About Kris Van den Driessche

Kris Van Den Driessche was born in Aalst (Belgium) in 1968. He studied economics at the University of Brussels. In 1998, he moved to Italy where he is now the CEO of his own high tech company.

Since he was very young, he has been deeply interested in everything that is science, or is beyond science—in other words, anomalies that cannot be explained by science. So, since then, he has studied and investigated in order to find explanations on topics such as our distant and dark history, strange natural phenomena, extraterrestrial connections, biological evolution, the basic axioms of physics, mathematics and astronomy, and everything that cannot be explained.

This led him to realise that some of the explanations given by official political and scientific representatives in our society are far from correct and sometimes even ridiculous, often based on obsolete ideas, narrow thinking, the fear of stepping outside our institutional beliefs, or the abuse of religious, economic, political or academic power.

In this way, because of the proper discovery of the orbit of our solar system, and based on thousands of different pieces of evidence, he discovered the shocking truth about a physical reversal of the Earth axis every 12,888 years, which caused the biblical flood and which will soon strike again...

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