About Mark Gaffney

Mark H. Gaffney is an environmentalist and peace activist. In April 1970, while still a student, Mark organized the first Earth Day at Colorado State University. Between 1989–1993 Mark served as a member of the National Audubon team that inventoried the ancient forests of eastern Oregon. Today, the maps that Mark helped to develop are a part of the GIS data base used to manage and protect old growth forest ecosystems. Mark holds a b.s. degree in physical science.

Mark’s first book, Dimona: the Third Temple (1989) was a pioneering study of Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program. The book told the remarkable story of nuclear whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu, who was nominated numerous times for the Nobel Peace Prize. For attempting to warn the world about the nuclear peril, Vanunu suffered a fate worse than death: eighteen years in Ashkelon prison, eleven and a half of them in solitary confinement.

Mark’s second book, Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes (2004), was a personal investigation of early Christianity, based on an original source text from the first century CE. The book was a finalist for the 2004 Narcissus Book Award.

Mark’s next two books, The 9/11 Mystery Plane (2008) and Black 9/11 (2012) exposed dark truths about the September 11, 2001 attacks that were swept under the carpet and remain taboo to this day.

Mark’s novel, Never Summer (2017) is a fictionalized account of one of the most colorful chapters in Colorado history, the epic battle to save Bowen Gulch, one of the last great places.

Over the years, Mark’s articles, poetry and op/eds have appeared in many journals and newspapers, as well as on the Internet. Mark lives in Oregon.
He can be reached for comment at markhgaffney@ earthlink.net.

Previous titles by Mark H. Gaffney:

  • Dimona: the The Third Temple (1989)
  • Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes (2004)
  • The 9/11 Mystery Plane and the Vanishing of America (2008)
  • Black 9/11 (2012; 2nd ed. 2016)
  • Never Summer (a novel, 2017)

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