Did The Ancients Know The Healing Properties Of Magnetism?

Just south of Paris, the Chartres Cathedral and its mysterious labyrinth, have been visited by pilgrims for centuries as they utilized the subtle energies present there for mental and spiritual healing (see example here and fig 1). Chartres was completed in 1220, 800 years later, in 2020, we have Schumann Resonators that function optimally using the same design (see example here). Schumann Resonators are devices that produce electromagnetic radiation tuned to 7.83 Hz. This is the frequency that the Earth resonates at when the Earth is struck by lightning. It is also a common frequency your brain ticks at. If we are out of sync with Earth’s Frequency (Schumann Resonance) we begin to exhibit signs of discomfort that can range from anxiety, insomnia, illness and immune suppression. Conversely, we have discovered that when we humans are in sync with 7.83hz the body is able to heal and increase its vitality.

fig 1

I, personally, have been using PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy devices (see example here) by Swiss Bionics with Schumann resonators to treat my family and clients who suffer from varying type of illnesses from depression to degenerative disc disease. The device is a central unit which houses the processor and it is connected to either a large mat to lie on or a smaller applicator pad used for the extremities. The Tesla coils within the mat apply an electromagnetic field that surrounds the person. The whole process can be 8 to 24 minutes long. One may feel a tingling sensation especially if there is a fresh injury present. As we shall see, it seems the ancients may have known about this also.

Modern Electromagnetic Healing Machines

Many are discovering the benefits of PEMF devices to heal themselves from a variety of symptoms ranging from bone healing, post-surgical pain and healing, pain and inflammation, and even depression. From professional athletes who use it for pre-workout warmup (it enhances circulation) to the elderly for improved mobility, PEMF optimizes physical and psychological imbalances.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (P.E.M.F.) therapy has over sixty years of clinical success in relieving pain and inflammation by pulsing electromagnetic waves at precise frequencies, speeding the body’s recovery at a cellular level. Our bodies are composed of tiny cells. A cell’s membrane has negative and positive charges and when we are stressed or diseased from toxins they begin to malfunction. PEMF restores the positive and negative charges to the cells, promoting healing.

The precise healing frequencies are based around the Schumann resonance which was discovered in 1954 by the German physicist and Professor W.O. Schumann and Dr Herbert König as they discovered that the Earth’s cavity produces pulses that ranged from 7 to 10hz; the average being the now infamous 7.83hz.

Professor Rutger Wever, from the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Erling-Andech, studied the resonance’s impact on health by having subjects live in underground bunkers for four weeks. When the Schumann waves were filtered away from the bunkers, the subjects suffered stress, headaches and even physical pain. Once they were fed the 7.83 Hz frequency that had been taken away, soon, they all returned to normal.

Initial PEMF machines were extremely large and expensive with prohibitive costs for anyone other than large hospitals and research centers. As technology progressed, the PEMF devices of today are no larger than a yoga mat.

A recent study demonstrates that the use of an acute, localized static magnetic field of moderate strength can result in a significant reduction of swelling when applied immediately after an inflammatory injury.

But healing ourselves with the use of sound is not new to us….

Magnetism In Ancient Times

Magnetism, in the form of a magnetized lodestone, was first discovered by Thales of Miletus in Ancient Greece in the 6th century B.C. and the name comes from the region where it is mostly found in Magnesia, Anatolia. It is a naturally occurring magnetic rock known as magnetite which can attract iron. St. Augustine in the fifth century A.D. was left incredulous at the powers of the lodestone: one could simply graze it with another piece of metal and instantly that metal would become magnetically charged.

Pliny The Elder from Pompeii, described the lodestone as being used for treating eye problems and burns. In modern times, the first procedure used to treat the eye is a low powered magnet. Around the same time, the Chinese knew that “the magnet draws iron and the amber attracts mustard seeds.” This fact may not seem like much, but what that means is that in rubbing amber with wool, the amber becomes electrically charged. Ultimately, this is significant: could they have put magnetism and electric current together and, already back then, made use of electromagnetism?

What Did The Templars Find At Temple Mount?

At the end of the Crusades, when the Templar Knights began digging under the Temple Mount, one night their work simply stopped, and they packed up their entire encampment and left Jerusalem the very next day. They had found something. We don’t know what they found, but whatever it was, it changed the Order forever. If we look at the symbol of The Order of the Templar Knights, it resembles the two-dimensional representation of how a magnetic field operates, as shown in fig 3.

fig 3

Some speculate the Templars began building the great cathedrals around the world on ley line crosses to harness the telluric energy in ways we still do not know. It is said the Knights travelled the world looking for the ley line crosses and where they found powerful ones they would erect a cathedral on top. This begs the question: Are ley lines inherently magnetic and therefore beneficial to us?

Ley Lines

One concept that brings together all that we have mentioned are ley lines: the electromagnetic fields of the earth’s straight fault lines in the earth’s tectonic plates are a scientific fact. These cracks release an incredibly powerful magnetic energy. To the Native Americans, they were known as spirit lines, as their shamans would use the energies to communicate with their ancestors. The ancient eastern civilizations knew them as dragon lines as the sky gods would fly along the lines in their dragon ships.

Did the ancients build imposing structures atop of these magnetic ley lines?

“From the pyramids of Giza to Stonehenge, Notre Dame, Solomon’s Temple, Parthenon, Oracle of Delphi, Rennes Le Chateau, Ziggurat, the Vatican, DC Capitol, Mecca, Agia Sophia, Aztec Pyramids, Bermuda Triangle, Coral Castle, Tesla’s lab in Shoreham NY, all seem to be built on ley lines.” Explains Gregg Braden, scientist and researcher into this phenomenon. “Were they harnessing their power? Many of the sections where two or more ley lines intersect are marked with obelisks, such as Washington DC monument, Vatican Courtyard, and Cleopatra’s Needle in Central Park. These electro-magnetic lines of the earth are its veins and receive its energies from the sun that connects and effects, every living thing on this planet. We are electrical and our atoms are surrounded by electrons (electricity)” Braden continues, “where does our heart get its electrical capacity from? We are connected to the earth’s electromagnetic fields and our heart is our battery.”

Were Cathedrals Energetic Healing Centres?

Very little is known of the cathedral builders of the world, many believe they were the Knights Templar, and it seems they knew these secrets as well. Upon observing the floor plans of St. Peter’s Basilica, the sound seems to, purposely, converge under the main dome and descend upon the Baldacchino (the altar) to stimulate the copper columns that, in turn, creates healing, magnetic, vibrational pulses. The use of The Golden Mean, Phi, and sacred geometry in the construction of the old cathedrals may have been functional as well as aesthetic.

The use of church organs has been noted are the most effective at producing these tones with their extremely long windpipes, as it is effectively the overtones from the pipes that supposedly produce the fine healing frequencies. Low frequencies take a long time to travel and the pipes of the oldest known organs are extremely long, allowing for the highest harmonics to be produced, while the cathedrals themselves seem built to magnify this acoustic effect. It seems the builders encoded the principal frequency of each cathedral in the rose stained glass windows as if they had seen it using cymatics.

Cymatics And Sound Healing

Cymatics are certainly becoming a household name of late, but already in the 18th century, the German musician and physicist Ernst Chladni discovered if one put dust particles on top of a surface and made the surface vibrate with sound, the dust would form different shapes based on the specific frequency it was exposed to. These shapes were made of lines and points at which they cross, known as nodal lines. Interestingly, ley lines are earth nodes where the build-up of energy occurs at the crossing points of the telluric energy. We know the earth is one big magnet now, but it is possible the ancients already knew this, and if so, they possibly knew how to harness its power.

The floors of St.Peter’s and other basilicas and cathedrals are covered in cymatic patterns, as seen in fig 4a and 4b. Clearly, the ancient builders of the cathedrals were experimenting with sound and its effects. In fig 5, we can see a cymatic frequency “alphabet” compiled by Chladni himself in 1794. Many people are taking to putting a cap with liquid on top of their speakers to reproduce the cymatic effects on water as seen in fig 6; one Youtube search of cymatics will bring up thousands of amateur scientists experimenting with cymatics set up in their own homes.

fig 4a
‘St peter 1500px’ by Ericd (CC BY-SA 3.0)

fig 4b
‘Roma – St. Peters Basilika – Nave – Floor’ by Ericd (CC BY-SA 4.0)

fig 5

fig 6

Chartres & Healing Churches

The Templar Knights were master stonemasons and are said to have built castles and cathedrals all across Europe. The Chartres Cathedral is but one example where the labyrinth created in stone in the granite floor is said to mark the earth energy grid centers where subtle currents reside. Did they build this and many other cathedrals on top of ley lines to make these not just places of telluric-magnetic healing but also utilizing these forces to communicate with the supernatural?

There have been many experiments conducted in cathedrals to ascertain the properties of the sound frequencies and properties found in many churches and megalithic structures, most notably the recent experiments in 2013 conducted by Tanya Harris in four churches in England that had been constructed by Nicholas Hawksmoor. Harris used a technique invented by the experimental composer Alvin Lucier. As seen in Harris’ experiments, not all sounds need even be audible. Being within a space that has been designed using proportions that follow the Golden Mean creates healing resonances, and these can be enough to receive the vibratory influences that stimulate a regenerative process in our cells, much like with the PEMF devices described earlier.

Recently, at the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, the Sound Healing Symphony, organized by Sound Meditation SF had over 1200 people lying down in the massive cathedral to meditate while being engulfed by what are known as a “sound baths” created by a number of gongs and other vibratory instruments such as didgeridoos and flutes. “They can make your cells vibrate with the harmonics so that you reach a meditative state faster than with traditional meditation techniques” explains Guy Douglas, founder of Sound Meditation SF and a veteran gong player. Douglas has noted that there have been many participants who have come with various illnesses and left with none. “We’re not exactly sure what’s happening,” he said. It seems, that while still in an experimental phase for our present civilization, we are witnessing a re-discovery of healing tones found in ancient sacred spaces.

In Conclusion

As we have seen, there are many mysteries still to be uncovered surrounding how ancients used vibrations and magnetism for both healing and divine purposes. More research must be done into how and why the Knights Templar built these enormous cathedrals, what other purposes they had, and what exactly did they utilize the Earth’s energy grid for. Could ley line energy be the organic “green” energy we have been searching for? Might we find the answer searching with “new eyes” in ancient cathedrals and megalithic structures? We have been fascinated with magnetism for thousands of years and have since come to utilize it everywhere in our modern day life, to heal, to travel and even in the very computer on which I am writing right now.






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Mike Oz is a researcher into hidden history and the occult.

4 thoughts on “Magnetism, Sound And Healing: Now And In Ancient Times”

  1. Yolande Martin says:

    This is incredibly interesting… is magnetic energy the power of the future. It certainly heals, I know that from personal experience. I’m presently working on one of my eyes that has gone through several surgeries and it’s helping a lot, making a big difference…. bravo Mike, well done

  2. Dale Ferguson says:

    Excellent piece Mike.

    As you most likely know the story of magnetism in regards to Creation itself, and the natural governance of it, goes a lot deeper than humanity’s given history would suggest.

    Electricity and magnetism are two forces of the one origin – Duality. They cannot be separated, they have a coaxial existence within an Aetheric medium, where one is present so is the other.

    As you hint at in your piece above, we are built of electrically charged atoms which all vibrate in harmony which allows their coexistence to make up a vessel. We are beings of resonance/frequency. In fact, all conscious life forms are, which is why fractals of Earths Toroidal Field dynamics and mechanics are found throughout nature – the Vortex – 3-dimensional S-curve which represents an individual perspective of traversing through said vortex (Hyperboloid) at the centre of the Torus. Hence the significance of Fibonacci etc, which again you hint at above.

    The spark of consciousness, when applied to atoms, creates spin – motion. Motion within a medium creates vibrations – Cymatics.

    We are beings of Electromagnetism because magnetism and electricity (consciousness – direction/intent) are ONE. Which is why the “2 Pillars”/”Yin&Yang” terminology is so prevalent is ancient cultures and belief systems.

    Awesome work Mike, looking forward to the next piece.

    Dale F

  3. Sheila says:

    I as at St Michel off the coast of France. In one “room” a man took his place on a circle that was divided in two – one side black, one side white. He closed his eyes and inhaled then exhaled as he relaxed his body. I looked weird to me and I wondered what it was about. I waited to see what happened next. At one point he opened his eyes and stepped off the circle. I got onto the circle and did what he did; closed my eyes inhaled and exhaled as I relaxed my body. Nothing. A little longer; nothing. Disappointed, I stepped off the circle. My feet we almost hot – they were very, very warm.

  4. Sheila says:

    Spinal fluid rises in a spiral motion. As it swirls upward toward the brain, it causes friction along the wall. Friction causes electricity and electricity cause magnetism. At the brain spinal fluid meets blood and they become ‘white matter’ and white matter meets gray matter at the brain barrier. What happens to the electro-magnetic energy then? It siphons off the body and forms a torus around the body – a torus is a donut shape. The vibratory frequency of the torus is what we give out and … what we receive in return (we get back what we put ‘out there’). Now. Come into contact with someone who vibrates at a high frequency and what happens? Low frequency rises to meet the higher and vv. Let’s look at the Bible teaching where the woman, who was bleeding for a long time and thus near death, was waiting for Jesus to walk in front on her (this is one of the mystery teachings). When he passed by she reached out and touched the hem of his garment and was instantly healed. No miracle. Oh, and the story says, “The energy went out of him.” LOL

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