Life is like a stroll in a forest, you enter with the idea of finding something and eventually you will. You take paths which seem safe but most times they lead you to dead ends, while the ones you avoided in the beginning because you thought were dangerous are the ones that will get you to wherever you are headed. Sometimes there are signs sometimes not ,so you better look around and learn to listen.

The sun comes and go between the big branches of the trees but I can still feel its presence like the spirits of the trees as long as I’m aware of them.

Everything we need is all around us, we just need to be more receptive, have faith and believe that we’ll get to our final goal even if at the moment we don’t have one so we keep walking. We go by ourselves and follow our instinct but we wish we had company, a friend or a lover so that we could share the beautiful sights that Nature offers us, images that sooth our minds by now poisoned.

Like a pencil writing humanity could be erased anytime soon like it happened in the ancient past, so lets live now and lets not be afraid to express our feelings, embrace the true meaning of love and focus on the good things this raped planet has left for us.

We encounter death several times during our walk, not to scare us but to remind us that we are spirit so we are eternal.

We keep wandering convinced that the path we’ve taken is the right one even if we don’t know where we going so we keep moving on but then doubts and fears appear so we go back, we change our mind, we go back again and so on, always changing still without a goal.

Safe paths tend to be boring so our attraction for the unknown makes us take other ways which seem much more difficult and once we grab our balls we decide to take the risk of going down the steep slope without thinking and after all it wasn’t so dangerous as it appeared to our eyes. Our mind is such a strange machine, maybe more intricate than the deepest heart of the amazon rain forest.

We notice the traces of people who walked on our same path before, they have left marks and signs on the bark of the trees as their seal on this earth. They want to be remembered not as gods or kings but simply as lovers. I wish more people could experience the overwhelming feeling of well being and one with nature as I sit today by the roots of a big old tree watching the wood morphing into a smiling shelter full of beautiful combinations of colours. 

Today people’s hearts and minds are so closed that in some cases they need what we call drugs, very dangerous ones apparently, to at least trigger that something inside us that make us think and see out of the box. Who would believe the stories of universal love and human consciousness under the influence of these magic substances that recreate the lost link between us and the divine. Someone like this must be out of his head, and should be named as a freak, that’s what our hypocrite norm would think but I rather be exiled from this society than rot in its conformity.

In the wood I feel minuscule under the multitudes of branches reaching out each other as a nervous system, it s like being inside a human body watching the big machine in action.

I ask myself if this is what our ancient ancestors use to see and feel, if their reality was like what we call a "trip" today, and after millenniums our perception of has become what it is today.

Whichever path we take we feel like there must be always some obstacles, life just can’t be easy, it just can’t for most people, but it’s us actually putting those obstacles on our path, we do things with one hand thinking the other one doesn’t know, we constantly trick ourselves. 

It must be all that shit they spray in the sky that makes us so dumb!

They make us think we’re free but they have imprisoned us in our minds.

Our history is so short comparing to the ancient civilizations who ruled the Earth leaving us great knowledge and wisdom that today we can’t even think of. We reached 2000 years and we completely devolved. We have destroyed the essence of the human being, the most powerful creature of the universe, we have cut any form of spirituality and contact with God, as creative force.

It’s no surprise that at the time of the most advanced technological era man still feels the need to escape from the chaotic life and look for yoga classes,meditation retreats,spiritual healing and experiments with his consciousness and so on. There must be some kind of seed deep in our souls reminding us who we used to be. We’re all so disconnected, not like the clouds above my head forming the most intricate geometrical shapes and patterns all linking to each other like a kid’s puzzle. Everything seems upside down, instead of observe we judge, we start with the concept that we don’t like something or someone for no reason, but later we find out that actually there is something we like about that thing or person and it feels weird.

Hatred is pre intentional in our society, everyone for himself, be different, all about individuals.

Love as the supreme force which rules the universe is now something forgotten in old romantics books and oral teachings passed around the world.

Maybe we’re just about to vanish like Atlantis and be a myth 10.000 years from now on.

As I reach the the top of a hill and look at the sunset I feel disarmed by the beauty of Nature and I just wanna sink in the ground.

If a tiny tab of Lsd made a so called normal citizen in a modern society like London, made such statements about human consciousness and universal love, it makes sense today it’s illegal to explore our mind otherwise how they would control us if we all started questioning everything we’re supposed to know.

A simple walk in a park turned into a guided tour inside myself, and makes me think that in our materialistic-conformist society I live in today everything we take as good is actually bad and viceversa depending on your point of views.

Whoever rules this reality plan will never rule whats beyond the sky and under the earth. They can’t control the all pervading cosmic power in us. It just needs to be awaken, some do it through meditation  and some  with psychedelics or other psychoactive ingredients but it’s in all of us waiting to be released. Probably after reading this next day I will go: what the fuck I was on?! But now as I’m writing it just feels natural and peaceful like everything else today.