About Michael Michailidis, Adamantios Petritsis

Michael Michailidis was born in Athens, and after completing his national service he began traveling in Europe, reaching London in 2005. After settling there, he taught himself computer programming, which eventually developed into the career of a Software Engineer, working in the city’s vibrant tech scene. He began to write later in life, having first been inspired as a young man by the shorter stories of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Latin American who excelled in a style that seemed strangely appropriate for his country of Greece. This journey of rediscovering parts of his native culture eventually led him back to the ancient poets and thinkers that he was taught in school, and during a time when the West seemed to undergo a great crisis of culture. These disparate strings would combine in “Ancient Greece Revisited,” a project of rendering the ancient culture of Greece, not in the terms that British Classicists used in order to claim it, but in those that Greeks themselves could recognize as their own.

Adamantios Petritsis studied Economics at the University of Nottingham, but realizing he was made for something different, he followed his filmmaking dream at the London Film Academy, earning his diploma. Back in Greece, he began working in private productions, and documentaries for the Greek National Television. Taking various roles, including those of Director, Editor, DoP and Producer, he learned the various aspects of filmmaking hands-on, while being also involved in various short films and video productions. Constantly looking for new opportunities and self-development he co-founded in 2014 a start-up in the tourist industry promoting Greek destinations to the world. Between filmmaking and start-ups, he met Michael Michailidis, and after a few meetings during which Michael exposed his vision, the project of Ancient Greece Revisited was born as a natural consequence.

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