About Edmond Furter

Edmond Furter is a former trade and technical magazine editor, and ISO 14001
environmental impact assessor. He works as a freelance professional editor, author, and
independent structuralist anthropology researcher in Johannesburg, South Africa. He also
edits Stoneprint Journal, a magazine themed on archaeo astronomy and structuralist
Furter found the global blueprint of cultural expression in 2010, after extensive research in
psychology, archaeology, iconography, archaeo-astronomy and anthropology, spanning 26
In Mindprint (2014) he demonstrated the subconscious core content of culture in 200
examples of art and rock art, representing every known culture from the Ice, Stone, Copper,
Bronze, Iron and Modern Ages.
In Stoneprint (2016) he demonstrated the same ‘design’ structure in 50 built sites, from
Gobekli Tepe village, Sumerian city reconstructions, Egyptian, Asian, Mexican, to medieval
and modern cities. The book explores several implications of the discovery of recurrent
subconscious features, and of the archetypal structure of cultural expression, for each of the
human sciences, and for popular culture. This discovery raises new knowledge about
perception, behaviour and human nature, and ultimately about nature itself.

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