Journalist Graham Hancock travels the globe hunting for evidence of mysterious, lost civilizations dating back to the last Ice Age.

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Advanced brain imaging study hints at how DMT psychedelic alters perception of reality

In a study at Imperial College London, detailed brain imaging data from 20 healthy volunteers revealed how the potent psychedelic compound DMT (dimethyltryptamine) alters brain function.

Risk of Giant Asteroids Hitting Earth Could Be Worse Than We Realized

Our planet hides its scars well. It’s a shame, actually, as evidence of previous asteroid strikes might help us better plan for the next catastrophic impact. In fact, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center chief scientist, James Garvin, thinks we might have been misreading traces of some of the more serious asteroid strikes that have occurred within the past million years

Study hints at the promise of non-hallucinogenic LSD for treating mood disorders

Researchers have recently conducted a study exploring the potential of a non-hallucinogenic version of LSD for treating mood disorders. Their findings, published in Cell Reports, suggest that non-hallucinogenic LSD could have positive effects of mood, while also reducing the need for medical supervision while taking the drug.

Equinox: Definition, facts & what happens during one

Equinoxes occur twice a year, with daylight and darkness being about the same length in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. This phenomenon’s name comes from the Latin words “aequus” (equal) and “nox” (night). In 2023, the spring equinox occurs at 5:24 p.m. EDT (21:24 UTC) on March 20. The autumn, or fall, equinox will happen at 2:50 a.m. EDT on Sept. 23, 2023.

Genomic study of ancient humans sheds light on human evolution on the Tibetan Plateau

Our understanding of their origins and history on the plateau is patchy. DNA sampling from ancient humans has been limited to a thin slice of the southwestern plateau in the Himalayas. Now a study has filled this gap by sequencing the genomes of 89 ancient humans dating back to 5100 BP.