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Prehistoric Brits used rare rock crystals to mark burial sites, research finds

Distinctive and rare rock crystals were moved over long distances by Early Neolithic Brits and were used to mark their burial sites, according to groundbreaking new archaeological research.

Continents on Ancient Earth Were Created by Giant Meteorite Impacts, Scientists Find

To date, Earth is the only planet we know of that has continents. Exactly how they formed and evolved is unclear, but we do know – because the edges of continents thousands of miles apart match up – that, at one time long ago, Earth’s landmass was concentrated in one big supercontinent.

Researchers decode metal-making recipes in ancient Chinese text

Researchers have deciphered enigmatic recipes for metal-making contained in an ancient Chinese text, revealing unexpected complexity in the art at the time.

Twin ‘grumpy mouth’ reliefs of Olmec contortionists discovered in Mexico

Archaeologists in Mexico have uncovered two Olmec reliefs chiseled into large, circular stones that are thought to depict local rulers performing ritual contortion.

These Spiders Look Like They’re in REM Sleep… Which Could Mean They’re Dreaming

A new discovery about jumping spiders could challenge some pretty hefty human assumptions about the cognitive abilities of arthropods.