Taurus 2000 Conjunction
View from Cairo, Egypt (On) Noon, 2nd June 2000.

Taurus 2000 Conjunction

Taurus 2000 Conjunction

Great Pyramid of Khufu Features: (1) King's Chamber (2) Queen's Chamber (3) Grand Gallery (4) Subterranean Chamber & 'pit' (5) Finished Surface : (white limestone blocks, finely fitted and grouted.)

Great Pyramid of Khufu Features:
(1) King’s Chamber (2) Queen’s Chamber (3) Grand Gallery (4) Subterranean Chamber & ‘pit’ (5) Finished Surface : (white limestone blocks, finely fitted and grouted.)

"The great ennead in the mansion of the prince in the city of the sun" (Pyramid Texts, from Utterance 21)

“The great ennead in the mansion of the prince in the city of the sun”
(Pyramid Texts, from Utterance 21)

During the first week in June of this year a major planetary conjunction will occur in the constellation of Taurus, (the Bull).

On June 2nd the moon passes below, (south) of the solar position so that at noon their positions relative to the constellation lines of Taurus’ occur as depicted at right.

A conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs every 20 years

A Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs opposite the Sun on average every 300 years.

A Jupiter / Saturn / Solar con-junction, in the constellation of Taurus, then occurs on average only once every 3600 years.

In researching the hypothesis that the "Great Ennead", mentioned in Ancient Egyptian writings, was reference to a ‘grand’ astronomical conjunction in our present age, I discovered a marked correlation between the ‘Taurus 2000 Conjunction’ and the interior design of the Great Pyramid.

From its intended eastern vantage, the cross-section of the Great Pyramid’s corridors has several points of similarity to the constellation lines of Taurus.

Moreover, the location of its chambers correlate to the position of the sun, moon and planets with the constellation lines of Taurus, at this particular time and location.

Positional Correlation:

  1. The Sun correlates to the King’s Chamber
  2. Venus to its Antechamber ;
  3. the Moon correlates to the Queen’s Chamber ;
  4. Jupiter and Saturn to the northern ‘star-shafts’ ;
  5. Mars and Mercury to the southern ‘star-shafts’.
  6. The subterranean chamber is then a connective link to the constellation of Orion : (Osiris).

Did the Ancient Egyptians believe some event of great import may occur at this time? If so, what could it be?

The Purpose

The reason I was looking for astronomical conjunctions in the first place was that this premise flowered at the end of a very tall logic-tree. This ‘tree’ has two main ‘trunks’ (1) GDT: a proposed system of physics with characteristics differing from "modern Physics" (2) Ancient Egyptian Physics: an interpretation of Ancient Egyptian writings and geometry as a symbolic, metaphoric scientific language, in particular consonance with the principles of G-D Physics.

Highlights of GDT Logic Tree:

  1. G-D Physics indicates that the cores of stars are composed of dense heavy metals. The interior of the stellar core is stable, (non-reactive) while the core’s surface is a maelstrom of fission, fusion and productive reactions. (Chapter 7)
  2. Productive reactions (i.e., resulting in a net increase in mass) occur when an atom’s electrical field is so constrained by its surrounding gravitational / electrical fields as to be unable to release energy. Vibrational energy absorbed by the atom is then transformed into new particles of matter. (Chapter 7)
  3. In general, stars continually increase in mass until a critical core-fission event results in a mega-scale eruption of material. These events, the nova and supernova, culminate in the material for new stars, planets, and nebulae. Thus, beginning from a single star, the result would be a galaxy, or a universe. (Chapter 7)
  4. Planets with active cores are also inferred as to be mass productive; thus, the Earth’s mass, volume, and surface area have been slowly increasing for eons. Volcanic eruptions, mountain building, earthquakes and continental spreading are all causally connected to mass-increase in the core. (Chapter 8)
  5. Large-scale fauna in the primeval past, (dinosaurs being the premier example), were able to exist simply because the planet’s surface gravity was less than it is today. (Chapter 8)
  6. Core-fission events in the Earth’s pre-history have led to mass extinctions of life-forms. The primary example is the Permian Catastrophe, in which 90-95% of existent species went extinct, 250 million years ago. It is proposed this was caused by a mega-volcanic eruption in the Eastern Pacific, which melted a continent and gave birth to the Moon. (Chapter 8)

An Ancient Egyptian Science

During the development of the parameters of gravity-induced ellipsoidal space, I noticed a curiously intriguing similarity to the interior design of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Further research showed a strong congruency to the hypothesis that the Great Pyramid works out the parameters of 4-D Space as influenced by a gravity vector of 0.44c : (Chapter 9)

This might be considered as coincidental, except that a sufficient number of other geometrical correlations are found as to rule out "simple" coincidence. (Chapters 9-10) Furthermore, from the premise that the Ancient Egyptian gods, "neters", are in fact, "natures", i.e., symbolic, metaphorical, representations of the principal forces of Nature, a near-perfect congruency is found with G-D Physics. Thus, it appears that "Ancient Egyptian Physics" and G-D Physics are one and the same. Given the G-D code-key then, the principle natures in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon are readily decoded: (Chapter 11)

Atum, the neter who created the universe, while standing on a mound composed of himself, represents atoms, (which create new mass in the universe).

Atum-Ra is the Sun, as creator of the solar system.

Nun, the vacuum of outer space, is held at bay by Shu, the earth’s atmosphere.

Thoth is declared to be the "heart", or center, of Ra, while somehow simultaneously residing in the underworld, (in the center of the Earth) and in the Moon as well. Taken literally, this appears to make little sense, but when Thoth is interpreted as representing the force of gravity, a strong correlation is found.

Thoth is said to have retrieved Ra’s lost eye, (i.e., gravitational capture of planets), to have determined the shape of the Earth, (gravity shapes the earth) and to guide the course of the stars, (gravitational orbits).

Thoth has existed since the beginning of the universe; was created by the power of utterance, but was the inventor of speech. This apparent contradiction is resolved when it is realized that sound waves are gravity waves ; thus, changes in the position of mass, (vibrations) create gravity waves, which carry sound.

It appears that Egyptian mythology is multi-dimensional symbology, functioning on different levels of meaning within different contexts. This is even hinted at in verses which refer to the Doubles of the gods, (i.e., double meanings). Thus, previous interpretations, within religious, historical, or astronomical contexts, are not considered as contradicted by the scientific interpretation; but rather, should be regarded as alternate intended meanings.

Osiris, generally regarded as the most important Ancient Egyptian neter, eternally resides in the underworld on a throne of divine metal ; Osiris is inferred to represent the metallic core of the planet.

"The Story of Osiris" (Chapter 12) is a condensed geologic history of the planet, the principal characters being Isis, (the force of mass-energy creation) and Set, (the force of destruction). After Set hacks Osiris’ body into fourteen pieces, (continental plates) Isis fashions a clay (volcano) and mounting it, gives birth to Horus, (the Moon). This then refers to the Permian / Lunar event of 250 million years ago. The Pyramid Texts refer to an event of similar magnitude: not one in the distant past, but in a distressingly imminent future:

"The King ascends to the sky in an earthquake"

"The sky thunders, the earth quakes, Geb quivers, the two domains of the god roar, the earth is hacked up, and the offering is presented to me. I ascend to the sky, I cross the iron sky, I traverse the [waters of Nun]. I demolish the ramparts of the atmosphere … I ascend to the sky among the Imperishable Stars … I sit on my throne of divine metal, the faces of which are those of lions, and its feet are the hooves of the Great Wild Bull."
Pyramid Texts, Utterance 509

G-D Physics predicts such an eventual life-ending fate for the planet, but does not say when; Ancient Egyptian Physics, however, appears to be much more sophisticated, with centuries of hidden tradition underlying its science. They provide us an exact date for when this event will begin.

Bearing in mind that in a geologic time-scale the earth’s core undergoes periodic disruptive episodes, and that as it approaches the criticality of a core-fission event, the core becomes more sensitive to slight changes in the gravitational field, then, a conjunction of the major tidal gravitational influences on the planet could herald the beginning of the core-fission event. Thus, a very sophisticated science, having approximated the time-frame of criticality, could predict the exact conjunction which would initiate the event.

The "opening of the mouth" (core-fission event) with the "adze of wepawawet" (line of greatest gravitational force by external planetary bodies) describes this occurrence. The crucial grand conjunction is then described as, "the Great Ennead in the Mansion of the prince in the City of the Sun".

"… O Osiris-King, I open your mouth for you with the adze of Wepwawet, I split open your mouth for you with the adze of divine metal which split open the mouths of the [stars] … Horus has split open the mouth of this Osiris-King … with the adze of divine metal which split open the mouths of the [stars]. The King’s mouth is split open with it, and he goes and himself speaks with the Great Ennead in the Mansion of the Prince which is in On …"
Pyramid Texts, Utterance 21

12:00 p.m. June 2, 2000 from Cairo, Egypt. Source: XEphem; © 1999 Elwood Charles Downey

12:00 p.m. June 2, 2000 from Cairo, Egypt.
Source: XEphem; © 1999 Elwood Charles Downey

If I have correctly read all the branches on the deductive inductive logic tree leading to this conclusion correctly, then there are two principle Taurus 2000 scenarios possible:

  1. they were predicting a geological event of significant magnitude will occur simultaneous with this conjunction; thus, Taurus 2000 will be a critical warning that things are not right in this planet.
  2. they were predicting Taurus 2000 will be the beginning phase of an E.L.E., on the level of the Permian Catastrophe.

Also: texts referring to a "lesser Ennead" (which precedes the Great Ennead) may then be referring to a similar conjunction occurring on 5 May 2000. If so, then, it can also be considered as part of the warning.

In accordance with this hypothesis, I will make three predictions:

  1. one or more major geological events occurring on or near the date of May 5, 2000;
  2. one or more major geological events occurring on or near the date of June 2, 2000;
  3. at least one of these events will occur in the Middle East.

If these predictions prove accurate, then, the entire preceding logic tree is supported; thus, this becomes a systems-check for both GDT and Ancient Egyptian Physics.

It will also definitely be time to consider the following hypothesis: the deduced Giza methodology of preventing the "opening of the mouth". (Chapter 13)