About Tobias Churton

A world authority on Gnostic spirituality, Tobias Churton is Britain’s leading scholar in the field of Western Esotericism. Holding a Masters degree in Theology from Brasenose College, Oxford, he was appointed Honorary Fellow and Faculty Lecturer in Western Esotericism at Exeter University in 2005. Tobias is also a filmmaker, poet, composer, and the author of many books, including The Gnostics, The Golden Builders, Occult Paris, The Babylon Gene and acclaimed biographies of William Blake, Aleister Crowley, Elias Ashmole and G.I. Gurdjieff. Tobias is a member of the “Enoch Seminar,” organized by Professor Gabriele Boccaccini, professor of Second Temple Studies at the University of Michigan. Churton’s paper on Freemasonry and the Book of Enoch was delivered at the Enoch Seminar held in Florence, summer 2019.

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