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Edmond Furter wrote Mindprint after extensive research in psychology, archaeology, history, iconography and astronomy, spanning 26 years. He says of his subject: “At first I studied psychology about what we feel, then archaeology and art history about what we make, then astronomy about what we observe, record and deduct, then cognitive archaeology about what we think. Ironically, this book is not based on the premises or findings of any of these sciences.

Mindprint is about what we do not consciously feel, make, see, believe, record, or think. It is about the archetypal attributes, sequence and structure that we subconsciously express, therefore about perception itself, and ultimately about archetype.

I am therefore not an archaeologist, psychologist, astronomer or art historian, but a structural archaeologist.”

Edmond works as a freelance editor in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Some aspects of mindprint are introduced on http://www.edmondfurter.wordpress.com/

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