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The Cosmic Hologram In-formation at the Center of Creation

AoM for November is Jude Currivan, whose all-encompassing and unified model of the Cosmos reconciles quantum mechanics with ancient wisdom traditions.

Advancing the scientific record, The Cosmic Hologram posits consciousness as being not something we have, but what we and the Universe indeed are. 

“A stimulating and deeply inspiring view of the cosmos, consciousness, and the role of human perceptions in shaping what we call ‘reality.’ In the end, an offering of hope that during this Consciousness Revolution we can mould that reality into a compassionate and regenerative future.”

– John Perkins, author and Cofounder of the Pachamama Alliance.

Some three thousand years ago the Vedic sages of ancient India described reality as Indra’s Net; a shimmering net of light, without beginning or end. At each node of its weave and weft sits a shimmering jewel, and these myriad multifaceted jewels reflect and are each reflected by every other in rainbow-hued radiance of ever-changing illumination.

Their perception was that all we call reality is fundamentally unified, exquisitely and dynamically differentiated, and inherently self-reflective at all scales of existence.

The legacy of this profound insight from these ancient ‘gods’, that the separated appearance of the world is not its essential integral nature is now being rediscovered, re-validated and restated in a less poetic but equally majestic and scientifically based language.

‘Indira’s Net’: an artist’s impression CC-by-SA-2.5

Re-membering our legacy

The wisdom of this ancient understanding, whilst retained in the foundations of spiritual traditions and mystical and shamanic experiences, was effectively occluded as the progressive scientific investigations of the sixteenth and following centuries increasingly viewed physical reality solely on its materialistic appearance of separate objects.

The scientific revolution of the twentieth century expanded and replaced these ideas of a Universe of things and absolute space and time with one of interactions of energy fields, quantum probabilities and relativities. This twentieth century scientific revolution though was incomplete. Not only have quantum and relativity theories appeared to be incompatible, but also founded on their view of energy-matter and space-time as fundamental; twentieth century science overlooked the significance of information and the inclusion of consciousness.

The so-called ‘hard’ question posed by philosopher David Chalmers of how ‘immaterial’ mind somehow arises from the ‘material’ brain has continued to be probed, without, until now, any adequate scientific response.

However, as information and consciousness are being increasingly viewed as vital to our understanding of reality, we’re on the threshold – not only of a further scientific revolution, but also of the reconciliation of science with the ancient wisdom that articulated Indra’s Net – the opportunity to re-member not only the legacy of the ‘gods’ but also that we, too are ‘gods’.

‘The Creation of Adam’, Michelangelo, c. 1508-1512.

Information is real

Despite its appearance of solidity, physicists know when drilling down to sub-atomic scales that matter is extremely ephemeral. Its will-o’-the-wisp nature shows that our Universe is essentially 99.999999999999% no-thingness and where material entities, rather than embodying any solidity, instead are merely excitations within energetic fields.

They also know that, whilst within space and time, no signal can go faster than the speed of light; Bell’s theorem, named after physicist John Stewart Bell shows mathematically that quantum mechanics can only work if the whole Universe is also nonlocally interconnected as a single entity. Such nonlocal and universal coherence has now been experimentally proven in laboratories on macroscopic scales1 and astronomically for distances of at least 600 light years from Earth.2

Given, though, our everyday experiences of the apparent solidity of the physical world and the seeming separations between large-scale objects, such evidence of its true nature and interconnectedness has looked to have little relevance for most of us. This is about to change.

The informational description of any physical object, interaction and process can be formulated as the digitised bits of information in our technologies. Such informational bits, not as random data, but combined as patterned, relational and dynamic in-formation, are now being discovered to comprise the foundation and all-pervasive reality of our Universe. Moreover, mounting evidence is demonstrating that from dynamic in-formational patterns embedded on a holographic boundary and initiated from deeper non-physical realms, our entire Universe arises, exists and evolves as a unified entity.

In 2012, an experiment led by physicists Antoine Bérut and Eric Lutz demonstrated that when a digital bit of information is deleted, physical heat is released in line with theoretical predictions.3

It also validates an initial insight by communications expert Claude Shannon and later expanded on by information theorist Vlatko Vedral,4 that the entropy of a system, previously considered as its level of order and disorder, is better understood as being the measure of its information content.

In proving the links between information and physical concepts of heat, work and entropy, this ground-breaking experiment showed that information is literally real.

‘Geb, Nut, Shu’, the ancient Egyptian ‘Greenfield Papyrus’.

Our in-formed and holographic Universe

The patterned in-formation that in-forms all physical reality does so at a fundamental scale that naturally emerges when all the forces of our Universe are combined. This so-called Planck scale for space and time is equivalent to an almost unimaginably tiny length of around 10-35 metres and a time duration of approximately10-44 seconds.

To understand how the Planck scale relates to the informational attributes of physical reality, however, we need to consider a further extreme phenomenon of our Universe; black holes. Studies of black holes show that the information describing their physical properties – their so-called informational entropy – isn’t proportional to their three-dimensional volumes. Instead and acting exactly like a hologram, it varies in relation to their two-dimensional spherical surface areas, or event horizons.

If we imagine the surface areas of such event horizons to be covered in tiny triangles at the Planck scale, every miniscule Planck area stores one digitised bit of information at this minute pixelation of space-time. Extending this insight from black holes to our entire Universe as the so-called holographic principle, this shows that physical reality isn’t just inherently in-formed but holographically manifested.

In bringing together these two profound perceptions of an in-formed and holographic Universe – a cosmic hologram, scientists are beginning to restate and expand the laws of physics as informational algorithms. Just like those that instruct our computers to operate, these fundamental laws are becoming understood as instructing our entire Universe on how to do so.

The latest cosmological evidence strongly points to our Universe being finite; born 13.8 billion years ago, not with a chaotic big bang, but in an exquisitely ordered and finely-tuned Big Breath and as what’s called a ‘closed system’. From these and other discoveries and insights, it’s becoming ever clearer that energy-matter and space-time are phenomena that emerge from, and which are complementary expressions of, such universal information.

By expanding the two laws of thermodynamics (designated by Ludwig Boltzmann in the 19th century to describe the behaviour of gases) as laws of information and recognising that quantum and relativity theories deal respectively with the existence of energy-matter and the evolution of space-time, the resultant laws of information, or infodynamics, naturally reconciles these two pillars of 20th century science.

By doing so, it shows how our Universe exists and evolves as a finite and unified entity, a thought form, within the infinite and eternal mind of the Cosmos.

‘Black Hole’: an artist’s impression.

The cosmic hologram

Scientists across many fields of research and investigations of numerous scales of existence, are increasingly discovering the in-formational signature of the cosmic hologram throughout the physical world.

The ancient understanding that universal geometric relationships underpin all physical phenomena, is also now being validated. Rather than by means of idealised patterns, however, computer analyses of vast amounts of data make it possible to uncover these in-formational and holographic templates as fragmented dimensional and self-similar shapes – termed, ‘fractals’ – that holographically scale up and scale down and as nested holarchies throughout universal phenomena.

They arise from dynamic in-formational basins called ‘attractors’ in the complex plane of so-called phase space, which is being increasingly understood as an actual non-physical domain of reality, rather than merely the mathematical realm on which virtually all fundamental laws of physics are based.

From individual atoms to the scale of vast galactic clusters, examples of such attractor-based, fractally realised patterns abound. On our planetary level, instances of such innate in-formational patterns hitherto investigated range from geology and geophysics (coastlines, topographical features, tectonic plates, river drainage systems, sizes of mountains within ranges); meteorology (clouds, lightning cascades, snowflakes) to chemical processes (corrosion).

Crucially, such evidence is being discovered not just throughout the so-called natural world, but throughout our collective human behaviours, too.

These include movements of stock market prices by the ‘father of fractals’, Benoit Mandelbrot; internet traffic; website links and data routes; email and snail mail; social internet group communications and web browsing and even geographic and time-based usage of mobile phones.

In 2015, astrophysicists Henry Lin and Abraham Loeb at Harvard tracked how by looking at their population densities, respectively of people and stars, cities grow in the same in-formational ways that galaxies form.5

Many researchers are also discovering how dynamic in-formational forms pervade ecosystems and guide and pre-dispose evolutionary processes; seeing too how they’re identical to the in-formational structures of the internet and our complex social behaviours.

Researchers Lewis Richardson in the 1940s and recently Neil Johnson and his team at the University of Miami have even uncovered how the in-formational relationships that link the relative frequencies and destructive powers of earthquakes are the same as those that plot the occurrences and scales of fatalities of human conflicts.

‘Burning Ship Fractual’. CC-BY-SA 3.0


By understanding that all that we call ‘reality’ – not only on the physical realm, but also beyond it – is cosmic, mind exploring and experiencing itself on myriad and multidimensional levels, the cosmic hologram offers an all-encompassing and unified model of the Cosmos.

Its wholeworld-view enables an understanding of all of our experiences to be naturally encompassed within its differentiated unity.

It supports the growing body of scientific research into supernormal phenomena of nonlocal awareness, such as telepathy and remote viewing, and reveals that there’s essentially nothing that’s super-natural or para-normal about them. Instead, experiences of nonlocal awareness, capable of transcending space-time, whilst nonetheless extraordinary, should be seen as arising from our innate abilities.

It explains the profound connections between our thoughts and emotions and our physical bodies.

It provides, too, a natural context for the numerous, anecdotal and progressively validated evidence of out-of-body (OOBs) and near-death experiences (NDEs) that also demonstrate that our individuated consciousness extends beyond our physical bodies and almost surely continues after our deaths.

And it reveals the inner spiritual quests of sages, shamans and seers throughout the ages, and the foundations of all spiritual traditions, as travelling a landscape of paths all leading eventually to the understanding of such unity awareness.

The ancient Sanskrit word, maya, is often translated as meaning illusory and sometimes used to depict the ‘illusion’ of the physical world. Whilst the apparent duality between mind and materiality and the seeming separations of the world are being progressively understood as being indeed illusory, an alternative interpretation of maya is ‘partial’. This perception instead validates our human experiences and the authentic reality of our Universe, yet sets them in a vastly greater context of multidimensional consciousness and a Cosmos that is unified yet wonder-fully differentiated.

In doing so, it empowers us, both personally and collectively, to realise our meaningful and purposeful roles as micro-cosmic co-creators of the existence and evolutionary arc of our Universe.

‘Qágyuhl’, Edward Curtis, 1914.

Inheriting the legacy of the gods

We are at a seminal moment in human history.

When, instead of viewing consciousness as something we have and experiencing it at different levels of self-awareness, we can come to understand that consciousness is what we and the whole world are.

When we can come to realise that mind literally is matter and the perceived duality of our Universe, as ancient wisdom has told us, is merely its appearance and not its fundamental nature.

When we can understand, experience and ultimately embody the unity awareness of the cosmic hologram.

When we can, by re-membering who we really are and knowing rather than hoping that we’re microcosmic co-creators, be empowered to celebrate both our individual uniqueness and collective diversity, and harness our communal wisdom to transform our current global emergency into the emergence of our conscious evolution.

Then we will truly inherit the legacy of the gods.


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Dr Jude Currivan is a cosmologist, futurist, planetary healer and author. She was previously one of the most senior business women in the UK, as CFO and Executive Board Member of two major international companies. She has a Master’s degree in Physics from Oxford University specialising in quantum physics and cosmology, and a Doctorate in Archaeology from the University of Reading researching ancient cosmologies. She has travelled to more than 70 countries, worked with wisdom keepers from many traditions, and been a life-long researcher into the scientific and experiential understanding of the nature of reality. The author of 6 books, the latest The Cosmic Hologram: In-formation at the Center of Creation, she is a member of The Evolutionary Leaders Circle and lives in Wiltshire, England.

6 thoughts on “Legacy Of The Gods”

  1. Hayden Redwood says:

    To me you don’t need evolution, evolution is based in time, conditioning from your gene programming then society and cultural conditioning.JK: We are saying, aren’t we, that the evolution of consciousness is a fallacy.

    DB: As through time, yes. Though physical evolution is not.

    JK: Can we put it this way, much more simply? There is no psychological evolution, or evolution of the psyche?

    Because evolution is based in time we are all condition by the past illusions experiences of our fearful ancestors…. one may ask: time may be the enemy of man, psychologically. There is no psychological evolution. If you and the speaker are the result of forty thousand years or more, and we have come to this peculiar state that we are in, will we, give me another forty thousand years, change? You understand the question? It seems so absurd, nonsensical. Which is, I am violent; through time, through evolution, I will be without any violence. And if I am eventually going to be non-violent, the end of violence, in the meantime I am violent.

    1. Edmond Furter says:

      Hayden, I agree with you in principle.
      June, I agree with your implication that there had been no cultural evolution. But in the last paragraph you foresee our evolution as starting up now. I could find nothing in the cultural record to support that idea, and much evidence that our perception, motivations, behaviour and products remain static. Only population, specialisation and technology matures exponentially. Behaviour merely mutates in styling. Including our philosophising.

  2. Hayden Redwood says:

    “and harness our communal wisdom to transform our current global emergency into the emergence of our conscious evolution”

    Questioner: Do you believe in evolution? You have often said that understanding is immediate, the act of learning is on the moment; where does evolution play a part in this? Are you denying evolution? Krishnamurti: It would be foolish – would it not? to deny evolution. There is the bullock cart and the jet plane, that is evolution. There is an evolution of the primate to the so-called man. There is evolution from notknowing to knowing, Evolution implies time; but psychologically, inwardly, is there evolution? Are you following the question? Outwardly one can see how architecture has advanced from the primitive hut to the modern building, mechanics from the two-wheel cart to the motor, the jet plane, going to the moon and all the rest of it it is there, obviously there is no question whether these things have evolved or not. But is there evolution inwardly, at all? You believe so, you think so, do you? But is there? Do not say `there is’ or `there is not’. Merely to assert is the most foolish thing, but to find out is the beginning of wisdom. Now, psychologically, is there evolution? That is, I say `I shall become something” or `I shall not be something; the becoming or the not being, involves time – does it not? `I shall be less angry the day after tomorrow’, `I shall be more kind and less aggressive, more helpful, not be so self-centred, selfish’, all that implies time – `I am this’ and `I shall be that’. I say I shall evolve psychologically – but is there such evolution? Shall I be different in a year’s time? Being violent today, my whole nature is violent, my whole upbringing, education, the social influences and the cultural pressures have bred in me violence; also I have inherited violence from the animal, the territorial rights and sexual rights and so on – will this violence evolve into non-violence? Will you please tell me? Can violence ever become non-violence? Can violence ever become love?

    So humans been here for millions of years and we still the same fearful anxiety full creatures just like all the other animals. Look at sparrows full of anxiety any little noice and movement and it’s primitive flight mode. The primitive fight and flight gene programming response.

  3. Hayden Redwood says:

    Seems to me this cosmic consciouness/GOD WHAT EVER WE try and word or call it is the most cruelest disorder of us all. If we all come from this what ever it is, it has some serious issues and questions to answer for for all the crap that happens in existence all the disorder. Rape murder killing the good the bad blah blah food chain of animals that cruely comsume each other for food. What ever type of consciouness it is then it in just as much disorder as us.

    Consciousness shines in various external and internal forms.
    There is no existence of objects apart from consciousness.
    Therefore the world is simply a form of consciousness.”
    – Kalikakrama, as quoted in the Shiva Sutras translated by Jaideva Singh

    OK if world simply a form of consciouness then proves my point that consciouness source god has some serious problems and questions to answer for, for all that it has created expanded emitted or what ever it done. Seems like consciouness like to play and eat itself, if we all one all god then it just one big self masterbation like playing with yourself, or eating your own fingernails. Seems like this consciouness that humans try to explain has some serious problems about what it trying to do. Seems like it must get bored existing for eternity so creates eminates all types of shit to keep itself occupied. Because if everything was the same for eternity then it boring and stagnation. Obviously that energy loves to move and adapt into all types of weird shit. Quite frankly with all the crap the mind and acts we perform I would rather not exist at all. As you would not know any difference.

    So much more questions than answers, if we all god then this consciouness is in serious disorder, just look at all the horrible things we do but hay we all god, just goes to show god source consciouness is just as messed up as us because it is us, this source consciouness what ever you humans call or word it has alot of explaining to do. With all the killing murders raping, food chain that eats others to survive. Does not sound like a very nice god consciouness, human mind makes up all types of beliefs to create security and in unknown world, which it will always be unknown, because soon as you know everything that is then life would be boring and lose all mystery. Why rely on religions to explain things, it’s old and outdated. To me reality is moment to moment flow of energy and soon as one believes in certain things it creates stagnation. Forget bible forget the Vedas and show real self expression and not just copy and follow like people always do.

    Humans just primitive animals with techno covering. Because when food runs out people start eating each other. We all slaves to this buggered up nature slave to senses. Stomach being worst because if you do not eat or drink then you die. Just slaves to nature’s dictatorship. I hate the use of flowery language always trying to make this god consciouness what ever it is sound like some good angel. Far as I’m concerned all gods are asreholes.

  4. David Smith says:

    The following may not be particularly germane to the article presented above, but a dumbed down interpretation of Bell’s Theorem seems to indicate that every finite event effects (affects?) every other finite event. So–here goes:
    I live next to the Pine River Channel in Charlevoix, MI. This quarter mile long waterway is one of, if not the shortest charted navigable waterways in the U.S. In addition to shortness it has the remarkable quality of dual currents. The surface current moves in one direction, but 20′ down the bottom current moves in opposition. We read that catastrophes, and especially whatever happened 12,800 years bp, psychologically scarred humanity, with this fixative event inducing racial amnesia. I have read that an amnesiac may attempt to consciously or unconsciously attempt to recreate the initiating trauma. If so, could this explain our penchant for war and self destruction? Conversely, might a counter-current also subliminally be in play? In a form of psychological attraction-repulsion, might humans be driven to deny the traumatic event, while at another level they are driven to repress its memory? Could this be at least a partial reason for the institutional ignorance so frequently expressed by established authorities? In readings attempting to untangle the human past, there are not many psychological discussions of the amnesia otherwise mentioned. This should be corrected. Its revelation may prove immensely therapeutic.
    Similarly, again invoking Dr. Bell, if in fact the ancients spoke correctly of a great flood, their comments, not to mention the repeated physical evidence of “giants in the earth,” must be respected. Somehow the failure of academically ensconced science to adequately deal with these beings of huge stature, doubled teeth and extra digits is involved with the younger dryas mysteries. What is the connection? The wonderful exposition of actuality now underway, to be comprehensive must touch upon these subjects. Additionally, the more we act to completely understand the younger dryas event, the more receptive we become toward preventing its recurrence.

    1. Edmond Furter says:

      David, get over the global trauma assumption. Everyone is traumatised, with our without supposed racial memory (which should be termed nett mutational state due to natural and intra-species pressures). Mutation serves mainly to keep species as static as possible. It runs to stand still.
      We do not remember the various impacts, icefalls, mud floods, and other near extinctions. We are programmed to forget. Freud and Jung found better explanations for behaviour than one or two particular events.
      There are more myths and legends and histories in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in eschatological theorising.
      And no amount of good works or correct conduct could prevent the next near extinction, nor even our strutting and fretting about our complicity in strangling some parts of nature, nor our guilt about being too biologically successful.

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