Lewis E. Graham, Ph.D., D.D. was raised in a small, East Coast (USA) town that faced industrial decline due to globalisation. As the son of a successful entrepreneur, he was relentlessly curious and achievement-focussed—with ardent pro-civil rights beliefs and broad spiritual interests from an early age.

He earned a B.S. degree in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. He then earned an M.S. from the University of Georgia, where he also was awarded the Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology with a co-major in Psychophysiology in pursuit of his interest in the mind-body connection. That was at early point in scientific focus upon an area of emerging research which later would be called psychoneuroimmunology.

After graduation, Dr. Graham pursued a three-year postdoctoral training curriculum as a US Public Health Service Fellow and served as an adjunct faculty member at the Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Medicine. In 1981 he was granted a completion certificate in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Behavioral (Preventive) Medicine before entering a business career. Having been a marathoner and amateur triathlete at Stanford, he competed in the World Championship Triathlon in Nice, France in 1983. He also undertook community service as a Planning Commissioner who was later elected to the City Council in Brisbane, California, with one term as Mayor. In the early 1980’s, he founded and managed (for nearly 20 years) a successful international consulting firm, living primarily in London during the 1990’s to better serve European clients.

Starting in 1987, Dr. Graham began a 13-year program of divinity studies. Ultimately he was ordained as a minister by both the Temple of Knowledge and the Huna Heiau, which also awarded him its Doctorate of Divinity degree (D.D.) in 2001 after years of dedicated learning and wide-ranging Gnostic immersion. Dr. Graham’s in-depth exposure to multiple areas of orthodox research has been valuable. He has applied that knowledge in this fusion of science and spirituality while integrating findings from his decades of research, travel, inquiry, and sincere seeking to obtain clarity on clues suggested by long-standing esoteric riddles.

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Did ancient seers truly forecast that our world would end or begin to end in December of this year? How is it that diverse cultures have long pointed toward our present time as having great importance for humanity? And, could sometime around 21 December 2012 be ‘it’ as some have feared? Will that looming date launch a fatal finale?

We welcome and are pleased to feature as October 2012 Author of the Month, researcher and writer Dr Lew Graham. His research into the ancient civilisation described by Pythagoras and Plato began in childhood and has spanned more than four decades. Along the way, he began unraveling the riddle of December 2012. Lew’s research process and fusion of findings are both described in his series of books entitled GNOSIS for 2012 Onward (Volumes I-III), now in a newly updated 3rd Edition. Volumes I-II are free PDF downloads on our site.

Most importantly, the GNOSIS series dispels widespread fears about the looming Winter solstice. The books unmask the chilling myth that our world might begin to end on the 21st of December 2012. What is ongoing is rooted in precession. Namely, it is a ‘Turning of The Ages’ of the Sun.

Lew Graham was trained first as a scientist and later as a shaman in Huna and Native American magic. His books fuse science and spirituality into a seamless chronological narrative that blends scientific findings with select Gnostic lore—a dispersed body of esoteric knowledge that is mostly unknown to researchers and scholars. The result casts astonishing, new light on the ancient Lost Civilisation.

The GNOSIS series recounts a far-ranging story of the optimistic path forward for humankind—one personal choice at a time. Are you ready for a vast and hopeful view of December 2012 and the ongoing decades thereafter?

If so…fasten your seatbelt for a gripping tale unlike any you’ve heard before!

The Story of How We Begin To Remember
(Volume I)

Synopsis: Humans have a long and glorious past. The true tale of civilisation differs greatly from the tidy, orthodox version taught in schools.  There is an unseen reason for the growth in websites proclaiming “everything you know is wrong.” In some respects, this is true.

The real narrative of human history is a hidden one. And no single source holds a complete mural of our past. Rather, the truth is concealed in many places — like precious fragments of a broken mirror. Many clues are embedded in myths, legends, ancient monuments, artefacts, and geologic features.

Also, threads are dispersed amongst spiritual or esoteric groups, while secret societies have stewarded many portions of the ancient lore. Thriller novels and conspiracy theorists have focused on these. This is why they touch such a cord in the collective unconscious of humanity.

In truth, as Graham Hancock has so aptly noted, we humans are largely a species with amnesia. Our period of ‘known’ history had a nearly forgotten precursor. After that time and for the past 13+ millennia, we have lived through the fifth epoch of an expanding spiral of solar time. In more recent centuries, we have steadily approached a global transition from the 5th to the 6th Age of the Sun.

In the previous 4th Age, a high civilisation arose on Antarctica that fused science and spirituality. Its breadth and depth of wisdom are nearly beyond any modern grasp. That society was called Antichthones by Pythagoras and referred to as Atlantis by Plato and various others.

Climate regions differed then because the Earth’s crust was positioned differently in those times and ocean levels were far lower. Our advanced ancestors easily travelled the Earth, interbred with locals, and brought vital knowledge to disparate groups. But most of those exalted emissaries perished when the 4th solar epoch of Atlantis ended in a series of global disasters, as our world shifted to the 5th Age of the Sun about 13,500 years ago.

In brief, the Earth nearly died in a related series of far-flung catastrophes throughout our solar system. Those events deranged eons of stability, even destroying several whole planets.

Earth’s nearest inner planetary neighbours were greatly affected. Mars is now cold, and barren. And the visible sphere that used to orbit between Mars and Jupiter is now an Asteroid Belt of dust, rocky fragments, and several moons.

The series of catastrophic events greatly affected Earth—causing its crust to slip and thereby repositioning the continents while ending the last ‘Ice Age.’ The magnetic core simultaneously moved, causing a pole shift from South to North. There also was a global oceanic tidal wave when Earth briefly had two moons.

The Earth’s crustal displacement and global tidal wave brought massive deaths and sudden climate zone changes as the so-called “Ice Age” ended. And the 4th solar era of Atlantis ended in disaster, as our world shifted to the 5th Age of the Sun nearly 13,500 years ago. It was a period of indescribable distress and massive suffering. Those surviving humans who remained alive contracted into a state of deep fear that would take root in world cultures.

The ‘Great Cosmic Train Wreck’ is carried in our collective unconscious for anyone to access, and the gruesome transition from the 4th Age to the 5th is recalled in diverse human cultures. Cultural groups worldwide have their own version of a vast disaster story on Earth in the dimly remembered past—a strangely similar tale emerging from the dense fog of chaotic prehistory.

Those cataclysmic events wiped out the homeland of Atlantean culture on their idyllic island continent in the Southern Hemisphere. Global tidal waves, crustal displacement, and polar ice would ensure that physical proof of that exalted society would remain frozen and hidden for millennia. Until now…

Weaving Science, Spirituality and Hidden History into the Fabric of Your Future
(Volume II)

Synopsis: After the gruesome end of the 4th Age, a hardy handful of displaced survivors heroically devoted themselves to a global rescue mission. Generation after generation, they developed agricultural methods for an altered ecosphere and stewarded the gestation of a new solar age.

This is the hidden story of how our current 5th Age evolved. There is a reason that agriculture took so long to “re-boot” after global cataclysm. It had to be invented in a now oxygen-deficient world with radically changed ground rules of nature.

The unsung heroes helped rebuild our current age of civilisation by broadcasting systems of survival and transmitting codes of social harmony. They did so while privately preserving much of their old wisdom, using a ‘flat’ version of their nearly-forgotten, three-dimensional language of Gotte. Finally, they left behind clues whose obvious significance would elude us until now. At the end of this epoch, we are living in a time of uncovering or revealing, which is the literal meaning of the Greek word “apocalypse.”

Those perceptive ‘heroes of old’ saw that the world clock had sped up in a new solar context. And they knew that December 2012 would mark the next Turning of the Ages sooner than ever before. It would inaugurate a period when we would sorely need their ancient magic and wisdom.

Volume II reviews all those events along with insights embedded in an alternate history of our modern civilisation over the past 13,500 years. The story predates the strange rise of Egyptian dynasties, to which Atlantean survivors bequeathed their legacy of wisdom. And it continues through empires over millennia. Progressing through the Dark Ages, the medieval period, and the Renaissance, the story arrives at our present time.

For decades we have lived in the twilight of the 5th Age. 21 December 2012 marks a Turning of the Ages of the Sun … an event horizon for humanity. That looming date signals the conception of the 6th solar epoch–which, at last, will be our chance to transit Ages with grace and ease as the unseen context of Earthly life shifts in an energetically subtle yet pervasive manner.

Each reader would benefit from a personal ‘survival guide.’ In this regard, an ancient Atlantean-derived meditation is reviewed; it can serve as a core self-transformation tool. As Marilyn Ferguson said: “Our past is not our potential.”

GNOSIS for 2012 Onward describes all the above and much more in readable detail and provides background on ancient ‘magic’ from a nonreligious perspective. Profound, self-directed tools and practices are available to interested readers in a low-cost Volume III.

Are you ready for a hidden History of the World? For an authentically optimistic story about December 2012? And for reaching your own reliable insights on what lies ahead beyond this long-awaited year that marks a long-awaited Turning of the Ages?

The author has fused information gathered over decades for scholars and seekers. So brace yourself for an astonishing tale that has never before appeared in print. Though it may be unsettling to those who suffer from premature hardening of the categories….

In closing, all jest aside, rest assured that the GNOSIS series welcomes readers to take this version of the World’s hidden history lightly. And to do so as they activate their own, fail-safe capacity for inner knowing. The Greeks called this birthright “Gnosis” – hence, the first word of the title for each volume.

Such clear knowing is vital for each person’s path onward.

The Ancient Atlantean Meditation
(Volume III)

Synopsis: A powerful meditation has been known in secretive groups since ancient times. It was based on the first three letters of the nearly-lost, Atlantean alphabet of three-dimensional symbols.

This fascinating story is richly explained in Volumes I and II. Volume III provides full details after concisely summarizing the two preceding works. Nevertheless, readers are encouraged to delve into I and II for a fuller picture that enables them to better savour this volume’s succinct summary. Both previous volumes are available in PDF format as free downloads on this site throughout October 2012.

The open-eyed, Atlantean-derived meditation was a core practice among initiates in the Italian School of Ancient World Mysteries founded by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. Indeed, Pythagoras was the first known esoteric teacher to call himself a philosopher, which means ‘lover of wisdom.’

Volume III presents specifics of the ancient Atlantean meditation, including what it is and how to use it during a daily 15-minute daily session. The text also presents two powerful visualizations from the Huna tradition that survived in Hawaii. These optional bonuses are, in essence, spiritual manifestation tools rooted in an awareness of the secrets of effective prayer. If adopted, the eyes-closed Huna techniques are recommended for use in the calm, centred state one enjoys post-meditation.

In addition, readers are referred to a custom-engineered, 15-minute instrumental album of three sound tracks to be used with stereo headphones for meditation session timing. The album can be transferred to and played back from any digital music player (including your computer) or burned to a CD. Using it eliminates time-passage worries during the 15-minute meditation session. This promotes a deeper focus and greater relaxation.

The MP3-formatted timing program is entitled: “The Ancient Atlantean Meditation”. Conveniently, the low-cost album can be downloaded from various online music sites. These sources include iTunes, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, eMusic, Spotify, Zune, Medianet, iHeartRadio, & Google Play. The sound program is a recommended complement for the meditation that is described and provided in Volume III.

Finally, readers should be aware that the life-changing tools presented in Volume III are only for the strongest and most determined individuals. Very few people have the willpower to persist as amazing, inner changes build.

Dedicated adherence to this daily meditation will lead to astonishing self-transformation. The process unleashes the unique, inner genius—which exists within each and every person. And it will allow your own light to shine brightly regardless of any dark days ahead.

Are you ready to choose such a path?