About Tim Wallace-Murphy and James Martin

Tim Wallace-Murphy (1930–2019) studied medicine at University College, Dublin and then qualified as a psychologist; he then became an author, lecturer and historian. He has written more than a dozen books including: The Mark of the Beast (with Trevor Ravenscroft), Rex Deus, and Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail. This last book provided invaluable source material to Dan Brown for his best-selling novel, The Da Vinci Code. Tim was a dedicated supporter of the restoration and preservation of Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh, Scotland, undertaking excavations and field work with a team of like-minded people, whom would become lifelong friends.

James Martin is a British historian, economist, and lecturer with experience in the field of paranormal investigation. James has been a member and investigator of the Worsley Paranormal Group since its founding in 2003. As a historian, James believes that “understanding the past is crucial to understanding our future,” noting that evidence should guide us but our minds should be open to ideas. James has previously worked in banking, employment law, and is presently a lecturer in further and higher education. He has described himself as a “history geek” and a “space nerd” and has dedicated a large portion of his more recent life to research into the Knights Templar, the Roman Empire, and the Western traditions of spirituality. James has written a large number of academic texts and curricula in his field of industrial relations, politics, and history.

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