.”

        Just to be clear, Would the NH theshold be .05? Could this be a typo, or does the Chi test change this?

        A second point here, I’m not sure if the NH fail can assign an exact numerical determinant that the test is authentic, as in 0.0. My understanding is that the NH fail means that the science would say that the observed phenomenon are ‘most likely’ non random, and all the more so the more NH fails, where they become ‘very likely’, ‘very very likely’ non random, or eventually to the point where any suggestion that the results are random is ‘ridiculous’ or etc…

        This kind of gradation is what qualifies this kind of generalization, something shown to be WELL beyond the point where Science must accept the ‘most likely’ NH concludsion:

        RL Poole “The goal of The Key of Leedskalnin: The Complete Decryption of “A Book in Every Home” is to prove all of these things are indeed not a coincidence but an unrecognized proof of a connection. At a certain point, coincidence must give way to reality when a preponderance of the evidence is taken into consideration.”

        The ‘proof’ is mathematical, yet not entirely so. There comes a point where it becomes unreasonable to rely on a purely intellectual assessment, and ‘ridiculous’ to defer what the intuitive mind is telling a person. This is where Cognitive Disonnace kicks in. Many people, including learned ones from the world’s finest schools, cannot face what their own foundational reasoning is telling them very directly. And so they look the other way, keeping themselves dumbed down in the process, imposing the same on society at large through being go-to mainstream influencers.

        This, I would say, is the ‘edge’ you spoke of earlier. The empirical basis that got you to this point, in your particular study, can and should be carried further, and in terms that got you to that point – enthusiasm, respect for science and willingness to self-correct. That can’t happen when self interest trumps all, or ignorance.

        1. the observer says:

          Just to be clear, by “defer what the intuitive mind is telling a person”, I meant postpone. I should add that since ‘defer to’ means contradictory in this case.

          Let’s just say, Science would say that it becomes just plain dumb at a certain point to keep ignoring what the intuitive mind is telling a person. This seems to be the basis of your appeal to reason, something intellectual and intuitive.

          1. Curious says:

            but when the procedure to recieve that message is not right then Chi Square has absolute no value

          2. Curious says:

            If i am Crazy and i get from complete nonesense say this: sadpouijfjosAMJ DEOEFJAOSDKJVJKÖOJLXSY<DMKVLAJSFDGO MHs<hijklbnsd figuzholbvas

            some meaningfull sentence no matter what system i used!
            now that is a meaningfull sentence after i used some procedure

            then i pick the next one: <aswdoifjpoias<dejgfojsa diofsao iüfgü0iaos<dfj<gm +09uirws
            asfrdoiüpg ujhmüaosifdjg ü0oiasjfd gm0aisdufj g+

            and for sure that means something that is absolut correlated
            Then Chi square would tell me also that its legit
            it is the Procedure that matters

            Next Question: why does he use as adjustment for the machine just cause of because the door say ring twice – he gets this Result: 3:3:1 (for the Autor that is chi square perfect) and that shall resemble 9 – no question for the Author, it must be 9 because of the door tells Ring twice ++++ why couldnt this adjustment then not be 3:1:3 or 1:3:3 even there would have been rang 3 times

            Please explain that

            Kind Regards

          3. Curious says:

            i dont want to be harsh, but i experienced such kind of behavior with insane people
            This exactly bahavior are insane people using
            i swear that is mostly experienced at insane people – that exactly behavior
            Sorry that is the truth someone can’t deny that

          4. RLPoole says:

            The Observer,

            I think you grasp the idea perfectly. I was beginning to think I was taking crazy pills 🤔🤣 I think people who understand this concept beyond a two-dimensional, or segmented viewpoint may understand that while the Chi Square statistical process is a point of verification, it is not the standalone authority on validating messages. You have something else right, as well. The Chi Square has a fail point. If the P Value is .5 or less, then it fails the Null Hypothesis. This means whether it is .5 .4 .3 etc down to 0.0 they are all seen as a fail for the Null Hypothesis, and therefore prove as mathematically validated messages. However, the closer one gets to 0.0 the more accurately one can know that they decrypted the message. A perfectly encoded message, decoded perfectly, should read at 0.0 However, even if it comes out as .5 it is still mathematically accepted by the Chi Square as a perfectly valid message, when compared to a random sampling. While .6 or above indicates an unfavorable mathematical finding for unquestionable results, they are still very strong indicators which rebel against the odds of random chance. While not definitive, .6 would mean that while you have not hit a homerun, you are certainly in the ballpark. Further investigation is warranted, using the other previously named mitigating factors for corroboration.

            Mr. “Curious”:

            Most people seem to stop thinking at this point, and once the wick goes out on their candle, and they reach the limits of their intellectual bandwidth, they say “I can type anything and get a message.”

            Yikes. FFS who raised you.

            First of all, no you can’t. Secondly, even if you get a message, it will NOT fail the Null Hypothesis, and therefore pass the Chi Square. A hundred bucks says you dont even know how to do the Chi Square test correctly in the first place to even back up that statement. Have you used the Chi Square to check the validity of any of my messages??? NOPE. Furthermore, one must also be able to match the message up with a cultural, regional, and historical context which fits a definitive slot.

            Find a random message that holds up to ALL of that scrutiny, and what you have is not a random message. Thats the point.

            Dont feel badly, though. Almost none of the people who read this book will go to the same lengths that I have gone in order to write it, and will most likely walk away, discouraged,defeated,and blame the author, and claim he is crazy. Riiiight. Well, let’s talk about crazy, shall we…?

            Was I crazy when I discovered the Secret Schematic, hiding in plain sight for 70 years right in front of everyone’s face, including yours, if one had simply noticed, and overlapped the covers of his two booklets? Was I crazy when I discovered that Ed carved part of the Coral Castle to be a star map, and proved it with my pinpoint accurate archaeo-astronomy calculations regarding the Constellation Wall? Was I crazy when I rediscovered his reasons for building the Polaris Telescope, and the Sundial, and how they prove astronomy wrong about something so basic as how the Earth goes around the Sun???
            Well, I wasnt crazy then, and I certainly am not now.

            If I am crazy, I must be crazy like a fox.

            Also, riddle me this, Captain Curious: If I am wrong, then why does my formula keep spitting out answers which are validated mathematically, grammatically, linguistically, geographically, culturally, politically, and historically as completely accurate? Does your nonsense gobbledygook do that? Of course not.

            I sense you are frustrated, maybe even have sour grapes, but you shouldn’t take it out on me. I give you the ability, and the opportunity to find all of the answers for yourself, if you just work at it a little. Ed Leedskalnin didn’t spoon-feed me, and I am certainly not going to break with that tradition. I worked so hard to complete this work that sometimes I wish I kept it for myself, since people are often stupid, and ungrateful. But, I am a fair person.Just like Ed, I include all of the answers, it is up to you to find them. Or not. You want it? Then you must earn it, just like I did. The difference is that you will definitely find it if you see it. I had to find something I wasnt even sure existed, or even know the form it would take. You have it much easier than I did, so I think it is rude to complain. If you knew so much, I would be reading your book on this, not the other way around, right?

            I know you have studied this for 2 weeks and think you know more than me about it, but I promise you that you don’t. Talk to me again in 10 years. I will seem much wiser, somehow.

            Take care, best of luck, and thanks for reading my work. I hope you stick with it.

            Also, if you call me any more names like “insane”, I will personally have you banned off of this board, and you can join the trolls in the Shadow Realm where I sent the others. 😂

            Just because you don’t understand, doesn’t make me crazy. Would it be right for me to assume you are stupid because you dont understand everything?
            I deal with a lot of stupid people. I see it all the time. Doesn’t make YOU stupid. I go by the evidence.

            Stupid is, as stupid does. 🤷‍♂️

            BTW, I am completely enamored by the realization that you seem very emotionally triggered into criticizing this work, yet have put in literally NONE of your own to actually dispute it. Strawman arguments, thinking errors, false analogies…its…weird.

            Anyway, mind your manners, and slow down. You’re missing a lot of good stuff. Take care.

            P.S. Since you asked a reasonable question, I will give you a reasonable answer: I got the settings for the machine by using the book code I also give you in the book. If you do the book code, and follow my instructions, again, you have to do a little work, then translate those messages, and authenticate them, you get settings, instructions, and hints to where the machine is hidden @ the Coral Castle. If you don’t do the work, then don’t blame me. Lazy people will NOT be getting the prize. I saw to that personally. 🥰 Bye!

  26. Josh C says:

    If any shall question the rationality of that Magick, in the cure of the blind man by Serapis, commanded to place five fingers on his Altar, and then his hand on his Eyes? Why since the whole Comoedy is primarily and naturally comprised in four parts, and Antiquity permitted not so many persons to speak in one Scene, yet would not comprehend the same in more or lesse then five acts? Why amongst Sea-starres nature chiefly delighteth in five points? And since there are found some of no fewer then twelve, and some of seven, and nine, there are few or none discovered of six or eight? If any shall enquire why the Flowers of Rue properly consist of four Leaves, the first and third have five? Why since many Flowers have one leaf or none, as Scaliger will have it, diverse three, and the greatest number consist of five divided from their bottomes; there are yet so few of two: or why nature generally beginning or setting out with two opposite leaves at the Root, doth so seldome conclude with that order and number at the Flower? he shall not passe his hours in vulgar speculation.

    If any shall further quæry why magneticall Philosophy excludeth decussations, and needles transversly placed do naturally distract their verticities? Why Geomancers do imitate the Quintuple Figure, in their Mother Characters of Acquisition and Amission, &c somewhat answering the Figures in the Lady or speckled Beetle? With what Equity, Chiromantical conjecturers decry these decussations in the Lines and Mounts of the hand? What that decussated Figure intendeth in the medall of Alexander the Great? Why the Goddesses sit commonly crosse-legged in ancient draughts, Since Juno is described in the same as a veneficial posture to hinder the birth of Hercules? If any shall doubt why at the Amphidromicall Feasts, on the fifth day after the Childe was born, presents were sent from friends, of Polipusses, and Cuttle-fishes? Why five must be only left in that Symbolicall mutiny among the men of Cadmus? Why Proteus in Homer the Symbole of the first matter, before he setled himself in the midst of his Sea-monsters, doth place them out by fives? Why the fifth years Oxe was acceptable Sacrifice unto Jupiter? Or why the Noble Antoninus in some sence doth call the soul it self a Rhombus? He shall not fall on trite or triviall disquisitions. And these we invent and propose unto acuter enquirers, nauseating crambe verities and questions over-queried. Flat and flexible truths are beat out by every hammer; But Vulcan and his whole forge sweat to work out Achilles his armour. A large field is yet left unto sharper discerners to enlarge upon this order, to search out the quaternio’s and figured draughts of this nature, and moderating the study of names, and meer nomenclature of plants, to erect generalities, disclose unobserved proprieties, not only in the vegetable shop, but the whole volume of nature; affording delightful Truths, confirmable by sense and ocular Observation, which seems to me the surest path, to trace the Labyrinth of Truth. For though discursive enquiry and rationall conjecture, may leave handsome gashes and flesh-wounds; yet without conjunction of this expect no mortal or dispatching blows unto errour.

    But the Quincunx of Heaven runs low, and ’tis time to close the five ports of knowledge; We are unwilling to spin out our awaking thoughts into the phantasmes of sleep, which often continueth præcogitations; making Cables of Cobwebbes and Wildernesses of handsome Groves. Beside Hippocrates hath spoke so little and the Oneirocriticall Masters, have left such frigid Interpretations from plants, that there is little encouragement to dream of Paradise it self. Nor will the sweetest delight of Gardens afford much comfort in sleep; wherein the dulnesse of that sense shakes hands with delectable odours; and though in the Bed of Cleopatra, can hardly with any delight raise up the ghost of a Rose.

    – Thomas Browne

    1. RLPoole says:

      Shhhhh, I know.😁 It takes you all over the place. I don’t want to know. I left that to you. Very cool, though 😎

      I have found reference to many a book of lost, and forgotten lore…and somehow it always takes me back to the SEC site looking at stock options, and businesses, and financials which seem oddly transparent in their pattern once found. Happy hunting.

      1. Josh C says:

        thanks for your help

        1. RLPoole says:

          You’re very welcomed.

    2. RLPoole says:

      Let me know if you find ties to a very small financial management organization in a small town in England. Cheers.

      If you do post a link. Will confirm.

  27. the observer says:

    Hi RL. First, sorry but a couple of times I have posted here not realizing what I am doing, only to find myself creating the unintended appearance of butting in. If I appear to have done that, please realize that my intentions are quite the opposite.

    Thank you for replying on the math, as you did here….

    “RLPoole says:
    The Observer,

    I think you grasp the idea perfectly. I was beginning to think I was taking crazy pills 🤔🤣 I think people who understand this concept beyond a two-dimensional, or segmented viewpoint may understand that while the Chi Square statistical process is a point of verification, it is not the standalone authority on validating messages. You have something else right, as well. The Chi Square has a fail point. If the P Value is .5 or less, then it fails the Null Hypothesis. This means whether it is .5 .4 .3 etc down to 0.0 they are all seen as a fail for the Null Hypothesis, and therefore prove as mathematically validated messages. However, the closer one gets to 0.0 the more accurately one can know that they decrypted the message. A perfectly encoded message, decoded perfectly, should read at 0.0 However, even if it comes out as .5 it is still mathematically accepted by the Chi Square as a perfectly valid message, when compared to a random sampling. While .6 or above indicates an unfavorable mathematical finding for unquestionable results, they are still very strong indicators which rebel against the odds of random chance. While not definitive, .6 would mean that while you have not hit a homerun, you are certainly in the ballpark. Further investigation is warranted, using the other previously named mitigating factors for corroboration.

    TO – I will go over this carefully as I want to make sure my understanding is clear. I think I may have been thinking in reverse, a Chi then NH thing or the other way… Just know that the only reason why I commented on this is because I see an excellent thesis here, and figured you have the integrity to self-correct IF that is necessary. Enough with the splitting hairs…

    One thing I should say is that I did look to purchasing your book, but only in Kindle format for now. Any plans on doing that? I only see hard cover at the moment.

    A second thing you surely know should be said anyway: this is a very shoppable thesis. I have no doubt that your work will be cogent from start to finish, and the Betty Boop meets Stonehenge guy angle will surely have mass appeal, especially when things go geopolitical and John le Carré. Best wishes with that.

    To what you say, “I was beginning to think I was taking crazy pills,” believe me when I say that I understand that sentiment, from my own experience. This is why the mathematical grounding is so very important. An appreciation of the mathematical underlay gives you leverage, in a way that literally imposes a universal language on your audience: They can acknowledge or look away from where it points, but they can’t credibly describe as fiction or embellishment because – and let’s face facts, folks – 1 plus 1 **does** equal 2.

    So, I may be misconstruing something that will become apparent when I read your book when I make one soft suggestion here. Take the greatest of care when it comes to the matter of equating astrology with science in terms that compare to astronomy. You have embraced science with your NH-Chi treatment. When it comes to equating astrology with astronomy you don’t seem to. Don’t get me wrong, at this point I would be surprised if, upon reading your book, if I didn’t come away thinking that you had ‘proved’ your points, to my satisfaction, on how this astrological-astronomical subtext fits into the Coral Castle story. But any sample setting is too limited by definition to allow for the suggestion that the findings point to a universal proof – especially when the world is known to have various systems that view the same celestial objects in sometimes contradictory linguistic terms. All I’m saying is take great care in terms of how you say ‘proof’ applies to that side of things. And best of luck.

    1. the observer says:

      Apologies. In my enthusiasm I was surely too glib with the Betty Boop analogy attempt, but you know what I mean. And no respect to DD, who is probably more like BB’s cultural polarity point. Merlin would have been a better fit for Ed. Enough said. 😉

      1. RLPoole says:

        The Observer,

        No worries at all. To address one of your queries, the book will never be available as a Kindle offering. The nature of the book dictates that it must be in its current form. This is for the benefit of the user, as it obviously hinders my profitability. That’s how important it is.

        You are absolutely correct about making a declarative statement regarding astrology without scientific proof. What I espousing is my theory, my gut instincts, AND corroborating science which is already known as the framework of that basis. We already know that quantum entanglement exists, but we are so myopic in our recognition of its potential. I think astrology tries to rectify this, whether it realizes it or not. This also is not in my newest book, but something I have been researching and curious about for many years. Proof is a tough word to use at the moment, I suppose, so I must concede that.

        I have learned that my instincts are predicated upon the knowledge passed to me by Leedskalnin, and so what I see isn’t not what others do. It’s there, I just have to dig it out, and wash it off so it can be seen, just like how I proved the true purpose of his Polaris Telescope and his Sundial. I predicted that Science over a decade ago, but only was able to conclusively prove it recently. Things like that have taught me to trust my instincts, but one must still be wary of overconfidence.

        I assert that Edward Leedskalnin built at least a majority of the Coral Castle to facilitate a higher and more accurate understanding of astronomy for the purposes of scientific betterment. He also built the Coral Castle the way he did to prove that the fundamentals he is preaching are valid. The Coral Castle is not Ed Leedskalnin’s greatest achievement, it is the evidence for it.

        Who is this guy who is cutting, quarrying, and lifting 30 stones out of the ground with no machinery, and using these giant stones to teach us astronomy that is better than, and corrects, modern mainstream science??? I don’t understand how everyone isn’t fascinated with this guy. He is, hands down, the most important scientific mind since Nikola Tesla. He just redefined Astronomy, and one day he will redefine Physics the same way.

        People better hang onto something, because Ed Leedskalnin is about to shock the world.

  28. Josh C says:

    Slaves come in all shapes and sizes

    dont they

    have a nice day, buddy

  29. The observer says:

    RL Poole wrote: “To address one of your queries, the book will never be available as a Kindle offering. The nature of the book dictates that it must be in its current form. This is ‘for the benefit of the user’, as it obviously hinders my profitability. That’s how important it is.”

    Have you considered how this very particular approach may have the potential to elevate your understanding of the subtle physics this may point to?

    Probably best if you keep that answer to yourself. But I do wonder if you have found subtle meaning in the term “hedgehog”, beyond its justapositional application in your essay. 🙂

  30. The Observer says:

    GHMB says, ” We will endevour to keep this a constructive place for discussion.”: Is this slanderous garbage ALSO going to be allowed to stand??

    This has been up for several hours. “Curious says:
    you clearly think everybody else is stupid – thats the thing here because i dont think you believe this yourself, you just think everybody else is stupid and can’t find out that its nonesense

    23rd November 2022 at 11:34 am” – 23rd November 2022 at 11:34 am

    This days now:

    “Josh C says:
    Slaves come in all shapes and sizes

    dont they

    have a nice day, buddy” Reply 22nd November 2022 at 4:19 pm

    1. Josh C says:

      RLPoole says:
      The bees can fly, too
      The drones can leave but not her
      The Queen is their slave

      Reply 9th November 2022 at 9:05 am

      1. RLPoole says:

        Josh C,
        I wrote you a Haiku. I thought you would like it.

        1. Josh C says:

          I wasn’t talking to you. I was responding to “The Observer” because he had failed to observe the source of my reply.

          Have fun being useful!

          1. T.O. says:

            “Josh C says:
            I wasn’t talking to you. I was responding to “The Observer” because he had failed to observe the source of my reply.
            Have fun being useful!”

            “Josh” I would only have “failed” if I had any interest in what you actually write. I don’t, becuase basically all you do is cut and paste, in a fraudulent attempt to make yourself look like a deep thinker Clearly, you want to be taken seriously, but you don’t want to take the steps that are required to get there, which basically mean being respectful and having something of substance to say. Instead, you try to show how a great awareness by posting long winded passages that are supposed to mean something relevant. And when you don’t get your way, you basically ask like a pre-teen which may describe your maturity level even if you are older. Stop being such a sore head, Josh, and grow up. There’a a saying online somewhere about cows and lipstick. You should check that out, and take what it means to heart.

          2. RLPoole says:

            No worries, there. You know, this is my second time as Graham’s AoM and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. Folks like you make it all worthwhile 🙂

    2. Josh C says:

      You failed to observe the source of my response, so I offered that information to you so that you would understand the reference to “SLAVES” which you were complaining about.

      I really dont have anything else to say to you. Bye now.

  31. lawofone says:

    Here’s a science article that proves Earth slides “axis way” as claimed by Edward Leedskalnin and RL Poole:

    Which links to:…..29..325H/0000325.000.html

    “The plane that contains the orbit of the Earth (known as the “ecliptic”) is tilted by 7.25 degrees relative to the equatorial plane of the Sun. As calculated in this article, the Earth’s orbit intersects the Sun’s equatorial plane on June 4 and December 6 each year. The Earth’s orbit is below the Sun’s equatorial plane from December 6 to June 4, and above the Sun’s equatorial plane from June 4 to December 6.”

    1. RLPoole says:

      That is an awesome post, thank you so much for that. Also, thank you for participating on my YT Channel. I think time will prove you wise for doing so.

      How did you find this, if you don’t mind me asking…?

  32. Edmond Furter says:

    Law Of One, excellent information, thank you.

    1. RLPoole says:

      Yes, it is excellent. Its nice someone sees the science. Seems like Ed knew what he was talking about, and I know what Ed is talking about….🤔. The facts keep proving me right.

      Most of what I have found at the Coral Castle is related to astronomy. He is showing us a very rare syzygy with the Constellation Wall I discovered, showing a rare alignment which was important to him. Then, the Polaris Telescope and Sundial which produce the actual orbit of the Earth around the Sun, which he draws very obviously on the Red Door, and it contradicts and CORRECTS mainstream astronomy.

      This is not up for debate. These are provable facts, and the world must wake up to the idea of embracing them. All in good time 🙂

  33. The Observer says:

    RL Poole

    It’s so nice to see people breaking new ground on long discussed topics of interest. You bring a lot of intelligent commentary to this subject, coupled with a comparable degree of due diligence. It’s also been nice seeing you get quality commentary from thoughtful people who are involved in related studies.

    Best of luck with this line of investigation. TO

  34. SonOfMercury says:

    Greetings Mr. Poole,

    I would like to first congratulate you on your awe-inspiring breakthrough and discovery regarding Ed Leedskalnin, who I always thought of as Earth’s last true magician. Like you, I have always been fascinated about the man who built Coral Castle and to have my mind blown by your work was truly a privilege. What you have contributed to our understanding of the ancient mysteries will prove to be immeasurable.

    I have read both your books now and I’m currently endeavoring to decipher ABIEH as per your instructions. Admittedly, I’ve never been keen with puzzles or riddles and as a result I’m having a difficult time with the cypher. But there is one thing I am almost certain of, is that your book and instructions are not straight forward, that there is a layer of code that your readers must discover for themselves, in order to complete the task. If I’m correct, then I’m pleased you followed in the footsteps of Ed and the ancients, as knowledge like this must be earned, and is truly for the worthy of heart. I will not dissuade myself from achieving this “initiation” and hopefully I can one day see what very few will ever see. What a day that will be!

    On the other hand, I did have a question for you regarding the building of Coral Castle. You theorize that Ed used astronomical alignments to build the 1st version of Coral Castle in 1923, as evidenced by the inaugural date you discovered on the Constellation Wall. However, since the monument was moved to their final location in 1936, shouldn’t there be similar astronomical alignments during that time? I can’t imagine that you did not think of this, but it is not mentioned in either of your books. If there were no such alignments, wouldn’t that cast a doubt on your theory and don’t you think it was worth mentioning it to your readers?

    Thanks for your time.

  35. alessia241 says:

    :)ahahahahahaahhaha…Enigma???? ahaha so many lies.. But who wrote this book??? Several enigma have been inserted but the enigma machine has nothing to do with it:..ahahahahhaha

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