Precession Clock by Kris Van den Driessche

The code of Hathor deciphered

The disastrous half-precession cycle

Worldwide media are talking a lot about climate change and how the Earth is warming up as a result of the maladministration of humans. And, of course, they have a point. Though…. something else is warming up our Earth, and not only the Earth, but all the planets of our solar system: a physical, astronomical event! The consequences are even worse, but nobody is talking about it.

Our ancestors knew that this moment would come. That’s why they were intensely observing the precession cycle. In the book “The code of Hathor deciphered”, the author, Kris Van den Driessche, made a unique discovery about the nature of the precession cycle and its consequences all over our globe. In this article, I will give a short description of it. Of course, for a detailed description and numerous pieces of evidence, one should read the book.

It’s not a secret anymore that our ancestors paid great attention to the precession cycle. However, the reason for it is unknown. In fact, our ancestors depicted the precession cycle by means of the rotating zodiac and described on certain zodiac signs the cardinal points of the precession, as well as what will happen. This means that on certain dates during the precession cycle, something will happen. But what and why?

Precession Clock by Kris Van den Driessche

In order to understand what will happen, we need to understand the nature of the precession cycle.

Well, in the sky, one can see the stars slowly turning around the Earth. In 24 hours this happens once because of the Earth’s axis spinning, creating day and night. It also happens once a  year due to the orbit of the Earth around the sun. And with the precession, we can see the stars very slowly turning once every 25.776 years around the Earth. This precession movement, which appears insignificant, was the most important belief of our ancestors, who dedicated everything to it. Why?

Science explains simply that the stars aren’t turning around the Earth, and so deduces that the precession movement can only be the product of Earth spinning, but is this actually so? Didn’t we oversee another alternative? Yes, we did.

Our solar system is situated above the galactic plane — above the middle section of our Milky Way. Because of the turning of our Milky Way, our solar system should be pushed in a downward direction towards the galactic plane and in an outwards direction. But it doesn’t. Our solar system is moving in the opposite direction, which goes against scientific principles. Did our solar system come out of our Milky Way, fly through it, and go out again? Of course not.

Our solar system is just entrapped between other star systems, having a turning orbit between them. And if our solar system has a turning orbit, we should see the stars moving once every orbit cycle, just like the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. The crazy thing is: science knows about the moving of our solar system but doesn’t link it to any visible movement of stars around the Earth… Science just forgot it… But the observation of the precession is a direct candidate for the explanation of our solar system orbit! Moreover, the axis of the precession movement is exactly perpendicular to the movement direction of the solar system. An incredible 100% match!!

So the precession movement is actually our solar system orbit!

Incredible! So our ancestors were following the precession cycle or solar system orbit: how?

Our ancestors, all over the world, created zodiac calendars: this is a ring of constellations around the Earth. In this way, our ancestors could observe which moment they were in this precession cycle, each morning of the solstice when looking at the horizon. It was important to know in which moment they were of the precession cycle in order to foresee certain moments during the solar system orbit on which physical events would take place on Earth.

So our ancestors created cardinal points of the zodiac, which means dates in the zodiac: certain recurring dates in the solar system orbit. These cardinal points, all over the world, at any different culture, referred to the exact same dates… Pretty amazing, isn’t this?

One particular date was Leo or the Dragon, which occurred almost half a precession cycle ago when the World Flood took place. The next important date is in Aquarius or Phoenix, so… soon.

What will happen soon?

I explain it with the myth of Osiris and Seth: one of them is ruling over the north and the other over the south. They represent stars at the sky firmament. Every half precession, every 12,888 years, they change place.

This is symbolized by the story of the sacred fire gimlet. A Djed or pillar, the Lifetree, stands on the Earth, holding the sky firmament. Seth is pulling a robe which goes around the gimlet or pillar to the other side where Osiris is holding it. As Seth pulls, the sky firmament turns around the Earth during the precession movement. After a period of 12,888 years of pulling, the Earth catches fire and needs to be extinguished by a world flood. The hand of Osiris is almost touching the Djed, so now he starts to pull, and so, after the world flood, the sky firmament will start to turn in the opposite direction during the next half precession period.

This is only possible if the Earth goes upside down, literally, upside down, so that everything seems to turn in the opposite direction. And, of course, going upside down will create fire, earthquakes and world floods.

And the angel stars, and dragon stars, were having a war in the sky, and god pushed them “by turning the axis of the globe” to the other side of the Earth in darkness, out of view, for a period of a half precession, after which they will arise again… As the church thought that the Earth was flat, the other side of the Earth could only be hell.

So the Earth’s spinning causes day and night, the Earth’s orbit causes winter and summer, and the solar system orbit causes a fast big tilting of the Earth’s axis every half precession…. causing a world disaster. The ancient Egyptians described four half-precession periods: two in which the sun rose from the east and two in which the sun rose from the west.

Now we understand why this was the most important sacred holy ancient wisdom…

And what about the scientific proof for such a huge event?

Besides the many geological proofs described in the book, I will say it in this way: it all starts with science’s misinterpretation of the Earth’s magnetic field. Incredibly, science pretends that the Earth’s magnetic field is caused by inner convection streams. On the Sun, however, these convection streams create hundreds of north and south poles all over its surface, which are even changing every 14 days. On the Earth, it is steady, bearly changing, so the convection streams should be solid. But then again, how is it possible to have a magnetic field creation with a solid core? Science is in contradiction here.

On the contrary: our Earth and all the planets of our solar system have exactly the same parallel magnetic direction because of the fast CMEs that are going from north to south. These fast CMEs magnetized the Earth’s core, so our Earth’s core became a magnet. CMEs are particles, protons, etc., that escape from the solar surface and fill our solar system. These CMEs are escaping from the solar surface in the same quantities from wherever the surface is.  But those reaching the Earth from the north are accelerated, those coming directly from the sun are reduced in speed, and those coming from the south vanish. How is this possible?

These changing speeds and directions from the CMEs or solar plasma are caused by interaction, or collisions, with interstellar plasma or CMEs coming from outside our solar system. And because the inclination of the orbital plane of our solar system is not exactly the same as the direction of the movement of the interstellar plasma, these collisions will create a north-south direction of the CMEs in our solar system.

It may seem difficult to wrap your head around this, but I assure you it isn’t. In the book, even a child can easily understand it, but here I can only explain briefly to give the reader a flavour of what I expand on in the book.

So, because of the orbit of our solar system, the collision with the interstellar plasma will change the magnetic direction in our solar system every half-precession cycle. But if the direction from the fast CMEs inverts suddenly, every 12,888 years, the inner magnet of the Earth needs to turn upside down in order to align with the new magnetic direction. So the Earth literally turns upside down – causing a world flood in its wake.

The spinning of the Earth causes day and night and floods; the orbit of our earth causes winter and summer; the orbit of our solar system causes the Earth to turn upside down every 12,888 years, causing a world flood.

These periods of 12,888 years were called “world years” or “great era”.

This is impressive. And, It’s very important information if this is true!!!

That’s it. If nothing else, Authorities should at least try to investigate it because if true, the consequences will be dire. Instead of neglecting this information or laughing at it, they should have the courage to deal with it. Take, for instance, all nuclear plants on Earth. If the Earth turns upside down, just like in the past, it will create huge earthquakes, and the radiation of these nuclear plants will totally kill this planet. Is there something more important?

Please, authorities, people, just take a minimum effort and read “The code of Hathor deciphered”, Kris Van den Driessche.

Hathor is a female Egyptian cow god who gives life with one breast to a half-zodiac period and with the other breast during the other half-zodiac period standing upside down. Between these half-precession cycles, Hathor becomes the lion Sekhmet, or devil, in order to destroy mankind that didn’t listen to the messages…


The code of Hathor deciphered

The disastrous half-precession cycle

Kris Van Den Driessche was born in Aalst (Belgium) in 1968. He studied economics at the University of Brussels. In 1998, he moved to Italy where he is now the CEO of his own high tech company.

Since he was very young, he has been deeply interested in everything that is science, or is beyond science—in other words, anomalies that cannot be explained by science. So, since then, he has studied and investigated in order to find explanations on topics such as our distant and dark history, strange natural phenomena, extraterrestrial connections, biological evolution, the basic axioms of physics, mathematics and astronomy, and everything that cannot be explained.

This led him to realise that some of the explanations given by official political and scientific representatives in our society are far from correct and sometimes even ridiculous, often based on obsolete ideas, narrow thinking, the fear of stepping outside our institutional beliefs, or the abuse of religious, economic, political or academic power.

In this way, because of the proper discovery of the orbit of our solar system, and based on thousands of different pieces of evidence, he discovered the shocking truth about a physical reversal of the Earth axis every 12,888 years, which caused the biblical flood and which will soon strike again...

12 thoughts on “The Code of Hather deciphered: the disastrous half-precession cycle”

  1. Patrick Geryl says:

    Hi Kris,

    I wrote 3 books about this.
    Can you contact me?
    I think it is for April 2023
    Found the whole sunspot theory which the Egyptians knew. I have a peer reviewed paper here.

    (1) (PDF) A Formula for the Start of a New Sunspot Cycle

    You can find the whole sunspot theory on my page.



    1. Kris Van den Driessche says:

      It’s dangerous to put a date.

    2. Kris Van den Driessche says:

      Hi Patrick,
      Your previous e-mail is invalid…

  2. Mordecai says:

    What’s in Antarctica that has been such a beacon to the Elite that they flock to view it ? It’s not the climate or amenities I think, lol.

    ( supposition) what if Atlantis is located in Antarctica, discovered under miles of ice ? What if the Atlantean language was English, of close enough that once the city was discovered and her libraries uncovered we discovered that we could easily read the information contained therein ? And what if within the main library were a great domed roof, and contained on its pains laid out for all to see was this ‘ progression ‘ that you eloquently expounded upon? And what if a central podium contained the explanation to the sky panels ? And what if that explanation led the present day Governmental researchers to the stunning knowledge that this earth will end in 2035 ?

    What if you were the one upon who feel the choice : tell all the earth peoples of this unavoidable fate and cause instantaneous global chaos ? Or say nothing and then work feverishly to hoard a change of survival supplies deep underground in cities located in areas your projection indicate will suffer the least amount of damage ?
    What if you then thought, let’s be merciful and kill off the global population before the enemy occurs so these unknowing’s won’t suffer it ?

    Stranger things obviously exist in Antarctica .. is what I propose so outlandish ?

    1. Kris Van den Driessche says:

      Hi Mordical,

      I read a lot about this too, but I don’t dare to give an opinion as I don’t have enough proofs for this. If you have them, show them so that others will see!
      There still exist a world full of mysteries…

  3. Phineas says:

    They can forget their pathetic underground bunkers that will be no more than a grave. The only hope of survival would be a balloon. Stay aloft above the huge floods and fiery volcanic activity until things settle down again.

    1. Kris Van den Driessche says:

      And what about the radiation of blown up nuclear reactors?

  4. Camille Desportes says:

    Dear Kris,

    This is an interesting theory which deserves attention.
    I have a couple questions to understand it better:

    1. Why do you think that Earth turning upside down would create floods? The Earth spins around its axis in the West-East direction every day and it only creates tides but no flood. Would it be any different in the North-South direction?

    2. How do you correlate this theory with the known fact that magnetic poles swapped many times in the geological history at very irregular intervals ? (as recorded in the lava pillows at the bottom of the ocean)

    Looking forward to your opinion on these points.


    1. Kris Van den Driessche says:

      Hi Camille,

      Thank you for your comment.
      1. Because the daily spinning is not an abrupt acceleration, nor abrupt stopping after the turning
      2. I’m sorry but you confuse some facts. The lava pillows show that during a lot of vulcanic activity, the magnetic direction was “confused” during that catastophe. But before and after, it shows more or less the same direction (just minor differences).
      It has been said that every 750,000 years the magnetic direction inverts, a period that now has been overdue. To my opinion, this is possible if the Earth core inverts and not turns upside down. Probably this happens in certain circumstances. But this doesn’t take away that the Earth magnetic alignment is parallel to the alignments of the magnetic direction of the fast cme’s in our heliosphere.

  5. Frank says:

    Why can I not find this book online or in libraries?

    1. Kris Van den Driessche says:

      I’m the author: I just noticed it myself. The book has been taken out of Amazon without my knowing and without that I had a notice of the book agency. Instead Amazon published an unvailable “self published” book that is not the same, but just a proof print. I asked the book agency to put the book again available.
      Probably at Nexus magazine, the book is still for sale. Otherwise, and only during the time that the book is not available, I can sell some (10 euro + 10 euro of transport costs): [email protected].
      I’m sorry for this inconvenious.

    2. Kris Van den Driessche says:

      Hi Frank,
      I contacted the book agency and the book will be again available at Amazon and in book shops from around the 15th of February.

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