November’s Author of the Month is Susan Martinez, Ph.D. In this thought-provoking article Susan challenges the theory of evolution and explores her own hypothesis about the origins of man: the Nookie Factor. Susan’s book, The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man, is out now.

To start with my conclusion: Darwinism is an attempt to explain something that never happened: Evolution. Why are we in this predicament? Simply because we refuse to deal with the Unseen. Evolution, an obsolete straight-laced 19th century theory, remains the alpha dog simply because it satisfies the secular paradigm; we must have a secular model to be considered scientific. Even to be politically correct, no theory should include a Higher Power. We must forever beat around the bush. Despite appearances, hard core materialism and atheism rule the day.

But, trust me, there is not much you can properly explain without the Unseen – the etheric world (see our website Indeed, much of what we call Ancient Mysteries are only mysteries when we leave out the etheric ingredient. Intelligence (as in Intelligent Design) is out there in the Universe; it did not "evolve" here on Earth. Sure, man changes, "evolves", so to speak, but not physically, only culturally and spiritually. In fact, the whole idea of progress from ape to man, progress from caveman, progress from hunter-gatherers is fundamentally flawed. Lower and higher types co-existed from Day One.

How could we have evolved from apes? Are we really glorified baboons? To justify this monstrous idea, it is necessary to invoke the God of Chance: random gene mutation. No thanks, don’t ask me to put all my eggs in the basket of Dumb Luck.

"God didn’t play dice with this world" – Albert Einstein

Acclaimed biologist Lynn Margulis put it this way: "I was taught over and over again that the accumulation of random mutations led to evolutionary change [and] new species. I believed it until I looked for evidence." How could such precise, complex structures like the human brain arise by pure luck? Please. The idea is frankly preposterous. How could Evolution be a matter of chance? Is science really doing its job if it pins all on accident and randomity? Are you willing to subscribe to a philosophy that says mere mindless chance produced elaborate, almost perfect, design? The tallest tale of all is the so-called Descent of Man— a sapient even godlike being with a miraculous brain— emerging from animals and nature’s random muta­tions.

We have long been led by the nose. Pseudoscientific explanations of our origins have succeeded, thanks to the obstructionist climate of the professional establish­ment, with its deeply vested interest in status quo, not rocking the academic boat. The ascent of our species is all a giant lottery, say today’s leading evolutionists like the late Stephen Jay Gould who declared that "the lineage leading to human beings just happened to have held a winning ticket … [and] we are so very lucky to be here." Luck? I don’t think so. There is purpose in our existence, in our being here. Luck has nothing to do with it.

The biggest unanswered question is this: Why are AMH (anatomically modern human) features found in the earliest paleontological record? To answer this question, to address this glaring anachronism, I am afraid we need to dip into the forbidden waters of spiritual anthropogenesis. Science may have found our "genetic fingerprint" but has missed our spiritual fingerprint: the Spark with which we humans are endowed, ingredient X. The soul-deadening materialism, the animality, to which Darwinism consigns us does not begin to tell the extraordinary story of man.

The Standard Model, ad nauseum, feeds us concepts like acquisitiveness, sexual rivalry, "adaptive" selection, and innate selfishness – driven by tooth-and-claw competition which ultimately decides who has the advantage, the edge, who will monopolize the "niche". These are the clichés of the Darwinian dog-eat-dog world, an aggressive, opportunistic – even predatory – philosophy of organic life, the "war of nature".

But yes, in a war-torn age like our own, "survival of the fittest" tallies nicely with hegemonic control of people, resources, territory, weaponry. Might is still righ. With the overtly expansionist history of Western civilization as the backdrop of all our theories, the Darwinian tableau (which has creatures "colonizing" and "exploiting" the niche) is a fine charter myth for imperialism per se, not only explaining, but somehow justifying, the powers that be. Almost a master race theory, if you ask me.

But if this paradigm of conquest and dominance is really the key to "development" – how come most apes are vegetarian? Indeed, most animals are cooperative, harmonious creatures who do not to fight for food, sex or lebensraum. So much for the evolutionist’s competitive "struggle for existence".

At the end of the day, there really are only two possibilities: either we evolved or we were created. We must also reckon with the probability that DNA was brought here to this planet – though not in the usual ET scenario – (see chapter 7 of my book The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man for that story).

So now we come to the Nookie Factor. Consider only the passionate Sons of God/Daughters of Men myths – These Sons of God were actually the holy Ihins (the little AMH people, homo sapiens pygmaeus, the subject of The Lost History of the Little People, my prequel to Hybrid Man). And who were the Daughters of Men? These were the Druks (the lower tribes, like homo erectus). Although they were commanded to remain apart (endogamy), nonetheless “the ground people [erectoids] came to the Ihins beseeching for food . . . And the chosen were tempted” (Oahspe, The Lord’s Second Book 1.18). The Druks, on another occasion, fetched the root of babao (an intoxicant) and brought it to the little Ihins to eat and get drunk, saying “Lest the white and yellow people [many of the Ihins were white-haired] fall upon us, and our seed perish on the earth, make us of flesh and kind, bone and bone, blood and blood” (Oahspe, The Lords’ Fifth Book 1.20) — And so it was, the seduction somehow reminiscent of Hebrew lore which recalls the depraved daughters of Cain ("Daughters of Men"), women of a lower order, who had "charms and enchantments" with which they seduced the “Sons of God”. (The offspring of these illicit unions, BTW, were the mighty Cro-Magnons).

It is at this point that people always want to know how the Ihins themselves came into the world. Here is where that off-planet DNA comes into play. Think of the near-universal myths of a heavenly parent (Sky Father, Star Woman, etc.). In the Cuthae legend of Creation, for example, human beings were born of both Earth and Divine Fire. There are countless stories of human and divine unions. In legends of the Americas (Caribs, Iroquois, Quichua, Inuit, Athabascan, etc.), man is the product of a Primal Creative Power and never literally derived from an inferior species; rather, he is Child of the Stars. It is the same with the fairy children of Europe (really, h.s. pygmaeus) who were produced by the marriage of “fallen angels” with mortals.

"There alighted upon the new earth millions of angels . . . [to] deliver first man asu [roughly, Australopithecus] from darkness. For he shall rise in spirit to inherit the etherean worlds [Everlasting Life, Immortality]. Now was the earth in the latter days of se’mu [formative stage] . . . in which time angels from other worlds were able to take on corporeal form (Oahspe, Book of Jehovih 6:15). We hear something of this dramatic event in the Dead Sea Scrolls (Book of Jubilees): “The angels of the Lord descended upon earth—those who are named Watchers—that they should instruct the children of men . . . [for] uprightness upon the earth.”

As Jim Dennon, the late Oahspe scholar, once explained it, “Via a starship we would now call a ‘UFO,’ etherean angel volunteers were brought to earth to teach the asuans to walk upright . . . Angels mate­rialized with mortal bodies, and they mated with asu . . . This resulted in a new human race, called Ihins.”

H. sapiens pygmaeus is that lost race of Ihins – imbued with the spark of the divine. They were the sacred tribes who brought humanity to the heights, not only of its material culture, but also of its spiritual potential. And that is why, in the Book of Enoch this procreative event is referred to as the mixing of darkness (earthborn) and light (heaven-born). In the legend of Enoch, when Noah, hair white as snow (typical of Ihins), was born, the village people whispered about the mysterious origin of this strange baby—Was it from the holy beings, the Watchers? Distraught, his father Lamech went to his father Methuselah and pleaded for an answer. Methuselah, in turn, went to his father Enoch, who told him: “To be sure … heavenly beings did indeed come down to earth and seduce mor­tal women.”

The mixing of darkness and light is also thematic in the Sumerian tablets which attribute the creation of higher humanity to God Ea, who engineered a hybrid race by combining sav­age earth-men with the seed of the gods. Variations on the theme of this remarkable amalgam, this hybrid of Heaven and Earth, are found in every form: God Mars fathered the man Romulus by mat­ing with a vestal virgin; the mortal kings of India were engendered by gods and goddesses; God Marduk of Babylonia fertilized a mortal maiden; the Levantine “Elohim” came to Earth and participated in its generation by interbreeding with hominids.

In the New Testament these celestial beings are described as “angels, having left their first estate in heaven” (Jude 1:6). The legend of the Tuatha De Danaan has them arriving in Ireland “on dark clouds”; just as the (Amerind) Kickapoo culture hero Wisaka “fell from the sky.” Similarly, in the Midrash, it is Fallen Angels from the etherean realms who are behind our anthropogenesis; but, quips one wit, “If Moses were to send his creation story to any publisher today, he would soon get it back.”


Today Darwinism, despite its irreconcilable flaws, stands almost by default; is there no reasonable alternative? There is! – the Nookie Factor: eons of out-breeding which give us, as far back as we can go, a continual confection of half-breeds, a hopelessly mixed "network" of ancestors. (I am in debt to my colleague, archeologist Christopher Hardaker, author of The First American, for the term "nookie factor", which Chris also bills as "Sex and the Single Species"). The nookie factor actually stands Darwinism on its head: Whereas Evolution has species lines branching out and separating (splitting), crossbreeding entails quite the opposite: the different stocks came together, cohabited, to form new races. And we are all Heinz 57.

Fossils taken as representing "stages of evolution" or "transitionals" or "modifications" (by lucky mutations) can better be understood as out-and-out hybrids – representing nothing more than the unstoppable intermixing of the naughty Paleolithic races. As a result, we are all hybrids – without a scintilla of evolution in sight. We are a cohabiting, not an evolving species. "Stages of evolution" and "intermediate" forms are red herrings which prove to be incapable of standing up to the actually sudden appearance of species, the Big Bangs of evolution. The fish swim into the fossil record out of nowhere, fully formed. So do the great apes. The mammals emerged abruptly, so did the invertebrates. They have no yesterday. The story is the same for chordates (the precursor of vertebrates) and the flowering plants, not to mention the abrupt new species at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary.

Come on, how could the brain of Pithecanthropus (H. erectus) have "evolved" into a modern human form? "I cannot credit such a rapid rate of evolution” (Sir Arthur Keith). Well, the easy (and correct) way to account for this "increase" in brain capacity is simply by the fact of crossbreeding, mixing with a more advanced type, i.e., the little AMH Ihins; after all, there is no increase in H. erectus cranial capacity over a half million years. No evolution there: it stayed around 1,000 cc, until they were upgraded by interbreeding with the moderns in their midst. It’s just the birds and the bees …

Nevertheless, the solution given by the experts runs something like this: Evolution sometimes proceeds by "rapid branching," which is to say, at a faster pace, for reasons yet to be discovered. Perhaps it was some sudden neurological change, an intellectually advantageous mutation. – Uh, alright, but why is there no trace, in any fossils, of such neurological developments? – Well then, maybe rapid progress is lost to us, having been triggered by strong competition between different populations under severe environmental pressures. (Last time I checked, the theory of "competitive exclusion" had circled the drain.)

At all events, this jump was given a proper name: "punctuated equilibria" or the friendlier – punk eek. The brain of Africa’s Australopithecus sedipa, for example, seems to have improved in size – or rather shape – relatively quickly. Punk eek. It must have been some radical reorganization – some sort of intellectually advantageous mutation. But such a "burst of evolution" is actually a profound contradiction in terms, an oxymoron, the very definition of evolution entailing gradual itty-bitty changes by small degrees, over a huge span of time.

In reality, every one of these "jumps" signals nothing more dramatic than a new hybrid type – not evolution. Forget evolution. P.S. Despite the lavish media splash trumpeting A. sedipa as a "breakthrough species" and "jaw-dropping find", the experts, tail between legs, were forced to change that species’ age from a whopping, headline-grabbing 5.5 million-years-old to an ordinary 1.97 million. Though the little barrel-chested mongrel was regaled in the original headlines as "the long-sought direct ancestor of our genus," quiet updates admitted he looked more like "a dead end in the evolution toward humans." So much for "bridge species."

The mystery only deepened with measurements of the brain of "Hobbit" (sometimes called "Flo" after the place of discovery, the Island of Flores). That brain was only one-third the capacity of modern humans’, "chimp-sized" at 400 cubic centimeters. Uh-oh, the brain of h. erectus, drastically older than hobbit, was twice as big as Flo’s! – which certainly queers the idea of evolutionary improvement (and brain enlargement) over time. (Flo’s little people, h.s. pygmaeus, lived as recently as 12,000 years ago.) Also sending Evolutionism into a fatal spasm: Lady Flo’s wrist and flaring pelvis aligned her with h. erectus’ predecessors – the long-extinct australopiths who supposedly died out millions of years ago! On top of all this confusion were Flo’s respectably modern teeth and frontal and temporal lobes – the neural connections "highly evolved." Flo’s people, no slouches, were skilled hunters with "sophisticated" tools.

But all the confusion evaporates instantly with the understanding that Flo was just another mutt, with the genes of several races. Following the 2004 discovery of hobbit, experts tried to explain all these supposed "anomalies" by dubbing them everything from "pathologic" to "bizarre" to "pygmy freaks". All the fuss and fightin’ of those "Hobbit bone wars" might have been spared, had Lady Flo’s obviously mixed morphology (seemingly contradictory skeletal features) been taken at face value. A wonderful composite of archaic and advanced features, Flo was just a happy hybrid. In other words, she didn’t "evolve" from anybody. Her race – like all the races before and since – was, quite simply, crossbred, a mixed bag possessing the genes of Australopithecus, h. erectus as well as AMHs.

How can anyone believe the worn-out fairy tale that one species morphs into a different species? Have breeders ever turned a cat into a dog? The changes and "transitions" so confidently cited are a well orchestrated scientific illusion, a falsehood so big that we, dumbfounded, believe it. One European critic thought that "one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked the greatest deceit in the history of science" (Soren Lovtrup, Darwinism: The Refutation of a Myth). Hasten the day. We need the truth, now more than ever. Particularly because origin and destiny have a great deal to do with each other. And our destiny is rapidly unfolding, as we speak.


Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D., earned her doctorate in anthropology at Columbia University, where she also served as lecturer in ethnolinguistics. She is the book review editor at the Academy of Spiritual and Consciousness Studies and the author of The Psychic Life of Abraham Lincoln, The Hidden Prophet, Time of the Quickening, and The Lost History of the Little People. A contributor to Forbidden Science and Darklore, her work also appears in Atlantis Rising, FATE, and New Dawn magazines. She lives in Clayton, Georgia.

Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D., earned her doctorate in anthropology at Columbia University, where she also served as lecturer in ethnolinguistics. She is the book review editor at the Academy of Spiritual and Consciousness Studies and the author of The Psychic Life of Abraham Lincoln, The Hidden Prophet, Time of the Quickening, and The Lost History of the Little People. A contributor to Forbidden Science and Darklore, her work also appears in Atlantis Rising, FATE, and New Dawn magazines. She lives in Clayton, Georgia.