About Reverend Danny Nemu

Danny’s background is in the history and philosophy of medicine from the University of Manchester. He first encountered ayahuasaca when living in Japan. After six years drinking there with a Santo Daime group, he followed the trail back to its source in the Brazilian Amazon, where he was bitten by a sand fly, leading to a leishmaniasis infection. This highly aggressive bacterial parasite quickly colonised a few inches of his skin, with designs on much more, and proved to be a great teacher, providing ample opportunity to study first hand the intricacies and potencies of ayahuasca as used as a medicine within the Daime world view.

The process took eight months, involving diets and barks, many rituals, and daily consumption of the visionary brew. By the end of it he had lost 10 kilos, and gained a deep respect for the complexity and intelligence of the natural world.

He speaks often, loudly, and with received pronunciation, about the history of science, the science of ayahuasca, and plenty of other things.

See Danny's website https://www.pattern-interrupt.co.uk/ for his hypnotherapy services.

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