Sometimes, we have false beliefs or at the least – beliefs that need to be questioned.

Like whether ancient peoples’ belief systems were indeed primitive? When we think back to the story of the people of ancient Greece, although they are undoubtedly considered advanced in the realms of politics and philosophy, many of their spiritual ideas may be considered primitive, imagined beliefs.

The story of ancient Greek mythology to the ancient Greeks was as important to the Greeks as science is to us today. By today’s standards, we dismiss these stories as imaginary, primitive beliefs. We think of ourselves today as far more advanced, far more knowledgeable, and superior in every way. But are we?

What if, from a spiritual and metaphysical sense, the average ancient Greek was more advanced than anyone today? Contemporary archaeology shows that practically every ancient culture had temples that were in line with stars and planets. These cultures spared absolutely no expense, and vast resources were put into making these temples and structures. Why? Perhaps because there is something important to know from the observations of the planets.

Scientifically speaking, we know that the planets orbit the sun at tremendous speeds. From a gravitational point of view, it is as if the planets are in a continual state of falling. This type of motion generates electricity on Earth. For example, the great scientist and architect Nikola Tesla was able to manufacture a machine at Niagara Falls which harnessed the kinetic energy generated by the rushing water to generate electricity. Therefore, it is perfectly logical to assume that unseen energies are all around us.

When this is understood, it demonstrates that there could be something important about Astrology that mainstream science dismisses as mere superstition. When we speak of Astrology, most people think about the little snippet in the newspaper, magazine, or personalized email. However, true ancient “Vedic Astrology” is over 5000 years old and is empirical and complex. Vedic Astrology is the closest practice humans have to interpret these planetary energies.

For example, most people just go by their birth sign and live their whole lives, never expanding upon it. According to Vedic & Western Astrology, individuals are born under planetary alignments and configurations, which directly impact who they become on Earth. Every human has an Ascendant sign, a Sun sign & a Moon sign. Certain planetary configurations only align every 30, 40, and 50 years. These alignments shape individuals who exist in our reality. Perhaps ancient astrologically significant temples were set up under the stars in unique vantage points so that humans could go to these temples and give birth under the supervision of a “seer” who could immediately use the stars and planets to identify the newborn’s traits and purpose.

When we look at all the star systems and planets discovered so far, it has become abundantly clear just how unique our solar system is compared to the rest. When we see things from this perspective, and then we take a closer look at the Greek/Roman Mythology, we can clearly see they associated “Gods” with planets. There were 12 Olympians and 12 Roman Gods; coincidently, we have 12 celestial bodies in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Eris, Ceres, and Makemake. The Egyptians had 9 gods, also represented by planets.

When we start to understand this, we can look at someone such as the powerful warrior king Alexander The Great’s astrological birth chart, and it becomes very clear to see just how much he was blessed with Sun energy. He was a tremendous leader and an inspiration for millions; he shaped reality in a major way. When Alexander arrived in Egypt, he traveled to the Oracle at Siwa where he was proclaimed the “Son of Amun”, which translates to the Son of God. The deity “Amun” is also Zeus and could potentially be the same deity as Shiva, Odin, Marduk, Hunab-Ku and others.

We often think of Alexander being given this title as a way to honor him, but if we really understand ancient astrology (Cancer Sun, Aries Ascendent), Alexander was a manifestation of a higher energy representing the sun. His birth chart is very gifted in those types of energies, and Alexander’s presence on Earth was as if he were the embodiment of Zeus. So perhaps naming him Son of Amun was more than just a way of honoring him; it was a way of truly recognizing him for who he is and what he represents. His symbol was the sun coincidently, and he was representative of the sun.

When we see all these cultures naming people the Son of God, we can see that when we check the astrological birth chart of the person, there are planetary placements that coincide with the individual actually being the Son of God as a matter of astrological interpretation.

Now, let us expand on this thought; in Greek mythology, there are stories of the mortal Sons of Zeus, which most famously comprise of Hercules and Perseus. Most people don’t realize there are over 100 other stories of higher energies “Gods” manifesting as mortals in Greek mythology. Some other notables include Theseus, Achilles, Arcas, Aeacus, Dardanus + many others.

Expand this out even further, my friends, and what we see are similar stories in Roman (Romulus, Remus, Bacchus), Egyptian (Imhotep, Apis, Petesuchos), African (Catewayo, Kabundungulu, Mwindo, Tahk), Philippine (Mayari, Laon, Labaw, Ovug), Manipuri (Nongshaba, Chothe Thangwai), Hindu (Abhimanyu, Bhishma, Karna), Norse (Saemingr, Bragi, Sigi), Celtic (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and Cu Chulainn), and the list carries forward.

When we take a closer look at Vedic Astrological birth charts of these mortal manifestations of “Gods”, we can see just how generous their planetary placements were in their representations of themselves in reality. All of the people in these ancient stories were mortal humans named as the son or daughter of a God, a title that was fundamentally based on their astrological birth charts.

So, I ask the question: Did these ancient cultures possess a type of knowledge that we lack today?

These ancient cultures were experts at Vedic Astrology and understood it to the point that they built vast temples and complexes to interpret it.

Therefore, it is reasonable to consider that we have 12 higher intelligences, 12 planets, 12 energies, and 12 “Gods” that humans have a history of manifesting as representations of those energies as noted in myth and the bible. This also means that there are certain humans being born under specific energies being born indefinitely. This process continues as assuredly as the planets continue to orbit. The manifestation of the “Son of God” does not need to be a thing of the past; it’s not a one-time event. It’s infinite. If we take a wider look at reality, it could very well be that we do have representations of higher energies right in front of our very noses; however, the knowledge of this has been completely lost.

Let’s speculate that secret societies such as the Illuminati, the Masons and others are aware of this very fact. When they secretly meet, they have humans who represent these protagonists, manifestations in reality. Then, collectively, the protagonists try to bend reality. This could very well be the true nature of reality.

Imagine an experiment where 12 human individuals representing each of the 12 defined energies were to come together in a group, it may very well lead to an amplification in our ability to shape reality for good. The fact that ancient cultures possessed this knowledge and used it to shape their entire lives is something lost to time and potentially a part of who we really are.

So, the next time you find yourself in an argument with a friend, spouse, co-worker, child, or parent, turn to the pages of Greek Mythology, for you may just find a scenario that sounds uniquely similar to what you are currently going through. That isn’t a coincidence; there is a possibility that these very scenarios play out infinitely, manifesting in different ways but still requiring the same level of personal exertion to overcome.

From this perspective, many of the personal struggles and challenges we face that shape us as individuals also have a rippling effect on reality itself. Those who are able to bring their heart, body, mind, and soul successfully into one being are the individuals best equipped to handle the challenges of the world. And, in doing so, it literally lights up their entire energy force; this may be the secret to consciousness and human expansion.

Humans possess the power to make anything we want to happen in reality happen. But, we must complete our “consciousness” circuit by blocking out negative energy/feelings. As humans, we can consciously refuse to allow ourselves to feel negatively. Everything that happens to us, big or small, is within us to respond with negative emotions or positive. The more we respond positively, the brighter our light becomes.

Imagine a radio wave weaving up and down as the signal passes from a radio tower to your radio. If consciousness is energy and it is being transmitted, our brain is the receiver. When we turn the dial of our souls towards negative energies such as jealousy, hate, greed, fear and anger, it may be that, in reality, it is interpreted as turning down the volume and thus disconnecting yourself from the vast, abundant resources the universe has to offer.

I believe most human beings want to be and try to be good people who show compassion to others, but how often do we ride the energies of those negative emotions? According to Stoicism, the key to a happy life depends on the quality of the nature of your thoughts and feelings. Marcus Aurelius, the wise Roman Emperor and philosopher, believed that each of us has the power to craft a sanctuary in our minds: a fortress of personal solitude that exists between our human form and our higher self. In this space, nothing from the external world can penetrate your inner peace. Such direct conscious energy aimed at fortifying our own mental defenses may be key to turning that radio dial the opposite way towards Love, happiness, peace, justice, and abundance. When the dial shifts, we humans can consciously strengthen our consciousness “wifi” signal to the universe, thus enabling the universe to better guide us towards our destiny.

The highest, most powerful energies in the universe comprise of love, so it makes sense that people who embody those feelings for themselves and others are best positioned to receive the gifts the universe has to offer.

Today’s modern human should not be so quick to dismiss, belittle and attack thoughts and ideas that challenge the status quo. Ancient cultures have worshipped deities for most of human existence and understood aspects of humanity and the universe that are hidden today. In understanding why cultures worshipped these gods, we understand ourselves. When we understand ourselves, anything is possible.

Whether it is accepted by the scientific community or not, Astrology plays an important part in our reality. Like the ancients, I believe that astrological forces have a direct bearing on who humans become and may very well be part of a long-lost religion that holds a universal truth about the nature of reality.

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9 thoughts on “A Philosophical Theory of Reality, Ancient Astrology & Human Consciousness”

  1. Hayden Redwood says:

    In Hesiod’s Theogony (c. 730 – 700 BC), Cronus, after castrating his father Uranus,[30] becomes the supreme ruler of the cosmos, and weds his SISTER Rhea,

    what is it with the ancient cultures and inbreeding? Egyptian myths the same, Brahma incest with daughter with inbreeding among the gods. Also these ancients saw the world as Flat.
    Makes me not bother reading them. Seems very backwards in some cases, like they not quite understand the bigger picture just as we currently don’t but we definitely have more intricate knowledge of the world around us than they did.

  2. Hayden Redwood says:

    St. Augustine believed that astrology conflicted with church doctrine, but he grounded his opposition with non-theological reasons such as the failure of astrology to explain twins who behave differently although are conceived at the same moment and born at approximately the same time.


    “The Buddha taught that one’s future is conditioned primarily by one’s kamma, not by the stars and he condemned astrology and expressly forbid his monks and nuns to practice it. One story in the Jataka pokes fun at those foolish enough to make decisions based upon astrological predictions.
    Despite this astrology is widely believed and practiced in most Buddhist countries and not uncommonly monks act as astrologers.

    This belief contradicts the most Basic Buddhist Doctrine that our character and Destiny are the result of the sum total of our intentional thoughts, speech and actions, i.e. our Kamma.

    The Buddha said Monks and nuns must not practise astrology or any other Form of Fortune-telling, all of which he called ‘base arts’ (tiracchānavijjā,D.I,8).

    In the Jātaka he tells a story which highlights the foolishness of relying on astrological predictions (Ja.I,258).
    Pluto was discovered in 1930 so how would this work if not calculated into astrology predictions.

    1. Steve Bsharat says:

      Thanks for your thoughts and comments Hayden.

  3. Heather L says:

    I don’t see it as coincidence that most people, when read their astrological traits and are being honest with themselves find them to be spot on with who they are. The section that resonated with me most, however, was that when we try to not let negativity enter and affect us or our lives we are happier. I once thought it simple-minded, akin to telling someone “Just be happy!” however I ascribe to Daoism and even neutrality is more positive than negativity. Simply teaching oneself to not let events or feelings you can do nothing about affect you has clear and positive effect over the opposite. Good read, Steve!

    1. Steve Bsharat says:

      Thank you for your feedback and comments Heather.

  4. Anne Dranitsaris says:

    Your reflections on ancient wisdom and traditions and the deep interconnectedness between the cosmos and human existence are profoundly insightful. It’s truly fascinating how ancient cultures, with their seemingly boundless reverence for the celestial, managed to encode such complex knowledge of the universe and human psyche into their myths, temples, and astrology. In Vedic traditions, the use of astrology at the time of birth of the child allowed for the exalting of the child’s gifts, purpose, and karmic journey. A foreign concept in today’s society where “what’s your sign” is a pickup line.

    The astrological systems developed thousands of years ago, and the stories of gods and heroes that continue to resonate with us today—all these elements underscore a profound awareness of the universe’s mysteries that modern society often overlooks. Jung launched the birth of the new age through his incorporation of astrology, mythology, archetypes, and alchemy. Looking beyond the superficial to the profound meaning of how all things are related is indisputable to some and will always be rejected by those who would rather take a position than explore the richness, beauty, and possibilities of traditional wisdom and systems.

    1. Steve Bsharat says:

      Thank you for your comments, feedback and thoughts Ann.

  5. michael schado says:

    Most interesting! It seems that we are missing our true idenity. Maybe this is done on purpose as almost all mind expanding avenues are illegal. Why is that? I wa a soilder for 28 years and only at age 76 I find American interventions fabricated. I feel blessed that I never took a human life and now am seeking enlightment! May the Force be with you.

    1. Steve Bsharat says:

      Thank you for your comment Michael.

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