Like most encounters with the spirit molecule, DMT Times’ journey so far has been exciting, educational and unpredictable. The idea unfolded organically with the help of some astounding synchronicities.

Two strangers (John Rimmer and I, Caroline Knight) were compelled to move to Northern England without any prior intention. We were then introduced by a mutual friend; someone who knew of our shared fascination for DMT, the teacher plants and all things metaphysical. We saw the rapidly rising wave of consciousness and felt called to create something incredibly useful for those called to ride it.

With a combined history of plant medicine work (including retreat hosting), DMT use, writing and web designing, we happened to have the right combination of skills, knowledge and experience to give DMT Times the best chance of success. However we do not profess to be experts or advisors – more collaborators, curators and facilitators.

Aside from this necessary introduction, we don’t wish for the focus to be on us personally, but on the project and its future fruits. As the ultimate goal is expansion of collective consciousness, this must be a concerted effort with the people. No one person has all the answers when it comes to the reality experienced in the DMT realm, but together we might just find some answers.

The mission was born

Here’s what we were thinking: The prevalence of ayahuasca and DMT use around the world speaks for itself, and the use of both is undoubtedly contributing in a big way to the changing consciousness on Earth. However, duality dictates (as always) that the more we awaken, the more opposition we shall receive.

We are very much aligned with Graham’s position on the oppression of these substances and have been strongly influenced by his work over the years. Now is the time for us all to be brave; we must face ourselves as well as the world, and to make the changes necessary for the good of all.

We realise that there are many ways to go about this, but our personal awareness and respective experiences of life have benefited immeasurably from the use of DMT and ayahuasca. We do not doubt their power to fast track our collective consciousness, empathy and courage so that we may finally come together to heal ourselves and our planet.

Idealistic as that may sound, it should be noted that we aim to encourage a balanced perspective through the site. We do not wish to glorify exclusively, as although there is glory for many, as with everyday life there are risks – and no guarantees. Sometimes we get the shock of our lives, which is exactly why preparation is so important. We hope that DMT Times facilitates that preparation.

A definitive resource for users of DMT and ayahuasca

Practically speaking, this had to translate into a one-stop-shop where DMT and ayahuasca users (or potential users) could not only gain information, conduct research and chat to each other, but also find the latest news and events and read, share and discuss all aspects of their experiences with likeminded people.

The goal is also a site filled with resources from movies and documentaries to books, articles, studies and artwork. On top of this, we wanted to share our own insights and ideas. The bigger picture includes interviews with authorities in the field, podcasts, local talks, events and discussions, and any other necessities that may arise.

We recognise that there are many sites in existence that provide information, insights or services of some kind for users of DMT and ayahuasca. This in itself is wonderful and has been incredibly inspiring for us; these sites inspired the idea that has now manifested as DMT Times and we continue to respect and appreciate their mutual efforts.

For DMT Times, there is one more major aim that we feel could hold the keys to human continuity, and it requires collaboration from users around the world.

A worldwide study on the nature of hyper-dimensional entities in the DMT realm

It seems that the world is looking for answers and yet the questions frequently seem to bounce around an echo chamber. DMT realm entity encounters are fascinating. Many are reported to have been prophetic or educational in nature. Yet while some entity communications come through loud and clear, others leave people baffled, with more questions than answers.

DMT Times plans to conduct a worldwide survey aimed at uncovering the nature of the contact with hyper-dimensional entities in the DMT realm. These experiences are arguably a worldwide phenomenon, yet nobody seems completely sure of the reasons for it, or the nature of the entities themselves.

So far we have been collecting ayahuasca and DMT experiences from users from around the world, documenting, categorising and uploading them to the site. There are various parallels that can be drawn in such DMT and ayahuasca experiences, regardless of users’ culture or backgrounds.

The venture is and always will be collaborative

As the site is only now launching, we are just beginning with the library. We will need users to submit their experiences to the site, and over time we aim to come up with insights gained through the analysis and interpretation of individual personal experiences. Everything on the site is up for public discussion, and if we can collectively learn, grow and discover the nature of this realm through experiences with hyper-dimensional entities, who knows what impact it will have on our everyday reality? Even if we are only able to conclude that the entities are just projections from our subconscious, we will still have learned something important.

One thing we all have in common is that we are explorers with an insatiable curiosity and the shared goals of understanding and growth. We often talk of oneness, but it’s time we all got to experience it rather than merely conceptualising it. If DMT Times is able to contribute anything at all toward that goal, we will be very happy.

The feedback so far has been great. Everyone we have conveyed the ideas or shown the site to has responded positively, so we have high hopes for the project. Although it is still in its infancy, with your help we will continue to build it everyday; we are very much looking forward to watching it grow. So to whoever is reading: we welcome your contributions to the site and are grateful for any support you wish to extend to the project.

See you over at DMT Times!

Artwork by Alex Grey

21 thoughts on “DMT Times: A Collaborative Venture in Collective Consciousness”

  1. Barbara says:

    Will DMT ever be legal?

    1. John Andrews says:

      One can only hope. My spiritual fingers are crossed.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hello I live in Gambia as far as I can tell there are no specific laws against hallucinaginics but I can’t sourse any anyway – it will be great to keep in touch

    1. DMT Times says:

      Hello Jennifer

      DMT Times doesn’t provide information on sourcing or dosing any substances due to legality issues and huge variations in techniques. However we are happy to provide as much information as we can on the substances and experience with them; hopefully you will find this interesting!

  3. Rolf says:

    DMT opens the gate, remove the veil to our inner sanctuarity, clowns, jesters and little circling colorpoints, ririririririririririririri, getting into, loosing the feeling of identity, space & time….then…wow!….then….whats happen ? No words possible to express

    1. DMT Times says:

      It seems that when we enter a realm so alien to our every day reality, we won’t have a vocabulary to accurately convey it. It’s hard to process a lot of what happens via the mind as it is, and articulation of what we do manage to retain in our memory is another matter! However there are common themes and that’s what we are exploring at DMT Times…

  4. Melissa graham says:

    I am interested in sharing my experance and i want to bring this kind of mental healing to nova scotia, canada, or being part of a organization that helps more people understand the benefits to dmt and ayahuasca.

    1. DMT Times says:

      Hello Melissa. That’s great to hear! If you’d like to share any of your experiences on our site, please feel free to submit them via the form on this page: https://dmttimes.com/ayahuasca-experiences
      Thank you for your enthusiasm about helping others in this regard too. The more people that have this attitude, the better off we’ll all be!

  5. Brian Aberle says:

    I just was released from jail for 11 months i was held for possession of DMT – less than a gram and manufacturing. I never sold any, my probation officer saw my chemistry setup and some lab technicians found DMT. In North Carolina DMT could be PCP and they punish you just the same. They are ignorant. Read about my situation at SyrianRue.org

    1. Gareth says:

      Perhaps the site could have a thread with geographically based info on the various laws and punishments one can face for holding or using pshycodelics. This would help people avoid this unproductive and damaging loss of liberty. I hope you came through ok Brian.

    2. DMT Times says:

      It’s a shame, and very unfortunate for you. The rules are harsh and unnecessary but of course these substances are a huge threat to the system…

  6. ZuraZ says:

    My experience with DMT was mindblowing. It answered the most important question of my life. Our soul is immortal. God is love. Blessings to all of you!

    1. DMT Times says:

      Zura that is great! Feel free to share that experience with us, if you wish! Attaining this knowledge changes everything, doesn’t it…

  7. Martin Gajewski Jr says:

    It all started with High Times and look where it went. I hope corporate or banks dont do the same as with cannabis but for some reason it tells me they are totally against it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=47ElVv3RG2M&feature=youtu.be

  8. Lori Nicksic says:

    I am happy to be a part of the exciting research into psychadelic plants and their benefit to humanity. Although I have never tried DMT myself I know the benefit that psychadelics hold to alter human evolution. I want to be a part of that.

    1. DMT Times says:

      We all have to start somewhere, and it comes to us when the time is right. Indeed psychedelics/entheogens are one of the most life changing things you can do – there is immense potential for change with their help, and of course our participation…

  9. Keyhak says:

    This is the most epic TITLE ever! Warriors don’t look for each other. They find themselves. ⚔️❤️

  10. Chris says:

    I’d love to share my experiences

  11. Tim says:

    I have never tried any psycadelic drugs or any drugs for that matter.(Have i missed out)
    Buylt i am very spiritual and have acieved deep states of meditation that have done me good and enhanced my consciousness. Life long practitioner of martial arts also, the orthadox and spiritual side is what i thrive on.
    I discovered Graham Hancock on the Joe Rogan experience and i am interested in what dmt allows the mind and body to experience..i also use float tanks (sensory deprivation)

  12. gordon gresko says:

    I was a huge fan of Carlos Castenadas who initially started his apprenticeship with Don Juan Matus to get information on hallucinagenic plants … Plus I was reading John Lilly … and have been fascinated by ayahuasca for many years … I think there must be something to them … they have been part of human inventory for thousands of years … and are universally used by shamans and medicine men around the world … More investigation is necessary to find how we can make better use of these plants.

  13. Sakib says:

    I would recommend reading Supernatural by Graham Hancock. Also is there a way to trigger the release of elevated levels of DMT in your brain?

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