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Wolfgang Onyeali is a visionary and futurist, a biocosmonaut navigating the deep-sea of cosmic potentiality in search for a new possible world. 

He was born and raised in Germany by a German mother and a Nigerian father, spending most of his youth and early adulthood as a musician, singer and producer. From the early 2000s on, he began transferring his creativity from the realm of art into the field of science and technology. 

He holds an engineering degree (B.Eng.) from the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen (GER), which enabled him to dive into the realm of energy and conversion technologies, as well as methods for the purification of soil, water and air. His main focus in this field has been to simplify technologies and processes and make them accessible to common folks. 

Wolfgang Onyeali studied Bioeconomy (M.Sc.) at the University of Hohenheim (GER), which allowed him to gain a meta-perspective on the current socio-economic system and investigate a potential system change, a transition towards an ecological, post-industrial society.

In his work, he has been aiming to dissolve the rigidified mechanistic worldview and the boundaries between academic disciplines, weaving together physics, psychology, biology, ecology, history, philosophy, economics and engineering into an organic, unified thought construct pointing the way to a vibrant, organic future. 

His major work has been the development of the Biocosmos which aims at the transformation of the private household into an agroecological habitat system. The Biocosmos is a superorganism, a bioeconomic pattern of irreducible complexity and consists of a small but diverse community of beings (bacteria, yeasts, algae, fungi and plants) arranged into five biomes that provide a given household with all substances needed to make a living and produce surplus. The habitat system comes with an integrated system of conversion processes that produce the major building blocks needed. These building blocks are then creatively combined into the needed products.

The cornerstones of his vision have been outlined in the peer-reviewed article Navigating the Biocosmos: Cornerstones of Bioeconomic Utopia(Onyeali, Schaile & Winkler, 2023), which is an excerpt of his unpublished manuscript/thesis The Bioeconomy of Evolution: The Art of Weaving the Web of Life (2023). He has been presenting his ideas on various public occasions.

Wolfgang Onyeali runs a home-laboratory where he experiments with conversion processes to produce novel materials based on organic principles.

He gained field experience, e.g. in Nigeria, giving workshops to local villagers and exploring the possibilities of utilizing local resources in novel ways. 

At the moment, he is in the process of laying out his Biocosmology and its practical application, seamlessly integrating metaphysics, (bio)economics and engineering. He does so within the framework of a doctorate degree in economics (Dr.oec.) at the University of Hohenheim (GER).


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