Ted, who lives in New Zealand, has a deep fascination with sacred mathematics and in particular sacred geometry and its relationship to his other main interest, cosmology.

The following article is based on over 17 years of research into these fascinating subjects. After reading Graham’s latest book – Magicians of the Gods – he felt it was time to share some of the findings from his research, particularly those relating to the astronomical event around the summer solstice in 2020. What he has discovered may have far reaching consequences for us all.

If you have any have any questions, need further clarification and/or have constructive comments for Ted he can be contacted on the forum on this website.


On the summer solstice of 2020 a unique astronomical event will occur. There will be an annular eclipse of the sun, which in itself is not unusual, but the position of the eclipse relative to the galactic equator will be. Below is a view of this alignment as seen from outer space. The astronomical phenomenon of the sun sitting on the galactic equator may look familiar, for indeed it is.


Earth Moon and Sun all sitting on the Galactic Equator

On the winter solstice of 2012 the ancient Mayans had predicted this type of event. They used the sun sitting on the galactic equator at the winter solstice in 2012 as the datum of the end of a cycle, their Long Count Calendar. It is well known that the ancients were tracking the precession of the equinoxes and using this knowledge to record the time it took for the cycle of precession to complete a full circuit.

What is more intriguing about the 2020 summer solstice event is how it relates directly to Stonehenge in England and the Great Pyramid at Giza, both well-known ancient astronomical monuments.

This article will explore these relationships and their implications.

Precessions of the Equinox

To explore these relationships, an appreciation of what is causing precession is necessary. The standard scientific explanation is that it is due to the Earth’s slow wobble, similar to a spinning top which wobbles. This explanation is certainly supported by the observation. However, these observations can be due to two other phenomena related to the sun’s movement relative to the galactic axis. The same observations would occur if the sun was moving because of an interaction with another large celestial body that is close by, e.g. the star Sirius, and the movements could also be caused by the interaction with the electromagnetic environment of the Milky Way galaxy. This relatively new understanding of the electromagnetic nature of galaxies is slowly gaining acceptance and being vigorously promoted by the Thunderbolt Project.

Below are diagrams comparing the three possible causes of precession as observed from Earth.


Precession – Earth in Slow Wobble


Sun Interacting with another star


Sun moving within an Electromagnetic Harmonic Field

The third theory, which we will see is the most likely of the three, would have some interesting implications with regard to precessional speed. It is likely the precessional speed would vary due to the sun’s path within the current of the harmonic electromagnetic field being elliptical; this would cause the sun’s speed within the current to vary by between 25,920 years (72 years per degree relative to the background stars, and also our present speed) and 21,600 years (60 years per degree) with an average speed of 23,760 years (66 years per degree). This is compared to the presently accepted constant speed of 25,920 years, which within an elliptical cycle would be the fastest movement within the electromagnetic field: see the diagram below showing these relative speeds within the elliptic current.


If this proves to be correct it will have implications regarding the influence of harmonic frequencies on the Earth, Sun and Moon’s size and the average distance between them. See the following four diagrams below presenting these harmonic relationships.


Ray Tome’s research further confirms these relationships. Below is a graph of the harmonic frequencies (from Ray Tome’s website, ‘Harmonic Theory, Physics and Maths’) which includes the harmonic numbers for the Earth, Moon and Sun’s size and the distance between them!


All of these relationship are further expressed in John Michell’s book, How the World was Made.

A summary of these relationships are shown in the two diagrams below, which were inspired by reading John’s informative book.

Just a note in passing: all the major numbers in the four diagrams add up to 9. This is a property known as ‘Mod 9’ or vortex mathematics e.g. 5040 5+0+4+0 = 9. To fully appreciate the mathematical significance of Mod 9 within harmonics numbers, head over to the website: thenumbernine.weebly.com.

harpert1_html_769ea51a harpert1_html_m4947645c

These diagrams are related directly to Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid. Below are the well-known geometry ratios at Stonehenge and their relationship to the Great Pyramid. This relationship is also fully explored in John Michell’s book; for he showed that these ratios were not only used at Stonehenge and the Great pyramid, but also at Glastonbury Abbey, and recorded as the dimensions of the New Jerusalem (Revelations. Chapter 21) and of Plato’s City Magnesia. The question has been asked, ‘Where is the Sun in this diagram?’ As we will see, it is hidden behind the Moon, which means that it is being eclipsed.


The view below shows the sunrise at Stonehenge on the summer solstice of 2020.


At Stonehenge there is, on that morning, an amazing revelation of sacred geometry hidden within the relationship of the Sun to the galactic equator and axis of the Milky Way. This can be appreciated by comparing the diagram below to the above picture of Stonehenge on 21st June 2020.


Later during that morning at Giza, looking across the city of Cairo, the same astronomical event will play out but this time relative to the Great Pyramid. Note that the sunlight has been hidden in these diagrams. Also note what Orion is pointing to with his club!


These relationships are what play out 6.41 UT as seen from space. With the Sun and Moon in their respective positions relative to Earth, which is sitting on the Galactic Axis and centred on the Galactic Equator, the Cosmological Circle is formed. This is Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid in space. This is the only time this alignment of the Earth, Moon and Sun happens along the galactic equator in this way! Note the ecliptic is flipped over relative to the view at Stonehenge and also how the two circles of the Vesica Piscis intersect each other on the galactic axis!


Below is the same event at 6.41UT but this time viewed from the top of Mt Kailash in Tibet– a large natural pyramid revered by many religious groups that meet there and walk around the mountain on the summer solstice! What a surprise they will get on the summer solstice of 2020!


Future Warning

So what is so important about this astronomical event? Why has so much trouble been taken to ensure its eventual discovery? What is it about this date and time that we are being clearly directed to take notice of?

An article prepared by the faculty of mathematics in the National University of Singapore has concluded the purpose of Stonehenge was to predict meteorite showers and in particular the summer Taurid showers! There is also consideration given to precession and periodicity being factored into Stonehenge’s structure to safeguard its predictive purpose. Click here for a link to a summary of this paper prepared by the Gem Projects team.

In Graham Hancock’s latest book Magicians of the Gods he has clearly shown that the Earth sustained a major bombardment by large celestial objects around 12,800 years ago and the likely culprits had been lurking in or were associated with the Taurid showers at that time. As also discussed in Graham’s book it is highly likely that there are large objects still within this meteorite shower or associated with it that could cause another significant impact event in the very near future.

On the morning of June the 21st 2020 the Taurid meteor showers will be hidden by daylight so we will not be able to observe any incoming large meteorites until it is too late! The arrows in view in the image below, shown from the perspective of the Great Pyramid, indicate the location and direction the Taurid shower will come from during that morning.


Note Orion is protecting himself from the two Taurid Showers with his sheild! Also consider that if you walked up to the Great Pyramid (representing Earth) from the western side that the Sun and Moon would sit on its apex with the ecliptic and the Galaxtic Axis forming the edges of the pyramid!

This therefore leads to a number of important questions:

  • Are these impact events, like any other in the universe, under the influence of electromagnetic harmonic frequencies?
  • Do major impact events from the Taurids have periodicity based on harmonic frequencies?
  • Is this periodicity twice every 25,920 years i.e. 12,960 years?
  • Does this future Taurid shower contain another major Earth-impact object?
  • Is this what the Ancient Ones have been attempting to warn us of?
  • Was the Mayan 2012 winter solstice calendar event an early warning for us so that we had time to understand the significance of precession, why it occurs, what causes it and the influence of harmonics on the greater solar environment including these meteor showers?

So have we been given the date and therefore the time to detect the next major impact coming out of this biannual shower of Taurid meteorites?

We already know that life on Earth is extremely vulnerable to these types of celestial events, and have just recently achieved the level of technology possible to protect ourselves from these impacts – only, however, if we detect them soon enough to deal with them before the impact happens.

It would therefore be prudent for the present search efforts (Near Earth Objects Program) to be directed to finding these types of objects within the Taurid meteor shower. All that would be required is to project the path of the showers backwards from 21 June 2020 to their present position, to check if there is a major object within the Taurid shower, or one that is – or will – become associated with it. We have nothing to lose, but possibly everything to gain, by focussing our EOP efforts along the path of the Taurid meteor shower.

If the object/s are discovered in time we may have not only saved ourselves, but also gained further proof of the electromagnetic/harmonic nature of the universe we live in, and the ancient ones to thank for their awe-inspiring warning in stone.


A Meteror Shower over Stonehenge at Sunrise

15 thoughts on “Summer Solstice 2020”

  1. Bethany says:

    Wow. This is a powerful argument and very disturbing. I mean, 2020? We don’t have much time! What are the chances “the powers that be” actually WILL follow the logic and take meaningful action? *sigh* I sense impending doom.
    But I can’t wait to see Randall Carlson’s response to this exciting research! Such delicious food for thought — and, it is hoped, for action.

    1. Ted says:

      Thank you for your comments Bethany.
      A very normal healthy reaction to the events being discussed.
      To have the sacred geometry of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid inscribed in time and space in this way is in itself wonderment enough.
      But it’s because of its unique nature and that it is so profound we are naturally compelled to ask; does it have any other significance? Is it warning from the ancient one, as explored in the article Summer Solstice 2020, or is it heralding a time of peace and harmony. It certainly can be argued that way as well which I share on my website thenumbernine.weebly.com . Or is it a complimentary combining of the two? The negative contributing to the positive. Again discussed on the website linked above.
      But let’s not lose sight of the significance of this event in itself. This event can stand out on its own without surrounding it with speculations. On its own it gives us a deep sense of our place in the galaxy and an appreciation of the ancient one’s knowledge and ability to share it across the eons of time. No mean feat.
      A response from Randal would be great. I have a lot of respect for his work along with Grahams. They are but a few that are keeping the torch of the ancients one knowledge and the event they past through alive in this materialist and secular time. Another is Michael Schneider who of course gained his knowledge from the late John Michell a noted luminary on sacred knowledge.
      I trust you continue to enjoy all things sacred.
      Warm regards

  2. Drew says:

    Hi Ted

    A very interesting proposal. I shall have to think on this further and see for myself some of the correlations, as alignments and overlays do offer up many layers of meaning.


    1. Ted says:

      Hi Drew
      Thanks for your comments
      Really appreciate your considered approach to this article.
      As attributed to the Buddha:
      Believe nothing no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. Whatever you’ve observed and analyzed yourself and found reasonable and good, then accept that and put it into practice.”
      I trust you will share your insights on the correlation, alignments and overlay you discover on the subject of the Summer Solstice 2020

      Warm Regards

  3. Kurt says:

    Very interesting article. I am no expert but I do wonder that since these showers happen twice per year would we have not already detected any large,potentially dangerous objects within this shower already?

    Regardles, it is awe inspiring the knowledge and wisdom that ancient builders of these monuments possessed. I think we underestimate our past achievements.

    1. Rian says:

      I believe there was a dangerously close fly-by of a large celestial body just around Halloween 2015, that we only fouind out about a week or two before its arrival, which would have cause massive damage to our planet if it had hit us. Like someone shooting a bullet and having it just skim beside your face.

  4. John Major Jenkins says:

    Very interesting Ted, thank for these new insights. Great to see other researchers chewing on these correspondences. Perhaps some collaborative conversations would help fill in the puzzle. For example, my 2002 book Galactic Alignment explores alternative dynamics that may cause and calibrate the changing rate of precession, and of course my 1998 book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 made the breakthrough, evidence-based argument for 2012 being intended, by ancient Maya cosmologists, to target the alignment of the solstice sun with the galactic plane in Sagittarius, which you allude to and incorporates into other intriguing research. One citation missing is that in his Magicians of the Gods Graham cited and discussed my 2012 alignment theory, as the astronomical premise applied to Gobekli Tepe and our current era. Both eras of galactic alignment, one the June solstice and the other the December solstice. This defines the curious relationship between 12,800 BP and era-2012, which I’ve been trying to put on the table for discussion, as an important piece of the puzzle, for some time now. Recalling ideas presented in my 2002 book, I wrote an article on possible further implications after my presentation at the Earth Keepers Conference in Denver last year.

    1. Ted says:

      Hi John
      You and I exchanged emails back in early 2012 in which we discussed the winter solstice alignments. I expressed concerns no reference was being made to the summer solstice alignments or that the winter solstice Mayan type alignment had been occurring every fours years or so since 1903.
      So it’s good to catch up again. Yes happy to have some sort of collaborative conversations.
      My website email address is [email protected] or would you be okay with sharing our discussion on this forum. Let me know what you would like to focus on first.

  5. Kevin says:

    Hi Ted, I love the article. I think I found a couple of typos, or I may be losing my mind, I’ll let you decide. The first one is early in the article. When discussing Precessions of the Equinox, it states, “this would cause the sun’s speed within the current to vary by between 25,920 years (72 years per degree relative to the background stars, and also our present speed) and 21,600 years (60 degrees per year) with an average speed of 23,760 years (66 degrees per year).”

    -I think the 2nd and 3rd set of parenthesis should read “years per degree” as opposed to “degrees per year”.

    Another one is the following: Is this periodicity twice every 25,920 years i.e. 12,920 years?
    – should that 2nd number be 12,960? (25,920 / 2)

    Not a big deal, I just wanted to point that out in case it was a mistake.


    1. Ted says:

      Thanks Kevin well spotted. I’ll see if I can get those corrected.

  6. Ted says:

    Thanks Kurt for your interest.

    I agree with you that any large potentially dangerous objects within the Taurid shower would most likely have been detected already that is why I used the following phrase in the article

    “….the likely culprits had been lurking in or were associated with the Taurid showers at that time.”

    My view is that we need to look for what caused the Taurid shower. One scenario is that a large meteorite with an orbit similar to the Taurid Shower orbit was hit by a comet with a much longer orbit period. The debris from this impact was what fell to earth 12800 yrs or so ago with further impacts around 11600 (left over in the Taurid shower) as concluded by Graham in his book.
    I suggest we need to look for the longer period orbit object as this may have the potential for further damage. This will be coming from a lot further out, if in deed it is out there at all, and will have an have orbit of 12800 years or as suggested by the Cosmological Circle (message from the Ancient ones?) it has a periodicity twice every 25,920 years i.e. 12,960 year, therefore due about now. We need to wait and see.

    But as already mentioned …… “in the meantime let’s not lose sight of the significance of this event in itself relative to the Cosmological Circle. This event can stand out on its own as a meaningful event without surrounding it with speculation.

    On its own it gives us a deep sense of our place in the galaxy and a profound appreciation of the sacred geometry found at Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid. All of this inscribed in time and space in this way is wonderment enough, in my opinion!”

  7. Adrian says:

    Are there any other clues to the 2020 date in other megalithic sites built by the Ancients around the world? For example Adam’s calendar in South Africa or Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, or Machu Picchu in Peru or The Serpent Mound in Ohio, USA. Additionally could all these sites be related to the world chakra sites (http://thespiritscience.net/2015/04/15/the-locations-of-earths-7-chakra-points/), Further could this have been foretold in the symbology of the Great Cross of Hendaye? This is examined in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIPHuuyYJw), the presentation is a bit funky but the author makes the relationship to Vesica Piscis at 2:03 of this chapter and in a previous episode Chapter 2 @ part 1 of 2 the relationship between Cusco and Mt Kailash. I’m just a layman who reads a lot and I remembered this from my reading around the 2012 Mayan calendar debates. I’m interested in your analysis. Like I said I just read a lot and given that there is only synchronicity, maybe all this is related to your sacred math. Thank you

    1. Ted says:

      Hi Adrian Thanks for your comments.
      The only other sacred site of interest with regards to the 2020 solstice is Lake Manasarovar check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Manasarovar. This lake lies just below Mt Kailash and will lie in the path of the Eclipse. According to the Hinduism the lake was first created in the mind of Brahma after which it manifested on Earth and therefore on June 21 2020 the lake will reflect the eclipse in the lake surface. Hope its a fine day:)

  8. Richard says:

    excellent article…compliments many similar ideas that several astro-archeological presenters are also propounding…and yes,the electro-magnetic/plasma universe is becoming widely accepted as dictum(IMHO)…will look forward to many more research papers from you…clearly we live in exciting ttimes…if I recall Graham suggested that we are in a “80 year wondow” ….from 1960-2040…this article pinpoints a specific day: June 21,2020…we will just have to wait and see…and prepare

    1. Ted says:

      Thanks Richard.
      Appreciate your comments. Have you checked out my website http://www.thenumbernine.weebly.com I added to that from time to time.

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