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Teresa Cross is of Scottish, Irish and Welsh descent and attended University of Texas at Dallas earning a B.A. in 1988. She attended East Texas State University where she studied Secondary and Higher Education 1990-1991. As a graduate student. In 1991, she earned her teaching certification and taught high school English Literature. As a child, she was taught about her Celtic heritage from her father and would later learn about Irish and Scottish literature in her early college years so that during her undergraduate years she studied mythology, linguistics and philosophy of religions. In the 1990s. Teresa taught courses at a local community college in topics such as Druids, Celtic Mythology and Beginning Irish (Bunrang Gaeilge). She also facilitated workshops on Celtic Christianity in the late 1999-2000s. Teresa is known for her expertise in Celtic religion both pre-Christian and Christian. She wrote the Truth about the Druids in 1992 for Llewellyn and is a contributor to The Winged Man which is a Celtic commentary on the Gospel of Matthew edited by Kenneth R, McIntosh. Secrets of the Druids is a second edition of a book originally called The Sacred Cauldron (1991) under the pen-name of Tadhg MacCrossan.

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