Part I: Modern Science (Part 2 here)

The Popular Views

Many physicists and theorists of our modern times have a sole belief in their theories with the help of long and often well thought out mathematical equations to back up their claims. Because of this it has become a popular belief in the scientific community that Newton’s Law along with the theory of General Relativity must be fully correct when it comes to the explanation of gravity. After many years of extensive research on this subject I do agree that these theories hold a major key to the explanation of how gravity operates but I have also found evidence in nature that presents an entirely different story.

While researching Newton’s theories on gravity I find it hard to understand how the first four very small planets are not pulled into the Sun by its massive gravitational force. If gravity becomes stronger the closer you are to an object how could these four tiny objects “escape” the grip of the Sun’s gravitational pull while at the same time this force is thought to hold Jupiter which is 120 times larger than the Earth but is 390 million miles further away from the Sun. According to Newtown’s Law all mass possesses gravity with the larger mass having more gravitational force. If this is the case shouldn’t Jupiter the largest planet be the closest to the Sun with the first four planets being pulled into the Sun by its strong gravitational force? I know some may feel these are questions that have long been answered but I never felt this way. This is where I started many years ago with the idea that there wasn’t something quite right with these theories.

Ed Leedskalnin — “The North and South Pole magnets they are cosmic force, they hold together this earth and everything on it.”

The popular belief on this subject is that gravity has a pull in one direction towards the center of all planets and stars. From the start I can understand why this would make sense because we experience this force every day on the surface of our planet. It is something that is easily proven because everything is held down by an invisible force but as I studied nature I noticed other things which didn’t behave by these rules. Lighter gases were the first and most obvious for me to notice. Like a balloon with Helium some gases are so light they escape gravity. After further consideration I thought to myself maybe these lighter elements are affected by a different unseen force which flows away from the core only much weaker at the surface. These two forces would push on all objects from both directions with the lighter objects being affected by the weaker force more than the stronger incoming gravitational force. Water vapor behaves in a different manner as the light gasses by building up into clouds and falling back to the surface as rain. Could whatever causes the high and low pressure systems be related to this unseen force?

When water vapor reaches a certain point the majority of it doesn’t rise any further almost as though it reaches its outer boundary. This is where the Tropopause is located within the Earth’s atmosphere. It is a well-known fact that high and low pressures cause the rise of water vapor and the fall of rain but what forces stop the water vapor from rising any further then its boundary? It is as though the water vapor becomes lighter then after reaching a certain point becomes heavy again building into clouds and falling back to the ground. This may seem like common knowledge but my biggest question is how does gravity play a role in all of this? What is it about high and low pressure and hot and cold air that affects the weight of water vapor? It doesn’t seem that temperature would play a role because clouds are water vapor that is within temperatures of -50°F what is keeping it from not freezing at a higher altitude?

Another big question about these theories on gravity is the tidal bulge which is created by the moon as it moves through its orbit. When observing the tidal bulge in an illustration it is easy to see that high tides are on both sides of the Earth as the moon moves through its orbit. If the moons gravity only pulls in one direction how can it push the tide on the opposite side of the Earth? If gravity worked as Newton said the tide should be low when it is actually high.

Observations in Nature

I know scientists have the answers for all of these basic questions about gravity, the tides and weather systems and they may sound like logical answers with good evidence to back them up but I’ll be completely honest I never listened to what they had to say when it comes to certain subjects. On the other hand there are subjects that are not accepted by mainstream that I feel should have more attention. I’ve always followed my instincts and when something didn’t sound right to me I would question it until I could come up with a better explanation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I have the right answers to all of these subjects but I would like to contribute these ideas with the hope that they will be used to benefit everyone and not just a few.

When I began researching science and the ancient world I couldn’t help but notice certain similarities. There was an obvious fascination with wave patterns in the ancient world but also in today’s science as well. I became convinced that the ancient world went by a lost set of scientific rules that were entirely different than the ones we go by today. One thing is for certain all throughout the scientific community wave patterns are used as an explanation of how certain concepts are achieved. For example, here are a few waveforms used in modern science, electromagnetic waves, x-ray, infrared, microwaves, radio waves, ultraviolet waves and gamma rays. When observing our everyday world there are more that are easily noticed within nature and are vital for communication and our survival. Our voices generate sound waves for our ears to receive, the light from the sun produces light waves which reflect from objects allowing us to see color, our thoughts are in the form of brain waves, our hearts beat in the pattern of a wave, and the list goes on. Wave patterns are a part of everything around us and once I made this observation I realized how important this is to so many different subjects in nature. It was then that I made the connection, could this be the key that links everything together? It was easy to see that most major subjects in science have waves associated with them but one major subject that I’ve been following ever since the beginning didn’t seem to have many theories involving waves at all and that is gravity.

Nikola Tesla — “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

I started thinking that if gravity flows in both directions with one being weaker than the other at certain points what could cause this to occur. When it comes to electricity Tesla proved one thing AC is a much stronger current and what he thought of as natural form of energy. With the electrons within the wire flowing back and forth electricity became more efficient. DC power flows in one direction this is the same concept scientists believe about gravity and the magnetic field. After reading a book entitled Magnetic Current by Ed Leedskalnin where he claims that the magnetic field is made up of tiny magnets or what he also described as particles that flow in both directions I began to investigate the idea of a magnetic field which flows in both directions rather than one. I spent months going over it time and time again drawing it out on paper and after intensive research it seems that he may have been correct. After all, he did leave evidence in the form of a castle among other amazing achievements that no one has been yet to explain to this day. Once I accepted this as an idea it all become a little more clear to me could all of the forces in nature actually flow in two directions only in some cases one slightly weaker than the other?

Ed Leedskalnin – “Really it is not one current, they are two currents, one current is composed of North Pole individual magnets (particles) in concentrated streams and the other is composed of South Pole individual magnets in concentrated streams, and they are running one stream against the other stream in whirling, screwlike fashion, and with high speed.”

After all of these considerations I came to one conclusion gravity and the magnetic field flows in two directions with the gravitational stronger force on the surface of the crust while the force underneath the surface is stronger within the mantle where heat and pressure rises. An experiment was preformed recently involving the weight of objects. Kern the gnome was used as an object to be weighed in all parts of the world to prove that gravity fluctuates and doesn’t stay the same globally. When the gnome was weighed one mile under the Earth’s surface it weighed less than it did on the surface. This is a sure indication that the further down in the crust you go the surface gravity which flows inward becomes weaker. How could this be when gravity should be increasing as it gets closer to the core? One thing can explain this, another force coming up from underneath the crust. These forces are what the crust is basically floating on they are responsible for the shifting of continents which cause earth quakes, high pressure causing volcanoes and on a larger scale subduction.

While observing a lab pool where standing waves are created in water it became evident that this is the same way these forces behave only they would be in a spherical shape. After carefully thinking this through the best comparison for this type of event would be a mid-air nuclear detonation. From this idea I located a video on the internet of declassified nuclear test footage entitled “Climax Event” a detonation in mid-air where a sphere shape created by energy can be observed. Beyond the sphere shape a shockwave or pressure wave can be observed travelling in all directions then reflecting from the Earth’s surface. Imagine the detonation occurring time and time again at such a high rate of speed standing waves are created in the form of a sphere, think of the explosions which are created by implosive forces happen at a certain frequency just as waves. While these explosions are repeating on a certain frequency larger spheres can be created by secondary explosions on a lower frequency a good example for this would be two different octave notes harmonizing in music. The spheres would form boundaries with the smaller boundaries being created by a higher frequency of explosions but lower energy while the larger boundaries are at a lower frequency but with more energy. Each of the boundaries is what forms the different layers within the planets and stars.

Using Earth as an example the core would be created by a high frequency of explosions with low energy implosions while the outer-core would be created by a lower frequency of explosions but with more implosive force that creates more energy. The next major boundary would be the mantle because the surface of the Earth is the outer edge of this boundary the forces are stronger moving towards the core while the forces produced by the explosions reach the mantle and the bottom of the crust where they are reflected back inward with the motion of the standing waves. As these boundaries increase in size the explosions that create them become less frequent but with more energy. The standing waves that form the spherical shape boundaries would be in the form of P-waves an example of this would be the gravity we experience on the surface while the lowest frequency explosions with more energy would travel in the form of S-Waves this would be the gravity that holds planets in their orbits with the empty space in-between. The S-waves would also travel back and forth from the source to any orbiting planet at such a high rate of speed it forms a standing S-wave holding the planet in its orbit. When these standing S-waves strike an object such as the moon the energy reflects back to the source which would be the Earth’s core but now transformed into a shorter wavelength because of the moon being smaller. An example of this is how radar is used to detect planes in the sky when the reflected radio waves are intercepted the size of the object can be judged by the amount of waves that were reflected back. When this reflected energy from the moon strikes the Earth’s core it adds to the implosive/explosive energy that creates the standing P-waves and their boundaries. The tidal bulge provides evidence that this energy is in a smaller waveform and is moving back and forth just as the standing waves in the wave pool or as AC electricity behaves.

With this is mind the Earth must be held in its orbit by standing S-waves that are provided by the Sun and that are traveling toward it. When these waves strike the core of the Earth they reflect back to the Sun but on a shorter wavelength. Using the same rules as sound reflecting from an object the crest of the S-wave would strike the North Pole of the Earth while the reflected or exiting trough would be located at the South pole. This action is at such high speeds it forms standing S-Waves or the magnetic field lines. These Standing S-waves would reflect from a sphere shape the same as light waves reflect from a convex mirror this would surround the planet with magnetic field lines.

If standing P-waves and S-waves are created at the core and traveling in a back and forth motion it became obvious to me there are two forces that make this possible implosive forces or what scientists think of as gravity and explosive energy which is not as easy to detect on the Erath’s surface. If standing S-waves from the Sun entering the North pole it seems apparent at the striking point of these waves is when the implosive P-wave forces occur. When observing other forces in nature such as magnetism there is repulsion and attraction by using these same methods at the point where the energy enters the North pole of the Earth the charged particles which travels within the waves would attract to one another. When exiting through the South pole repulsion and explosive energy occurs taking with it radiation which builds up at the x point of the magnetic field lines or what scientist call the Van Allen radiation belt. With this in mind and there is evidence of more than one radiation belt there must be more than one standing S-wave creating implosions and explosions which only makes sense if there are three main spherical boundaries within the Earth. Each time a standing S-Wave strikes the Earth’s core depending on the wavelength and strength would determine the amount of implosive force then the energy released.

One must wonder how does the high and low pressure weather systems fit into all of this? When observing the weather system of the gas planets such as Jupiter there appears to be bands of winds that circle the planets traveling in both directions. I was always interested in how this occurred, how could winds be traveling at high speeds in one direction but in another band just below that there would be high speed winds traveling in the opposite direction? When looking at the weather system of the earth (previous page) it appears to be in layers or bands just as the gas planets only fewer and calmer. I also noticed that these layers or pressure systems have repelling forces that resemble a mushroom cloud produced by a nuclear detonation. From this conclusion the repelling forces that form the mushroom cloud seem to be a good comparison to the pressure systems within the atmosphere. After examining this in action via declassified nuclear test footage I couldn’t help but wonder, could reflecting forces be causing high and low pressure systems? When observing the atmospheric circulation of the Earth the poles have high pressure weather systems which pull on water vapor while the equator is on a low pressure system which behaves the opposite. These same forces can be used to describe the tidal bulge created by the moon with the stronger forces pushing the tides out at the equator while pulling in at the poles. Could these forces all be related to a two current magnetic field and gravity?

Why does the Sun not pull the first four planets in by its gravity? This question can be answered using waves in a fractal state. The wave patterns can be compared to fractals with a smaller system within larger system. The Sun and the gas giants would be on a lower frequency wave pattern while the first four small planets are on a much higher frequency system or vibrations. The lower frequency waves would travel much further before meeting at a node position. Because these waves travel in S-waves the nodes would form the planets orbit around the Sun with large areas of empty space in-between each planet. At each node position which would form a circle around the sun there would be an orbiting planet. The planets magnetic field is influenced by these waves and in some cases it is affected. For example, Uranus has a changing magnetic field over its one year orbit around the Sun. This would be the result of the S-waves on one side of the Sun being stronger at the north pole while on the other side of the Sun there would be slightly stronger S-waves at the south pole. The distance the planets orbit can be affected also for example, Mercury’s orbit is closer to the Sun at one point of its orbit while it is further away at the opposite side of the Sun. The wavelength would be shorter where Mercury orbits closer to the Sun while on the other side it has a longer wavelength. This would put the sun at a node position of the different wavelengths for each planet which could be off-center or at different strengths.

If the magnetic field lines are created by standing reflecting S-waves these waves must be rotating much like the standing waves that can be visualized when rotating a rope. Just as the rope when the standing S-waves from the Sun strike the Earth’s core they rotate in place clockwise before reflecting from the core and changing direction back toward the Sun. This can be compared to the reaction of a sound wave that reflects from a hard surface. There are two different forces that meet at the core one coming from the Sun while the other is being pulled into the Sun with both forces rotating clockwise according to their direction. For example, when facing the sunny side of the planet the force coming from the opposite direction would rotate in the opposite direction as they repel or reflect from the core and head back into outer space. When these two forces rotate from North to South they form a spiral circular pattern around the planet. This could explain the forces needed to push the planets through their orbits. Leedskalnin believed that two different currents of tiny magnets flowed through a magnet in streams and they rotated in what he called a screw-like fashion this would be the same concept but because the two flows are traveling in opposite directions they would rotate in opposite directions.

Using the rules of two forces and the behavior of waves I find it easier to connect other things in nature such as atoms. If two forces in the form of waves where attracted together at the nucleus then reflect off the nucleus creating a smaller wavelength this could explain the strong force and the weak force with the strong force being two larger wavelengths and the weak force would be the reflecting force. For each of the different wavelengths that meet at the nucleus or at a node position there would be a proton. For example, the element Calcium which has 20 protons would have 20 different wavelengths that meet at the nucleus with each wave holding an individual proton in its place. The reflecting waves from each wavelength would be transformed into a shorter wavelength and would be the weaker force that forms the different boundaries for the electrons. These waves would also rotate in opposite direction but the standing wave form would be at its strongest in a flat or a disc shape formation at the equator unlike the magnetic field of a planet which is at its strongest point at the poles.

Ed Leedskalnin – “The North Pole individual magnets (particles) are coming out of the earth’s South Pole and are running around in the earth’s North Pole and back to its own pole, and South Pole individual magnets are coming out of the earth’s North Pole and are running around, and in earth South Pole and back to its own end”

Scientists and discoverers realized long ago that a magnet could be used as a compass for navigation. When these compasses were used one of the poles within the magnet would mysteriously pull towards the ground and seemed to get stronger the closer to the Earth’s North pole the compass would get. This is what gave scientists the idea that there must be some type of current flowing through the magnet and the Earth itself. With the magnet pulling towards the ground this was a sure indication that the current must flow in at the North Pole and because the magnet behaves the opposite at the South Pole the flow must exit there. This sounds like the perfect answer for the flow of the magnetic field but the repulsive and attractive forces would be the same if there were two separate flows both entering through each pole. Instead of the north pole pointing away the South Pole of the magnet would actually be pointing towards the south flow of the Earth’s magnetic field or the second force. When sprinkling iron shavings over a bar magnet it appears that there is only one flow but two flows would explain the two forces that are holding each iron particle in its place and the fact that both poles behave exactly the same as far as attraction and repulsion are concerned. This can be achieved by two separate wave currents one entering the north pole while at the same time the other enters the south pole. There would be more than one size wave or you could say they would have different amps starting out in an almost flat waveform and ending with a full rounded waveform. Each of the waveforms would be in one wavelength per single bar magnet. These waves rotate with the south rotating in the opposite direction of the north. When they cross each other at extremely high speed the two forces would hold each iron particle in place one pulling in one direction while the other is in the other direction. You could think of the forces as playing tug-a-war with each particle and each side pulling with the same force which results in a suspended particle. When two bar magnets attract to one another it completes the flow in both directions which forms an extra wavelength in-between the magnets. When two south poles are put together the south pole flow would repel while the opposite would occur on the north this explains why both ends of the bar magnet has the same attraction and repulsion behavior.

Using the behavior of standing waves and two separate currents the magnetic field and gravity can be connected without the idea that a churning molten iron core creates magnetism which to me seems far-fetched. After all scientists have failed to convincingly explain how this churning metal can suddenly flip polarity. We can continue to live by these long mathematical equations that only a few understand or we can look to nature for the equation. The reason I have put my trust into nature for the answers because it is what created us and not a brilliant mathematician in a classroom somewhere. Thank you for reading.

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