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We have come to a moment in time where we all need to make a choice. We can either maintain on our perilous course with the destruction of our world and the ultimate extinction of the human species, or we can choose the alternative. So now you have to choose. Are you going to uphold the status quo and participate in the eventual annihilation of the human race? If the answer is yes then go no further and go on about your day as if this never happened. If you are still here then I must congratulate you for choosing the alternative. The alternative choice we are faced with is not some system or revolution which will guide us in a different direction. It is a path; it is a journey to explore who we truly are.

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When most people feel under stress they often say, “It feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.” It is a very common phrase used amongst English speaking nations. But behind this one phrase is a quintessential truth, because when one is on a path to self-transformation they realize that the weight of the world is truly on their shoulders, so it is up to them to change it. Yet this whole phenomenon of being the change has become confusing to many and in some cases a smell of pollution surrounds this so called change. At this moment and throughout time we have seen large groups of people around the world in rebellion against external forces. The problem with a lot of these rebellions is that most of them are based on an “us against them” mentality, which implies a lack of wisdom as to what the nature of reality is. On the other side of the spectrum we have a large internal awakening occurring around the planet, where major portions of this energetic change have been hijacked and are shrouded in ego to line the pockets of a few with plenty of money. Thus both external and internal are in chaos with one another. We need to find common ground because the weight of this world is becoming unbearable. Somehow we need to find the balance to this weight.

In our present day the weight of the world is not a physical disability, but instead it is psychic in nature. Almost everything we visualize in our external world stems from our collective psychic illness. Buddha once said, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” This piece of wisdom rings true when one understands the total functions of the mind. One of the innermost fundamental principles of consciousness is that everything in our world either on a personal or collective level is a deep mental projection. So what we create in our reality is either from conscious concentration or it is from a darker emotion suppressed within the human psyche. This is very important to understand especially at this moment in time, because even though some people out there are consciously manifesting reality, most of these people still haven’t addressed the darker content in their own lives, and hence we all contribute to a collective disease. All of this comes back to the psychic dance between the ego and the self. This dance can truly seduce the most ardent believer. A lot of people on Earth at the moment believe they are in true rebellion against the banking cartel, corporate structure and corrupt governments, with the belief they are creating a better world. The seduction here is that this rebellion is only a projection of our ego. The ego does this to keep anyone from having true eternal rebellion. Since the ego is the totality of the mind at present, it will do whatever it has to do from letting you go inwardly and finally dealing with those darker emotions suppressed within the shadow-self. So because of this, what is happening now is the ego is disguising itself under a false projection of a better world to further its own existence and to keep us from the true journey.

In our present day many activists, movements and rebellious groups are rising to the surface, but none of this is new. We have always had opposition to the status quo, but never any lasting change. For thousands of years we have been in external conflict with no true results. This is because we choose not to shine the light within where true freedom resides, so we persist with rearranging the chess pieces in the world we see. So it is with our illusory belief that we can change the external chess pieces that our illness is sustained. Herein lays the problem behind all movements and revolutions, because we believe to heal this world we need to rearrange the external world. If this is the basis then all movements and revolutions are fundamentally flawed. Sure a new movement may look more pleasant to the eye, but if the same collective and individual psychological state is going into the new world then our sickness will still plague us. In the end it should not be a debate about what certain benefits or external relief we will have from any particular movement, because the only issue that should be of our concern is what truly drives any of these movements or revolutions deep within us?

Built into the public’s state of consciousness is an unnatural desire for material comforts. Everybody is seeking some form of comforting relief in the external world. This is because within the majorities current state of consciousness there is an inbuilt function of escape which is mixed with our natural desire for freedom. So what we get is; we have a constant search for freedom based on material comfortability. In our modern age every movement and revolutions ideologies are grounded in external welfare through comforts and not internal well-being. Most movements and revolutions believe that if we have the access to the necessities of life served up on a platter, then internal peace will be born. Can this be true? The sad answer is no, inner peace will never be found in this way for two reasons. First reason being that most of these modern day movements and revolutions are in pursuit of a high technological civilization with the aid of material comforts to keep us solidly grounded in the external world, with the chance of no internal inquiry into the nature of our existence. So these sorts of movements will only benefit the ego which brings us to our second reason. The other reason being that the nature of our existence is not found out in the external world, because the true nature of our existence is consciousness. So the external world is the out-breath of our true nature which is within us. Instead of creating a revolution in the external world to point the blame at external forces, we need to have the only true revolution which is within us all. This needs to be understood now before we get too lost on our journey through life, because when we come back to the question of what truly drives any of these movements or revolutions deep within us, the answer we cannot shy away from is the ego. Why?

Everything that drives these movements and revolutions is the ego because the ego is like a spoiled child wanting external relief through momentary satisfaction while never dealing with the problem at hand. So they go from new toy to new toy with no true and lasting satisfaction. It is in the nature of the ego to escape from any situation no matter how absurd. This constant escape through life keeps one looking without instead of within. Through this escape all external movements and revolutions are born. I call this “Mental Systemic Escape” because they cannot deal with a system which in truth is actually a mental projection of our individual darker emotions. This is the physical evidence that the ego has once again duped us into believing that any new movement or revolution is our salvation. The corrupt system which we all live under is not something to escape from, instead it is there to be dealt with and then dissolved, but this will only happen if we look within to see where this world comes from. When we look within we see it is the mirror reflecting our darkest emotions held within our shadow psyche and which is guarded by the ever evasive ego.

We can see now that no movement or revolution rooted in the external world can ever bear the weight of this world. Some may say that what if we live in a world without money, surely that must be a big step? And I’m sure it couldn’t hurt and it would be a big step for a while, but once again it would only be momentary. The reason for this comes back to the individual, because if the individual’s consciousness has not evolved past the dark content in their own lives, then the ego’s view of personal gain and separation will corrupt any utopia no matter how pure it may appear. No movement or revolution we join could ever bear the weight of this world, because literally the true weight of the world is on your shoulders. When we truly feel this weight, we know we can never escape a system which is nothing but a suppressed projection of the mind. We need to go beyond the mind/ego to find out what is eternal and not momentary and then and only then will the mind be purified. After this purification a truthful movement will reflect our inner peace and well-being. When this is finally realized the weight upon your shoulders will not feel so heavy because the true revolution has been born within you.!/profile.php?id=100001455899059

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One World Within Productions presents Jason Gregory’s experiential journey known as “The Sacred Sound of Creation.” Combined with the artistry of US filmmaker and musician Justin Jezewski, “The Sacred Sound of Creation” is an expression of consciousness through knowledge, music and visualization, which explores the fundamental principles of reality.”

Jason Gregory is a spiritual philosopher, independent scholar, writer, and teacher specializing in the fields of Eastern philosophy, Western esotericism, comparative religion, psychology, culture, and ancient civilizations. He is an ardent traveler who has searched ashrams, monasteries, and temples in some of the most remote places in the world. As a result of his travels, Jason has lived in Asia for several years studying the philosophy and culture of the East and how it can benefit civilization in the modern day. Originally trained in the meditation practices and philosophies of Vedanta in Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Zen Buddhism, Jason’s curiosity with the perennial thread throughout the world’s spiritual traditions expanded his work into the exploration of the Western esoteric traditions of Gnosticism and Hermeticism and their underlying relationship to the East.

Jason is the author of two books and the creator of one documentary. He is the author of the highly acclaimed The Science and Practice of Humility and the cult classic Way of the Weirdo, and the writer and director of the documentary The Sacred Sound of Creation. He continually writes articles for popular magazines and websites around the world. His work has been featured on hundreds of radio shows with his numerous guest appearances.

Jason Gregory spends his time traveling, writing, and teaching around the world through his lectures and workshops centered on his work. His lectures and workshops are said to be one of the most insightful and inspirational events one can attend, as he reveals through his work that enlightenment is not an end goal that we are searching for, but instead a way of life which is an art of living. This understanding leads to the essence of his work that enlightenment evokes a humility which is a universal science.